Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for KIRKBYMOORSIDE in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Feversham Earl of, D.L., Duncombe Park, Helmsley, Chairman
  • Duncombe The Hon. Cecil, D.L., Nawton grange, York
  • Harrison Thomas, Esq., Thornton Risebro', Pickering
  • Hill Rev. Jas., B.A., The Rectory, Normanby, Kirbymoorside
  • Losby Robt., Esq., Sinnington lodge, Pickering
  • Manners Rev. Otho Augustus, B.A., Hawnby Rectory, Helmsley
  • Scoby Wm., Esq., Hob Ground house, Kirbymoorside
  • Wilson Geo., Esq., Grimstone manor, Gilling, R.S.O.
  • Legard Major, Gilling Castle, R.S.O.
  • Clerk, John Fetch, Market place
  • Petty Sessions are held at the Toll Booth, on Wednesday, at 11-30 am.; and at Helmsley, on Friday, every alternate month


  • Assessor of Taxes - W. H. Henshall, Castlegate
  • Certifying Factory Surgeon - Wm. Muil, M.D., C.M.
  • Clerk to Commissioners of Income Tax and Inhabited House Duty - Wm. Hunter, Crown sq
  • Coroner for Pickering District - Arthur Wood, L.S.A.
  • Inland Revenue Officer - T. Wollage, Church st
  • Inspector of Police (Ryedale), Weights and Measures, & Contagious Diseases (Animals) - Thomas Dennis, Tinley garth
  • Stamp Distributor - John Harker, Post office


  • Parish Church (All Saints) - Rev. W. G. Ketchley, M.A., vicar
  • Catholic (St. Chad), Tinley garth - Served from Ampleforth college
  • Friends - Meeting house, West end
  • Congregational, Tinley garth - Rev. H. Rose Rae
  • Methodist (Prim.), West end - Rev. Jon. Bell
  • Wesleyan, Percy end - Revs. Joseph Watson (senior) and T. J. Spragg


  • Board of Guardians meet every alternate Wednesday at the Workhouse, at 2 p.m.
  • Chairman - Richard Foxton
  • Clerk- and to Assessment Committee - Rd. Jennings
  • Treasurer - Geo. Frank, York bank
  • Medical Officer - Arthur Wood
  • Public Vaccinator - Arthur Wood
  • Sanitary Officer of Health - Dr. Muil
  • Relieving Officer - William Hugill
  • Inspector of Nuisances (Sanitary), and Surveyor of Highways - Richard Medd
  • Clerk to Sanitary Authority - Rd. Jennings
  • Superintendent Registrar - Robert Pearson, Helmsley
  • Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - John Clark
  • Workhouse - Master, Jon. Jackson; Matron, Mrs. Jackson
  • Collector of Poor Rates for Kirbymoorside - G. N. Hutchinson


  • Clerk - John A. Harrison
  • School Attendance Officer -


  • Meetings fortnightly, alternately with Helmsley
  • Clerk - Robt. Pearson, Market place, Helmsley

Postal Address,

  • Kirkbymoorside, R.S.O., Yorks.


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank, etc., Market place; John Harker, postmaster. Letters arrive at 6-30 a.m. from York and the Midlands, and at 6-50 p.m. from York; and are despatched at 9-55 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Parcels Post same time. Sundays:- Arrivals, 7-30 a.m. in summer, and 10-45 a.m. in winter; despatches, 5-10 p.m. in summer, and 1-55 p.m. in winter. Wall Letter Box at station, collections 9-30 a.m. and 5-45 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson George, brick and tile manufacturer
  • Barr Mrs. Ann, West end
  • Barthram Mrs., Castlegate
  • Bartliff Dale, auctioneer, brewer, &c., Market place
  • Bell Miss Elizabeth, Tontine house
  • Bell Rev. Jonathan (Primitive), West end
  • Bowers Misses Annie and Sarah H., West end
  • Bowes Mr. Thomas, Percy end
  • Bratley John, manager, Gasworks
  • Carpenter John (Lumley & Sons), Howe end
  • Carter Henry, brass and iron founder, Cyclops foundry
  • Carter Thos., brass and iron founder, Piercy end
  • Charter Mary Ann, china dealer, &c., West end
  • Clark George, Park house
  • Clark James, market hall attendant, West end
  • Clark Thomas and George, house furnishers
  • Clark Thomas, parish clerk, Castlegate
  • Clark William, cab proprietor
  • Cook William, general dealer, West end
  • Cooper Thos. H., draper's assistant, Market pl
  • Cooper Wm., brick and tile mnfr., Catter bridge
  • Crawshay Martin, Keldholme priory
  • Dale Edward, china dealer, Church street
  • Dale John, marine store dealer, Tinley's yard
  • Dawson Edward, musician, Railway street
  • Dawson Edward, plumber, &c., Piercy end
  • Dennis Thomas, police inspector, Tinley's yard
  • Donald William, provision dealer, West end
  • Ellerker John, roper, Piercy end
  • Exton Mrs. Mary, West end
  • Foxton Richard, Duna house, Keldholme
  • Frank George & Sons, cake and seed merchants
  • Frank George, Low hall
  • Frank John Craven, High hall
  • Frank Joseph, West end
  • French Frederick, West end
  • Gray Edwin, Ravenswyke park
  • Hammond Chris., market gardener, Church st
  • Hardy William, printer, Church street
  • Harker John (Yoward & Harker); h Post office
  • Harrison John Andrews, ærated water manufacturer, &c., Church street
  • Harrison Joseph, West end
  • Hartas, Mrs. Ann, West end
  • Hill Dennis, watchmaker, &c., Market place
  • Holiday Wm., carriage builder, &c., Crown sq
  • Hugill Mr. Richard, Tinley house
  • Hunter William, clerk to the Commissioners of Income Tax, and agent for Prudential and Caledonian Fire Insurance, Crown square
  • Hutchinson George Nicholas, fruit grower and poor rate collector, Verbena cottage
  • Jackson Barnard, tallow chandler, Howe end
  • Jackson Thomas, confectioner, Piercy end
  • Jennings Richard, junr., solicitor, and agent to U. K. Temperance & General Life Assurance Societies and Law (Fire), Market place
  • Jennings Richard, station master
  • Ketchley Walter Guy, vicar and surrogate
  • Kirbymoorside Gas and Water Co., Ltd., Piercy end; William Hardy, secretary
  • Knight William, manager, Piercy end
  • Lambert Henry, general smith, West end
  • Lancaster Mrs. Ann, Piercy end
  • Limbert Charles, lime burner
  • Linskell Alfred, stationer & newsagent, Market place
  • Ludlow Henry, cutler, &c., Piercy end
  • Lumley & Sons, chemists, dentists, printers, stationers, and photographers, &c., Howe end
  • Lumley John W. (Lumley & Sons); h Dale end
  • Lumley William Thompson (Lumley & Sons); h Dale end
  • Market hall & Toll booth; W. T. Lumley, sec.
  • Mawson (Thos.) & Smith (Thos.), confectioners and bakers), Piercy end
  • McGee Jas., marine store dealer, Crown square
  • Milner Jonah, Howe end
  • Mozzotti Dominic, grocer and slipper maker, Kirby mills
  • Ness George, watchmaker, West end
  • Ness William, stock and share broker, Church street and West end
  • Newsam John, tinner and ironmonger, &c., Market place
  • Palframan Michael, auctioneer, West end
  • Parker John, huntsman to Sinnington Fox Hounds
  • Parker Samuel, thrashing machine proprietor, &c., Market place
  • Peacock & Co., manure manufrs., Catter bridge
  • Peacock Mrs. Christiana, Piercy end
  • Peacock George, chemist, wine merchant, and chemical manure manufr., Market place
  • Pearson Hugh W. & R., solicitors, Crown square
  • Petch John, solicitor, and agent for Yorkshire Fire and Life, and clerk to the Ryedale magistrates, Marketplace; h Howe end
  • Petch Robert, Howe end
  • Place Thomas, mechanic, Piercy end
  • Police Station, Tinley garth; Thos. Dennis, inspector
  • Porritt Miss Mary Jane, West end
  • Potter John, Westfield
  • Potter John, horse dealer, Buckingham house
  • Pounder George, cooper, West end
  • Priestly George, general dealer, Piercy end
  • Rae Rev. Hugh Rose (Congregational), and academy, Piercy end
  • Read Mrs. Eliza, Old vicarage
  • Reading Room, Church street
  • Richardson Mrs. Ann, Dale end
  • Richardson John, carter, Dale end
  • Richardson Rd., market gardener, Piercy end
  • Rivis George, miller, Yoadwath
  • Roantree Joseph, hairdresser
  • Robinson Thomas, chimney sweeper, West end
  • Sherwood William, Howe end
  • Sonley John & Son, coopers, West end
  • Sonley John, baker, West end
  • Spragg Rev. Thos. John (Wesleyan), West end
  • Stockill Robert, Howe end
  • Storr David, painter, &c., West end
  • Sturdy Geo., tinplate worker and shopkeeper, Piercy end
  • Taylor John, horse dealer, Dale end
  • Thompson Miss Elizabeth, Market place
  • Wallace Frederick, general dealer, Market place
  • Watson Issaac, tea, china, & general dealer, and agent for Prudential, Market place
  • Watson Rev. Joseph (Wesleyan), Dale end
  • Weetman Wm. Sturdy, horse dealer, West end
  • Wollage Thomas, inland revenue officer
  • Wood Arthur, cabinet maker, West end
  • Yoward & Harker, confectioners, West end
  • Yoward Geo. (Yoward & Harker); h West end


Academies & Schools.

  • Board Schools; boys, Wm. Hy. Henshall, master; girls, Miss Mary E. Hazard, mistress; infants, Miss Isabella White, mistress
  • Waind Miss Emily, West end
  • Waterhouse The Misses Annie and Emily, Ryedale house


  • East Riding (Beckett & Co.), Malton branch, Wed. & Fri.
  • Post Office, Market place; Jno. Harker
  • York Union Banking Co., Ltd.; London agents, Glynn, Mills, & Co.; managers, Geo. and John Craven Frank


  • Dowson Joseph, Railway st
  • Hodgson Geo. (and implement maker)
  • Lambert Henry, West end
  • Pilmoor Jno. & Thos., West end
  • Russell George, West end; h Railway street

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.

(Marked thus * Makers only.)

  • * Bell John, West end
  • * Bowes George, Railway street
  • Bowes Robert Hy., West end
  • * Cash Boot Co., Piercy end
  • * Dale George, West end
  • Frank John, West end
  • * Hill James, Dale end
  • Hutchinson Robt., West end
  • Potter Wm. (and hairdresser), West end
  • Proud A. (slipper), Castlegate
  • Sample Wm. (and clogger), Howe end
  • * Shepherd George, Church st
  • Taylor Richard (and grocer), West end
  • Walker Joseph, Railway st
  • Walker Thos., Crown square


  • Bartliff Wm., Market place
  • Conning C. (and cattle dealer), Piercy end
  • Jackson Ford, Keldholme
  • Jackson William

Dressmakers, &c.

  • Bowers Misses Annie & Sarah Hannah, West end
  • Bowes Miss Jane, Piercy end
  • Hammond Mary, Howe end
  • Hugill Mrs. Jane, West end
  • Porritt Miss Mary J., West end
  • Stockdale Miss S. A., West end
  • Wright Jane, Market place


  • Bradshaw Francis, Cartoft
  • Brand William
  • Clark John, Oxclose
  • Conning Joseph, Low park
  • Conning Thomas, Keldholme
  • Cooper John, Keldholme
  • Coverdale Barker, Wythes
  • Coverdale Edward (& miller), Kirby mills
  • Coverdale Henry, Hagg
  • Cussons John, Market place
  • Cussons Richard (and miller); h Howkeld
  • Douthwaite Charles & Sons, Piercy end
  • Fenwick Jno. & Rd., High park
  • Hornsey Robt., Market place
  • Hugill John, Hagg
  • Jackson Barnard, Piercy end
  • Jackson William (& butcher), Market place
  • Norris David, West end
  • Parker Samuel (and thrashing machine owner, &c.), George and Dragon
  • Peacock John, South ings
  • Simpson John, Market place
  • Ventress Annie, Broats
  • Weed Barker, Keldholme
  • Wrightson John, Meggit hill

Grocers and Drapers.

