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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for HELMSLEY in White's Directory of 1840.

Lord of the manor:

  • Lord Feversham of Duncombe Park

Those marked:

  • 1 live at East Moor,
  • 2 at Carleton
  • and the rest not otherwise expressed in the town which consists chiefly of
  • Bondgate, Church Street, Market Place, Castlegate, Pottergate and Boroughgate.


  • Post Office at Mr Thomas Pape's

Miscellany of trades

  • Allenby Jas, bookseller and printer
  • Atkinson Mrs Dinah
  • Baxter John, tanner
  • Bowes John, house steward
  • Burrows James, hat manufacturer
  • Chapman Martin, corn miller
  • Coates Thos and Co, curriers
  • Crusher James, millwright
  • Dennis Luke, parish clerk
  • Dixon Mrs Sarah
  • Dixon Rev. George MA, vicar
  • Duffield Thomas, cooper
  • Emerson Charles, baker
  • Flintoft George, gent
  • Gamble Edmund, basket maker
  • Greathead Mrs Sarah
  • Harrison John, gentleman
  • Hutchinson Mrs Hannah
  • Jackson Wm, woodturner
  • Jackson Wm, confectioner
  • Milner Elizabeth, lodgings
  • Newton Nathaniel, baker
  • Rowland Miss Ann
  • Rowland Mr John
  • Rowland Wm, superintendent registrar and clerk of the Board of Guardians
  • Seamer Wm, beer seller
  • Simpson Rev. Thomas, incumbent of Cold Kirby
  • Simpson Wm, govnr Workhouse
  • Swales Peter, horses and gig for hire
  • Todd Elizabeth, baker, Castlegate
  • Ward George, gun and whitesmith
  • Whitfield, glover
  • Wilson Jonathon, clogger
  • Winn Thomas, corn factor
  • Wood John, bailiff

Inns and Taverns,

  • Bay Horse, John Shaw
  • Black Swan, Matthew Agar
  • Crown, Jn Cowen and tallow chandler
  • Golden Lion, Silvester Catterson
  • Queen's Head, (posting), Rd Bulmer
  • Royal Oak, Ann Pape

Fire and Life Office Agents,

  • Norwich, Simeon Hutchinson
  • York and London, W W Bentley
  • Yorkshire, Robert Moore


  • Grammar School, Geo Seamer
  • Lady Feversham's Charity School, Mary Seamer
  • Mozley Ann
  • National School, Geo Short
  • Pickering Esther

Bacon and Butter factors,

  • Barker John and Thomas
  • Barker Thomas
  • Gamble Edmund
  • Warriner George


  • York Union, Robert Barker, manager


  • Clark John
  • Clark Richard
  • Cooper John
  • Mason John
  • Porteus James

Boot and shoe makers,

  • Comins Thos sen and jun
  • Cooper Isaac
  • Cooper William
  • Garbutt William
  • Jackson William
  • Jones Hugh
  • Jones William
  • Robson John (and leather seller)
  • Spenceley Thos
  • Thompson Thos
  • Walker Richard
  • Wiley John

Brazier and tinner,

  • Catterson Thos
  • Sturdy George


  • Pape Ann, Marketplace
  • Simpson Ben (and spirit merchant)


  • King Thomas
  • Pape Richard
  • Sunley George
  • Swales Robt sen and jun

Chemists and druggist,

  • Moore Robert
  • Read William


  • 2 Barker Ann
  • Bentley Richard
  • Bentley Francis
  • 1 Bowes John
  • 1 Humphrey Jno
  • 2 Kirby Leonard
  • 2 Robson Chphr
  • Shaw William
  • 2 Simpson Ann
  • 1 Weldon John
  • 1 Wood Richard
  • Wood William, Reagarth

Flour dealers,

  • Barker Thomas
  • Cole George
  • Garbutt William
  • Seamer William
  • Shepherd Ann
  • Wainwright John

Glass and China dealers etc,

  • Catterson Thomas
  • Spark John
  • Sturdy George


  • * are drapers also
  • Allenby James
  • * Atkinson Wm
  • * Barker Robert
  • * Barker John and Thomas
  • * Bentley George
  • * Bentley William Wood (and druggist)
  • * Hutchinson S
  • Seamer William

Hair dressers,

  • Hill George
  • Tyerman Abm

Iron mongers,

  • Pape Thomas
  • Spark John
  • Sturdy George
  • Trenam Danl (and clockmaker)

Joiners and cabinet makers,

  • Milner Michael
  • Potter George
  • Spark John
  • Shepherd John
  • Waines George

Milliners and straw hat makers,

  • Fowler Margaret
  • Sunley Harriet
  • Wilkinson Elizabeth
  • Wood Mary

Painters, plumbers and glaziers,

  • Catterson Thomas
  • Greathead Jno T
  • Sturdy George
  • Sunley John (and paper hanger)
  • Thorp William

Rope and Twine Mks,

  • Buck John
  • Hollings John


  • Barwick Thomas
  • Ward Robert

Stone masons,

  • Shepherd George
  • Shepherd Thomas
  • Todd George
  • Todd Joseph sen and jun


  • Duck John M
  • King John
  • Ness John


  • Betts Nathaniel
  • Betts Charles,
  • Betts James
  • Clark Robert
  • Harding Robert
  • Howard George
  • Johnson Jas (and upholsterer)
  • Moon John
  • Webster John


  • Warriner Richard
  • Warriner Thos


  • To Malton
  • Wm Howe, Thurs and Sat
  • Wm Wood, Wed and Fri

To Stokesley

  • Jno Wood, Tue

To Thirsk

  • Wm Wood and W Howe, Mon

To York

  • James White, Mon and Thurs

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for BILSDALE MIDCABLE in White's Directory of 1840.

Lord of the Manor,

  • Lord Feversham

Miscellany of trades

  • Wm Ainsley, vict Sun
  • Rev. J Dixon,
  • Michael Johnson, vict Buck
  • Thomas Medd, vict Fox and Hounds
  • Devid Helm, miller
  • Thomas Leng, shopkeeper


  • David, Margaret and William Atkison
  • John and Stephen Ainsley
  • Wm Barker
  • John Barr
  • Wm and Stephen Britton
  • Wm Dowson
  • Richard and Henry Garbutt
  • Thos Hoggard
  • Wm Hugill
  • Isaac Johnson
  • Matthew Smith
  • Joseph Ward
  • James Wass


  • Wm Garbutt
  • Thomas Johnson
  • Wm Leng


  • John Bell
  • James Peacock

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HAROME in White's Directory of 1840.

Lord of the Manor:

  • Lord Feversham

Miscellany of trades

  • Thomas Burton, Shoemaker
  • George Pickard, Board (does not have the usual 'vict' wriiten for this)
  • John and Thomas Pickard, blacksmiths
  • Matthew and Thomas Smith, wheelwrights
  • Joseph Snowden, shopkeeper
  • Jonathon Taylor, schoolmaster
  • Wm Watson, shoemaker


  • John Bowes
  • John Chambers
  • John Colley
  • John Foxton
  • Thos Hugill
  • John Leef
  • Thos Marwood
  • Thomas Simpson
  • Christopher Smith
  • Wm Stephenson
  • Ann Taylor
  • John Webster
  • Thomas Savile Winn, Pye house
  • Robert Winspear

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for LASKILL PASTURE in White's Directory of 1840.


  • John Garbutt
  • Richard Robinson
  • Oliver Strickland
  • James Wood

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for POCKLEY in White's Directory of 1840.


  • Lord Faversham

Miscellany of trades

  • John Atkinson, cartwright


  • Robert and Thomas Atkinson
  • Simeon Barker
  • George Dunning
  • John Nicholson
  • John Read
  • Richard Warriner
  • Matthew Wilson
  • George Wood
  • John Wortley

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for RIEVAULX in White's Directory of 1840.

Miscellany of trades

  • Wm Johnson, smith
  • Robt and Stephen Lawn, cartwrights


  • Job Hawkins, Abbey
  • John Hawkins, Sour-leys
  • Rt Hawkins, High-leys
  • George Lumley, Harriet-air
  • Rd Milner, Newlass House
  • Eml Strickland, Oldray
  • Thomas Robinson, Rivalx
  • Thos Wrightson. Abbot-Hang
  • Wm Wortley, Middle-heads

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SPROXTON in White's Directory of 1840.


  • Lord Faversham

Miscellany of trades

  • John Calvert, wheelwright
  • Wm Clark, blacksmith


  • Thos Barker
  • Rt Bulmer
  • Rt Medd
  • Rt Ness
  • J Read
  • Wm Robson
  • Benj Russell
  • Allison Russell

Transcribed by Caroline Gaden.