Ugthorpe, Incumbents transcription


Lythe parish:


Ugthorpe, Incumbents transcription:

The list of Curates and Vicars in Christ Church, Ugthorpe.

Curates & Vicars of Ugthorpe

William Long [Vicar of Lythe]1856-1858
Henry Richard Storr Pearson [Vicar of Lythe]1858-1868
William Gill1868-1876
William Leonard Hobson1876-1884
William Askwith1884-1892
Christopher Johnson1893-1903
Albert Smith1903-1912
John William Edmund Walker1912-1917
Alfred Ernest Brown1917-1919
Harry Thomas Leigh1919-1926
Percy Alexander Illingworth1927-1936
John Stewart1937-1939
Albert Cooper Scupholme1939-1950
James Walter Halls1950-1954
John Oliver Ellis1956-1971
[Vicar of Egton with Grosmont]
Robert Anthony Smailes1983-1987
[Vicar of Lythe with Ugthorpe]
Walter Smith1988-Nov. 1997
E.C. Richard BurgeMay 1999-Dec. 2003
Barry Pyke [Rector of Hinderwell
and new benefice.]March 2006

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson