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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for KIRKBYMOORSIDE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Robert Cooper, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Atkinson Mrs. ---, Market place
  • Barker Mrs. Mary, West end
  • Bearcroft Mrs. ---, Dale end
  • Bentley Mr. Thomas, Sinnington
  • Boyes Mr. Christopher, Castle gate
  • Dowson Mr. Thomas (M.D.) West end
  • Garbutt Mrs. Lavinia, Market place
  • Gray Rev. Edmund, M.A. Vicarage
  • Hartes Mr. John, Sinnington
  • King Rev. Henry (curate) West end
  • Leasley Mr. Henry James, Sinnington
  • Mackereth Rev. Anthony, Sinnington
  • Marshall Jacob Cole, esq. Wrelton
  • Petch George Duck, esq. How end
  • Petch Robert, esq. How end
  • Robinson Christopher, esq. West end
  • Shepherd Mrs. Mary, Dauthwaite dale
  • Stables Mr. William, Sinnington
  • Surr Mrs. Ann, Keldholme
  • Waind Mr. Thomas
  • Watson Miss Diana, Church st

Academies & Schools,

  • Adamson Thomas, West end
  • Free School, Tinley garth -- Robert Hornsey, master
  • Goodwill Jane
  • Goodwill Robert, Sinnington
  • Hewison Thomas, Market place
  • Hutchinson Mary, West end
  • Jackson Jane, Market place
  • Jackson William, Church st
  • Keddy Jane, West end
  • Thompson Mary Ann, Piercy end


  • Petch Robert, How end
  • Whytehead John, Market place


  • Newsam Robert, Market place
  • Simpson Francis, West end


  • Carter Thomas, Piercy end
  • Ellis Thomas, Wrelton
  • Garbutt James, Market place
  • Garbutt Mary, West end
  • Mason Homan, Sinnington

Boot & Shoe Maker,

  • Atkinson John (& leather cutter) How end
  • Cattle James, West end
  • Charter John, West end
  • Dobson James & Francis, Market place
  • Ellerker Matthew, Market place
  • Fox Charles, Wrelton
  • Hebron William, How end
  • Hill James, West end
  • Hill Nicholas, West end
  • Kay John, How end
  • Nixon William, Sinnington
  • Porteus Moses, How end
  • Sample James, How end
  • Sample William, Piercy end
  • Snowdon Joseph, Square
  • Souley Robert, Market place
  • Trenam James, Sinnington
  • Ward Crispin, Piercy end


  • Bower George, West end
  • Ellerker George, Square
  • Fryer John, Market place
  • Graystock John, Market place
  • Rain Richard, Sinnington
  • Richardson Thomas, Piercy end
  • Sleightholme Thomas, Dale end
  • Thorp James, Kirkbymoorside
  • Wood William, jun. Castle gate

Cabinet Makers & Joiners,

  • Clark Cornelius, Square
  • Denney Joseph, West end
  • Haigh Thomas, West end
  • Pool James, How end
  • Pool James, jun. Dale end
  • Potter George, Market place
  • Powell James, How end
  • Sigsworth James, West end
  • Stead Robert, Castle gate


  • Hart John, How end
  • Storr William, Sinnington

Coal & Lime Merchants,

  • Abbey Thomas, Hutton le Hall
  • Baldwin Henry, Rudland
  • Jackson Joseph, Edston
  • Moon William, Rudland


  • Judson George, Dale end
  • Sonley Robert, West end


  • Child William, Market place
  • Holden Joseph, Piercy end
  • Snowdon Isaac, How end
  • Wood William, Castle gate

Grocers & Drapers,
(See also Linen & Woollen Drapers, and also Shopkeepers)

  • Ainsley Joseph, Market place
  • Atkinson William, Fardale
  • Cole & Frank, Market place
  • Gill William, Market place
  • Wood William, Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Charter William, Market place
  • Cooper Robert, Market place
  • Walker Joseph, Market place

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Burrows James, Market place
  • Wainwright Thomas (& furrier) Piercy end

Inns & Public Houses,

  • Black Swan, John Potter, Market place
  • Buck, Bryan Holliday, Wrelton
  • Burn's Head, Thomas Haigh, West end
  • Crown, William Simpson, Square
  • Dog & Duck, John Graystock, Market place
  • Fox & Hounds, George Brown, Sinnington
  • George & Dragon, Thomas Wood, Market place
  • Hare, John Fryer, Market place
  • King's Head, Thomas Duck, Market place
  • Red Lion, Joseph Garbutt, Wrelton
  • Red Lion, John Newby, Square
  • Robin Hood, John Richardson, How end
  • Tontine Inn, Robert Hall (& posting house) Market place
  • White Hart, Thomas Graystock, Wrelton
  • White Horse Inn, Charles Harwood (& posting house) Market place
  • White Swan, Thomas Moore, Market place

Ironmongers, Tin Plate Workers & Braziers,

  • Atkinson John, How end
  • Calvert Henry, Market place
  • Frank Robert, Market place
  • Potter George, Square

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Fletcher Ann, Market place
  • Gill George, Market place
  • Hill Nicholas, West end
  • Sowray Thomas, West end

Maltsters & Brewers,

  • Potter John, Market place
  • Robinson John (maltster) Keldholme
  • Wood Thomas (brewer) Market place


  • Coverdale Edward, Kirkby mills
  • Potter Richard, Hawk hill mill
  • Rivis William, Yeadwath

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Baxter Ann, Sinnington
  • Chapman Mary, Sinnington
  • Clark Jane, Square
  • Ellis Ann, Square
  • Garbutt Elizabeth, Sinnington
  • Judson Mary, West end
  • Wilson Mary Jane, Sinnington

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Charter William (& gilder) Market place
  • Dawson Robert, West end
  • Dawson William, West end

Rope & Net Makers,

  • Buck John, Dale end
  • Ellerker Christopher, Piercy end


  • Atkinson John, How end
  • Barwick Matthias, Market place
  • Garbutt Joseph, Wrelton
  • Webster John, Church st

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Bath Robert, Market place
  • Charter Jeremiah, West end
  • Close Thomas, Sinnington
  • Ellerker George, Square
  • Foord Mary, How end
  • Hugill William, Market place
  • Irving Richard, Sinnington
  • Potter George, Market place
  • Robinson Mary Ann, West end
  • Sample Darley, West end
  • Seddon James, Market place
  • Simpson Francis, West end
  • Suggitt David, How end
  • Warriner Jeremiah, West end

Spirit Merchants,

  • Harwood Ralph, Job's hall
  • Smith James, Square

Stone Masons,

  • Allison John, West end
  • Baxter James, Sinnington
  • Holliday John, Piercy end
  • Rickaby Francis, West end
  • Rickaby Thomas, West end
  • Smithies William, Tinley garth
  • Whitaker Edward, West end

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Clark Jane, Square
  • Gill Hannah, Market place
  • Sigsworth Elizabeth, Market place


  • Chapman Richard, Piercy end
  • Cole Thomas, Market place
  • Harrison Thomas (& coroner) West end


  • Close Thomas, Sinnington
  • Goodwill Robert, Wrelton
  • Hardy Alfred, West end
  • Jackson Ann, Market place
  • Jackson Roger, Market place
  • King William, How end
  • Marshall William, Market place
  • Potter George, Sinnington
  • Potter John, Piercy gate
  • Reynolds John, Market place
  • Sonley William, West end
  • Storr John, West end
  • Wilson William, Market place
  • Yoward Thomas, Market place

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Jackson George Crosby, Piercy end
  • Sowery Thomas, West end

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Blades John, Market place
  • Fletcher Robert, Church st
  • Ness William, West end


  • Easterby William (& gunsmith) Market place
  • Pilmoor John (& scale beam & engine lathe manufacturer) West end


  • Banks William, turner, Piercy end
  • Choplin John, bacon factor, West end
  • Cooper Robert, printer, Square
  • Dawker Christopher, surveyor of taxes, Sinnington
  • Dowson Thomas, physician, West end
  • Frank Edward, retailer of beer, Hutton
  • Hall Joseph, clog & patten maker, How end
  • Harland Sarah, glover, West end
  • Irving William, land steward, Sinnington
  • Lumley William, druggist & bookseller, How end
  • Petch Robert, agent to the Yorkshire fire & life office, How end
  • Richardson John, retailer of beer, How end
  • Stockdale John, basket maker, Market place
  • Strickland Robert, retailer of beer, Hutton
  • Wake George, machine maker, Piercy end


  • To Helmsley, John Haxby & Francis Seller, every Tuesday & Friday
  • To Malton, William Leaman, every Thurs. & Sat. and Darley Sample, every Tues. & Sat.
  • To Pickering & Scarborough, John Haxby & Francis Sellar, every Tues. & Fri.
  • To York, John Wrightson, every Monday & Thursday, and William Simpson, every Friday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000