Rosedale Letter L.


Rosedale People: An index:
Letter L

PlaceAddressForename/sSurnameRel.AgeOccupationBirthplaceAssociated 1Associated 2Associated 3Associated 4YearDateSourceEvent
Rosedale West JacobLacksleylodger30Ironstone minerBedfordshire Bedford    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f25 p22census
RosedaleRosedaleAnnLambertbride22  WilliamGaskin  187614 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale HenryLambertfather of bride Miner AnnLambert  187614 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleJaneLambertmother   SusannahLambert  187824 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JosephLambertboarder24Lab at minesLincolnsh Horncastle    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p63census
Rosedale East MarkLambertboarder25Boot & shoemakerSnaith    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f56 p43census
RosedaleRosedaleSusannahLambertdau   ThomasLambertJaneLambert187824 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleThomasLambertfather Policeman SusannahLambert  187824 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East Sarah Ca.Lancasterniece17DressmakerWath    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f43 p17census
otcSarah CatherineLancasterbride   FrancisRedman  1871/7231 Dec/Jan 7/14NYCRO Parish registersbanns
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnLanghorn        172124 May 1721grave 118MIs
RosedaleRosedaleAlice CarrawaLascellesmother   Francis George EricLascelles  188907 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceAlice CarrawaLascelles          grave 242MIs
Rosedale East Francis G ELascellesson1 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
RosedaleRosedaleFrancis George EricLascellesson   Francis John HenryLascellesAlice CarrawaLascelles188907 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceFrancis George EricLascelles        191516 Marchgrave 242MIs
Rosedale EastEast LodgeFrancis J HLascelleshead of household36Mining engineerSouth Wales Cardigan    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
Rosedale EastEast LodgeFrancis Jn HyLascelles  Manager, Carlton Iron Co.     1905 Kelly's 1905directory
otpFrancis John HenryLascellesgroom   Alice CarrawaGriffiths  188819/26 Aug/2 SeptNYCRO Parish registersbanns
RosedaleRosedaleFrancis John HenryLascellesfather Mining Engineer & Mines Manager Francis George EricLascelles  188907 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
otpFrancis John HenryLascellesgroom   Lettice Mary FauntWoodcock  18916/13/20 DecNYCRO Parish registersbanns
RosedaleRosedaleFrancis John HenryLascellesfather Mining engineer Geoffrey John HenryLascelles  189511 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceFrancis John HenryLascelles        193925 Aprilgrave 242MIs
Rosedale East Francis John HyLascelles  Local manager - Carlton Iron Co. Rosedale Mines     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
Rosedale EastEast LodgeFrancis John HyLascelles  Manager, Carlton Iron Co.     1893 Kelly's 1893directory
Rosedale EastEast LodgeFrancis John HyLascelles  Manager, Carlton Iron Co.     1897 Kelly's 1897directory
Rosedale EastEast LodgeFrancis John HyLascelles  Manager, Carlton Iron Co.     1901 Kelly's 1901directory
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceGeoffreyLascelles        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
RosedaleRosedaleGeoffrey John HenryLascellesson   Francis John HenryLascellesLettice Mary Faunt?Lascelles189511 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJulia EleanorLascelles        19611961grave 242MIs
RosedaleRosedaleLettice Mary Faunt?Lascellesmother   Geoffrey John HenryLascelles  189511 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West SamuelLasey?lodger24Ironstone minerNorton Malton    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f20 p12census
Rosedale East EdithLaurencelodger21Lab at calcine wifeChepstoe Borders of Wales    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f54 p40census
Rosedale East EmeliaLaurencedau2Lab at mines daurKings Cross London    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f54 p40census
Rosedale East HorraceLaurenceson5Lab at mines sonPembrico London    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f54 p40census
Rosedale East JohnLaurencelodger21Lab at calcineCambridgsh Ely    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f54 p40census
Rosedale East SarahLaurencewife26Lab at mines wifeGloucestersh Stoud    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f54 p40census
Rosedale East TerezaLaurencelodger5 mo.Lab at calcine daurRosedale E    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f54 p40census
Rosedale East169 Dale Head CottThomasLaurencehead of household28Lab at minesCambridgsh Ely    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f54 p40census
RosedaleRosedaleAmosLawgroom19Miner SusannahWard  187524 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale DavidLawfather of groom Farmer JesseLaw  187323 JuneNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale DavidLawfather of groom Lab AmosLaw  187524 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedale EastJesseLawgroom22Miner EllenRandall  187323 JuneNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East Mary AnnLawrancelodger25Ag lab wifeMiddlesex London    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f71 p73census
RosedaleRosedaleAmeliaLawrence 5 months      187012 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
LastinghamFarndale EastBarbaraLawsbride31  JamesFletcher  186204 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Lastingham GeorgeLawsfather of bride Lab BarbaraLaws  186204 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Lastingham JamesLawsonfather of bride Lab JaneMitchell  187320 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton JohnLawson  Farmer     1840 White's 1840directory
CroptonCroptonJohnLawson 40FarmerYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f6 p7census
Rosedale West EsterLaxwife48 Rosedale West    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f16 p4census
Rosedale West EsterLaxwife57 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p9census
Rosedale West EstherLaxwife44 Rosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f15 p1census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceEstherLax        189315 Aug 1893grave 205MIs
RosedaleRosedaleEstherLax 62      189317 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale West IsaacLaxhead of household22Ironstone minerRipon    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f20 p12census
Rosedale WestCottagesIsaacLaxhead of household33Ironstone minerHarrogate    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f15 p1census
Rosedale WestFarmIsaacLaxhead of household43FarmerSpofforth    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f16 p4census
Rosedale West IsaacLax        1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
Rosedale WestBow BridgeIsaacLaxhead of household53Ironstone weighman retiredHarrogate    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p9census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceIsaacLax          grave 205MIs
Rosedale East AlfredLayetboarder27Ironstone minerNorfolk Stowbedon    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f67 p66census
Rosedale East EdwardLayetboarder20Ironstone minerNorfolk Stowbedon    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f67 p66census
Rosedale East AnnLeadleywife27 Hovingham    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f37 p6census
Rosedale East Anne MLeadleydau4 Appleton le Street    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f37 p6census
Rosedale East EmilyLeadleydau27 Sledmere    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f35 p19census
RosedaleRosedaleFrancis TimothyLeadley Infant      188921 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale EastSchool RowJaneLeadleyhead of household67Living on her own meansRillington    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f35 p19census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohn MLeadley        197917 Octobergrave 295MIs
Rosedale East Mary AnnLeadleydau1 Norton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f37 p6census
Rosedale East26 Grange CottagesWilliamLeadleyhead of household31Ag labNorton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f37 p6census
Rosedale West HannahLeakwife48 Middleton    1891 RG12/3988 f15 p6census
Rosedale West13 High RowThomasLeakhead of household48Stone breaker [Road]Barmby Moor    1891 RG12/3988 f15 p6census
Rosedale East Mary AnnLeathernurse child3 Yorkshire u.k.    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f38 p8census
Cropton AnnLeckenby 20 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f3 p1census
Cropton HannahLeckenby 45 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f3 p1census
CroptonCroptonJohnLeckenby 50FarmerYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f3 p1census
Rosedale East RobertLeckonbywidower50Groom in coy stablesHornby    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f55 p42census
Rosedale AnnLeewidow       177614 JulyNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceAnnie MaryLee        187429 Apr 1874grave 58MIs
RosedaleRosedale WestAnnie MaryLee 4      18741 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleArthur NicholasLeeson   John ThomasLeeEmmaLee187426 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East CharlesLeelodger26MinerSt Ives Hunts    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p63census
RosedaleRosedaleEmmaLeemother   Arthur NicholasLee  187426 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceEmmaLee          grave 58MIs
Rosedale Jno?Leeson       175122 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnLeeson       174710 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JohnLeeboarder26Ironstone mineDevonsh Brauton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f51 p33census
RosedaleRosedaleJohn ThomasLeefather Publican Arthur NicholasLee  187426 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohn ThomasLee          grave 58MIs
Rosedaleof this parishMarmadukeLee 69      180323 NovNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMarmadukeLee        180321 Nov 1803grave 56MIs
Hartoft MDukeLeeproprietor & occupier       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton MDukeLeeproprietor       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Hartoft MDukeLeeassessor & collector       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
RosedaleRosedale EastRuth AnnLee 11 months      187415 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East SamuelLeeboarder33Ironstone mineStaffordshire Potteries    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f43 p18census
Middleton WilliamLeefather of bride Lab ElizabethMortimer  186128 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East GeorgeLeemanvoter       1864 Register of electorsvoters' registers
RosedaleRosedale VicarageLucy MarianneLeemanmother   Mabel BlancheLeeman  187808 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale VicarageMabel BlancheLeemandau   William LutherLeemanLucy MarianneLeeman187808 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale VicarageWilliam LutherLeemanfather Clerk in Holy Orders Mabel BlancheLeeman  187808 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East William LutherLeeman  Vicar     1879 PO Directory 1879directory
RosedaleRosedaleEmmaLeggbride40  JohnWatson  188828 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleHarryLegg Infant      188625 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale JohnLeggfather of bride Farmer Sarah JaneLegg  188811 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleSarah JaneLeggbride21  RobertAppleton  188811 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale West SamuelLeggettboarder35Ironstone minerNorfolk Watton    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p13census
Cropton Mary EastherLeinardsis83HousekeeperBarton le Street    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f88 p14census
Rosedale East AnnieLengdau11ScholarCastleton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
Rosedale West ArthurLengson11ScholarHutton le Hole    1891 RG12/3988 f18 p11census
RosedaleRosedaleBetsy AnnLengbride21  DanielHugill  188419 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale West ClaraLengdau6 mo Hutton le Hole    1891 RG12/3988 f18 p11census
Rosedale East DinahLengdau7ScholarCastleton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleElizabethLeng 76      182226 AprNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale HannahLengdau   ThomasLengMargaretLeng181129 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East Hannah M?Lengdau4ScholarCastleton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJamesLeng 1      182724 JunNYCRO Parish registersburial
LastinghamRosedaleJaneLengdau   ThomasLengMargaretLeng182509 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleJaneLengdau   JohnLengJaneLeng182708 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleJaneLengmother   JaneLeng  182708 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Cropton JaneLenggranddau11 Cropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f40 p3census
MiddletonLastinghamJaneLengbride26  RobertWatson  186519 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft JohnLengoccupier       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
LastinghamRosedaleJohnLengson   ThomasLengMargaretLeng181428 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RW JohnLengproprietor       1822 NYCRO LTALTA
LastinghamRosedaleJohnLengfather Lab JaneLeng  182708 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East150 Low GillJohnLenghead of household35Ironstone mineDanby    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
Rosedale East JosephLengboarder68no occ [in another hand]Norwich Guiston [Guist abt 20 miles from Norwich?]    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f34 p18census
Rosedale East LaviniaLengstepdau12 Guisbro    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f30 p9census
Rosedale West MahalahLengdau9ScholarHutton le Hole    1891 RG12/3988 f18 p11census
Rosedale MargaretLengmother   HannahLeng  181129 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMargaretLengmother Farmer JohnLeng  181428 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMargaretLengmother Farmer Mary AnnLeng  181714 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMargaretLengdau   ThomasLengMargaretLeng18195 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMargaretLengmother   MargaretLeng  18195 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMargaretLengmother   JaneLeng  182509 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleWind Hole, Hartoft, RosedaleMargaretLengmother   ThomasLeng  182828 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Lastinghamnot statedMargaret AnnLengbride20  ThomasPage  186401 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleMargaret AnnLeng Infant      188409 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East MarthaLengdau19DressmakerDanby    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p38census
LastinghamRosedaleMaryLengmother   FrankKidd  180211 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMaryLengmother   WilliamKidd  180418 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMaryLengmother   RichardKidd  180626 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMaryLengmother   JaneKidd  180826 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMaryLengmother   MaryKidd  180826 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMaryLengmother   MargaretKidd  181120 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East Mary ALengwife34Ironstone miner wifeSneaton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
Hartoft Mary ALengserv17Dom servPickering    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f95 p6census
LastinghamRosedaleMary AnnLengdau   ThomasLeng  181714 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMinerva ElizabethLeng Infant      189702 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Lastingham RobertLengfather of bride Farmer Margaret AnnLeng  186401 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton RobertLengfather of bride Lab JaneLeng  186519 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East RobertLenglodger23MinerCornwall Launceston    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f75 p82census
Cropton RobertLengfather in law67Farm labNewton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f39 p2census
CroptonCroptonRobertLeng 76      189014 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale WestPeirsons RowRuthLenghead of household39 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f18 p11census
Rosedale West Sarah ALengdau6ScholarHutton le Hole    1891 RG12/3988 f18 p11census
Rosedale East SeatonLengson9ScholarCastleton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
Rosedaleof this chapelryThomasLenggroom   MargaretPage  181015 JanNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale ThomasLengfather   HannahLeng  181129 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleThomasLengfather Farmer JohnLeng  181428 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleThomasLengfather Farmer Mary AnnLeng  181714 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasLengfather Farmer MargaretLeng  18195 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft ThomasLengoccupier       1822 NYCRO LTALTA
LastinghamRosedaleThomasLengfather Farmer JaneLeng  182509 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleWind Hole, Hartoft, RosedaleThomasLengson   ThomasLengMargaretLeng182828 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleWind Hole, Hartoft, RosedaleThomasLengfather Farmer ThomasLeng  182828 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
HartoftHartoft daleThomasLengvoter       1832 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Hartoft ThosLengassessor & collector       1822 NYCRO LTALTA
Hartoft ThosLengoccupier       1832 NYCRO LTALTA
Hartoft ThosLengoccupier       1832 NYCRO LTALTA
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohn?Leng? 76      18324 JunNYCRO Parish registersburial
Hartoft EleanorLennet 3 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/24 f5 p4census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleEllenLeonarddau   HannahLeonard  183710 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleHannahLeonardmother Widow EllenLeonard  183710 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleOtter Hills, Northdale, RosedaleAliceLethbridgemother   BetsyLethbridge  186717 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleOtter Hills, Northdale, RosedaleBetsyLethbridgedau   WilliamLethbridgeAliceLethbridge186717 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleOtter Hills, Northdale, RosedaleWilliamLethbridgefather Miner BetsyLethbridge  186717 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East ThomasLevittlodger51HawkerLincolnshire Crowl    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f39 p10census
RosedaleHartoftTomLevitt 8      18559 SepNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleHannah?Levitt?dau   ThomasLevitt?SarahLevitt?185215 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleSarahLevitt?mother   Hannah?Levitt?  185215 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasLevitt?father Farmer Hannah?Levitt?  185215 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishMariaLewisbride   JohnHarland  182812 FebNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East ThomasLewislodger55Mineru.k.    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
Rosedale East WilliamLewisbro in law22MinerCambridgeshire u.k.    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f61 p54census
CroptonKeldy CastleCharlesLiddellvoter       1835 Register of electorsvoters' registers
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleElizabethLiddellmother   HarrietLiddell  184114 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft G WLiddell  Representatives of the late ... One of principal proprietors     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
Cropton G W MLiddell  Exors of - one of principal land owners     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
CroptonKeldy CastleGeorge William MooreLiddell        1872 Kelly's 1872directory
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleHarrietLiddelldau   WilliamLiddellElizabethLiddell184114 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleWilliamLiddellfather Farmer's serv HarrietLiddell  184114 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
CroptonKeldy CastleGeorge William MooreLiddle  Esq. of Keldy Castle     1857 Kelly's 1857directory
Rosedale East AnnLimbertwife30Ironstone miner wifeNawton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
LastinghamRosedale WestCharlesLimbertgroom24Farm serv AnnWare  186424 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East108 Hill CottagesCharlesLimberthead of household30Ironstone minerKirby Moor Side    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
Rosedale East CharlesLimbertlodger18Ironstone mineKirbymoorside    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
Rosedale East GeorgeLimbertlodger40Ironstone mineKirbymoorside    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
Rosedale East HannahLimbertdau2 wks Rosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
Rosedale East HenryLimbertson1 Brotton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
MiddletonRosedale EastJaneLimbertbride32  JamesGreig  186828 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East JaneLimbertdau3 Brotton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
Rosedale East MaryLimbertdau4ScholarBrotton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f66 p64census
Lastingham WilliamLimbertfather of groom Quarryman CharlesLimbert  186424 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton WilliamLimbertfather of bride Lab JaneLimbert  186828 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleFlorence Terrace, Rosedale EastJamesLincoln 63      191005 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale West Robert?Linfootlodger41Kiln drawerSlingsby    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f31 p33census
Rosedale East10 Leeman GroveAlfredLingardhead of household32Coal & ironstone minerDerbyshire Eaton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f64 p60census
Rosedale East ElizabethLingardwife27 Barnsley    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f64 p60census
Rosedale West JohnLitherlandhead of household38Railway labDerby    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f20 p11census
Rosedale West MargaretLitherlandwife29 Runswick    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f20 p11census
Rosedale East HenryLittlelodger17Horse driverLancash Staly Bridge    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f45 p22census
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnLittlebride26  MilfordDarnbrough  189124 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale RichardLittlefather of bride Farmer - decd Mary AnnLittle  189124 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East JamesLockwoodlodger33MinerPenistone    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f68 p67census
Rosedale East JamesLoftslodger27Ironstone minerSuffolk    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f49 p29census
Rosedale East JohnLombardserv15Domestic servant Page and garden boyNewton upon Rawcliffe    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
CroptonButterwickHardwickeLondesborough 83      189407 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East JaneLondesboroughserv54Domestic serv generalGt Edston    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
RosedaleRosedaleSarah EllenLong 7 months      187506 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale BarbaraLonghornwife   JnoLonghorn  175925 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedalenot statedBarbaraLonghornbride   JnoFaroe  176119 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbanns
Rosedale JaneLonghornwife   WmLonghorn  176812 ...NYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale JaneLonghorndau       177107 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJaneLonghorn          grave 146MIs
Rosedale JnoLonghornson   WillmLonghorn  175204 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JnoLonghornson       175308 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnLonghorn        17522 May 1752grave 146MIs
Rosedaleof this chapelrySarahLonghornbride   JohnWatson  176828 JuneNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceThomasLonghorn        17631 Oct 1763grave 146MIs
Rosedale ThosLonghornson       174830 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale WillLonghornwidower       177706 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamLonghorn        176322 Dec 1763grave 146MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamLonghorn          grave 146MIs
Rosedale WmLonghornson   Wm?Longhorn  176323 ...NYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East CuthbertLonghurstboarder20Mining engineer studentWarwickshire Lillington    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
