Rosedale Smith (Isaac) to Smith (William).


Rosedale People: An index:
Smith (Isaac) to Smith (William)

PlaceAddressForename/sSurnameRel.AgeOccupationBirthplaceAssociated 1Associated 2Associated 3Associated 4YearDateSourceEvent
Rosedale West JessieSmithdau3 months Yorkshire sic    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f15 p2census
Rosedale JnoSmith        176409 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleEgtonJohnSmithgroom   MaryAtkinson  1802/180326 Dec/9/23 JanNYCRO Parish registersbanns
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnSmith        176428 May 1764grave 115MIs
Rosedaleof this chapelryJohnSmithgroom25  MaryBarker  179501 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   ElizabethSmith  179614 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   HannahSmith  179910 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnSmithson   JohnSmithMarySmith180131 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   JohnSmith  180131 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Cropton JohnSmithproprietor       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton JohnSmithproprietor & occupier       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
RE JohnSmithoccupier       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   JaneSmith  180320 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   AnnSmith  18053 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   WilliamSmith  18064 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   MatthewSmith  18089 OctNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnSmithfather   RobertSmith  181012 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleJohnSmithfather Farmer BettySmith  181328 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleJohnSmithson   ThomasSmith  181824 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohnSmithfather Farmer MarySmith  181927 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleJohnSmithfather Lab MallySmith  182006 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Cropton JohnSmithproprietor       1822 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton JohnSmith  Gentleman     1823 Baine's 1823directory
Rosedaleof this parishJohnSmithgroom   MaryWilson  18268 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleJohnSmithson   JohnSmithMarySmith182619 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleJohnSmithfather Lab in husbandry JohnSmith  182619 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Cropton JohnSmithvoter       1832 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Cropton JohnSmithproprietor       1832 NYCRO LTALTA
Cropton JohnSmithoccupier       1832 NYCRO LTALTA
RosedaleRosedaleJohnSmith 63      18332 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton JohnSmithvoter       1835 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Cropton JohnSmithowner       1849 PRO IR29/42-99tithe
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohnSmith 32      18504 AprNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohnSmithfather Stonemason AnnSmith  185121 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft JohnSmithhead of household30StonemasonWrelton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
RosedaleHartoftJohnSmithfather Miller? HarriettSmith  185327 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohnSmithson   JohnSmithMarthaSmith185515 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohnSmithfather Mason JohnSmith  185515 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohnSmithfather Mason MargaretSmith  185515 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJohnSmithfather Stonemason AnnSmith  185725 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
MiddletonHartoftJohnSmithgroom41Mason ElizabethMortimer  186128 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale West JohnSmithlodger36Stone quarrierNorthallerton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f15 p1census
Cropton JohnSmithserv16CarterAppelton le Moors    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f42 p12census
Cropton JohnSmithson4 Cropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
Hartoft JohnSmithson6 Hartoft    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p7census
Lastingham JohnSmithfather of bride Farmer AnnSmith  186520 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleJohnSmith 10 months      186603 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale JohnSmithfather of groom Lab RichardEmmitt  186714 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale JohnSmithfather of bride Mason ElizthSmith  187003 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East12 Low BareingJohnSmithhead of household33Ironstone mineSuffolk Wickham Markett    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f44 p19census
Rosedale East161 High GillJohnSmithhead of household39Ironstone labNorthumberland Sunderland    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f51 p33census
Rosedale East7 Low BareingJohnSmithhead of household35Ironstone minerNorfolk Boughton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f43 p17census
RosedaleHigh Gill ?JohnSmithfather Miner CicelySmith  187120 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHill CottagesJohnSmithson   JaneSmith  187108 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JohnSmithserv16Farm servHartoft    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f37 p5census
Rosedale East JohnSmithlodger35Ironstone mineLincolnshire Barton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f38 p8census
Rosedale East JohnSmithlodger19Ironstone labNormanby Middlesbro    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f48 p28census
Rosedale East JohnSmithlodger19Ironstone labHartford sh    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f50 p32census
Rosedale East JohnSmithlodger23Calcine drawerAyton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f53 p37census
Middleton JohnSmithfather of bride Mason JaneSmith  187325 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale JohnSmithfather of groom Blacksmith GeorgeSmith  187305 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale JohnSmithfather of groom Blacksmith Edman BrownSmith  187424 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleThorgill, RosedaleJohnSmithson   MartinSmithMargaretSmith188412 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West JohnSmithson6ScholarRosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p14census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnSmith          grave 67MIs
HartoftCottageJohnSmithhead of household41StonemasonBaruf [Barugh?]    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p7census
Rosedale JohnSmithfather of bride Lab JaneSmith  186701 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East JohnSmithnurse child4 mo.Nurse childRosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f68 p67census
Rosedale East John JSmithson7ScholarWarwicksh Ansley    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f44 p19census
Rosedale West John MarshallSmithson14 Yorkshire sic    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f15 p2census
Rosedale East John RSmithlodger18Ag labLeavening    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f36 p3census
Rosedale West John TSmithson6 Lastingham    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f27 p26census
Rosedale West John WSmithlodger29Miner[Lincolnshire] Caistor    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f20 p12census
RosedaleRosedaleJohn WilliamSmith Infant      189218 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Hartoft JosephSmithson1 Hartoft    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
Rosedale West JosephSmithhead of household32Engine driver railwayNorthumberland Wallsed    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f20 p11census
Hartoft JosephSmithson12ScholarHartoft    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p8census
Rosedale East JosephSmithboarder24Ironstone minePlymouth    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f51 p33census
Hartoft JosephSmithson21ShoemakerHartoft    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f94 p4census
Rosedale JosephSmithfather of bride Gardener ElizthSmith  187107 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
MiddletonHartoftJosephSmithgroom30Farmer NannyMortimer  188024 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft JosephSmithson in law25Ag labHartoft    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f52 p5census
HartoftLow Wynd HillJosephSmith  Farmer     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
HartoftLow Wind HillJosephSmithhead of household41FarmerHartoft    1891 RG12/3988 f55 p3census
Rosedale JosephSmithfather of bride Farmer Jane AnnSmith  190012 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft JosephSmith  Farmer     1905 Kelly's 1905directory
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleJoseph RedmanSmithson   ThomasSmithSarahSmith184918 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoftJoseph RedmanSmithfather Farmer and Shoemaker Jane AnneSmith  188011 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHancow House, HartoftLaura AnneSmith 1 month      190515 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East LilleySmithdau5 Rosedale Abbey    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f34 p18census
MiddletonCroptonLyda Betsy MarySmith 3      189809 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
LastinghamRosedaleMallySmithdau   JohnSmith  182006 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMargaretSmith        18381 Mar 1838grave 174MIs
Cropton MargaretSmith 15FS [Female serv]Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f9 p13census
Rosedale East MargaretSmithmother in law76Pauper formerly farmer's wifeWesterdale    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f26 p2census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMargaretSmithdau   JohnSmithMarthaSmith185515 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale EastsideMargaretSmith 83      18584 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedale WestMargaretSmithmother   SelinaSmith  187621 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMargaretSmithmother   ThomasSmith  187828 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleThorgillMargaretSmithmother   AlfredSmith  188105 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleThorgillMargaretSmithmother   WilliamSmith  188301 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleThorgill, RosedaleMargaretSmithmother   JohnSmith  188412 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West MargaretSmithwife37 Hartoft    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p14census
Rosedale East Margaret ASmithdau4 Durham Leadgate    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f51 p33census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMargaret AnnSmith          grave 67MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMargaret JaneSmith        197002 Junegrave 344MIs
Rosedale West MargarettSmithwife27 Hartoft    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f19 p9census
Hartoft MargretSmithdau6 Hartoft    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p7census
RosedaleHigh Gill ?MargtSmithmother   CicelySmith  187120 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMarthaSmithmother   AnnSmith  185121 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft MarthaSmithwife34 Rosedale    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
Hartoft MarthaSmithdau4 Newton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
Hartoft MarthaSmithdau6 Appleton le Street    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f55 p7census
RosedaleHartoftMarthaSmithmother   HarriettSmith  185327 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMarthaSmithmother   JohnSmith  185515 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMarthaSmithmother   MargaretSmith  185515 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMarthaSmithmother   AnnSmith  185725 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Cropton MarthaSmithserv14Dairy maidNewton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f39 p4census
Hartoft MarthaSmithserv16House servNot knowan    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p8census
RosedaleHartoftMartha AnnSmithmother   William DouglasSmith  191007 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMartha AnnSmith        194023 Septembergrave 332MIs
RosedaleAnkow House, HartoftMartinSmithson   ThomasSmithSarahSmith185224 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft MartinSmithson10ScholarHartoft    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p8census
Hartoft MartinSmithson19Joiner apprenticeHartoft    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f94 p4census
LastinghamMiddlesboroughMartinSmithgroom24Joiner MargaretWatson  187615 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedale WestMartinSmithfather Joiner SelinaSmith  187621 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMartinSmithfather Wheelwright ThomasSmith  187828 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleThorgillMartinSmithfather Wheelwright AlfredSmith  188105 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West MartinSmithhead of household29JoinerHartoft    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f19 p9census
RosedaleThorgillMartinSmithfather Wheelwright WilliamSmith  188301 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleThorgill, RosedaleMartinSmithfather Wheelwright JohnSmith  188412 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West MartinSmithhead of household40JoinerHartoft    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p14census
Rosedaleof this chapelryMarySmithbride   ThomasGreenwood  175921 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale MarySmithdau   MathewSmith  177921 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   SallySmith  17856 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   ThomasSmith  178725 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   RichardSmith  178725 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   ChristySmith  179313 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   ElizabethSmith  179614 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   HannahSmith  179910 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   JohnSmith  180131 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   JaneSmith  180320 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryMarySmithbride   ChristopherTeasdale  180412 JunNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedaleof this parishMarySmith 60      18053 NovNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale MarySmithmother   AnnSmith  18053 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   ThomasSmith  180531 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   WilliamSmith  18064 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   AnnSmith  180726 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   MatthewSmith  18089 OctNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   JaneSmith  18093 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   RobertSmith  181012 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MarySmithmother   JamesSmith  181128 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMarySmithmother   BettySmith  181328 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyMarySmithdau   ThomasSmithMarySmith181312 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyMarySmithmother   MarySmith  181312 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyMarySmithmother   EleanorSmith  18159 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMarySmithmother Taylor JohnSmith  181824 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMarySmithdau   JohnSmithAnnSmith181927 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMarySmithmother Lab MallySmith  182006 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleMarySmithmother Tailor SarahSmith  182104 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMarySmithmother   JohnSmith  182619 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedalePickering MoorsMarySmith 62      183818 AprNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton MarySmith 40FS [Female serv]Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f6 p7census
Hartoft MarySmith 1 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/24 f3 p1census
RosedalePickeringMarySmith 62      184319 JanNYCRO Parish registersburial
CroptonCroptonMarySmith 50      184925 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton MarySmithwife30 Fryup    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f42 p12census
RosedaleRosedaleMarySmithmother   JaneSmith  186320 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East MarySmithwife39 Northumberland Bellingham    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f51 p33census
Rosedale West MarySmithwife22 Rosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f25 p22census
Cropton MarySmithwife27Farmer's wifeRosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p5census
RosedaleRosedale WestMarySmithdau   JamesSmithMarySmith187830 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale WestMarySmithmother   MarySmith  187830 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
CroptonPickering MoorMarySmith 39      185112 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East Mary ASmithdau2ScholarStaffordsh Silverdale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f44 p19census
Hartoft Mary AnnSmithdau10 Hartoft    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
Rosedale East Mary AnnSmithserv21Farmer Dairy MaidRosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f33 p15census
Rosedale West Mary AnnSmithdau6 Yorkshire sic    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f15 p2census
MiddletonHartoftMary AnnSmithbride22  ThomasPeirson  186226 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMary AnnSmithmother   William PeirsonSmith  186223 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West Mary AnnSmithwife24 [Lincolnshire] River Head    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f20 p12census
Rosedale West Mary ESmithdau5 Appleton le Moors    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f27 p26census
Hartoft Mary JSmithwife44DressmakerHartoft    1891 RG12/3988 f54 p1census
Rosedale West Mary JaneSmithwife24DressmakerHartoft    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f23 p17census
Rosedale West Mary JaneSmithwife37 Hartoft    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f19 p9census
LastinghamHartoftMary JaneSmith 58      190501 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale West Mary JuliaSmithvisitor22DressmakerThornton    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f31 p33census
RosedaleRosedaleMary MawSmith 22 months      187028 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
RE MatSmithproprietor       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Lastingham MathewSmithfather of groom Farmer GeorgeSmith  183728 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale MattSmithson   MattSmith  1773?04 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MatthewSmithfather   SallySmith  17856 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MatthewSmithfather   RichardSmith  178725 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MatthewSmithfather   ChristySmith  179313 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamAppletonMatthewSmithfather Mason ChristopherSmith  179521 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamAppletonMatthewSmithfather Mason IsaacSmith  179521 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamAppletonMatthewSmithfather Mason DavidSmith  180725 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East MatthewSmithvoter       1807 Poll 1807voters' registers
Rosedale MatthewSmithson   JohnSmithMarySmith18089 OctNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East MatthewSmithoccupier       1829 Rosedale salesale of RE
RosedaleRosedaleMatthewSmith 91      18317 AprNYCRO Parish registersburial
Middleton MatthewSmithfather of groom Miller JohnReadman  185731 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleWest Side RosedaleMatthewSmith 57      186428 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleMaudSmith Infant      189427 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
Hartoft NannySmithdau35Housekeeper [dom]Rosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f52 p5census
Hartoft NannySmithwife42 Rosedale East    1891 RG12/3988 f55 p3census
Rosedale not givenSmithfather   ThomasSmith  178725 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale not givenSmithfather   AnnSmith  179522 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale not givenSmithfather   JamesSmith  179928 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleRachelSmithmother   GeorgeBell  181102 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleRachelSmithmother   FrankSmith  1876none givenNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale West Side, LastinghamRalphSmith 33      18646 SepNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceRaymondSmith        192531 Augustgrave 67MIs
Rosedale East RebeccaSmith 13FS [Female serv]Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f4 p2census
Rosedale East RebeccaSmithdau in law23 Westerdale    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f26 p3census
Rosedale RichardSmithson   MatthewSmithMarySmith178725 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
CroptonSoutherland CottagesRichardSmith 50Ag labYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f9 p12census
Cropton RichardSmithhead of household62Farm labCropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f47 p17census
Middleton RichardSmithfather of bride Farmer AliceSmith  185303 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonCroptonRichardSmith 67      185528 AprilNYCRO Parish registersburial
Middleton RichardSmithfather of bride Farmer JaneJackson  185606 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton RichardSmithson6 Cropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f42 p12census
Middleton RichardSmithfather of groom Farmer SamuelSmith  186112 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton RichardSmithfather of bride Lab CharlotteSmith  187319 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleRichardSmith 30      18178 JunNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale RobertSmithson   JohnSmithMarySmith181012 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleLastinghamRobertSmithgroom   ElizabethAtkinson  182028 SepNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Lastingham RobertSmithfather of groom Farmer CassSmith  185616 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft Robert WardSmithson13Farmer's sonRosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f52 p5census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceRobin WilliamSmith        197017 Maygrave 344MIs
RosedaleRosedaleRose HannahSmithbride18  JamesMarshall  189131 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale SallySmithdau   MatthewSmithMarySmith17856 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelrySallySmithbride'upwards of 21 years'  JohnRobinson  180820 JunNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
MiddletonThornton MarishesSamuelSmithgroom30Farmer IsabellaBulmer  186112 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton SaraSmithdau5 mo Cropton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p5census
LastinghamRosedaleSarahSmithmother   SallyHarding  179121 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleSarahSmithmother   JoanHarding  179313 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleSarahSmithdau   ThomasSmithMarySmith182104 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale West, LastinghamSarahSmith 1 & 5mths      182218 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleSarahSmithmother   ThomasSmith  18343 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleSarahSmithmother   FrancisSmith  183626 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleSarahSmithmother   WilliamSmith  18387 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft SarahSmith 30 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/24 f3 p1census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleSarahSmithmother   JamesSmith  184218 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleSarahSmithmother   JaneSmith  184603 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleSarahSmithmother   Joseph RedmanSmith  184918 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft SarahSmithwife44 Goathland    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
RosedaleAnkow House, HartoftSarahSmithmother   MartinSmith  185224 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West SarahSmithdau10 Yorkshire sic    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f15 p2census
Hartoft SarahSmithwife50 Goathland    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p8census
Rosedale East SarahSmithlodger36 Kennythorpe [Coneythorpe?]    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f38 p8census
Hartoft SarahSmithwife60Farmer's wifeGoathland    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f94 p4census
Hartoft SarahSmithwife70Farmer's wifeGoathland    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f51 p3census
Hartoft SarahSmithserv29Housekeeper [dom]Stape Moors    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f52 p5census
Hartoft SarahSmithwife80 Goathland    1891 RG12/3988 f54 p1census
RosedaleHartoft in MiddletonSarahSmith 88      189508 JulyNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton Sarah AnnSmithdau5 mo Cropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
Rosedale West Sarah AnnSmithdau1 Ebberstone    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f20 p12census
RosedaleRosedaleSarah EllinSmithdau   IsaacSmithEllinSmith185813 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHill Cottages Rosedale EastSarah MarySmithbride33  JohnEddon  190729 JuneNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedale WestSelinaSmith 11 weeks      187613 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedale WestSelinaSmithdau   MartinSmithMargaretSmith187621 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
otcStephenSmithgroom   HannahDowson  [1872]11/18/25 FebNYCRO Parish registersbanns
RosedaleRosedaleStephenSmithfather Plate layer WilliamSmith  1876?30 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Cropton StephenSmithhead of household35FarmerCropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f42 p12census
Rosedale East StephenSmithlodger23PlatelayerWesterdale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f77 p86census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceStephenSmith        188523 Aug 1885grave 167MIs
RosedaleRosedaleStephenSmith 38      188625 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale StephenSmithfather of bride Miner - decd Sarah MarySmith  190729 JuneNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale ThomasSmithson   MarySmith  178725 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather   HannahSmith  18036 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasSmithson   ThomasSmithMarySmith180531 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather   ThomasSmith  180531 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather   AnnSmith  180726 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishThomasSmith 84      180917 JunNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather   JaneSmith  18093 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather   JamesSmith  181128 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyThomasSmithfather Tailor MarySmith  181312 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyThomasSmithfather Tailor EleanorSmith  18159 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleThomasSmithfather Taylor JohnSmith  181824 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleThomasSmithfather Tailor SarahSmith  182104 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasSmithson   ThomasSmithSarahSmith18343 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasSmithfather Lab in husbandry ThomasSmith  18343 AugNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasSmithfather Lab in husbandry FrancisSmith  183626 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasSmithfather Lab in husbandry WilliamSmith  18387 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