  • Billingham Isaac, Howe end
  • Bowes Joseph
  • Coning Joseph, Railway street
  • Day & Bowes (John Day), Market place
  • Donald William, West end
  • Garbutt John, West end
  • Hill & Co. (George Hill)
  • Norton Charles
  • Raine Joseph, Piercy end
  • Reveley Wm. S., Market place
  • Sherwood Allison, Market pl
  • Smith Dorothy, West end
  • Waring William

Hotels, Inns, & Taverns

  • Black Swan, Market place; Dale Bartliff
  • Cricketers' Arms, West end; Henry Lambert
  • Crown, Crown square; Wilson Conning (and flour, ham, & bacon factor)
  • George and Dragon, Market place; Samuel Parker
  • King's Head; Wm. Stead
  • Red Lion, crown square; Geo. Robinson
  • Swan, Church st; Chris. Bower (and horse keeper)
  • White Horse, Market place; Francis Edward Coverdale (and posting house)


  • Douthwaite Chas., Railway st
  • Jackson William, West end
  • Porritt George M., Howe end
  • Sample James, Howe end
  • Sonley Robert, West end
  • Wood Arthur, junr., West end


  • Billingham Isaac, Howe end
  • Burrowes Robert, Railway st
  • Rickaby Wm. & Son, Tinsley's yard

Refreshment Rooms.

  • Bowes Misses Jane and Eliz., Piercy end
  • Sleightholme Jph., Piercy end
  • Wallace Fredk., Market place

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

  • Clark John, Market place
  • Leaper Robert, Church street
  • Sonley Richardson, Church st
  • Stephenson Rd. C., Howe end


  • Jennings Rd., Market place
  • Pearson Hugh W. & R., Crown square
  • Petch Robert (and commissioner to administer oaths), Market place


  • Jackson Rd. Arth., M.R.C.S. (Wood & Jackson); h Elmhurst
  • Muil W., M.D., C.M., surgeon, Vivers lodge
  • Wood Arth. (Jackson & Wood), coroner for Pickering district, West end


  • Bowes John, Dale end
  • Bridon John, Crown square
  • Dawson George, Castlegate
  • Hammond George, Howe end
  • Leadley Thomas, Market pl
  • Richardson Wm., Railway st
  • Sawdon Richard, Market pl
  • Ward Andrew, West end
  • Welburn Wm., Market place


  • Fadmoor, Kirbymoorside, R.S.O., Yorkshire.

Miscellany of trades

  • Handley John, mason, Spa house
  • Webster Myers, tailor, draper, and grocer, &c.
  • Windross Francis, vict., Plough Inn


  • Atkinson William, Sleightholme dale
  • Featherstone Garbutt
  • Featherstone Joseph
  • Fletcher James, Rudland
  • Hudson John
  • Jackson George (G. & R. J.), Rudland
  • Jackson Jonathan, Loskay
  • Normanton William
  • Potter Ford
  • Richardson Daniel
  • Teasdale Francis, Rudland
  • Wandby Thomas, Pennyholme
  • Waring William, Sleightholme dale
  • White William, Stonley woods
  • Wilson William, Rudland
  • Wood George, Woolah


  • Walking postman arrives from Kirbymoorside about 8-30; wall collection at 3-15.

Miscellany of trades

  • Baldwin Henry, miller
  • Barker Richard, blacksmith
  • Brotherton John, schoolmaster
  • Flintoft William, boot and shoe maker
  • Frank Thomas, vict., Royal Oak Inn
  • Handley Thomas, tailor
  • Hugill George and Joseph Flintoft, joiners and cartwrights
  • Iveson John, schoolmaster
  • Leng Charles and Job, masons and builders
  • Simpson George, grocer and bacon factor, &c.
  • Simpson George, junr., assistant overseer


  • Agar George, Gales house
  • Barker John
  • Baxter John, and tanner, Lownaugh
  • Coussins John
  • Hodgson George, Fadhill ridge
  • Kendrew Thomas
  • Leng Mary
  • Richardson George, Gray's farm
  • Russell Simeon
  • Simpson William
  • Sleightholme George
  • Wood Alfred

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.