Malton Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for MALTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • E. C. Taylor, Esq., Firby, chairman
  • Sir W. C. Worsley, Bart., Hovingham hall
  • W. H. St. Quinton, Esq., Scampston hall
  • T. J. Kinnear, Esq., Terrington
  • W. C. Copperthwaite, Esq., Malton
  • W. T. Colby, Esq., M.P., Malton
  • Joshua Hartley, Esq., Norton, Malton
  • Major Dent, Mennythorpe
  • Clerk to the Magistrates - H. W. Pearson, solctr.
  • Petty Sessions are held on the second and last Saturdays in the month, in the Town Hall, at 11 a.m.
  • The following places are included in the Petty Sessional division:- Airyholme, Amotherby, Appleton-le-Street, Barton-le-Street, Broughton, Bulmer, Butterwick, Coneysthorpe, Fryton, Ganthorpe, Henderskelfe, Hildenley, Hovingham, Huttons Ambo, New Malton, Old Malton, Slingsby, South Holme,Swinton, Terrington, Wath, Welburn, Whitwell

  • Judge - His Honour, F. A. Bedwell, M.A.
  • Registrar - J. M. Richardson, Esq.
  • High Bailiff - C. Smith, Askham Bryan
  • Bailiff and Broker - W. R. Spaven, Malton
    The Court is held at least once a month, but the Registrar's office is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., except on Thursday, when it closes at 1 p.m.
    The following places are within the jurisdiction of this Court:- Acklam-with-Barthorpe, Airyholme and Howthorpe, Aislaby, Allerston, Amotherby, Appleton-le-Moors, Appleton-le-Street, Barton-le-Street, Barton-le-Willows, Barughs-Ambo, Birdsall, Brawby, Broughton, Bulmer, Burdale, Butterwick, Burythorpe, Cawthorne, Coneysthorpe, Crambe, Cropton, Crosscliff, Duggleby, East Ness, Ebberston, Eddlethorpe and Grange, Farmanby, Farworth, Firby, Foston, Fryton, Ganthorpe, Goathland, Great Habton, Hartoft, Henderskelf, Heslerton East, Heslerton West, Hildenley, Hovingham, Howsham, Huttons Ambo, Kennythorpe, Kingthorpe, Kirby Grindalythe, Kirby Misperton, Kirkham, Knapton, Langton, Lastingham, Leavening, Levisham, Leppington, Little Habton, Lockton, Marton, Mennythorpe, Middleton, New Malton, Newton, Normanby, North Grimston, Norton, Old Malton, Pickering, Pickering Marishes, Raisthorpe, Rillington, Rosedale East, Rosedale West, Ryton, Salton,Scackleton, Scagglethorpe, Scampston, Settington, Sheriff Hutton with Cornbrough, Sinnington, Slingsby, South Holme, Spaunton, Stape, Swinton, Terrington and Wiganthorpe, Thirkleby, Thornton Dale, Thornton-le-Clay, Thornton Risebrough, Thorpebassett Wath, Welburn, West Ness, Westow, Wharram-le Street, Wharram-Percy, Whitwell, Wilton, Wintringham, Wrelton, and Yedingham

  • Offices - Town Hall.
  • Chairman-Mr. Henry Hurtley
  • Members -
  • New Malton Ward -
  • Messrs. A. J. Taylor,
  • G. Foster,
  • P. Hickes,
  • M. B. Slater,
  • H. Pickering,
  • C. J. Russell,
  • B. W. Hatfield, J. Willows,
  • Edward Rose;
  • Malton Ward
  • Henry Hurtley,
  • Thomas Botterill,
  • R. Boulton
  • Clerk to the Board - G. S. Cattle; office, Town Hall
  • Treasurer - A. W. Walker, Esq.
  • Medical Officer of Health - Dr. William Young
  • Surveyor, Inspector, and Superintendent of Fire Brigade - John Buxton
  • Collector of Rates - John Marshall
  • Inspector of Common Lodging Houses - James Park, police superintendent
  • The Board meet on the last Wednesday in each month, at 10-30 a.m.

  • Chairman - A. J. Taylor
  • Clerk - John Marshall, Town Hall
  • School Attendance Officer - Robert Berriman, Norton
  • School Inguiry Officer - W. Peacock, Malton

  • Chairman - H. F. Bradford
  • Clerk - G. S. Cattle

  • New Malton
  • A. J. Taylor, chairman;
  • G. Foster,
  • P. Hickes,
  • Edwd. Rose,
  • M. B. Slater,
  • H. Pickering,
  • C. J. Russell,
  • R. W. Hatfield,
  • J. Willows;
  • John Marshall, collector;
  • George Simpkin Cattle, clerk
  • Old Malton -
  • Henry Hurtley, chairman;
  • Thos. Botterill
  • B. Boulton;
  • Thomas Wray, collector;
  • George Simpkin Cattle, clerk
  • Collector - James Horsley
  • Clerk and Registrar - Wm. Botterill, Langton road, Norton
  • Treasurer - A. W. Walker, Esq.

  • Chairman - Sir W. C. Worsley, Bart., Hovingham hall
  • Vice-Chairmen - Thomas Collinson and Francis Danby, Esqrs.
  • Clerk to the Guardians - Geo. Simpkin Cattle
  • Medical Officer of Workhouse - Willam Taylor Colby, Esq., M.D., J.P.
  • Master - James Derbyshire
  • Matron - Mrs. C. Derbyshire
  • Schoolmistress - Miss G. A. Porter
  • Medical Officers -
  • Malton district and Workhouse, Dr. W. T. Colby, The Mount, Malton;
  • Norton district, Dr. Mackay, Norton;
  • Billington district, Dr. R. D. Bradford, Billington;
  • Leavening district, Dr. J. T. R. Miller
  • Leavening; Hovingham district, Dr. T. M. Watt, Hovingham;
  • Bulmer district, Dr. Parker A. Smith, Welburn
  • Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - G. S. Cattle, Town Hall; John Marshall, deputy superintendent
  • Registrars of Births & Deaths -
  • Malton district, T. Botterill, Castlegate, Malton; deputy, W. Botterill, Castlegate;
  • Rillington district, Dr. R. D. Bradford, Rillington;
  • Westow district, W. W. Waite, Thornthorpe, Malton;
  • Slingsby district, W. Wilson, Slingsby;
  • Bulmer district, G. Addison, Bulmer
  • Registrar of Marriages. - T. Botterill, Castlegate, Malton; deputy, William Botterill
  • Relieving Officer - For the Northern district Wm. Peacock, Malton; for the Eastern district, Joseph Harrison, Sutton street, Norton
  • The Board meet on Saturday at the Town Hall, at 10-30 a.m.

  • Chairman - Sir W. C. Worsley, Bart.
  • Clerk - G. S. Cattle
  • Inspector of Nuisances - John Ridsdale The meetings are held every alternate Saturday, at the Town Hall

  • Chairman - William Swann, Esq., Terrington
  • Treasurer - A. W. Walker, East Riding bank
  • Clerk - G. S. Cattle
  • District Surveyor of Roads - G. Addison, Bulmer The Board meet on the first Saturday in each month, at 2-15 p.m., at the Town Hall, Malton

  • Borough Bailiff - Jno. Foster Marriott Richardson, Esq.
  • Collector of Rates - John Marshall; office, Town Hall
  • Collector of Inland Revenue - Andw. T. Ashwell, Post office
  • Stamp Distributor - W. Robson, Castlegate
  • Inspector under the Petroleum Act - John Marshall, Newbiggin
  • Inspector of Weights and Measures - J. Park
  • Inland Revenue Officer - M. Mangan, Newbiggin
  • Superintendent of Police - James Park, Police station, Cattle market
  • Town Crier - Robert Coulson, Market place
  • Surrogate for granting Marriage Licenses - Rev. G. A. Firth, St. Michael's vicarage
  • Collector of Income Tax - R. M. Stubbs, Old Maltongate
  • Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes - Malton division, Wm. Hall

  • St. Michael's Church - Rev. G. A. Firth, M.A., vicar. Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. & 6-30 p.m.
  • St. Leonard's Church - Rev. R.W. Elliott, M.A., vicar. Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.
  • St. Mary's Church, Old Malton - Rev. E. A. B. Pitman, M.A., vicar. Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church - Rev. Father Jas. Coghlan. Services: Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Thursday, at 7-30 p.m.
  • Wesleyan Chapel - Revs. Arthur Roberts (superintendent), Evan Lloyd, and Thos. Langton. Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Tuesday, 7 p.m. Friday, prayer meeting, 7-30 p.m. Saturday, holiness meeting, 8 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel - Revs. T. Storr (superintendent) and T. R. Holtby. Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday evening, 7-30
  • Congregational Church - Rev. R. C. Scurrah. Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday evening at 7-30. Mr. J. Wood, secretary
  • Baptist Chapel - Rev. J. Rigby. Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday, 7 p.m.; Saturday, 8 p.m.
  • Unitarian Chapel - Rev. J. Boughey. Sunday services, 2-30 and 6-30 p.m. Thursday evening, 7-30
  • Friends' Meeting House - Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday, 10 a.m.

  • Malton Adult School - A. H. Taylor, president; George Jackson, secretary, Norton
  • British and Foreign Bible Society, Auxiliary at Malton - Rev. G. A. Firth, hon. sec.; depôt, R. Russell's, Castlegate
  • Malton Total Abstinence Society - Fred. Taylor, president; M. Horsley, secretary
  • Malton and Norton Town Mission - Rev. R. C. Scurrah, president; William Dinsdale, sec., Castlegate
  • Salvation Army - Meet in the Temperance hall, Spital street

  • Malton Floral and Horticultural Society - Thos. Wray, secretary, Old Malton. The annual show is held in the middle of August
  • Malton Agricultural Society - Thos. Mitchell, secretary. Annual meeting held in January each year, and annual show about the last Tuesday in July

  • Malton Archery, Croquet, and Lawn Tennis Club - G. P. Waddington, hon. secretary
  • Malton Cricket Club - The Hon. W. H. W. Fitzwilliam, M.P., president; Alfred Brown, sec.
  • Old Malton Cricket Club - Rev. E. A. B. Pitman, M.A., president; H. Read, secretary
  • Welham Cricket Club - B. L. Bower, Esq., president; W. Wrightson, secretary
  • Malton Quoit and Bowling Club - The Hon. W. H W. Fitzwilliam, M.P., president; James W. Brown, sec.; G. Sinipkin Cattle, auditor
  • Talbot Bowling Club - Rev. E. A. B. Pitman, M.A., president; W. Robinson, hon. sec.
  • Malton Conservative Club - Rev. E. A. B. Pitman, M.A., president; R. Berriman, sec.
  • Malton Norton Liberal Club - Angus Holden, Esq., president; A. Gibson, hon. secretary
  • Cyclists' Head Quarters - Talbot Hotel
  • Malton Literary Institute - J. Soulby, president; W. Hall, secretary; Robt. Bankes, librarian. The news room open daily from 8 a.m. to 10-30 p.m. The library is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 to 8 p.m., and daily from 12 to 1 p.m.
  • Malton Field Naturalists' Society - Est. 1880, for the study of botany, geology, entomology, and other natural sciences. Prof. Williamson, president, Owen's college, Manchester; T. J. Blanche, hon. sec. Meetings held in the rooms of the Literary Institute, the fourth Monday in each month throughout the year
  • Malton Choral and Orchestral Society - J. W. Marshall, secretary
  • Primrose League (Buckrose Habitation) - Miss Helen Bower, secretary, Welham

  • Ancient Order of Foresters (Strangers' Refuge, No. 735), held at New Globe Inn; William Dodsworth, secretary
  • Grand United Order of Oddfellows (The British Oak Lodge), held at the New Globe Inn; Secretary, William Brown
  • Independent Order of Oddfellows M.U. (Loyal Rockingham Lodge, No. 641), held at New Globe Inn; T. Carr, Secretary
  • The National United Order of Free Gardeners, three Lodges:- (Star of Bethlehem Lodge, No. 223; Lily of the Valley Lodge, No. 283; and Prince of Wales Lodge No. 1,661). David and John Rudsdale, Secretaries.

  • Cemetery New Malton - Thomas Watson,superintendent
  • Cemetery Old Malton - G. S. Cattle, clerk
  • Corn Exchange, Yorkersgate
  • County Police Station, Cattle market - James Park, superintendent
  • Dispensary, Saville street
  • Drill Hall, Old Maltongate - 2nd Vol. Batt. (Princess of Wales' Own) Yorkshire Regiment, A company
  • Masonic Hall (Camalodunum Lodge), Assembly Rooms, Yorkersgate
  • Temperance Hall, Spital street
  • Town Hall, Market place

  • North Eastern Railway - William Hopper Nicholson, station master

Carriers. To and from Malton, with stand and day.
  • Acklam. - Mead, George Inn, Wednesday and Saturday; and Moody, New Globe, Saturday
  • Allerston. - T. Brown, New Globe, Saturday
  • Amotherby. - Smurthwaite, Black Bull,Wednesday and Saturday
  • Ampleforth. - Kemp, Golden Lion, Saturday
  • Appleton. - Mortimer, Cross Keys, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Barton-le-Street. - Mortimer, Cross Keys, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Barugh. - Snowball, Cross Keys, Wednesday & Saturday; and Smurthwaite, Black Bull, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Birdsall. - W. Hudson, New Globe, Saturday
  • Boythorpe. - Cooper, Black Bull, Tues. & Sat.
  • Brawley. - Smurthwaite, Black Bull, Wednesday and Saturday; & Mortimer, Cross Keys, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Brompton. - Prince, Market Place, Saturday
  • Bulmer. - J. Robson, Green Man, Saturday
  • Burythorpe. - Peckett, Royal Oak, Wednesday and Saturday; T. Hudson, New Globe, Wednesday and Saturday; and W. Hudson, New Globe, Saturday
  • Butterwick. - Mortimer, Cross Keys, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Coneysthorpe - Allen, Green Man, Tues. & Sat.
  • Coulton. - Tessyman, Cross Keys, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Crambe - Warriner, Green Man, Saturday
  • Driffield - Cooper, Black Bull, Tuesday and Saturday; and Ward, New Globe, Saturday
  • Duggleby. - Clarke, Market Place, Wed. & Sat.
  • East Newton, - Dale, Cross Keys, Saturday
  • Ebberston. - Bayes, Cross Keys, Saturday
  • Fimber. - Rudd, Market Place, Saturday
  • Ganthorpe. - Johnson, Fleece, Saturday
  • Ganton. - Johnston, Market Place, Saturday; and Day, same place and day
  • Grimston. - Clarke, Market Place, Wednesday, and Saturday; Rudd, Market Place, Saturday; Ringrose, Market Place, Saturday and Tuesday, Fort fair; and Russell, New Globe, Saturday
  • Habton. - Barwick, Blue Bell, Wed, and Sat.; and Smurthwaite, Black Bull, same days
  • Helperthorpe. - Ward, New Globe, Saturday; and Cooper, Black Bull, Saturday
  • Heslerton. - Johnson, Market place, Saturday; and Botterill, Sun Inn, Saturday
  • Hovingham. - Magson, Cross Keys, Wed, and Sat.; and Horney, Wheelgate, Wed, and Sat.
  • Hutton. - Cass, Fleece, Wednesday and Saturday; and Darley, Old Globe, same days
  • Kirby Grindalythe. - G. Robinson, Railway street, Saturday; Russell, Railway street, Saturday; and Ringrose, Market place, Saturday and Tuesday, Fort fair
  • Kirby Misperton. - Harper, Black Bull, Sat.
  • Knapton. - Halder, Black Bull, Saturday
  • Langton. - Loft, Crown Hotel, Wed, and Sat.
  • Lastingham. - Featherstone, Market place, Tuesday and Saturday
  • Leavening. - Severs, Royal Oak, Tues. and Sat.; Robinson, Royal Oak, Wed, and Sat.; and Harrison, George Inn, Sat.and Tues., Fort fair
  • Lutton. - Peacock, Wheelgate, Saturday
  • Normanby. - Sanderson, Fleece, Saturday; and Sleightholme, same place and day
  • Nunnington. - W. Harrison, Sun Inn Wed. and Sat.; and G. Cussons, Crown Hotel, Sat.
  • Osbaldwick - Kemp, Golden Lion, Saturday
  • Pickering. - Foster, New Globe, Tues. and Sat.
  • Rillington. - Brand, Market pl, Sat.; W. Ward, Market pl, Sat.; B. Harper, Market pl, Wed. and Sat.; and T. Smith, Market pl, Sat.
  • Salton. - Fairlamb, Black Bull, Saturday
  • Scackleton. - Johnson, Fleece, Saturday
  • Scagglethorpe. - Allison, Royal Oak, Wed. and Sat.; and Daniel, Market place, Saturday
  • Scampston. - Cowton, Market place, Saturday
  • Settrington. - Brown, Crown Hotel, Wed, and Sat.; Bell, Royal Oak, Wed, and Sat.; and Robinson, Market place, Wed. and Sat.
  • Sherburn. - Johnson, Market place, Saturday; and Day, Market place, Saturday
  • Sinnington. - Dawson, Cross Keys, Saturday
  • Slingsby. - Smith, Sun Inn, Wednesday and Saturday; Swan, Golden Lion, Saturday; and R. Smith, Market place, Saturday
  • Snainton. - Stubbs, New Globe, Wed, and Sat.; and Summerskill, same place and days
  • Stonegrave - Bowes, Cross Keys, Saturday; and Dale, same place and date
  • Terrington. - Calvert, Black Swan, Wed. and Sat.; and Lacy, Green Man, Wed. and Sat.
  • Thixendale. - Midgeley, New Globe, Tuesday and Saturday
  • Thornton-le-Clay. - Smith, Green Man, Sat.
  • Thornton. - Agar, Fleece, Saturday
  • Thorpebassett. - T. Smith, Market pl, Wed, and Sat.; and G. Marshall, same place and days
  • Towthorpe. - Rudd, Market place, Saturday
  • Weaverthorpe. - Ward, New Globe, Tues. and Sat.; and Cooper, Black Bull, same days
  • Welburn. - Studley, Golden Lion, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Westow. - Revis, Royal Oak, Wednesday and Saturday; and Wilson, same place and days
  • Wharram. - Rudd, Market place, Saturday
  • Whitwell. - Warriner, Green Man, Saturday
  • Wintringham. - L. Cooper, Black Bull, Tues. and Sat.; and Yates, Cross Keys, Tues.and Sat.
  • Yedingham. - Stubbs, New Globe, Wed. and Sat.
  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, Savings Bank, and Annuity and Insurance Office, Yorkersgate; A. T. Ashwell, postmaster. Mails arrive from Leeds, York, Normanton, and all parts at 5-0 am.; from Leeds and York at 11-40 am; from Scarborough at 11-30 a.m.; from Leeds and York at 4-20 p.m.; from London and the South at 4-20 p.m; from Leeds and York at 7-0 p.m.; from Pickering and Whitby at 7-40 p.m.; from Driffield, Hull, and Scarborough at 7-40 p.m.; from Rillington, Ganton, Brompton, Sherburn, West Heslerton, Wharram, North Grimston, Sledmere, and Settrington at 7-40 p.m. There are four deliveries daily, viz.:- 7-0 a.m., 12-0 noon, 5-0 p.m., and 8-0 p.m.; Sundays, 8 a.m. Mails are despatched to Rillington, Ganton, Brompton, Sherburn, West Heslerton, North Grimston, Wharram-le-Street, Sledmere, and Settrington at 6-0 a.m.; to York and all places north of York, London, and south of York at 9-55 a.m.; to Leeds direct at 9-55 a.m.; to Scarborough direct at 10-25 a.m.; to Hull direct at 10-25 am.; to Whitby direct at 10-25 a.m.; to Driffield direct at 1-55 p.m.; to York, Leeds, and West Riding at 1-55 p.m.; to Pickering at 4-20 p.m.; to York, &c., at 5-15 p.m.; to Scarborough at 5-40 p.m.; to York, London, Leeds, and all parts of the kingdom and abroad at 7-10 p.m.; to York, Leeds, London, and all parts (Season train from Scarborough during the summer months only) at 8-20 p.m.; to Scarborough, Whitby, and Pickering at 8-30 p.m. Parcel mails arrive from York and all parts at 5-0 am., and from York at 4-20 p.m., and are despatched at 10-0 a.m. and 7-0 p.m.

Miscellany of trades
  • Abbott John, lime merchant, office, Railway street; h Mount villa
  • Anderson Mr. John, Cliff house
  • Ashwell Andrew Thomas, postmaster, Post Office, Yorkersgate; h Wheelgate
  • Bell John, turf reporter, Newbiggin
  • Black Robert (Black & Co.), nurseryman; h Dryburgh villa
  • Boughey Rev. John (Unitarian), Jesmond ter
  • Boulton Robt. (Boulton & Cooper), auctioneer, &c.; h Castlegate
  • Brigham Mrs. Hannah, The Mount
  • Brown Alfred, chemical manure merchant, cattle cake, &c., dealer, and cricket outfitter, Wheelgate
  • Brown George, journalist, Middlecave road
  • Brown Henry (Brown & Oldfield), builder; h Castlegate
  • Brown James Wright, printers' manager, Middlecave road
  • Bullock Mr. George, East mount
  • Burtt Thomas, The Browse
  • Buxton John, borough surveyor, &c.; h Far view, Middlecave
  • Carr Miss Elizabeth, The Mount
  • Carr T., goods manager (N.E.R.), Middlecave rd
  • Cattle George Simpkin, clerk to the Guardians, to Malton Union Assessment Committee, to Malton Union Rural Sanitary Authority, to Malton Union School Attendance Committee, to Borough of Malton Local Board of Health, to Malton District Highway Board, to New Malton and Old Malton Burial Boards, and Superintendent Registrar, office, Town Hall; h Newbiggin house
  • Clough James William (Dickinson & Clough), bootmaker; h Cattle market
  • Coghlan Rev. James (Catholic), Wells lane
  • Coning Joseph, grocer, and ham and bacon curer, Yorkersgate; h Bow house
  • Conroy Mrs. Mary Ann, The Mount
  • Cooper William (Boulton & Cooper), commission agent, &c.; Commercial street, Norton
  • Copperthwaite Capt. Wm. Chas., Beech grove
  • Cordiner Mrs. Jane, West Mede
  • Coulson Robert, billposter and town crier, Market place
  • Dennis Mrs. S. E., apartments, Arlington villa
  • Dent John William (Dent & Worth), fish, &c., dealers; h Newbiggin
  • Derbyshire James, workhouse master, Sheeps Foot hill
  • Dickinson Robert Barton (Dickinson & Clough), bootmaker; h Finkle street
  • Edson George, com. trav., Quarry cottage
  • Edwards Matthew, Castle Dyke house
  • Elliot Rev. R. W., M.A., St. Leonard's vicarage
  • Fawcett Mr. Thomas, Newbiggin street
  • Field Tobias, The Mount
  • Firth Rev. George Arthur, M.A., St. Michael's, The Vicarage
  • Fisher Mrs. Christiana, 2 West Grove villas
  • Fitzwilliam The Hon. William Henry Wentworth, M.P., The Lodge
  • Frank Anthony, sheep cap maker, Newbiggin st
  • Gibson Mrs. Caroline, 3 Byland terrace
  • Grundon Mrs. Ann, Yorkersgate
  • Grundy Mr. William, Middlecave road
  • Hall William, clerk to Commissioners of Income Taxes, Yorkersgate; h Fern lea
  • Hardy Geo. Wrangham (Wrangham & Hardy), soda water, &c., manufacturers; h Whellgate
  • Hardy Jph. Wrangham (Wrangham & Hardy), chemist, &c.; h Beechwood
  • Hickes Isaac, The Hollies
  • Hickes Paul, West Park villas
  • Hill Mrs. Jane, The Browse
  • Hodgson Mrs. Ann, Greengate
  • Hodgson Thomas (William Hodgson & Son), builder; h East mount
  • Hodgson William, secretary and manager to the Malton Farmers' Manure and Trading Co., Limited; h Wheelgate
  • Hopkins Thomas, The Mount
  • Hudson George, East mount
  • Hutchinson Miss, The Firs
  • Jackson Miss, The Mount
  • Key Mrs. Lucy, Musley villa
  • King Mr. Samuel, Orchard cottage
  • Langborne Frank (Walker & Langborne), solr.; h Market place
  • Langton Rev. T. (Wesleyan), Middlecave road
  • Leefe Benjamin (B. Leefe & Sons), fancy goods dealer; h Ormsburn villa
  • Leefe Jno. R. (B. Leefe & Sons); h Wheelgate
  • Leefe Thomas, The Mount
  • Leslie Mrs. Henrietta Maria, The Browse
  • Lloyd Rev. E. (Wesleyan minister), The Mount
  • Longster Geo. Henry (Geo. Longster & Sons), nurseryman; h Wheelgate
  • Longster Thomas P. (Geo. Longster & Sons), gardener, &c.; h Mowbray terrace
  • Lonsdale J., agent, railway book stall, Mowbray terrace
  • Lumley Mark (Lumley & Co.), outfitter; h Wheelgate
  • Malton Gas Co.; office, Castlegate; Hy. Tobey, secretary and manager
  • Markham Gervase, agent to Earl Fitzwilliam, The Lodge cottage
  • Marsden Thos., police sergeant, Cattle market
  • Marshall Mr. Charles, 5, View terrace
  • Marshall John Webster, bank clerk, Newbiggin
  • Marshall John, rate collector and assistant overseer for New Malton; office, Town Hall; h Fern villa, The Mount
  • Massey Joseph E., taxidermist, Finkle street
  • Masterman Geo., com. traveller, Mowbray ter.
  • Medd Mrs. Teresa, boarding house, Yorkersgate
  • Mercer, Mr. Matthew, East mount
  • Metcalf Robert (Wm. Metcalf & Sons), miller; h West royd
  • Metcalf William (Wm. Metcalf & Sons), miller, &c.; h The Mount
  • Nicholson William Hopper, station master
  • North Alfred Edwin (Dent & North), fishmonger and fruiterer; h Norton
  • Oldfield Hy., (Brown & Oldfield), builder, &c.; h Old Maltongate
  • Park James, supt. of police, Cattle market
  • Parke Robert Rotherford, miller, Amotherby mills; h The Mount
  • Peacock W., relieving officer, 6 Byland terrace
  • Pearson Hugh W. (Hugh W. & R. Pearson), solicitor, and clerk to the magistrates; h West garth
  • Pickering Mr. Henry, West lodge
  • Piercy Henry, estate joiner, Mill cottage
  • Richards, & Ridge), solicitor, and registrar of the county court, borough bailiff of Malton, commissioner for taking acknowledgements by married women and for oaths, clerk to the Rye and Derwent commissioners; h Ashfield, Old Malton
  • Richardson John Foster Marriott (Jackson,
  • Ridge Samuel (Jackson, Richardson, & Ridge), solicitor; h Market place
  • Roberts Rev. Arthur (Wesleyan), The Mount
  • Roberts Wm., engineering agent, Castlegate
  • Robinson William, clerk, 6 Florence terrace
  • Robson T., commercial traveller, Middlecave rd
  • Rose Edward (E. & W. H. Rose), wine, &c., merchant; h The Uplands
  • Rose William Henry (E. & W. H. Rose), wine, &c., merchant; h The Browse
  • Russell Charles James (James Russell & Son), brewer and miller; h The Mount
  • Russell George (James Russell & Son), miller, &c.; h The Mount
  • Rutter Mr. George, Middlecave road
  • Rutter Miss Mary, 4 Florence terrace
  • Sanderson Mrs. Ann, Middlecave road
  • Scurrah Rev. R. C. (Congregational), The Mount
  • Slater George William (J. Slater & Sons), nurseryman, &c.; h Laurel bank
  • Slater Matthew (J. Slater & Sons), seedsman; h 1 West Grove villas
  • Smith Mr. Albert James, Barton cottage
  • Snow Richard (Wm. Snow & Sons), draper, &c.; h Leonard house
  • Snowball Ann, Middlecave road
  • Soulby Arthur E. B., solicitor, Saville street
  • Soulby John, Prospect house, Yorkersgate
  • Stabler Mrs. Eliza, The Mount
  • Storr Rev. Thomas (Prim. Meth.), Belle Vue terrace
  • Taylor Alfred Hy. (H. Taylor & Sons and Johnson & Co.), grocer, &c.; h The Mount
  • Taylor Mr. Andrew James, Holly hurst
  • Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, The Mount
  • Taylor Mr. Frederick, Westholme
  • Taylor Mrs. William, Byland terrace
  • Tobey Hy., secretary and manager gas works; h Battenberg villas
  • Walker Mrs. Hurst, The Elms
  • Walker John (John Walker & Co.), brewer, &c.; h Greengate house
  • Walker Thos. (Walker & Langborne), solicitor; h Welham road, Norton
  • Walker Mr. William, Newbiggin house
  • Warwick Mrs., Newbiggin
  • Watson Mrs. Frances, The Mount
  • Watson Mrs. Jane, Castlegate
  • Watson Miss Mary, Middlecave road
  • Watson Thos., supt. of cemetery, The Lodge
  • Whitaker Mrs. Gertrude Mary, Derwent bank
  • Wilkinson Col. Wm. Henry, Wood Browse
  • Wilson Miss Elizabeth, Claremont terrace
  • Wilson Thomas (Thomas Wilson & Sons), corn merchant; h The Mount
  • Wilson William (Thomas Wilson & Sons), corn merchant; h The Mount
  • Wood John, 2 Byland terrace
  • Wrangham Miss Elizabeth, 4 Byland terrace
  • Wright Miss Jane, lodgings, Castlegate
  • Wright The Misses Mary E. & Eliz., Yorkersgate
  • Young R., assistant station master, 2 Florence terrace


