Kirby Wiske, Incumbents transcription


Kirby Wiske parish:

Kirby Wiske, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Clergy in St. John's Church, Kirby Wiske.

The Clergy of Kirby Wiske

Before 1182 William of Kirkeby bestowed the Church of Kirby Wiske upon the
Prior and Convent of Guisborough

1182 Henry II confirmed this grant of the 'Church of Kirkeby-super-Wisc'
to the Guisborough Prior and Convent

1211 Roger de Lascelles made a bargain with Prior Lawrence of Guisborough
giving him land in Lincolnshire in exchange for the advowson of Kirkeby-super Wisc

Until 1291 the names of the rectors are unknown
1291William de Saham
1316Roger Marmion
1349Henry de Tatton
1401John Coldon
1433William Cocken
1460John Rayndulffo
1497Robert Wensley
1535John Brandisby
1549John Hobson
1554Anthony Wiclif
--Robert Colleigan
1582Francis Whitmore
1598Valentine Wood
There appears to be no record of how the church was
served during the Commonwealth
1661George Scott
1692Thomas Purchase
1697John Nicholson

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson