Rosedale Peirson (Arthur) to Peirson (Henry).


Rosedale People: An index:
Peirson (Arthur) to Peirson (Henry)

PlaceAddressForename/sSurnameRel.AgeOccupationBirthplaceAssociated 1Associated 2Associated 3Associated 4YearDateSourceEvent
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceArthurPeirson        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
Rosedale BarbPeirsondau   ThosPeirson  176204 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryBarbaraPeirsonbride   IsaacHugil  178314 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale BarbaraPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonAnnPeirson179419 OctNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishBarbaraPeirsonbride   ThomasDowson  18174 SepNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceBarbara E. (Nellie)Peirson        197516 Marchgrave 350MIs
RosedaleThorgill, RosedaleBenjamin WilsonPeirsonson   JosephPeirsonBetsy WeetmanPeirson190230 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleBetsy HannahPeirsonmother   Margaret AnnPeirson  190210 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West Betsy WPeirsonwife29 Golsbro    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p14census
RosedaleThorgill, RosedaleBetsy WeetmanPeirsonmother   Benjamin WilsonPeirson  190230 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale boyPeirsonson   JamesPeirson  175119 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale BrynPeirsonson       175107 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East CarolinePeirsonniece3ScholarRosedale East    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f38 p7census
Rosedale East Caroline NPeirsondau in law11ScholarRosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f29 p7census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceCharliePeirson        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
RosedaleRosedaleCharlottePeirsondau   JamesPeirsonMaryPeirson188108 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East CharlottePeirsongranddau1 Rosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f26 p1census
Rosedale East CharlottePeirsongranddau10 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f26 p1census
RosedaleRosedaleChristianaPeirsonmother   HannahPeirson  1855AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleChristianaPeirsonmother   NancyPeirson  185726 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleChristianaPeirsonmother   EleanorPeirson  185908 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleChristianaPeirsonmother   WilliamPeirson  186115 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft ChristianaPeirsonwife31 Rosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f49 p1census
Rosedale East ChristianaPeirsonwife43 Rosedale East    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f57 p45census
Rosedale West ChristianaPeirsonwife53 Rosedale East    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f20 p11census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceChristianaPeirson        188813 Apr 1888grave 46MIs
RosedaleRosedaleChristianaPeirson 59      188817 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
LastinghamRosedaleDianaPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonAnnPeirson182124 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleDianaPeirsonmother   Sarah AnnPeirson  184306 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleDianaPeirsonmother   GeorgePeirson  184508 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft DianaPeirsonwife30 Rosedale    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p2census
Hartoft DianaPeirsonwife41 Rosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f49 p1census
HartoftDyke HouseDianaPeirsonhead of household71FarmerRosedale East    1891 RG12/3988 f54 p1census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleDianahPeirsonmother   WilsonPeirson  184921 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft DianahPeirsonhead of household51FarmerRosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f93 p2census
Rosedale East DinahPeirsongranddau4 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f26 p1census
RosedaleRosedaleDora PretoriaPeirson 2 months      190010 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceDoreenPeirson          grave 267MIs
RosedaleHaygate, RosedaleEleanorPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonAnnPeirson182223 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleEleanorPeirsondau   FrancisPeirsonChristianaPeirson185908 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East ElenorPeirson 19 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p12census
RosedaleRosedaleElenorPeirsonbride25  ThomasGaddes  188504 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedaleof this chapelryElizabethPeirsonbride   JosephWard  175822 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale ElizabethPeirsondau       177812 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryElizabethPeirsonbride   WilliamCooper  178231 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale ElizabethPeirsondau   JohnPeirsonHannahPeirson179923 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryElizabethPeirsonbride   JohnScoby  18025/12/19 SepNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale ElizabethPeirsondau   JamesPeirsonAnnPeirson181110 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleElizabethPeirsondau   ThomasPeirson  181809 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleElizabethPeirsondau   JosephPeirsonMarthaPeirson182527 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleElizabethPeirsondau   JosephPeirsonHannahPeirson183118 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceElizabethPeirson        183211 May 1832grave 194MIs
Rosedale East ElizabethPeirson 10 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p13census
Rosedale East ElizabethPeirsondau19 Rosedale West    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p17census
RosedaleRosedaleElizabethPeirsonbride22  JohnWilson  185312 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale West ElizabethPeirsondau11 Rosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f23 p17census
Rosedale West ElizabethPeirsondau19 Rosedale West    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f21 p14census
Rosedale East ElizabethPeirsonwife27 Durham Blackhill    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
Rosedale East ElizabethPeirsongranddau4 Rosedale East    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p12census
Rosedale East ElizabethPeirsonserv29General serv domesticMalton    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f34 p17census
RosedalePryhills, RosedaleElizabeth JanePeirsondau   JohnPeirsonMilcahPeirson184918 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East Elizabeth JanePeirsondau1 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f34 p18census
Rosedale East Elizabeth MPeirsongranddau13 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f26 p1census
