Malton Directory of Trades and Professions for 1823


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for MALTON in Baines's Directory of 1823.

  • Post Master, Thomas Robinson, Office, Market Place.

    Places from Which Distance. Postage. Arrival of Malls. Departure of Mails.
    Letter begs are recvd.
    Bridlington............ 28 6 3 o'clock mg. 20 min. p.3 mg.
    Driffield.............. 20 5 ditto ditto
    Pickering.............. 9 4 ditto ditto
    Scarbro'............... 22 6 ditto ditto
    Whitby................. 30 6 ditto ditto
    York................... 18 5 half p. 4 aft. 45 min. p. 4 aft.

Miscellany of trades
  • Bartlitt John, Wheelgate
  • Battindale William, yeoman, Wheelgate
  • Binns Rev. C. A. Low street
  • Bull Sarah gentwoman. Market place
  • Ewbank Thomas, gent. Market place
  • Foster Jane, gentwmn. Greengate
  • Fox Rebecca, gentwmn. Greengate
  • Gibson Jane, gentwmn. Yorkersgate
  • Hooper Samuel, gent. Newbiggin
  • Hotham Elizabeth, gentwmn. Market place
  • Lambert Capt. John, R.N. Low street
  • Leafe Catharine, gentwmn. Newbiggin
  • Luccock Elizabeth, gentlewoman, Old Malton gate
  • Nelson William, gent. Old Malton gate
  • Robinson Alice, gentlwmn. Greengate
  • Simpson John, M.D. Wheelgate
  • Sootheran John, gent. Greengate
  • Soulby Ann, gentwmn. Market place
  • Walker John, gent. Old Malton gate
  • Walker John, jun., gent. Old Malton gate
  • Ward Henry, gent. Low street
  • Wilson Robert, gent. Wheelgate
  • Carter John, (bdg.) Market place
  • Dearden William, Market place
  • Lotherington John, (national) Old Malton gate
  • Allen William, (& steward to Earl Fitzwilliam) Malton lodge
  • Atkinson Moses, Market place
  • Barns Joseph, Finkle street
  • Paul Thomas, Greengate
  • Rider William, Yorkersgate
  • Simpson Alfred, Yorkersgate
  • Smithson Rhd. & John, Yorkersgate
  • Stockton James, Yorkersgate
  • Walker Thomas, Old Malton gate
  • Boulton John & Son, (appraisers) Newbiggin
  • Cumber John, Yorkersgate
  • Masterman Thomas, (& sheriff's officer) Wheelgate
  • Ruddock William, Low street
Bacon Factors.
  • Elliott William, jun. Wheelgate
  • Hesp Hannah & Son, (and cheese) Yorkersgate
  • Owston Robert, (& corn) Yorkersgate
  • Spanton Robert, Yorkersgate
  • Taylor Thomas, Market place
Bakers and Flour Dealers,
  • Coulson George Greengate
  • Gage Thomas, Newbiggin
  • Gill Thomas, Old Malton gate
  • Jefferson John, Wheelgate
  • Kirby George, Newbiggin
  • Metcalfe James, Greengate
  • Proctor William, Market place
  • Stainton Matthew, Low street
  • Studley William, Wheelgate
  • East Riding Bank - Messrs. Bower, Duesbery, Hall and Thompson, Yorkersgate; draw on Curries & Co. London.
  • North Riding Bank - Messrs. Hagues, Strickland & Allen, Market place; draw on Barclay & Co. London.