RosedaleRosedaleAlbert EdwardLonsdaleson   ThomasLonsdaleElizabethLonsdale190331 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleAnn ElizabethLonsdaledau   WilliamLonsdaleElizabeth GillLonsdale189626 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale WestDorisLonsdale 2 months      190616 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedale WestDorisLonsdaledau   Joseph WilliamLonsdaleEmmelineLonsdale190604 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleElizabethLonsdalemother   Albert EdwardLonsdale  190331 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleElizabeth GillLonsdalemother   Ann ElizabethLonsdale  189626 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale WestEmmelineLonsdalemother   DorisLonsdale  190604 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top, Rosedale WestEmmelineLonsdalemother   WilfredLonsdale  191010 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top, Rosedale WestEmmelineLonsdalemother   WilliamLonsdale  191010 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top Rosedale EastEmmileneLonsdalemother   LancelotLonsdale  190701 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top RosedaleJoseph WilliamLonsdalegroom24Engine cleaner EmmelineDavey  190525 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedale WestJoseph WilliamLonsdalefather Engine cleaner DorisLonsdale  190604 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top Rosedale EastJoseph WilliamLonsdalefather Railway fireman LancelotLonsdale  190701 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top, Rosedale WestJoseph WilliamLonsdalefather Loco-stoker WilfredLonsdale  191010 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top, Rosedale WestJoseph WilliamLonsdalefather Loco-stoker WilliamLonsdale  191010 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top Rosedale EastLancelotLonsdaleson   Joseph WilliamLonsdaleEmmileneLonsdale190701 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleThomasLonsdalefather Engine driver Albert EdwardLonsdale  190331 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasLonsdalefather of groom Engine driver Joseph WilliamLonsdale  190525 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleBank Top, Rosedale WestWilfredLonsdaleson   Joseph WilliamLonsdaleEmmelineLonsdale191010 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamLonsdalefather Engine driver Ann ElizabethLonsdale  189626 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBank Top, Rosedale WestWilliamLonsdaleson   Joseph WilliamLonsdaleEmmelineLonsdale191010 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JamesLoosemoorelodger41Ironstone minerDevon North Malton sic    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f70 p72census
otcAnnLovebride   WilliamWebb  187117/24 Sept/1 OctNYCRO Parish registersbanns
RosedaleRosedale EastAnnLovebride30Servant WilliamWeble? Welbe? Welch? Wilks?  1871 2 Oct?NYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale Robt HenryLovefather of bride Catain's Servant sic AnnLove  1871 2 OctNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamPickeringTom WebsterLovewellgroom19Joiner AliceLythe  189514 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Lastingham WilliamLovewellfather of groom Lab Tom WebsterLovewell  189514 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft EdwardLovittson13 Houll    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f54 p4census
Hartoft SarahLovittwife37 Leeds    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f54 p4census
Hartoft ThomasLovitthead of household35FarmerLincolnshire Eastoft    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f54 p4census
Hartoft TomLovittson4 Asselby    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f54 p4census
Rosedale East RichardLowdergrandson6ScholarRosedale West    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f35 p2census
Hartoft AnnLownahserv60 Appletonlemoors    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f53 p9census
Cropton RLowncy?occupier       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
CroptonWreltonMaryLownesborough 82      187127 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonCroptonAnnLownesbrough 28      184410 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonWreltonMarthaLownesbrough 75      184517 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonAislabyMarthaLownesbrough 76      186227 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonCroptonRobertLownesbrough 84      184307 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleNannyLownsboughmother Single woman RachelLownsbough  18328 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleRachelLownsboughdau   NannyLownsbough  18328 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East AnnLownsbridge 55FS [Female serv]Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f3 p1census
LastinghamRosedaleAnnLownsbrough 80      186730 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton MarthaLownsbrough 70 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f6 p6census
Cropton MarthaLownsbrough 45 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f6 p6census
Cropton RbtLownsbrough  Farmer     1823 Baine's 1823directory
Cropton RobertLownsbroughvoter       1832 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Cropton RobertLownsbroughoccupier       1832 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton RobertLownsbroughvoter       1835 Register of electorsvoters' registers
CroptonCroptonRobertLownsbrough 80IndYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f6 p6census
Cropton RobtLownsbroughoccupier       1822 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton JohnLownsbrough? 11 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f9 p13census
Rosedale East NannyLowreyvisitor50 Appleton Le Moor    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f32 p15census
MiddletonRosedale EastAliceLowtherbride24  DanielRichardson  186711 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleWest SideAnnLowthermother   NannyLowther  179013 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMary AliceLowther 19 days      186626 JulyNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedale EastMary AnnLowther 35      186908 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleWest SideNannyLowtherdau   AnnLowther  179013 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleWest Sidenot givenLowtherfather   NannyLowther  179013 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Lastingham WilliamLowtherfather of groom Lab William MarshallLowther  186317 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton WilliamLowtherfather of bride Lab AliceLowther  186711 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamAppleton le MoorsWilliam MarshallLowthergroom23Lab Mary AnnJefferson  186317 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale CharlesLoydfather of groom Lab Charles WilliamLoyd  187314 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedale EastCharles WilliamLoydgroom20Lab ElizabethBlackburn  187314 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East JosephLuctonlodger30Lab at minesKent Chatham    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f42 p16census
RosedaleLow MoorFlorenceLumbdau   FrederickLumbMaryLumb188309 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyFlorenceLumb Infant      188323 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleLow MoorFrederickLumbfather Engine driver FlorenceLumb  188309 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleLow MoorMaryLumbmother   FlorenceLumb  188309 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Middleton ChristopherLumleyfather of bride Lab MaryAinsley  186416 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
MiddletonKirbymoorsideJohnLumleygroomofaDruggist MaryDowson  184024 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton MarkLumleyfather of groom Husbandman JohnLumley  184024 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleAbigailLumsdendau   EllinLumsden  183526 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East DukeLumsdenserv11General servFarndale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f25 p1census
Rosedale West ElizabethLumsdenwife31 Rosedale E    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f28 p27census
RosedaleRosedaleEllenLumsdenbridefaFarmer's serv JohnAtkinson  183712 DecNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleEllinLumsdenmother Single woman AbigailLumsden  183526 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamBlakey HouseGeorgeLumsdenfather Yeoman ThomasLumsden  182926 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleLastinghamHannahLumsdenbride   JohnAtkinson  18295 NovNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleHannahLumsdenmother   JohnLumsden  183420 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleHannahLumsdenmother   WilliamLumsden  18384 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamBlakeyHannahLumsden 81      186204 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
LastinghamBlakeyHannahLumsden 79      186906 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale West HannahLumsdendau8 mo. Rosedale W    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f28 p27census
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleJohnLumsdenson   JohnLumsdenHannahLumsden183420 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleJohnLumsdenfather Lab in husbandry JohnLumsden  183420 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleJohnLumsdenfather Lab in husbandry WilliamLumsden  18384 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleMargaretLumsdendau   SarahLumsden  184213 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMargaretLumsden 2 weeks      184231 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnLumsdenbride21Farmer's lab JosephPage  18504 DecNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamBlakey HouseSallyLumsdenmother   ThomasLumsden  182926 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleSarahLumsdenmother Spinster MargaretLumsden  184213 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamBlakey HouseThomasLumsdenson   GeorgeLumsdenSallyLumsden182926 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasLumsdenfather of bride Baker/Banker? EllenLumsden  183712 DecNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamBlakey HousesThomasLumsden 87      186226 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleWilliamLumsdenson   JohnLumsdenHannahLumsden18384 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale WestHigh Blakey HouseWilliamLumsdenhead of household33Plate lyerRosedale E    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f28 p27census
LastinghamBlakey HouseAnnLumsdondau   ThomasLumsdonHannahLumsdon182419 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East DukeLumsdon 1 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f3 p1census
Rosedale East ElizabethLumsdon 15FS [Female serv]Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f3 p1census
Lastingham GeorgeLumsdonfather of bride Farmer HannahLumsdon  185616 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamBlakey HouseHannahLumsdonmother Innkeeper AnnLumsdon  182419 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West HannahLumsdonwife59 Hutton le Hole    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f17 p2census
LastinghamFarndaleHannahLumsdonbride22  CassSmith  185616 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale WestHigh BlakeyHannahLumsdonwife72 Hutton le Hole    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f16 p4census
Rosedale East JaneLumsdonlodger27Miner's wifeDurham West Hartlepool    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f58 p48census
Rosedale WestBlakeyJohnLumsdon 35Coal minerYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/17 f4 p2census
Rosedale West JohnLumsdon 6 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/17 f4 p2census
LastinghamBlakey HouseJohnLumsdongroom45Lab HannahKnaggs  184708 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale WestHigh BlakeyJohnLumsdonhead of household49Banksman coal minerFarndale    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f17 p2census
Rosedale WestHigh BlakeyJohnLumsdonhead of household59Banksman at a coal mineFarndale    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f16 p4census
Rosedale East MarmadukeLumsdonlodger30MinerRosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f58 p48census
LastinghamFarndaleSallyLumsdonbrideofaSpinster JoshuaFrank  184312 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamBlakey HouseThomasLumsdonfather Innkeeper AnnLumsdon  182419 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West ThomasLumsdon 4 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/17 f4 p2census
Lastingham ThomasLumsdonfather of bride Miner SallyLumsdon  184312 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Lastingham ThomasLumsdonfather of groom Lab JohnLumsdon  184708 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale West WilliamLumsdon 3 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/17 f4 p2census
Rosedale West WilliamLumsdonson13ScholarRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f17 p2census
Rosedale WestHigh BlakeyWilliamLumsdonson23Railway labRosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f16 p4census
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleHannahLumsonmother   ThomasLumson  183612 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleJohnLumsonfather Lab in husbandry ThomasLumson  183612 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleThomasLumsonson   JohnLumsonHannahLumson183612 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West MaryLydigdo?serv17Domestic servHutton le hole    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f15 p1census
Hartoft ChasLyleassessor & collector       1822 NYCRO LTALTA
RosedaleRosedaleAdaLynas Infant      189430 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East ArchieLynasson3 mo Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f28 p6census
