Rosedale Letter Y.


Rosedale People: An index:
Letter Y.

PlaceAddressForename/sSurnameRel.AgeOccupationBirthplaceAssociated 1Associated 2Associated 3Associated 4YearDateSourceEvent
Rosedaleof this chapelryAnnYattonbride   JohnFletcher  179729 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East GeorgeYeatesson1 Pickering    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
Rosedale EastFlorence TerraceMary AYeateswife29 Lincolnshire Whoplod    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
Rosedale ThomasYeatesfather of groom Farmer Thomas HenryYeates  188817 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleThomas HenryYeatesgroom22Miner Mary AnnCussons  188817 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East AmyYorkwife57 Leicestershire Muble    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f32 p14census
Rosedale East JohnYorklodger39Ironstone minerBrunton on Swale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f48 p28census
MiddletonRosedale EastJohnYorkgroom44Miner AmyWilford  187210 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale EastHill CottagesJohnYorkhead of household64Ironstone minerBroughton    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f32 p14census
RosedaleRosedaleJohnYork 68      189704 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Middleton WilliamYorkfather of groom Lab JohnYork  187210 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
MiddletonRosedale EastWilliamYorkgroom35Miner HannahOxley  187326 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton WilliamYorkfather of groom Lab WilliamYork  187326 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AYoung  Assistant mistress of Abbey Mixed School     1909 Kelly's 1909directory
Rosedale EastAbbeyAdaYoung  Infants' mistress, National School     1901 Kelly's 1901directory
Rosedale EastAbbeyAdaYoung  Assistant mistress, Public elementary school     1905 Kelly's 1905directory
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceAdaYoung        191524 Maygrave 233MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceEdith DixonYoung        197919 Octobergrave 290MIs
MiddletonHartoftHannah MaryYoungbride19  WilliamPlows  187517 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleIsabella AdaYoungmother   Robert RenderYoung  190007 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleIsabella AdaYoungmother   MaryYoung  190115 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleJohnYoung 27      186925 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East JohnYounglodger40Ironstone minerGlocester Cheltenham    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f70 p72census
RosedaleRosedaleMaryYoungdau   William Henry BondYoungIsabella AdaYoung190115 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Middleton MatthewYoungfather of bride Farmer Hannah MaryYoung  187517 JulyNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleRobert RenderYoungson   William Henry BondYoungIsabella AdaYoung190007 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceRobert RenderYoung        196120 Marchgrave 290MIs
Rosedale East ThomasYoungboarder28Ironstone mineSelby    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f43 p18census
Rosedale East ThomasYounglodger42Ironstone minerBuckingham    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f47 p26census
Rosedale EastAbbeyW H BYoung  Master, National School     1901 Kelly's 1901directory
Rosedale EastAbbeyW H BYoung  Master, Public elementary school     1905 Kelly's 1905directory
Rosedale W H BYoung  Master of Abbey Mixed School     1909 Kelly's 1909directory
Rosedale WestRailway CottageWilliamYounglodger21Railway labDerbyshire sic    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f16 p3census
Rosedale East WilliamYounglodger30Ironstone mineSelby    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f43 p18census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamYoung          grave 233MIs
RosedaleRosedaleWilliam Henry BondYoungfather Schoolmaster Robert RenderYoung  190007 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliam Henry BondYoungfather Schoolmaster MaryYoung  190115 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East GeorgeYounger?serv16Ag servUK [unknown?]    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f26 p1census

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