Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: KIRBY MISPERTON.     Church dedication: ST. LAWRENCE.     Church type: Rectory in charge.

Area, 7,130 acres. Pickering Lythe wapentake. -Population, 864 *1; Church-room, 300 *2; Net value, £960. -An ancient Rectory, formerly belonging to the patronage of the Abbot and Convent of St. Mary's, York, to which it was given, with the tithes and two carucates of land, by Ralph Fitz Gerald. Afterwards the Abbot and Convent granted the advowson to William, Lord Rosse, of Hamlac, and the Lords Rosse accordingly presented, and after them the Earls of Rutland, and then the Dukes of Buckingham, till 1707, when Baron Blomberg presented, and in 1755 the Duncombe family first presented.

Present patron, Lord Feversham.

A Vicarage was ordained in this Church on the Non. June 1252, but which on the 5th May 1283, was consolidated with the Rectory.

The Church is valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £37. 3s. 4d.; Nova Tax, £17. 3s. 4d.; and in the King's Books, at £25. 1s. 10d. per annum *3.

A Chantry is mentioned in the Valor Ecc.

On the 20th September 1795, a faculty was granted to new roof the Church.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1789 ; the earlier Registers were destroyed by fire. -Vide transcripts in the Registry at York.

William Smithson's rents-charge, by will, dated 9th March 1637. £10 per annum ; half to be given in bread, and the other half towards repairing the road from Great Habton to Kirkby Misperton Church ; also £10 per annum to a poor graduate scholar of Cambridge, for teaching the children of the whole parish to read and write ; also 10s. per annum for a sermon on the 28th September, and 10s. among the poor then present.

Elizabeth Stockton's rent charge 40s. per annum.

John Percival's rent charge, 30s. per annum.

These doles are distributed by the Rector and churchwardens among widows and other poor. -Vide 7th Report, page 737.

Post town: Pickering.

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*1 Viz. Barugh Ambo, 294 ; Great Habton, 122; Little Habton, 56; Kirkby Misperton, 170; Ryton, 222.

*2 Returned in 500 at 1818.

*3 " Tanner refers to a charter respecting this Church. -Not. Monast. ed. 1744, page 639, col. 2." -Todd's Collect. A decree was made in the Exchequer in Michaelmas Term, 26th Car. II.

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