Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HUSTHWAITE in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Post Office at George Gibson's. Letters via Easingwold arrive at 7-30 a.m., and are despatched at 5-30 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Banks William, tailor, draper, and grocer
  • Batty Mrs. Frances
  • Batty Mrs., Throstle nest
  • Bowman William, vict., Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Cariss Henry
  • Coates Mr. William, Peep o' Day
  • Driffield Mrs. Mary Petch, The Villa
  • Foster Henry, grocer and draper
  • Fox Isaac, bandmaster
  • Fox Thomas, bricklayer
  • Foxton Isaac, grocer, &c., Holly house, and farmer, Dalby lodge, Dalby
  • Gatenby Thomas, farm foreman, Peep o' Day
  • Gibson Martin, shoemaker
  • Gray Mr. John
  • Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth, Baxby Manor house
  • Harrison William, Esq., Acaster hill
  • Hewison George, shoemaker
  • Humphrey Richard, grocer
  • Husthwaite Reading Room and Library: John Moncaster, secretary
  • Kay John, horse breaker
  • Kirk & Caisley, grocers
  • Kirk Mr. William
  • Long John, blacksmith
  • Mason James, tailor
  • Metcalfe Joseph, schoolmaster
  • Metcalfe Miles, carrier to Thirsk on Mondays, and to Easingwold on Fridays
  • Moncaster Frederick, joiner and wheelwright
  • Moncaster Mr. George
  • Moncaster John, corn and flour dealer
  • Reid Mrs. Ann, flour dealer
  • Reid Mr. William
  • Sadler Mr. Thomas, Poplar house
  • Slater John, joiner and implement maker, Perseverance works
  • Sturdy Robert, Laurel cottage
  • Taylor John, bailiff of manor court leet, Black Bull Inn
  • Taylor Joseph, grocer, &c.
  • Taylor Wm., vict., Black Bull Inn, shoemaker, farmer, and parish clerk
  • Wailes Frederic Hill, Esq., J.P., Beacon banks
  • Ward Mrs. Ann
  • Woodward Thomas, Esq.
  • Wright Mr. John, Malham house


  • Allison James (yeo.), Baldrence
  • Bowman George (bailiff), Throstle nest
  • Cash Robert (bailiff), Throstle nest
  • Coates John, Peep o' Day
  • Darley William (bailiff), Highthorne
  • Driffield John (yeo.), Old Manor house
  • Edmond Rd. (steam thrashing machine propr.)
  • Harrison John (yeo.), Flower of May
  • Hird John (yeo. and feilmonger), Woolpotts
  • Maynard Isaac, Thornton Baxby
  • Moncaster Henry
  • Robson Thomas (yeo.), Sandhill
  • Sellers George, Springfield
  • Woodward John, Baxby Manor house
  • Woodward Mrs. Rose A., Providence hill



  • Barnett Thomas (and overseer), The Hall
  • Knowlson Christopher
  • Plummer George H., Barugh
  • Plummer Thomas


  • Letters via Thirsk. Wall Box cleared at 3.35 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Calladine Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Ingleby Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, Ivy cottage
  • Newbald Charles, vict., Black Lion
  • Peckitt Mrs., Carlton hall
  • Peckitt Mr. Henry
  • Slater John, joiner
  • Smithson Joseph, potato and flour merchant
  • Thurlow Mr. Thomas
  • Till Mrs. Ann, grocer and farmer
  • Till George, shoemaker and churchwarden, The Laurels
  • Watson Mrs. Anne
  • Watson Arthur and Frederick, butchers


  • Dixon John (and blacksmith)
  • Gaines James
  • Hall John, Carlton common
  • Relton William (yeo.)
  • Relton William Mettrick (and cattle dealer), Poplar house
  • Till James
  • Till John
  • Todd William, The Manor house
  • Ward James Robert (yeo.)

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.