HartoftHartoftThomasSmith 30Ag labYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/24 f3 p1census
Hartoft ThomasSmith 6 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/24 f3 p1census
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasSmithfather Lab in husbandry JamesSmith  184218 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasSmithfather Farmer JaneSmith  184603 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleThomasSmithfather Lab in husbandry Joseph RedmanSmith  184918 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft ThomasSmithhead of household46FarmerRosedale    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
Hartoft ThomasSmithson9 Appleton le Street    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f55 p7census
Middleton ThomasSmithfather of groom Farmer WilliamSmith  185120 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleAnkow House, HartoftThomasSmithfather Farmer MartinSmith  185224 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleThomasSmith 79      18541 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
HartoftHank HowThomasSmithhead of household57FarmerRosedale    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f52 p8census
Rosedale West ThomasSmithlodger14Railway labWinton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f15 p1census
Middleton ThomasSmithfather of bride Farmer Mary AnnSmith  186226 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton ThomasSmithfather of groom Farmer WilliamSmith  186323 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton ThomasSmithfather of groom Farmer GeorgeSmith  186608 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton ThomasSmithfather of bride Farmer JaneSmith  186605 MarchNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleClough Cottages, Rosedale EastThomasSmith 54      186811 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
MiddletonCroptonThomasSmithgroom25Lab MaryBoyes  186923 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleHartoftThomasSmith 28      187002 JulyNYCRO Parish registersburial
HartoftHankhoweThomasSmithhead of household65FarmerRosedale Abbey    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f94 p4census
Rosedale West ThomasSmithlodger26Horse driver in minesWesterdale    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f24 p19census
Hartoft ThomasSmithson36Ag labHartoft    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f94 p4census
RosedaleHartoftThomasSmithfather Farmer WilliamSmith  187503 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleThomasSmithgroom38Farm serv JaneWard  187501 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather of groom Farmer ThomasSmith  187501 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Lastingham ThomasSmithfather of groom Farmer MartinSmith  187615 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleThomasSmithson   MartinSmithMargaretSmith187828 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoftThomasSmithfather Farmer WilliamSmith  187920 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoftThomasSmithfather Farmer GeorgeSmith  187920 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Middleton ThomasSmithfather of groom Farmer JosephSmith  188024 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
HartoftHankowThomasSmithhead of household75FarmerRosedale Abbey    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f51 p3census
Rosedale West ThomasSmithson2 Rosedale West    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f19 p9census
Hartoft ThomasSmithhead of household46FarmerHartoft    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f52 p5census
HartoftFarmer - Birch HouseThomasSmith  Junr - Farmer     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
HartoftHankowreThomasSmith  Farmer     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
HartoftSt James'ThomasSmith  Farmer     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
HartoftBirch HouseThomasSmithhead of household56FarmerHartoft    1891 RG12/3988 f55 p3census
HartoftHigh HancowThomasSmithhead of household85FarmerRosedale East    1891 RG12/3988 f54 p1census
Rosedale West ThomasSmithson12ScholarRosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p14census
RosedaleHigh Hamer, HartoftThomasSmith 91      189726 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleBuck House, HartoftThomasSmith 69      189918 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather of groom Miner Victor Alexander ThomasSmith  190125 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather of groom Farmer WilliamSmith  190230 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft ThomasSmith  Mrs - Farmer     1905 Kelly's 1905directory
CroptonCroptonThomasSmith 63      190821 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale ThomasSmithfather of bride Miner Flora Ada SarahSmith  190906 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceThomasSmith          grave 104MIs
MiddletonRosedale EastThomasSmithgroom30Lab HannahBaxter  187625 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Hartoft Thomas WSmithnot stated2 Bilsdale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f52 p5census
Rosedale ThosSmithson       174308 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale EastThosSmithgroom24Lab ElizthSmith  187003 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East TomSmithson6ScholarDurham Leadgate    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f51 p33census
RosedaleRosedaleVictor Alexander ThomasSmithgroom20Miner Sarah AnnWood  190125 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleSaltonWalterSmithgroom32Tailor Jane HannahHugill  190317 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East WatsonSmithserv23General servLastingham    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f58 p48census
MiddletonRosedale EastWatsonSmithgroom25Lab RachelWardell  187226 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleWatsonSmithfather Lab FrankSmith  1876none givenNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamSmith        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
Rosedale WilliamSmithson   JohnSmithMarySmith18064 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishWilliamSmithgroom   HannahDunning  18277? JulNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamSmith        183817 Mar 1838grave 49MIs
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleWilliamSmith 88      183819 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleWilliamSmithson   ThomasSmithSarahSmith18387 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Cropton WilliamSmith 11 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/23 f9 p12census
Hartoft WilliamSmith 2 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/24 f3 p1census
MiddletonHunt HouseWilliamSmithgroomofaFarmer MaryWalker  185120 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton WilliamSmithserv21Farm labCropton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f40 p2census
Hartoft WilliamSmithnephew16Ap stonemasonAppleton    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f53 p3census
Hartoft WilliamSmithson8 Pickering    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f55 p7census
CroptonCroptonWilliamSmith 23      185230 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton WilliamSmithson2 Cropton    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f43 p13census
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamSmithfather Lab in husbandry JaneSmith  186320 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
MiddletonRosedale EastWilliamSmithgroom24Farmer MaryGarbutt  186323 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale WestHigh row of cottagesWilliamSmithhead of household26Ironstone minerLincolnshire Caistor    1871 PRO RG10/4840/2 f20 p12census
Rosedale East WilliamSmithson5ScholarKent Seven Oakes    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f44 p19census
Rosedale East WilliamSmithlodger22Ironstone mineOxfordshire Wooton    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f44 p20census
Rosedale East WilliamSmithson10ScholarDurham Leadgate    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f51 p33census
Rosedale East WilliamSmithboarder27Ironstone minerLincoln Covenham    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f68 p68census
Rosedale East WilliamSmithlodger37Plate layerNorfolk Mettwold? Wettwold    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f72 p76census
Rosedale East WilliamSmithlodger21Ironstone minerNorth Grimston    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f74 p79census
Rosedale East WilliamSmithlodger24MinerBransdale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f77 p86census
Cropton WilliamSmithhead of household32FarmerHartoft    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f84 p5census
Rosedale WilliamSmithfather of groom Mole catcher abourer James PetchSmith  187219 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleHartoftWilliamSmithson   ThomasSmithJaneSmith187503 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamSmithson   StephenSmithHannahSmith187630 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Middleton WilliamSmithfather of groom Lab ThomasSmith  187625 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleHartoftWilliamSmithson   ThomasSmithJaneSmith187920 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft WilliamSmithson5 Hartoft    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f52 p5census
RosedaleThorgillWilliamSmithson   MartinSmithMargaretSmith188301 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West WilliamSmithson7ScholarRosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f19 p14census
Rosedale West WilliamSmithserv15Farm servRosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f21 p17census
Cropton WilliamSmithnot stated52Chimney sweepHull    1891 RG12/3988 f50 p13census
Hartoft WilliamSmithgrandson15Farmer's grandsonHartoft    1891 RG12/3988 f54 p1census
Hartoft WilliamSmith  Farmer     1905 Kelly's 1905directory
Rosedale WilliamSmithfather of groom Railway repairer WillieSmith  190821 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleHartoftWilliamSmithfather Farmer William DouglasSmith  191007 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamSmith        197321 Februarygrave 294MIs
RosedaleHartoft RosedaleWilliamSmithgroom26Farmer Martha AnnMaw  190230 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleHartoftWilliam DouglasSmithson   WilliamSmithMartha AnnSmith191007 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleWilliam PeirsonSmithson   Mary AnnSmith  186223 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale William WareSmithfather of groom Joiner WalterSmith  190316 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleSt John's MiddlesboroughWillieSmithgroom30Engine driver JaneWoodsworth  190821 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedale EastWmSmithgroom24Miner Esther HillWard  187101 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale WmSmithfather of groom Schoolmaster WmSmith  187101 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale RichdSmithgroom   SarahKilburn  1746?NYCRO Parish registersmarriage

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