Rosedale East EllenPeirsondau28 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f32 p15census
RosedaleRosedaleEllenPeirsonbride   WilliamBarker  186827 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleEllenPeirsonbride   WilliamBarker  186827 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
MiddletonRosedale EastEllenPeirsonbride45  WilliamBarker  186927 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft EllenorPeirsondau1 Hartoft    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f49 p1census
Rosedale East EllenorPeirsondau11ScholarHartoft    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f57 p45census
Rosedale EllinPeirsonmother   JamesPeirson  17842 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale EllinPeirsonmother   GeorgePeirson  178831 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHaygate, RosedaleEllinPeirsonmother Housekeeper MaryPeirson  186105 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleNorthdale, RosedaleEllisPeirsonmother   HannahPeirson  184520 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleEllisPeirsonmother   Mary AnnPeirson  184629 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East EllisPeirsondau32 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f32 p14census
RosedaleThorogillEmily AnnPeirson 6 weeks      187105 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceFlorencePeirson        196027 Aprilgrave 348MIs
Rosedale East FrancesPeirson 8 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p13census
RosedaleBank [....] Rosedale WestFrancesPeirson ?      189919? Jun?NYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHaygate, RosedaleFrancisPeirsonson   ThomasPeirsonAnnPeirson18281 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East FrancisPeirson 13 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p12census
Rosedale East FrancisPeirsonson24 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f32 p15census
Rosedale East FrancisPeirsonson17 Rosedale West    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p17census
RosedaleRosedale EastFrancisPeirsongroom26Farmer ChristianaPage  185322 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleFrancisPeirsonfather Farmer HannahPeirson  1855AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleFrancisPeirsonfather Farmer NancyPeirson  185726 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East FrancisPeirson  Butcher     1857 Kelly's 1857directory
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleFrancisPeirsonfather Farmer EleanorPeirson  185908 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
HartoftMill FarmFrancisPeirsonhead of household31FarmerRosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f49 p1census
RosedaleRosedale EastFrancisPeirsongroom35Farmer HannahDowson  187025 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East50 The AbbeyFrancisPeirsonhead of household42ButcherRosedale East    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f57 p45census
Rosedale EastRosedale AbbeyFrancisPeirson  Butcher     1872 Kelly's 1872directory
 FrancisPeirsonvoter       1874 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Rosedale East FrancisPeirsonhead of household46FarmerRosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f26 p2census
Rosedale West FrancisPeirsonhead of household53Butcher out of employRosedale East    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f20 p11census
Rosedale FrancisPeirsonfather of bride Butcher HannahPeirson  188219 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale FrancisPeirsonfather of groom Butcher ThomasPeirson  188328 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale FrancisPeirsonfather of bride Butcher NancyPeirson  188326 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale FrancisPeirsonfather of bride Butcher ElenorPeirson  188504 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East FrancisPeirson  Butcher     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
Rosedale West1 Primrose VillasFrancisPeirsonhead of household56JoinerRosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p9census
Rosedale WestLane HeadFrancisPeirsonhead of household62ButcherRosedale E    1891 RG12/3988 f13 p1census
Hartoft FrancisPeirsonson18Farmer's sonGoathland    1891 RG12/3988 f55 p4census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceFrancisPeirson        189917 Jun 1899grave 46MIs
RosedaleRosedaleFrancisPeirson 62      189612 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleFrancisPeirsonfather Miner WalterPeirson  189719 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West Francis WPeirsonson2 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f16 p8census
RosedaleRosedaleFrancis WatsonPeirson Infant      188518 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleFrancis WatsonPeirsonson   ThomasPeirsonHannah MaryPeirson188515 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleFrancis WilliamPeirsonson   ThomasPeirsonHannahPeirson188928 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceFrankPeirson        1914-19181914-1918403 War memorialMIs
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleFrankPeirsonfather Farmer WilliamPeirson  186115 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceFrankPeirson        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceFrankPeirson        1914-19181914-1918405 First World War memorial plaque - opposite School RowMIs
Rosedale East FredPeirsonson28Calcine drawerNunnington    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f30 p10census
RosedaleRosedaleFrederick JamesPeirson Infant      189110 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale GeoPeirsonson   JosephPeirson  174321 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale GeoPeirsonson   JnoPeirson  175425 ....NYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale GeoPeirsonson   JosPeirson  175415 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceGeorgePeirson        175415 Jan 1754grave 17MIs
Rosedaleof this chapelryGeorgePeirsongroom   RachelPage  177810 JuneNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale GeorgePeirsonfather   JohnPeirson  178617 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale GeorgePeirsonson   ThomasPeirsonEllinPeirson178831 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale GeorgePeirsonson   ThomasPeirsonSarahPeirson17979 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale GeorgePeirsonson   JohnPeirsonHannahPeirson17987 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceGeorgePeirson        181730 Apr 1817grave 121MIs
RosedalePry Hills, RosedaleGeorgePeirson 20      18173 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
MiddletonRosedaleGeorgePeirsongroomofaFarmer MaryDale  184007 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedalePryhills, RosedaleGeorgePeirsonson   JohnPeirsonMilcahPeirson184111 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East GeorgePeirson 25 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f6 p7census
