Kirby Misperton, Roll of Honour transcription


Kirby Misperton parish:

Kirby Misperton, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. Laurence's Church, Kirby Misperton.

1914 This Tablet is erected to the Glory of God 1919
and to keep in Remembrance the names of the
following men who served their Country during the Great War
Twentyman, D C T Capt.
Halliwell, W N Sec. Lt.
Rose H Flt. Lt.
Barker, H Pte.
Barker, N Pte.
Dobson, F Pte.
Douglas, E Pte.
Foxton, J Pte.
Holtby, R Pte.
Inman, E T Pte.
Jefferson, G R Pte.
Marshall, W Pte.
Maclagen, D W Capt.
Twentyman, T V S Lt. M.C.
Holtby, W Sgt.Maj.
Scoby, W H S. Sgt.
Crisp, W Sgt.
Foxton, J Sgt.
Mortimer, E H Sgt.
Plowman, H Sgt. M.M.
Bogg, G W Cpl.
England, S Cpl.
Grayson, F E Cpl.
Maude, E L Cpl.
Thackray, T Cpl.
Wilson, R G L. Cpl.
Bayes, A Pte.
Bayes, F. Pte.
Billingham, A Pte.
Birdsall, T C Pte.
Bogg, G W Pte.
Bowes, G Pte.
Bowes, T R Pte
Brown, D Gnr.
Bulmer, S C Pte.
Bulmer, T W Pte.
Burnett, C Pte.
Clark, F Pte.
Clark, S Pte.
Clark, T. Pte.
Craxford, H Pte.
Davison, R Pte.
Dawson, L Pte.
Denny, A Dr.
Dixon, J Pte.
Dobson, A S Smth.
Dobsob, H L.Cpl.
Dobson, J Pte.
Dobson, W Pte.
Dudding, J Pte.
Dutton, J Pte.
England, A Pte.
Fletcher, G Pte.
Fletcher, H Pte.
Foxton, J W Pte.
Foxton, L J Pte.
Gamble, J W Pte.
Gamble, W Pte.
Gladwell, H Dr.
Goforth, W Pte.
Grayson, J B Pte.
Hardwick, G Pte.
Hardwick, S J Spr.
Harper, C Pte.
Holtby, R Pte.
Howe, F Pte.
Humble, B Dr.
Humphrey, E Pte.
Inman, W J Grn.
Johnson, A Pte.
Lownsborough, W G Pte.
Magson, G W Pte.
Marshall, A Pte.
Marshall, T W Pte.
Maude, E Pte.
Metcalfe, G Pte.
Nellist, J Pte.
Pickering, A Dr.
Robson, F Pte.
Savage, G Pte.
Savage, J Pte.
Simpson, H J Pte.
Simpson, J S Smth.
Skaife, H Dr.
Skelton, J R Pte.
Skilbeck, H Pte. M.M.
Smith, A R Pte.
Smith, J R Pte.
Thackray, E R Pte.
Thackray, F Pte.
Thackray, H Pte.
Thackray, W Pte.
Trouxdale, J W Pte.
Ward, D Pte.
Ward, F Pte.
Ward, F G Pte.
West, A R Pte.
West, J H Gnr.
Wing, H Pte.
Wood, C P Pte.
Wood, K Pte.
Wood, T M Pte.
Wood, W E Pte.
On Sea
England, A
Lee, S
Smith, G R
Bowman, A
Wood, M M


Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson