Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for LEAKE in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Post Office, Borrowby. Letters via Thirsk arrive at 8.30 a.m., and are despatched at 4.20 in summer, and 3.20 in winter.

Miscellany of trades

  • Clarke Thomas, shoemaker
  • Cornforth William, estate joiner
  • Cossins George, blacksmith
  • Duffield Mr. Matthew, Arraca
  • Ferguson Mr. William, Spotted Cow
  • Haughton Rev. Edward Aston. B.A., vicar of Leake, Borrowby mill
  • Heighley Mr. John
  • Hewson John Thomas, pig dealer
  • Hutchinson Mark, grocer
  • Kirk Cuthbert, estate mason
  • Kitchen John, cowkeeper
  • Lee John, joiner, &c., Eller nook
  • Lee Thomas, shoemaker, Eller nook
  • Megginson Edwin, assistant overseer
  • Megginson William, joiner, &c.
  • Oliver Thomas, blacksmith, Gueldable
  • Pearson John, cowkeeper and grocer
  • Pearson Miles, tailor
  • Rennison Mr. George H.
  • Robson William, vict., Grey Horse Inn
  • Swales Robert, cowkeeper, Bog hall
  • Tait Andrew James, vict., Wheat Sheaf
  • Wood Thomas, grocer, Post office


  • Barnett John, Gueldable
  • Bramlay William, Gueldable
  • Carter Richard
  • Carter Thomas
  • Chisman Thomas (and miller), Borrowby mill
  • Cowton John, Oak tree
  • Dixon William
  • Gatenby Thomas, Gueldable
  • Hamilton Thomas, Borrowby grange
  • Hutchinson Isaac
  • Hutton John
  • Johnson William, Broads house
  • Lowther William
  • Morley Isaac
  • Morton Alfred, Leake house, Gueldable
  • Robson John, Sugar Hill house
  • Stevenson John (owner), Mount pleasant
  • Thackeray Thomas, West House farm
  • Thackeray William



  • Blenkin Isaac, Old hall
  • Ellerby George, Bridge farm
  • Kirby William, Moor
  • Thompson Miles, Manor
  • Thompson Robert, Tile sheds
  • Waters Robert, Grange


  • Letters via Thirsk. Wall Box cleared at 4-35 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Airey Richard, schoolmaster (and registrar of births and deaths for Knayton district)
  • Atwood Mrs. M., Knayton lodge
  • Bosomworth Mr. John
  • Clark John, tailor and draper
  • Easby John, blacksmith
  • Espin Thomas, hind, Knayton Moor farm
  • Faint Mrs. M., Old hall
  • Hammond Mr. John
  • Harland Joseph, shoemaker
  • Hubbard John, wheelwright
  • Ingledew Wilson, grocer
  • Sadler William, joiner, &c.
  • Shawe Mrs. Anne, Brawith hall
  • Smith Charles, shoemaker
  • Stephenson Thomas, vict., Three Tuns
  • Thorpe William, vict., Dog and Gun
  • Tweedy Charles, surgeon


  • Alderson George
  • Anderson George (and veterinary surgeon)
  • Ashby Hannah, Foxhall
  • Bosomworth Edward
  • Claxton Thomas, Water hall
  • Coates George
  • Cooper John, The Hill farm
  • Dixon Jonathan
  • Eden Thomas
  • Fawcett John, Knayton moor
  • Fawcett John, Squire's farm
  • Hamilton Thomas, Kilbington
  • Harland Thomas
  • Harland William, Knayton grange
  • Hart George
  • Hewitson William
  • Kate John
  • Kirby John (yeo.)
  • Sadler George, Rush house
  • Sadler John
  • Spence Christopher, Knayton moor
  • Wright Robert & Sons, Lowfield house



  • Close James, Cotcliffe farm
  • Harland William, Bank head
  • Hunton Thomas and Joseph, Oxbank
  • Kilvington John, Marigold hall
  • Kilvington Thos. (and overseer), Landmoth hall
  • Kitching John Henry, Catto farm
  • Peacock Joseph, Bank head
  • Rudd John, Wood farm


Miscellany of trades

  • Morton Edward Greenwood, farmer, Leake hall


  • Letters via Northallerton at 9 am.; despatched at 4-35 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Delafield Joseph, blacksmith
  • Dennis Thomas, joiner and cartwright
  • Dunning William, shoemaker
  • Hardwick William, vict., Gold Cup Inn
  • Hough Thomas, schoolmaster
  • Jaques George, Esq., Silton hall
  • Moore James, mason, Blue house
  • Sherwood James, gamekeeper, Arnim green
  • Wright John, grocer


  • Carter William
  • Chapman Roger, The Manor house
  • Cornforth Thomas, Leake lane
  • Cowton John, Hunter's hill
  • Ellis Christopher, Old Manor house
  • Ellis William, Waites farm
  • Gears William, Little Leake
  • Milner William, Home farm
  • Morton Edward, Low house
  • Spenceley Joshua, Brink house
  • Weldon Andrew, Honeyhill

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.