Rosedale East Elizabeth JLynaswife25 Stokesley    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f29 p7census
Rosedale East FlorenceLynasdau1 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f29 p7census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceGertieLynas        197818 Nov 1978grave 228MIs
Rosedale East HannahLynaswife22 Westerdale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f28 p6census
RosedaleRosedaleJamesLynasgroom29Miner HannahKnaggs  189019 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale EastPetch CottagesJamesLynashead of household30Ironstone minerSwainby    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f28 p6census
otpJosephLynasgroom   Elizabeth JaneCraggs  188816/23/30 SeptNYCRO Parish registersbanns
Rosedale EastFlorence TerraceJosephLynashead of household25Ag labWhorlton    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f29 p7census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJosephLynas        194905 Maygrave 228MIs
Rosedale RalphLynasfather of groom Lab JamesLynas  189019 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleAnnLyon 53      186721 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
HartoftHartoftBainbridgeLyonvoter       1863 Register of electorsvoters' registers
HartoftHartoftBainbridgeLyonvoter       1864 Register of electorsvoters' registers
HartoftHartoftBainbridgeLyonvoter       1874 Register of electorsvoters' registers
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleChristopherLyon 51      182315 OctNYCRO Parish registersburial
HartoftHartoftChristopherLyonvoter       1863 Register of electorsvoters' registers
HartoftHartoftChristopherLyonvoter       1864 Register of electorsvoters' registers
HartoftHartoftChristopherLyonvoter       1874 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Rosedale West CharlotteLyons?adopted dau11ScholarCarlin-how    1891 RG12/3988 f15 p6census
Cropton AnnLyth 60 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f8 p11census
CroptonCroptonAnnLyth 70      184626 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonCroptonAnnLyth 4      184611 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton AnnLythdau5ScholarCropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
CroptonCroptonAnnLyth 76      190512 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton Best?Lythson4 Fadmoor    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p6census
CroptonCroptonCharlotteLyth 2      186618 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton DavidLythson10ScholarCropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
Rosedale East DavidLythboarder20MinerCropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f71 p74census
Cropton ElizabethLythdau6 Cropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f48 p18census
Cropton EmmaLythdau5 Cropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f87 p12census
Cropton Florence MLythgranddau2 Cropton    1891 RG12/3988 f48 p9census
Rosedale East FredrickLythboarder27MinerMalton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f74 p80census
Cropton GeorgeLythson9ScholarCropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f48 p18census
Cropton George LLythson7 Cropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f87 p12census
Cropton HannahLythwife30Lab wifeFadmoor    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p6census
Cropton HannahLythdau8 Fadmoor    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p6census
Cropton HonorLythwife37 Pickering    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
Cropton HonorLythdau11ScholarCropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
CroptonCroptonHonorLyth 41      186414 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonPickeringJabezLyth 19      188123 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton JabezLythson8ScholarCropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f86 p10census
MiddletonCroptonJamesLythgroomofaFarmer MargaretWilson  183723 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonCroptonJamesLyth 30Ag labYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f5 p5census
Cropton JamesLythhead of household38Ag labAppleton le Moors    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f48 p18census
Cropton JamesLythhead of household48Ag labCropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
CroptonCottageJamesLythhead of household58Ag labAppleton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f87 p11census
CroptonCroptonJamesLyth 79      188824 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton JaneLythdau4 Cropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f48 p18census
CroptonCroptonJaneLyth 9      185515 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton JaneLythdau8 mo Cropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
CroptonCottageJaneLythwife32Ag labs wifeNawton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f87 p12census
Cropton JaneLythdau10 Cropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f87 p11census
Cropton JaneLythwife52 Nawton    1891 RG12/3988 f48 p9census
CroptonCroptonJohnLyth 35FarmerYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f8 p11census
Cropton JohnLyth 1 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f5 p5census
Cropton JohnLythoccupier       1849 PRO IR29/42-99tithe
Cropton JohnLythhead of household45Farmer and JobberAppleton le Moors    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f41 p5census
Cropton JohnLythson11Ag lab sonCropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f48 p18census
CroptonCroptonJohnLyth 50      185320 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Hartoft JohnLythserv21CarterCropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p8census
Cropton JohnLythhead of household52FarmerCropton    1891 RG12/3988 f48 p9census
Cropton KateLythgranddau2 Cropton    1891 RG12/3988 f48 p9census
Cropton LouisaLythdau1 Cropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f87 p12census
Cropton MargaretLyth 25 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f5 p5census
CroptonCroptonMargaretLyth 34      184719 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton MargaretLythdau2 Cropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
Cropton MargaretLythdau12 Cropton    1891 RG12/3988 f48 p9census
Cropton MaryLyth 2 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f5 p5census
Cropton RachelLythdau2 Cropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p6census
Cropton RobertLythproprietor       1822 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton RobertLythproprietor       1832 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton RobtLythproprietor       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton SarahLythwife31 Elleran?    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f41 p5census
Cropton SarahLythaunt40House servPickering    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f39 p3census
Cropton Sarah JLythdau3 Cropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f87 p12census
Cropton ThomasLythson8ScholarCropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
Middleton WilliamLythfather of groom Farmer JamesLyth  183723 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton WilliamLyth 6 months Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f5 p5census
Cropton WilliamLythson10ScholarCropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f48 p18census
Cropton WilliamLythvisitor60GroomAppelton le Moors    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p14census
CroptonBlack ParkWilliamLythhead of household32Farm labCropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p6census
Cropton WilliamLythson6 Fadmoor    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p6census
Cropton WilliamLythserv30Farm servBerrythorpe    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p6census
Lastingham WilliamLythfather of bride Farmer HannahLythe  187828 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale EastRosedale AbbeyWilliamLyth  Butler     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
LastinghamHalfway House Hutton le HoleAliceLythebride19  Tom WebsterLovewell  189514 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton AnnLythewife56 Pickering    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p5census
Cropton AnnLythedau25Domestic servCropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p5census
Cropton AnnLythehead of household65Cow keeper [Milk]Pickering    1891 RG12/3988 f47 p8census
Cropton AnnieLythedau34Late house keeper [Ret]Cropton    1891 RG12/3988 f47 p8census
CroptonCroptonCharlotte AnnLythe 2      188114 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton Earnest BLythegrandson6 Pickering    1891 RG12/3988 f47 p8census
Rosedale East ElizabethLytheserv15Domestic serv generalRosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f32 p13census
Rosedale East EllenLythedau13 Rosedale East    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f33 p16census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceEnosLythe        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
Rosedale East Enos BLytheson1 Rosedale East    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f33 p16census
Rosedale EastHill CottagesFrederickLythehead of household49Deputy in ironstone minesGanthorp    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f33 p16census
Rosedale East FrederickLytheson11 Terrington    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f33 p16census
RosedaleRosedaleFrederickLythe 50      189209 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East GeorgeLytheson3 Rosedale East    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f33 p16census
RosedaleHill Cottages, Rosedale EastGeorgeLythe 21      190817 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleGeorge FrederickLythe 3 and a half years      187723 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersburial
LastinghamHalf-wayHannahLythebride20  WilliamGarbit  187828 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamHalfway HuttonHannahLythe 68      190506 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton Hannah ELythedau4 Cropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p6census
CroptonEbberstonHonorLythe 30      188105 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton HonourLythedau9ScholarCropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p6census
Cropton JamesLytheoccupier       1849 PRO IR29/42-99tithe
Middleton JamesLythefather of bride Lab MaryLythe  186011 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonVillageJamesLythehead of household69Farmer & Cow keeperAppleton le Moors    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p5census
Middleton JamesLythefather of bride Farmer MargaretLythe  188517 MarchNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
MiddletonCoppice WreltonJamesLythegroom26Woodman PollieMyers  190624 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonCroptonJames ThomasLythe 16 months      188102 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton JaneLythewife41 Nawton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p6census
Rosedale East JaneLythewife42 Terrington    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f33 p16census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnLythe        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
CroptonVillageJohnLythehead of household41Shepherd & Farm labourerCropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p6census
Cropton JohnLytheson6ScholarCropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p6census
Rosedale East John WLytheson5 Rosedale East    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f33 p16census
Cropton LouisaLythedau11ScholarCropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p6census
MiddletonCroptonMargaretLythebride25  PercyHoltby  188517 MarchNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton MargeretLythedau23Domestic servCropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p5census
Cropton MargeretLythedau2 Cropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f41 p6census
MiddletonCroptonMaryLythebride22  JohnShepherd  186011 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonCroptonMaryLythe 36      190213 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonCroptonRobertLythe 3      188102 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleRuston BoyesLythe 4 months      187225 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East Sarah ELythewife48 Kirby Moorside    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f38 p26census
RosedaleRosedaleSarah ElizabethLythe 55      190112 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale EastRosedale AbbeyWilliamLythehead of household53Domestic serv GroomGanthorpe    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f38 p26census
Lastingham WilliamLythefather of bride Woodman AliceLythe  189514 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton WilliamLythefather of groom Farmer JamesLythe  190624 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
otpFredLytheegroom   JaneButler  187214 Apr/other dates?NYCRO Parish registersbanns

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