Huntington Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for HUNTINGTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank, Huntington; Thomas Pick, postmaster. Letters, via York, arrive at 7-30 a.m. and 6-15 p.m., and are despatched at 9-15 a.m. and 7-15 p.m,
Miscellany of trades
  • Atkinson Mary, dressmaker
  • Atkinson Mr. Wm. Herwood, Yearsley cottage
  • Ball A., surgeon, Mille crux, West Huntington
  • Binns Mark, market gardener
  • Bullock John, greengrocer
  • Clayton Mr. Thomas, High thorn
  • Coates Thos. Richard, joiner and wheelwright
  • Creaser Miss Elizabeth
  • Crofts Mr. John Edward. Muncaster house
  • Dixon Mr. James
  • Douglas John Wm., butcher
  • Driffield Wm. Esq., J.P., The Hut
  • Duston I., carrier to York (Mon., Wed., Fri., and Sat.)
  • Etty Charles Matthew, miller, Wind mill
  • Hetherton John, inspector, Eryholme
  • Hillyard Charles F., Esq., Beechwood grange, Malton road
  • Hillyard Joseph, Esq., Beechwood, Malton rd
  • Hogg Wm., station master, Earswick station
  • Huntington Board School; N. Bellerby, master
  • Huntington Horticultural and Agricultural Society; Nathan Bellerby, secretary
  • Huntington Reading Room and Library; N. Bellerby, secretary
  • Jones John Robinson, clerk, Hope villa
  • Kempster Mrs. Martha Sophia
  • Kettlewell Mr. John
  • Lacy Charlotte, grocer and provision dealer
  • Langstaff Thomas, vict., White Horse
  • Leckenby Wm., road contractor
  • Legard Mr. Algernon, The Willows
  • Lorriman Tom, builder
  • Lumley John, clerk of works, Yearsley villa
  • Maw Thomas, shoemaker
  • Metcalfe Mrs. Emily, West Huntington hall
  • Morton Rev. James Richmond, M.A., vicar
  • North Martin, vict., Hop Grove Inn
  • Pick Thos., tailor and draper, and postmaster
  • Rhodes Eliz., carrier to York (Wed. and Sat.)
  • Rispin John, vict., Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Smith Albert, market gardener
  • Smithson Thomas, joiner and wheelwright, and coal and coke agent
  • Stroughair Mr. James, Rose villa
  • Unett Capt. Henry H. (late of the 3rd Hussars), J.P. for East Riding, Huntington hall
  • Wain Thomas, blacksmith
  • York Fever Hospital, Yearsley Bridge; James Dent, supt., Dr. W. S. North, med. officer

  • Benson Wm. (yeo.), Yearsley Bridge house
  • Bowman James & Sons
  • Buck Thomas Cass
  • Butler John (yeo.), Malton road
  • Cass George
  • Collinson Wm., Hog Grove farm
  • Cressey T. R. (yeo.), Calm cottage, Malton rd
  • Crosby Anthony (yeo.)
  • Dales L. (and maltster and corn dealer), The Holly
  • Elliott Robert, Thornfield house
  • Grantham Richard (yeo.), Huntington grange
  • Horner Edward
  • Hudson Wm., Barfield house
  • Ireland Thomas (and cattle dealer)
  • Jennings - (yeo.), Breck farm
  • Kirby Jesse, Mille Crux farm, West Huntington
  • Lund John (and hay and straw dealer, and assistant overseer for Huntington)
  • Marshall Richard (and coal dealer)
  • Marshall Robert, Pigeon Cote
  • Potter George, West Huntington
  • Rank Stephen
  • Robson Robert (and bailiff)
  • Snaith Thomas, West Huntington
  • Snaith Wheatley, West Huntington
  • Spink Henry
  • Thompson John, Crompton's house
  • Tindall Charles
  • Ward John, Manor house
  • Watson Robert
  • Weatherall John, Bell farm
  • Wells George, West Huntington
  • Wheatley John, West Huntington
  • Woffindin Mrs. Mary, West Huntington
  • Young William

  • Letters via York. Nearest Money Order Office is Huntington.
Miscellany of trades
  • Bell Peter, market gardener
  • Dunn Mrs. Mary, refreshment rooms
  • Ezard Mr. George, Poplar cottage
  • Milner Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Proudlock Jas., market gardener, Paradise cot
  • Spence Joseph, market gardener

  • Aconley William, Field house
  • Green Mrs. Elizabeth (owner), Earswick house
  • Hetherington Henry, Ilford house
  • Holloway William
  • Illingworth Edward, Clarks farm
  • Myers Charles
  • Nightingale F. T., Earswick grange and Hall farm
  • Nightingale Thomas William Hall
  • Rowntree George

  • Letters via York.

  • Abel Emanuel
  • Barker Benjamin, Manor house
  • Horner William, Oakbutts
  • Masterman Thos. (and butcher), The Grange
  • Porter Francis, Greystone
  • Simpson Solomon
  • Watson John Edwin (hind)

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.