Acadamies & Schools.
  • Banks Miss Mercy (day and boarding), Yorkersgate
  • Collegiate (day and boarding); Miss Minnie Mary Hall
  • Mount The (day & boarding); Rev. Thos. Milner, B.A.
  • National, St. Michael's st - Harry Lakeman, master; Mrs. Annie Boyes, mistress
  • Preston The Misses (private), Market place
  • St. Mary's (Catholic); Miss Annie Harney, mistress
  • Tinsley Miss Eliza (boarding), Middlecave house
  • Wesleyan (mixed), Greengate; James Sadler, master

  • Botterill Wm., Saville street

Architect & Surveyor.
  • Channon Chas. Hy., Market street; h Old Maltongate

Auctioneers & Valuers.
  • Botterill Thos. & Son, Cattle market and Castlegate
  • Boulton & Cooper, Cattle market
  • Cooke Francis, Cattle market
  • King Joseph, Cattle market
  • Mitchell Thos., The Mount
  • Smith Hy. & Son, Market pl
  • Spaven W. R., 1 Byland ter

Bacon Curer.
  • Coning Joseph, Yorkersgate

  • Denham James, Finkle street
  • Featherstone Jane, Market st
  • Peacock R. W., Market place
  • Spaven Mary, Market place
  • Walker Robert, Castlegate
  • Whisker Edwin H., Saville st

  • Malton Savings Bank, Yorkersgate; Geo. Hardy, actuary. Open on Saturdays from 11-30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • York City and County Bank, Ltd., Market place; William Edward Cass, manager
  • York East Riding,Yorkersgate; A. W. Walker, mngr.
  • York Union Bank, Limited, Yorkersgate; Wm. Arthur Holmes, manager

Basket Makers.
  • Harrison James, Wheelgate
  • Kirby Francis, Yorkersgate

  • Bay Horse, Newbiggin st; Thomas Gibson
  • Castle Howard Ox, Wheelgate; Wm. Barker (and plumber)
  • Elephant and Castle, Greengate; William Ford
  • Prince of Wales, Finkle st; John Ashpole
  • Scarboro' Arms, Old Maltongate; Michael Johnson
  • Spread Eagle, Castlegate; Wm. Kingston

Biscuit Manufacturers.
  • Malton The, Biscuit Company, Limited, Derwent mills, Railway st; William Hodgson, managing director

  • Harland Geo., Cattle market
  • Smith Edward, Church hill
  • Strangeway Tom, Castlegate
  • Waller John, Spital street
  • Yorke Jas. & Son, Yorkersgate

Booksellers and Stationers.
  • Hall George, Finkle street (newsagent)
  • Jones Geo. J., Gazette office, Wheelgate
  • Russell Robert, The Library, Castlegate
  • Smithson Hy. (exors. of), Messenger office, Yorkersgate

Boot and Shoe Makers.
  • Abram Robert, Market place
  • Brough Wm., Market street
  • Dickinson & Clough, Finkle st
  • Forster & Widd, Newbiggin
  • Knaggs B., Old Maltongate
  • Leatham Wm., Wheelgate
  • North Thos. & R., Wheelgate
  • Reynard Wm., Wheelgate
  • Rowlend George, Wheelgate
  • Scott John, Saville street
  • Sunley John, Newbiggin
  • Willows John, Wheelgate
  • Wilson Jacob, Shambles
  • Wright Mrs. Mary, Castlegate
  • Younger Hy., Old Maltongate

Brewers & Maltsters.
  • Mortimer & Wilton, Saville st
  • Russell J. & Son, Castlegate
  • Walker John & Co., Castlegate
  • Wrangham Wm., Castlegate; office, Yorkersgate

Brick and Tile Mnfctr.
  • Brand Thomas, Railway street

Builders & Contractrs.
  • Barnes Alfred, Cemetery road
  • Brown & Oldfield, Castlegate
  • Dodsworth M., Yorkersgate
  • Hodgson W. & Son, Greengate
  • Tinsley Wm., Old Malton gate
  • Watson Robert, Cemetery rd.


Marked * have shops in the Shambles.
  • Baker Charles, Castlegate
  • Baker George, Wheelgate
  • * Blanchard John W.
  • Blanchard T. L., Wheelgate
  • Bower F., (pork), Wheelgate
  • * Bradley W. and at old Malton
  • * Bradshaw T., & at Amotherby
  • Bulmer John, Market place
  • Coultas Mrs. S., Newbiggin
  • Delderfield Mrs. E., Old Maltongate
  • * Dickinson J.; h Finkle street
  • Drake William, Finkle street
  • Fairbourne William, and at Leavening
  • * Frost Charles
  • * Hickson John, & at Swinton
  • * Holmes John
  • Kaiser C., (pork), Market pl.
  • Lapish Charles, Wheelgate
  • Lee Fredk., St. Michael's st.
  • Lee John, Market place
  • Nicholson Darley, Market pl.
  • Nicholson Mark, Market place
  • * Smith W., & at Newbiggin
  • Steigmann G. (pork) Wheelgate
  • Tate John, and at Bulmer
  • Taylor Walter, Market place
  • * Tindall John, & at Heslerton
  • *Wilson James & Co., and at Settrington

Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.
  • Botterill & Son, Castlegate
  • Dodsworth Mrtn., Yorkersgate
  • Dunwell Frank, Yorkersgate
  • Fitch & Co., Market place
  • Foord Richard, Castlegate
  • Percy Neil, Market street
  • Smith J. M. (broker)Castlegate
  • Ward John W. Newbiggin st.
  • Wilson G., (furniture dealer), Market place

Cab Proprietor.
  • Walker John, Sun Hotel, Wheelgate

Cart Owner.
  • Pilmoor Isaac, Poplar House, Bridge end

Candle Manufacturer.
  • Stabler Thos., Cattle Market

  • Buckle James, Market place, h 1, Battenberg villas
  • Laverack Wm. H., Castlegate
  • Longbotham M., Yorkersgate
  • Wrangham & Hardy (and soda water &c., mnfs.), Wheelgate

Chimney Sweeps.
  • Ellis W., Middlecave road
  • Willows John, Wheelgate

Churn Makers and Coopers.
  • Cross Robt. E., Cattle market
  • Hopperton Jas., Church hill; h East mount

Clothiers & Outfitters.
  • Bell Jos., Kirkhaugh, Wheelgate
  • Calvert Thomas, Yorkersgate, and Saville Street
  • Fowles Abraham G., Castlegate
  • Leeds The & Yorkshire Clothing Co., Wheelgate, John Wm. Spence, Manager
  • Lumley & Co., Wheelgate

Coach Builder.
  • Todd Joseph, Wheelgate

Commission Agents.
  • Botterill Thomas & Son, Cattle Market and Castlegate
  • Boulton & Cooper, Cattle mkt.
  • Smith Hy. & Son, Market pl.

  • Clark Joseph, Greengate
  • Coulson William, Market pl.
  • Eddon Mrs. Mary, Castlegate
  • Harrison Mrs. E., Newbiggin
  • Kirby Mrs. Alfred, Market pl.
  • Peacock P. W., Market place
  • Spaven Mary, Market place
  • Taylor Thomas, Yorkersgate
  • Walker Robert, Castlegate
  • Whisker Edwin H., Saville st.
  • Whisker Fred., Greengate
  • Wright Mary E., Yorkersgate

Corn Merchants.
  • Chadwick S., Mount pleasant
  • King William Wells, Railway street; h Greengate
  • Metcalfe William & Sons, Yorkersgate
  • Mortimer Robert, Saville st
  • Russell James & Son (and seedsmen), Castlegate
  • Wilson T. & Sons, Saville st

  • Dickinson Charles, Greengate

  • Blanche T. J., Yorkersgate

Drapers and Hosiers.
  • Dale W., Market street
  • Fitch & Co., Market place
  • Gray John Edwin, Saville st
  • Hornsey Henry, Market place
  • Jackson Robert S., Castlegate
  • North W. (hosier), Market pl
  • Percy Mrs. Jane, Market st
  • Snow Wm. & Sons, Castlegate
  • Stubbs & Son, Market place
  • Thompson C. T., Wheelgate

Drapers (Travelling).
  • Boyes Robert, Newbiggin st
  • Munro Henry, Castlegate
  • White -, Middlecave road

Dress & Mantle Makers.
  • Boyes Mrs. A., Castlegate
  • Dawson Miss Hannah Jane, 6 Bedmont terrace, Market pl
  • Fletcher S., Old Maltongate
  • Grundy Mrs. C., Middlecave rd
  • Jackson R. S., Castlegate
  • Kipling Mrs. Ann, Castlegate
  • Pilgrim Miss E., Castlegate
  • Snow W. & Sons, Castlegate
  • Thompson C. T., Wheelgate
  • Wright Miss R., Yorkersgate

  • Coulson William, Market pl
  • Fletcher Mrs., Market place
  • Harrison T. W., Market place
  • Hubbard Edward, Castlegate Eating Houses.
  • Walton Thomas (and coffee Tavern), Old Maltongate

Fancy Goods Dealers.
  • Cattaneo William, Market st
  • Harrison Mrs. John, Saville st
  • Hide John, Wheelgate
  • Leefe B. & Sons, Market place and Wheelgate

  • Harland Geo., Cattle market
  • Holiday Barker, Newbiggin
  • Milner J. S., Middlecave road
  • Parnaby John, Newbiggin st
  • Sadler Mrs. Hannah, Blue Hall, Newbiggin
  • Thompson George (and cattle dealer), Pasture house

Fishing Tackle Dealers.
  • Anderson John, Market place
  • Hide John, Wheelgate

Fish, Game, & Poultry Dealers.
  • Dent & North, Newbiggin, and Norton
  • Harrison Mrs. M., Wheelgate
  • Nesfield Mrs. E., Wheelgate

Glass & China Dealers.
  • Stubbs James A., Wheelgate
  • Wilson George, Market place
  • Wilson William, Yorkersgate

Greengrocers and Fruiterers.
  • Cressey Geo., jun. (and emigration agent), Market place
  • Harner James, Castlegate
  • Nesfield Mrs. Eliz., Wheelgate
  • Reed Henry, Wheelgate

Grocers, Tea and Provision Dealers.
  • Altham A. (tea), Market place
  • Appleby John, Wheelgate
  • Beecroft Thomas, Market pl
  • Clark Joseph, Greengate
  • Coning Joseph (and bacon curer), Yorkersgate
  • Cour Richd., Old Maltongate
  • Hatfield R. & Son, Wheelgate
  • Johnson & Co., Castlegate
  • Malton & Norton Co-operative Society, Market street
  • Massey Wm., Newbiggin st
  • May Mrs. Sarah, Greengate
  • Mitchelson Robert, Greengate
  • Plowman W. (tea), Market st
  • Simpson Mary, Spital street
  • Taylor Hy. & Sons, Wheelgate
  • Taylor Thomas, Castlegate
  • Wallgate S. & Sons,
  • Wheelgate, and Norton
  • Wood John (tea), Market pl

  • Anderson John, Market place

  • Cressy George, Market place
  • Fuller Fred., Wheelgate
  • Hide John, Wheelgate
  • Lightowler Wm., Wheelgate
  • Naylor Albert, Yorkersgate
  • Skelton Joseph, Wheelgate

  • Bell Joseph K., Wheelgate
  • Goodier & Co., Yorkersgate
  • Lumley & Co., Wheelgate
  • Read Edward, Market place