Basket Makers,
  • Johnson James, Old Malton gate
  • Simpson Henry, Old Malton gate
  • Simpson Richard, Wheelgate
  • Clark John, Low street
  • Holliday George, (& farrier) Finkle street
  • Piercy Samuel, Market place
Booksellers & Stationers, &c.,
  • Bamniby George, (& circ. lib.) Wheelgate
  • Sagg George, Market place
  • Smithson Richard, Jun. (& music dlr. and circulating lib.) Yorkersgate
Boot and Shoemakers,
  • Allison John, Low street
  • Birkill Thomas, Market place
  • Birkill Thomas, jun. Wheelgate
  • Ford James, Greengate
  • Foster William, Old Malton gate
  • Lamb William, & Joseph, Newbiggin
  • Lapish William, Low street
  • Neill George, Yorkersgate street
  • Pennington Richard, Low street
  • Rontree Thomas, Savile street
  • Rutter Robert, Market place
  • Rutter William, Market place
  • Sollitt Matthias, Low street
  • Spavin William, Yorkersgate
Braziers, &c.,
  • Cornwell Ann, Yorkersgate
  • Leafe George, Market place
  • Marsar John, Low street
Brewers, Ale and Porter, and Maltsters,
  • Russell & Witty, Low street
  • Tomlinson & Co. Low street
  • Walker & Dunlop (porter) Low st,
  • Bell William, Market place
  • Drake John, Greengate
  • Foster John, Yorkersgate
  • Harrison William, Newbiggin
  • Ianson Timothy, Market place
  • Nicholson John, Old Malton gate
  • Nixon Isaac, Newbiggin
Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,
  • Beverley George, Yorkersgate
  • Douthwaite John, Finkle street
  • Goodill John, Yorkersgate
  • Goodrick John, Market place
  • Jefferson John, Wheelgate
  • Lee John, Greengate
  • Lee William, Wheelgate
  • Marshall Rhd. (upholsterer) Low street
  • Monkman William, Old Malton gate
  • Thompson James, Newbiggin
  • Wardill John, (upholsterer) Market place
Chemists and Druggists,
  • Horsley William, sen. Butcher corner
  • Horsley William, Jun. Wheelgate
  • Revis Leonard, Market place
  • Wrangham Joseph, Wheelgate
Clock and Watch Makers,
  • Agar John, Market place
  • Bartliff George, Yorkersgate
  • Bartliff Rbt. (& silversmith) Yorkersgate
  • Carr James, Low street
  • Skelton Coultas, Low street
  • Sykes George, Wheelgate
Coal Merchants,
  • Barehead George, Low street
  • Cleathing & Bell, Yorkersgate
  • Fenton William, Yorkersgate
  • Jackson W. & S. Low street
  • Laverack John, Low street.
  • Monkman William,, Low street
  • Ouston Robert Yorkersgate
  • Rider Joseph, Yorkersgate
  • Russell & Witty, Low street
  • Shackleton G. A. Low street
  • Soulby Edward, Yorkersgate
  • Tomlinson and Co. Low street
  • Witty & Williamson, Low street
  • Woffindin Thomas, Low street
  • Dresser Christopher, Low street
  • Taylor George, Low street
Corn Merchants,
  • (Note this seems to be nearly a repeat of the Coal merchants - CH 1997)
  • Atkinson G. S.
  • Barehead George, Low street
  • Cleathing and Bell, (and wharfingers) Yorkersgate
  • Dresser John, Low street
  • Fenton William, Yorkersgate
  • Jackson W. and S. Low street
  • Owston Robert, Yorkersgate
  • Rider Joseph, Yorkersgate
  • Shackleton G. A. Low street
  • Soulby Edward, Yorkersgate
  • Walker and Dunlop, Low street
  • Witty and Williamson, Low street
  • Woffindin Thomas, Low street
  • Gray Thomas, Low street
  • Harrison Francis & Son, Old Malton gate
  • Tate and Watson, Wheelgate
  • Wood Preston, Newbiggin
  • Harrison John, Yorkersgate
  • Williamson Edward, Yorkersgate
  • Fawcett William, Greengate
  • Nalton John, Market place
Fire, &c. Offices,
  • Atlas, John Snowball, Yorkersgate
  • County, Thomas, Hall, Yorkersgate
  • Phoenix Alfred Simpson, Swine street
  • Royal Exchange, J. Smithson, Yorkersgate
  • Sun, Benjamin Jagger, Low street
Gardeners, Nursery and Seedsmen,
  • Benton Edward, Market place
  • Longcaster William, Old Malton gate
  • Russell & Witty, (seedsmen) Low St.
  • Slater William, Yorkersgate
  • Thompson John, Newbiggin
Glass, China, &c. Dealers,
  • Cleathing Christopher, Yorkersgate
  • Hudson George Yorkersgate
  • Jackson Mary, Wheelgate
  • Tindale Thomas, Wheelgate
Grocers and Tea Dealers,
  • Ainsley William, Market place
  • Beal Mary, Low street
  • Benton Edward, Market place
  • Birdsall John, (and confectioner), Market place
  • Bradley George, Finkle street
  • Bradley John, Yorkersgate
  • Bulmer Matthew, Wheelgate
  • Chapman George, Low street
  • Flower John, Market place
  • Gray Rd. (& confectioner) Market place
  • Harrison Robert, Wheelgate
  • Hartley John, (and stamp distributor) Market place
  • Hudson William, Marketplace
  • Jefferson John, Wheelgate
  • Jennings James, Low street
  • Kemp William, Market place
  • Lee John, Greengate
  • Marshall Ann, Low street
  • Metcalf James, Greengate
  • Pickering Robert & Son, Yorkersgate
  • Rutter William, Market place
  • Shepherd John Yorkersgate
  • Smith David, Market place
  • Spavin Robert, Old Malton gate
  • Stephenson Thomas, Market place
  • Studley George, Wheelgate
  • Studley William, Wheelgate
  • Taylor David, Wheelgate
  • Taylor Joseph, Wheelgate
  • Wilson Thomas, Low street
  • Wood James, Old Malton gate
  • Hudson George and Sons, Wheelgate
  • Piercy Matthew, Newbiggin
  • Wightman William E., (patent) Market place
Hair Dressers,
  • Burkill Robert, Wheelgate
  • Hide William, Wheelgate
  • Larcum John, (& fossilist) Wheelgate
  • Pierson L. D. Market place
  • Sinclair William, Market place
  • Skelton Thomas, Wheelgate
Hatters and Furriers,
  • Carr Robert, Old Malton gate
  • Foster Roger, Wheelgate
  • King Robert, Low street
  • Wells Thomas, Savile street
Inns and Taverns,
  • Angel Inn, Wm Bradley, Savile street
  • Black Bull, Joseph Etty, Market place
  • Black Horse; John Bartindale, Yorkersgate
  • Black Swan, John Gray, Market place
  • Blacksmiths Arms, Francis Calam, Wheelgate
  • Blue Ball, Sarah Wood, Newbiggin
  • Cross Keys, Ralph Rutter, Wheelgate
  • Crown and Anchor, Thomas, Barehead, Low street
  • Fleece, John Smith, Market place
  • Golden Lion, Thomas, Moon, Market place
  • Green Man, George Spanton, Market place
  • King's Head, George Nelson, Market place
  • New Globe, John Cooper, Yorkersgate
  • New Talbot Inn, Edward Barton, Yorkersgate
  • Old Globe, George Bransby, Market place
  • Old Talbot Inn, William, Reed, Market place
  • Royal Oak, Elizabeth Revis, Market place
  • Ship Inn, Widow Kettlewell, Wheelgate
  • Shoulder of Mutton, William, Ruddock, Low street
  • Sun Inn, John Wilson, Wheelgate
  • White Horse Inn, Richard Cariss, Yorkersgate
  • White Swan, Daniel Newton, Old Malton gate
Iron Founders,
  • Booth James, Old Malton gate
  • Gibson Arthur, Market place
  • Gibson Robert, Newbiggin
  • Barns William, Market place
  • Gibson Arthur, Market place
  • Hudson George & Sons, Wheelgate
  • Luccock James, Yorkersgate
  • Wright John & George, Wheelgate
Joiners, &c.,
  • Brown William, Low street
  • Carr Joseph, Low street
  • Hopwood Thomas, (boat builder) Low street
  • Luccock Christopher, Yorkersgate
  • Nalton Thomas, Greengate
  • Spurr Hardwick, (appraiser) Low street
  • Sunman Richd. (appraiser) Savile street
  • Tomlinson George, Low street
Linen Drapers,
  • Abbott George, Market place
  • Bulmer Matthew, Wheelgate
  • Dunlop James, sen. Market place
  • Dunlop James, jun. Market place
  • Howson Rachael, Greengate
  • Merry J. and W. Yorkersgate
  • Pickering Robert & Son, Yorkersgate
  • Stubbs Robert, Market place
  • Tindale Thomas, (& tea dlr.) Market place
  • Watson James, Butcher corner
  • Collier John, Low street
  • Nicholson George, Wheelgate
  • Sunley William, Market place
Plumbers and Glaziers,
  • Jackson Mary, Wheelgate
  • Morritt John, Old Malton gate
  • Walter Mathers, Newbiggin
Printers, Letter Press,
  • Barnby George, Wheelgate
  • Sagg George, Market place
  • Smithson Richard, jun. Yorkersgate
Raff & Timber merchants,
  • Kemp Jeremiah, Yorkersgate
  • Lee William, Wheelgate
  • Luccock Christopher, (and appraiser) Yorkersgate
  • Robson Benjamin, Low street
  • Smith William, Wheelgate
  • Bellerby George, Market place
  • Harrison Martin, Newbiggin
  • Holtby Thomas, Wheelgate
  • Hall George, Yorkersgate
  • Kilvington John, Market place
  • Rutter Thomas, Market place
  • Smith Nathaniel, Low street
  • Thornham John, Wheelgate
  • Brown John, Newbiggin
  • Ellett Ann, Newbiggin
  • Rigg John, Market place
Stone Masons,
  • Brown John, Newbiggin
  • Exley Robert, Yorkersgate
  • Willoughby George, Low street
Straw Hat Manufacturers,
  • Brown E. Low street
  • Bulmer Mark, Yorkersgate
  • Tindale & Watson, Wheelgate
  • Cobb Robert, Low street
  • Davye George, Market place
  • Davye Thomas, Market place
  • Pratt John, Newbiggin
  • Rymer William, Market place
  • Sagg Robert, Yorkersgate
  • Teasdale Thomas, Greengate
  • Temple John, Yorkersgate
Tailors, &c.,
  • Arundale William, Wheelgate
  • Chapman C. Old Malton gate
  • Clement Joseph, Market place
  • Crawford Thomas, Wheelgate
  • Loft Christopher, Finkle street
  • Marshall William, Wheelgate
  • Simpson John, Finkle street
  • Sixton John, Greengate
  • Spencer J. H. Market place
Tallow Chandlers,
  • Elliott William, jun. Wheelgate
  • Esp and Son, Yorkersgate
  • Flower John, jun. Swine market
  • Smith David, Market place.
  • Spanton Robert, Yorkersgate
  • Piercy Matthew, Newbiggin
  • Robinson Newyear, Low street
Wine and Spirit Merchants,
  • Ask James, Yorkersgate
  • Etty John and Son, Market place
  • Gray Richard, Market place
  • Jagger Benjamin, (spirit) Low street
  • Richardson Thomas, Market place
  • Rose and Agar, Market place
  • Searle Robert, Yorkersgate
Woollen Drapers,
  • Dunlop James, jun, Market place
  • Etty John and Son, Market place
  • Merry J. and W. Yorkersgate
  • Milbourn Joseph, Finkle street
  • Pickering Robert & Son, Yorkersgate
  • Richardson George, Market place
  • Taylor Andrew, Market place
Miscellany of trades
  • Birdsall Thomas, Confectioner, Newbiggin
  • Booth Jas. Millwright, Old Malton gate
  • Boulton John, Sheriff's officer, Newbiggin
  • Bradley Arthur, hosier, Old Malton gate
  • Brown John and Son, wood turners, Newbiggin
  • Burrow Joseph, corn miller, New Malton mills
  • Cumber John, land surveyor & general accountant, Wheelgate
  • Ford George, wheelwright, Low street
  • Harrison Rd. stay maker; Market place
  • Leafe John, corn inspector, Greengate
  • Lee John, glover, Newbiggin
  • Longfield Thomas, skinner Low street
  • Potts John, sail cloth mkr. Yorkersgate
  • Priestman J. & J. tanners, Low street
  • Robb Charles, accountant & engraver, Newbiggin
  • Snowball John, land agent, Yorkersgate
  • Staniland Robert, working cutler, Market place
  • Tindale Thomas, breeches mkr. Wheelgate
  • Watson John, flax dresser and linen manufacturer, Wheelgate
  • Williamson Charles, brush manufacturer, Market place
  • Willoughby George, builder, Low street
  • Wright Robert, clogger & patten maker, Old Malton gate
  • Diligence, to York, every Mon. Wed. and Sat, at 3 aft. from the Black Horse, Yorkersgate
  • The Mail, from the Talbot Inn, every evg. at 5 to York; to Scarborough, every Tu. Thu. Sat. and Sun. mgs. at 3 ; to Whitby, every Mon. Wed. & Fri. rugs. at 8
  • The True Blue, to York every mg. at 10; to Scarborough, every day at 1 noon, (Sundays excepted) in the season only
Carriers by water,
  • William Fenton's vessels regularly to & from Hull, every week; to Leeds
  • and Wakefield occasionally. C. Waterson, agent, Yorkersgate
Carriers by land,
  • Driffield, Beverley and Hull, Philemon Ashton, every Mon. and Wed. ret. Tues. and Fri.
  • Driffield, Thomas Blenkinsop, (Globe, Yorkersgate) arr. Sat. 4 evg. dep. 9 Mon. mg. arr. I Wed. dep. 9 Thursday morning
  • Helmsley, William Howe,. (Sun Inn, Wheelgate) Tu. and Fri. arrives 9 morning, departs 11
  • Kirkbymoorside, George Pearson, (Blacksmith's Arms) Tu. & Sat., arr. 10 mg. dep, 12
  • Kirkbymoorside, William Waite, (Blue Ball, Newbiggin) Tu. & Sat. arr. 8 morning, dep. 1 afternoon
  • Scarbro', Thomas, Larkin, (Black Horse Yorkersgate) arr. 10 on Tu. and Fri. night, dep. 1 mng. Wed. & Sat.
  • Scarbro', Thos Burneston, (New Globe, Yorkersgate) Tu. and Fri. arr 9 night dep. 12 night
  • Sherburn, Henry Clarkson, Wed. & Sat.
  • Whitby, Andrew Allen, (Black Horse) arr. ll Wed. ngt. dep. Thu. 6 mg.
  • Whitby, George Pearson (Blacksmith's Arms) arr. 12 on Tu. night; dep. Wed. 5 morning
  • York, Andrew Allen, (Black Horse) arr. Tu. ngt. at 8, dep. 1 Wed. mg.
  • York, George Pearson, (Blacksmith's Arms) arr. Mon. 10 ngt. dep. l2 ngt.
  • York, Thomas Burneston, (New Globe) arr. Mon. & Thu. 9 ngt. dep. 1 mng.
  • York, Thomas Larkin, (Black Horse) arr. Mon. and Thu. 9 night, dep. Tu. and Fri. 1 morning