Rosedale East GeorgePeirson 2 months Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p13census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleGeorgePeirsonson   ThomasPeirsonDianaPeirson184508 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East GeorgePeirsonson9ScholarRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f34 p18census
Hartoft GeorgePeirsonson5 Hartoft    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p2census
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleGeorgePeirsonson   JohnPeirsonJanePeirson185824 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft GeorgePeirsonson15ScholarHartoft    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f49 p1census
Rosedale East GeorgePeirsonson13Farmer sonRosedale E    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f55 p41census
Rosedale East GeorgePeirsonhead of household23FarmerRosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f33 p15census
Rosedale EastLow GillGeorgePeirsonhead of household32Farm labRosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
Rosedale West George WPeirsonson2 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p14census
RosedaleRosedaleGeorgianaPeirsondau   RobertPeirsonHannahPeirson183021 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East GeorgianaPeirson 10 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f7 p9census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceGeorgianaPeirson        18428 Dec 1842grave 152MIs
RosedaleRosedaleGeorgianaPeirson 12      184210 DecNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleGertPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonHannah MaryPeirson190431 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West Gertrude MPeirsondau7 mo Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f18 p11census
RosedaleThorgill, RosedaleGertrude MayPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonAnnie GillPeirson189001 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale girlPeirsondau   ThosPeirson  17569 ....NYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HanPeirsondau   JosPeirson  175123 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale Han.Peirsondau   JosPeirson  176131 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HanhPeirsondau   RobtPeirson  176920 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HanhPeirsondau   JnoPeirson  177130 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPeirson        175123 May 1751grave 17MIs
Rosedale HannahPeirsondau   JnoPeirson  1761?NYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleDanbyHannahPeirsonbride   ThomasPeirson  176314 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale HannahPeirsondau   ThosPeirson  176608 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsondau   ThosPeirson  178102 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsonmother   ThomasPeirson  178711 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsondau   JohnPeirsonAnnPeirson17921 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsonmother   MaryPeirson  179226 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsondau   JohnPeirsonHannahPeirson179324 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsonmother   HannahPeirson  179324 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryHannahPeirsonbride   EdwardDowson  179404 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale HannahPeirsonmother   JamesPeirson  17962 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsonmother   GeorgePeirson  17987 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsonmother   ElizabethPeirson  179923 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryHannahPeirsonbride   JohnWilson  180414 NovNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale HannahPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonSarahPeirson180411 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale HannahPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonAnnPeirson180916 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleHannahPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonAnnIngle181219 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleGate, RosedaleHannahPeirsondau   JamesPeirsonAnnPeirson181522 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother Farmer AnnPeirson  181513 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPeirson        18181 Mar 1818grave 9MIs
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirson 75      18183 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   RobtPeirson  182721 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   JosephPeirson  182820 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedalePry HillsHannahPeirsonmother Spinster MaryPeirson  182914 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   JosephPeirson  18294 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   GeorgianaPeirson  183021 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedale West SideHannahPeirsondau   JosephPeirsonHannahPeirson183014 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedale West SideHannahPeirsonmother   HannahPeirson  183014 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   MaryPeirson  18312 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   ElizabethPeirson  183118 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishHannahPeirsonbride   JohnStrickland  183228 AprNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleNorthdale, RosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   NannyPeirson  183313 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   JamesPeirson  18339 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleHannahPeirsondau   RobertPeirsonHannahPeirson183525 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   HannahPeirson  183525 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsondau   AllenPeirsonHannahPeirson183524 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   HannahPeirson  183524 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleHannahPeirsondau   AaronPeirsonJanePeirson183625 SeptNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHole, RosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   MaryPeirson  183610 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPeirson        183711 Oct 1837grave 152MIs
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   MaryPeirson  18378 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirson 2      183716 OctNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHole, RosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   ThomasPeirson  18384 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleNorth Dale, RosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   ThomasPeirson  183918 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   SarahPeirson  184118 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East HannahPeirson 47 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f6 p7census
Rosedale East HannahPeirson 6 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f6 p7census
Rosedale East HannahPeirson 40 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f7 p9census
Rosedale East HannahPeirson 40 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p12census
Rosedale East HannahPeirson 12 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p12census
Rosedale East HannahPeirson 4 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f9 p13census
Rosedale East HannahPeirson 23 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
RosedaleNorthdale, RosedaleHannahPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonEllisPeirson184520 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleLow Pry Hills, RosedaleHannahPeirsondau   JosephPeirsonJanePeirson185010 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East HannahPeirsonwife50 Farndale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f31 p12census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsongranddau6 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f32 p14census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsonwife50 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p17census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsondau21 Rosedale West    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p17census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsongranddau4 mths Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f34 p19census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsongranddau14 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f34 p19census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsondau35 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f34 p19census
Rosedale West HannahPeirsondau5 months Rosedale West    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f17 p3census
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonbride35Lab in husbandry WilliamBurton  185201 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsondau   FrancisPeirsonChristianaPeirson1855AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonbride25Farmer's daur JohnAtkinson  185503 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleGate, RosedaleHannahPeirsondau   JohnPeirsonJanePeirson186022 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West HannahPeirsondau9 Rosedale West    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f19 p10census
Hartoft HannahPeirsondau5 Hartoft    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f49 p1census
RosedaleWesterdale, RosedaleHannahPeirson 69      186919 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East HannahPeirsondau20Farmer daurRosedale E    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f55 p41census
Rosedale West HannahPeirsondau20DressmakerLastingham    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f23 p17census
otcHannahPeirsonbride   WilliamSturdy  18737/14/21 SeptNYCRO Parish registersbanns
LastinghamRosedale EastHannahPeirsonbride22  WilliamSturdy  187304 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPeirson        187416 Aug 1874grave 20MIs
Rosedale East HannahPeirsonwife38 Rosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f26 p2census
Rosedale West HannahPeirsonwife30 Rosedale West    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f21 p14census
RosedaleGates Farm, RosedaleHannahPeirsondau   JamesPeirsonMaryPeirson188227 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonbride27  TomHodgson  188219 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPeirson        18853 Mar 1885grave 191MIs
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirson 86      188506 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   Francis WilliamPeirson  188928 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale EastFlorence TerraceHannahPeirsonhead of household60 Duggleby    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f30 p10census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsongranddau9 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f26 p1census
Rosedale East HannahPeirsondau28 Rosedale East    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p12census
Rosedale West HannahPeirsonwife30 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f16 p7census
Rosedale West HannahPeirsonwife49 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p9census
Rosedale West HannahPeirsonwife40DressmakerRosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p10census
Hartoft HannahPeirsondau14 Rosedale East    1891 RG12/3988 f55 p3census
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirson 37      189828 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyHannahPeirsonbride22  RichardAconley  190410 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   Margaret AnnPeirson  190525 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPeirson          grave 152MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPeirson          grave 248MIs
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPeirsonmother   JohnPeirson  182624 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East Hannah EPeirsondau6 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleHannah ElizabethPeirson 9 weeks      18648 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleHannah ElizabethPeirsondau   JosephPeirsonMary AnnPeirson186405 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleHannah ElizabethPeirsondau   ThomasPeirsonHannah MaryPeirson188317 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah ElizabethPeirsonbride20  William NawtonDring  190407 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East Hannah MPeirsondau21 Rosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f34 p18census
Rosedale East Hannah MPeirsonwife30 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   John WilliamPeirson  188009 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West Hannah MaryPeirsondau4 Rosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f18 p7census
RosedaleBell End, RosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   Hannah ElizabethPeirson  188317 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   Francis WatsonPeirson  188515 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   Mary AnnePeirson  188608 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   LilyPeirson  188822 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   Thomas JohnPeirson  189022 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   WatsonPeirson  189518 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   MabelPeirson  190007 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPeirsonmother   GertPeirson  190431 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannah MaryPeirson        195827 Januarygrave 367MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHarryPeirson        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHarryPeirson        197320 Marchgrave 267MIs
Hartoft Henry HPeirsonson13 Goathland    1891 RG12/3988 f55 p4census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHenry HerbertPeirson        196324 Junegrave 350MIs

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