Hotels, Inns, & Taverns.
  • Black Swan, Market place; Emily Lee
  • Blue Hall, Newbiggin; Mrs. Hannah Sadler
  • Bull Hotel, Market place; Henry Wray
  • Criterion, Market place; Wm. Peters
  • Cross Keys, Wheelgate; John Walker
  • Crown Hotel, Wheelgate; A. & W. M. Suddaby
  • Crown and Anchor, Castlegate; Robert Anderson
  • Fleece Hotel, Market place; Elizabeth Simpson
  • George Hotel, Yorkersgate; William Davison
  • Golden Lion, Market place; Thomas Sadler
  • Green Man, Market street; Thomas Tate Smith
  • Hare and Hounds, Newbiggin street; John Rollinson
  • New Globe, Yorkersgate; Wm. Wilkinson
  • Old Globe, Market place; M. F. W. Williamson
  • Old Talbot, Market street; R. Myers
  • Royal Oak Hotel, Market place; John Potter (and refreshment caterer)
  • Sign of the Board, Castlegate; Thomas Taylor
  • Spotted Cow, Cattle market; William Clough
  • Sun Hotel, Wheelgate; E. E. Spencer
  • Talbot Hotel, Yorkersgate; James Downe (family,commercial, and posting)
  • White Swan, Old Maltongate; John Rowsby

Iron (Bar) Merchants.
  • Leefe Thomas, Yorkersgate
  • Robson Watson, Castlegate

Iron & Brass Founder.
  • Yates Ralph, Derwent foundry, Railway street (and agricultural implement maker)

  • Fitch & Co., Market place
  • Gypson Benj. Richd., Wheelgate
  • Hudson John, Wheelgate
  • Ineson George, Yorkersgate
  • Leefe Thomas, Yorkersgate
  • Read John, Wheelgate and Railway street
  • Robson Watson, Castlegate h Zetland terrace, Norton
  • Smith Hy. & Son, Market pl

Insurance Companies, &c. With their Agents.
  • Accident John Staniland, Yorkersgate
  • Alliance; J. F. M. Richardson, Chancery lane
  • Caledonian (Fire and Life); A. E. B. Soulby, Saville st
  • County Fire Office; T. Leefe, Yorkersgate, and exors. of late H. Smithson, Yorkersgate
  • Gresham (Life); A. W. Walker, Yorkersgate
  • Law Union; W. Botterill
  • Liverpool & London & Globe; Walker and Langborne, Yorkersgate
  • London & General Plate Glass Co.; J. Marshall, Town Hall
  • London & Provincial (Fire) Insurance Co., Ltd.; W. M. Coverley, Saville street
  • London Guarantee & Accident Co., Ltd.; R. J. Smithson, Yorkersgate
  • National Provident Assurance Co.; G. S. Cattle, Town Hall
  • Norwich Union Fire and Life Assurance Co.; John Abbott, Railway street; and T. W. Mitchell, Saville street
  • Norwich and London Accident Co.; T. W. Mitchell, Saville street
  • Provident Life Office; T.Leefe, Yorkersgate; exors. of H. Smithson, Yorkersgate
  • Prudential (Life); Dnl. Crisp, Middlecave road
  • Royal Exchange (Fire & Life); A. E. B. Soulby, Saville st
  • Royal Farmers'; Hugh W. Pearson, Yorkersgate
  • Royal Insurance Co.; William Hall, Yorkersgate
  • Scottish Widows' Life Assur. Society; H. W. Pearson, Yorkersgate
  • South British (Fire and Life); John Marshall, Town Hall
  • Standard Assurance Co.; T. W. Mitchell, Saville street
  • Star Life; T. Calvert, Yorkersgate
  • Sun Fire Assurance Society; W. Wrangham, Yorkersgate; Wm. Botterill, Saville st
  • Victoria Mutual Assurance Society; W. Walker, Newbiggin
  • Yorkshire (Fire and Life); H. W. & R. Pearson,Yorkersgate

Joiners, &c.
  • Brown William, Church hill
  • Fisher John, Castlegate; h Norton
  • Hall Wm. Simpson, Spital st
  • Mitchell William, Castlegate

Lime Merchants.
  • Malton and North Grimston Lime Co., Railway street; John Abbott, proprietor
  • Rowsby W., Old Malton Lime works; office, Railway st

Manure, &c., Manfctrs. and Merchants.
  • Brown Alfred (and dealer in cattle cakes, soot, &c.), Wheelgate
  • Malton (The) Farmers' Manure & Trading Co., Ltd. (bone crushers and manufacturers of manure for all crops); office, Wheelgate; William Hodgson, secretary and manager
  • Metcalfe Wm. & Son, Yorkersgate and Castlegate
  • Mortimer Robert, Saville st
  • Willows Jno. (and soot dealer), Wheelgate

  • Hurley D. and Sons; office, Yorkersgate; mill at Hull
  • Metcalfe Wm. & Sons, Castlegate; office, Yorkersgate
  • Russell Jas. & Son, Wellington Flour mills, Castlegate

  • Jackson Robert S., Castlegate
  • Langdale Mrs. Eliz., Market place
  • Snow Wm. & Sons, Castlegate

  • Fish Anthony F., Castlegate
  • Yates Ralph, Derwent foundry Railway street

Mineral Water Manufacturers.
  • Smith Thomas Tate, Market street
  • Wilkinson William, Cemetery lane
  • Wrangham & Hardy,Wheelgate

Music and Musical Instrument Dealers.
  • Harrison John, Saville street
  • Wilson William, Yorkersgate

  • Malton Gazette (est. 1854, published on Friday, price 1d.); proprietor, George J. Jonas, Wheelgate
  • Malton Messenger (est. 1854, published on Friday, price 1d.); proprietors, exors. of Henry Smithson; office, Yorkersgate

Nursery and Seedsmen and Florists.
  • Black & Co., Derwent Bank nurseries; shop, Market pl
  • Longster G. & Sons, Derwent nurseries; shop, Wheelgate
  • Slater J. & Sons, Malton nurseries, Yorkersgate; & shop, Yorkersgate Old Curiosity Shop.
  • Stubbs Richard Mark, Old Maltongate

Painters and Paperhangers, &c.
  • Cour Richard, Old Maltongate
  • Eddon Thomas, Castlegate
  • Farrow Robt. & John, Market place
  • Harrison Thomas W., Market place
  • Hume William, Greengate
  • Massey Joseph E., Finkle st
  • Shepherd John, Market place
  • Wilson J. Walker, Wheelgate

Paper Merchant.
  • Nicholls John B., Railway st; h St. Nicholas street, Norton

  • Boak M. & Sons, Market pl
  • Mahoney J., St. Michael's st

  • Gibson Alfred, Saville street
  • Lonsdale Wm., Cattle market

Plumbers, Glaziers, &c.
  • Barker Wm., Castle Howard Ox, Wheelgate
  • Graham Thos., Market street
  • Halliday Edmd., Yorkersgate
  • Read John, Wheelgate and Railway street
  • Robson Watson, Castlegate
  • Taylor John, Market place

  • Gibson John, Old Maltongate
  • Jones Geo. J. (Malton Gazette office), Wheelgate
  • Russell Robert, The Library, Castlegate; h Belmont ter
  • Smithson H. (exors. of), Malton Messenger office, Yorkersgate

Rope and Twine Makers.
  • Jones Wm., Market place and Scarborough
  • Laister John & Sons, OldMaltongate
  • Medd Edward, Pump lane

Registry Offices for Servants.
  • Hide Mrs., Wheelgate
  • Spaven Mrs., Market place
  • Wright Mrs. Caroline, Saville st

Saddlers and Harness Makers.
  • Cryer Charles, Castlegate
  • Fish William, Castlegate
  • Mennell Wm., Market place
  • Nelson John, Market place
  • Snarry B. (portmanteaus, dress baskets, French trunks, bags, &c., kept in stock), Yorkersgate
  • Wardill Jonathan, Wheelgate

  • Botterill Mrs. (general dealer), Old Maltongate
  • England Rbt., Old Maltongate
  • Hitchcock Wm., Newbiggin
  • Hobson Thomas, Greengate
  • Linsley Thomas, Castlegate
  • Rymer Samuel, Greengate
  • Skelton G. C., Newbiggin
  • Whitehead Mrs. Ann (and lodgings), Castlegate

Sewing Machine Agents.
  • Croft Fred. James, to Singer's Manfng. Co., Newbiggin st
  • Walton Thos., Old Maltongate

  • Estill John, Saville street
  • Jackson, Richardson, & Ridge, Chancery lane
  • Mitchell Thomas Wm., Saville street
  • Pearson H. W. & R.,Yorkersgate
  • Soulby Arth. E. B. (and clerk to Hutton School Board, local solicitor to Stubb's Mercantile offices), Saville street, and at Pickering
  • Walker & Langborne,Yorkersgate
  • Walker Thos. C., Yorkersgate

  • Colby George, 2 Belmont ter, Market place
  • Colby Jas. George, The Mount
  • Colby Wm. Taylor, surgery, Yorkersgate; h The Mount
  • Deeley William, The Poplars, Yorkersgate
  • Hartley Alfred, Market place
  • Hartley Herbert, Market place
  • Young William, Castlegate

Tailors and Drapers.

Marked * are Tailors only.
  • Bankes R., Yorkersgate
  • Bell J. Kirkhaugh, Wheelgate
  • Fletcher John W., Market st
  • Fowles A. Goodair, Castlegate
  • Galtry Charles, Saville street
  • Gibson William, Saville street
  • Goldie & Co., Yorkersgate
  • Leeds and Yorkshire (The) Clothing Co., Wheelgate
  • Robinson John, Market street
  • * Rose Henry, Claremont ter
  • * Rowsley Thos. (and pleasure boats and traps for hire), Castlegate
  • Sedman John, Castlegate
  • Simpson William, Finkle st
  • Skelton J.& Sons, St. Michael's street
  • Spencer G., Market street
  • * Walker J. R., Middlecave rd
  • * Wray William, Castlegate

Temperance Hotel.
  • Small William, Saville street

Tinsmiths and Iron Plate Workers.
  • Gypson Benj. Rd., Wheelgate
  • Ineson Timothy, Finkle street

  • Coverley Wm. M., Saville st
  • Dickinson H., St. Michael's st
  • Freer William, Yorkersgate
  • Hide John, Wheelgate
  • Mitchell William, Castlegate

Veterinary Surgeon.
  • Barker Charles, Railway st; h The Low Street

Watchmakers and Jewellers.
  • Bradbury A., St. Michael's st
  • Kirby Alfred T., Market place
  • Kirby William, Market place
  • Leefe B. & Sons, Market place
  • Owston William, Old Malton gate
  • Spiegelhalter M. & Son, Yorkersgate and Railway street
  • Staniland John, Yorkersgate

  • Dickinson H., St. Michael's st
  • Gypson Benj. Rd., Wheelgate
  • Hudson John, Wheelgate
  • Read John, Railway street and Wheelgate

Wine and Spirit Merchants,
  • Botterill J., Greengate corner
  • Rose E. & W. H., Market pl
  • Smith Thos. T., Market street
  • Soulby John, Saville st corner
  • Walker John & Co., Castlegate
  • Wood John, Market place
  • Wrangham Wm., Yorkersgate

  • Post Office at William Reed's. Letters via Malton arrive at 6-30 a.m. and 6-15 p.m., and are despatched at 10-10 a.m. and 6-25 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Anderson Tindal, grocer, &c.
  • Barker Richard, vict., Wentworth Arms
  • Barker William, shoemaker
  • Black Robert, seedsman, Dryburgh villa
  • Bulmer Mrs. Mary, grocer
  • Duggleby Mrs. J., East mount
  • Forster George, shoemaker
  • Garrett Rev. Henry, master, Grammar school
  • Graham Alexander, shoemaker
  • Hicks William, carrier to Malton
  • Hopkins Miss Annie Mary
  • Hurtley Henry, miller
  • Jones George Fowler, F.R.I.B.A., Quarry bank
  • Kinnear The Misses, The Abbey Nendick Hall
  • Nendick James Rowntree, joiner, &c.
  • Nendick Thomas, jun., tailor and draper
  • Nendick Mr. Thomas, senr.
  • Perry Arthur Edgar, schoolmaster, teacher of music, organist and choir master at Old Malton Priory Church
  • Pitman Rev. Edward B., M.A. and F.S.A., vicar, The Hall
  • Pounder William, shoemaker, Lascelles lane
  • Race James, butcher, Lascelles lane
  • Read Henry, market gardener, Rainbow
  • Reed William, postmaster
  • Richardson John Foster Marriott, Esq., Ashfield
  • Rowsby William, lime burner, Old Malton
  • Slater Francis, blacksmith
  • Southwick John, market gardener
  • Stephenson Cass, blacksmith
  • Stockdale William, grocer and cattle dealer
  • Thackeray W., agricultural implement maker
  • Turner William, joiner, &c.
  • Walker William, beerhouse, Royal Oak
  • Wilson James, pig dealer
  • Wray Thomas, rate collector
  • Wright Miss J., Camp Hill house

  • Beal George
  • Beilby Mrs. Harriet, Espersykes
  • Booth Daniel (and coal dealer), Town street
  • Bradley William
  • Cuthbertson John, Eden House farm
  • Hatfield William
  • Hopwood William
  • Humphreys Tom
  • Jemison Aaron
  • Johnson Charles
  • Johnson David
  • Marr Henry, Acomb house
  • Marshall William, Wykeham, Howe bridge
  • Medd Henry, Wykeham, Howe bridge
  • Mennell Thomas
  • Milner Mrs. E. (& son, R. Cooper), Howe bridge
  • Nendick John (and butcher)
  • Nendick Joseph
  • Oliver George
  • Pallister John
  • Robson Henry Charles, Howe farm
  • Robson Thomas Hick, Wykeham hill
  • Ruston George
  • Wood Richard (and grocer)

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.