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Hornby, History transcription:

The the Belfry Rules in St. Mary's Church, Hornby.

St. Mary's Church
We, the Ringers of the Parish of Hornby, have agreed to the following Rules; -

1. We acknowledge that the Belfry is a part of the Church and that the bells are instruments of sacred music, and should tell forth to the Parish at large the praises of God, and awaken solemn thoughts in the hearts of all. The office, therefore, of a Ringer, is a holy office, and should be performed in a reverent manner.

2. There shall be four Ringers. Any vacancy in the office of a Ringer shall not be filled up without the approval of the Vicar and Churchwardens, and if any Ringer gives up his post before the end of the year (Easter), he shall forfeit all claims upon the funds of the Belfry, beyond what may be found at the end of the year to be due to him, up to the date of his leaving. A Ringer may be dismissed from his office by the Vicar and Churchwardens for misconduct, or an irreverent or unseemly behaviour in or near the Belfry.

3. A person who is wishful to learn the art of ringing, shall not be allowed to handle the ropes at any time, unless two of the regular appointed Ringers are present.

4. We agree to have a Treasurer, who shall hold all our moneys till the end of the year (Easter), the same being deposited in the Post Office Savings Bank, and divided at Easter. The Treasurer shall also be our Leader, and he must keep a list of attendances, and see that these Rules are observed, and that the forfeits hereafter mentioned are put in force, and deducted out of the moneys given or due to the Belfry, and that they are regularly entered into a book to be kept in the Belfry box.

5. The Leader shall be responsible for the Church doors being locked during ringing, and the one who fetches the keys shall be responsible for their return.

6. No ale or liquor of any kind shall on any pretence be brought into the Church or Churchyard.

7. We agree to chime or ring the bells half an hour before Service, for 10 minutes, on Sunday mornings and evenings, and on Good Fridays, to rest for 5 minutes, and then to ring for 10 minutes more, and after that to chime the treble bell until the commencement of Services.

8. We agree also to ring before eight o'clock in the morning on Christmas Day, Easter Day, Ascension Day and Whit-Sunday, in honour of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ: also on the Queen's Birthday, and the 18th Sept., at the same time. On Christmas Eve and on the 5th Nov. we will ring in the evening. For the above it is agreed that we shall receive £4 from the Churchwardens. If the Bishop comes to the Parish we shall receive 10s. more from the same. On old year's eve we agree to ring from 11 p.m. to a quarter to 12 a muffled peal, and at 12 o'clock we will ring an unmuffled peal for half-an-hour. For this we shall trust to the generosity of the Parishioners for a New Year's Gift.

9. We agree to ring at a wedding for one hour after the services for 10s. For £1 we will ring at intervals all day.

10. A muffled peal can be rung at a funeral at a reasonable charge. Application should be made to the Vicar. The payment for putting in the bell is 1s.

11. For practising, we agree to meet once a week, during the winter months, at 7 p.m., excepting when anyone be lying dead, in or near the village, when, out of respect, the bells should be silent.

12. The Leader shall attend punctually at the Church at the appointed times on Sundays, to call the Ringers, and to use the chiming apparatus failing their arrival. He shall forfeit 6d. for every time of absence, but may arrange with a Ringer to take his place. He is to receive 5s. more than the rest out of the Belfry funds for his extra trouble.

13. If a Ringer is 10 minutes late on Sunday, or at an appointed practice, he shall forfeit 2d. If he is absent altogether, his absence shall be noted, and 6d. deducted for each occasion from his share of the Belfry funds. Also, if he leaves the Belfry before the bells are down (without consent of the rest), he shall forfeit 2d.

14. At the division of Easter, the money in hand shall be divided equally among the Ringers. The fines shall also be divided.

15. If there is any dispute the matter shall be referred to the Vicar and Churchwardens, and their decision shall be final.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson