Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for MARRICK in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Post Office, Marrick; Miss M. Langstaff, postmistress. Letters via Richmond daily, per foot messenger, from Marske, at 10-25 a.m. There is a despatch every morning at 7-20. Letters for Hurst arrive by foot post via Reeth, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; and the Wall Letter Box at the Board School is cleared on the same days at 12-0 noon.


  • T. Bainbridge, chairman;
  • W. Hodgson, vice-chairman; T. Dinsdale, C. Davison, and J. Hillary.
  • Clerk to the Board, Francis J. Greathead, solicitor, Reeth.
  • Meetings are held once a month, alternately, at Marrick and at Hurst.

Miscellany of trades
Marked 1 reside at Hurst; the rest at Marrick, or where specified.

  • Blenkiron Mrs. Jane, Walker house
  • 1 Cleminson George, miner
  • 1 Fawcett Joseph, shopkeeper and farmer & vict., Dragon Inn
  • Hakin John, grocer and road contractor
  • 1 Hillary Thomas, joiner
  • Hodgson Thomas, vict. and farmer, High Inn
  • Hurst and New Forest Board School; Wm. C. Brittain, master (1)
  • Ingram John, cowkeeper
  • Jackson Mr. George
  • Marrick Board School; George Lee, master and assistant overseer
  • Mason Rev. John Wharton, B.A., The Vicarage
  • 1 Metcalfe Mr. William
  • Teasdale William, blacksmith
  • Waggett Mr. Ralph
  • Waggett William Anthony, agent to Colonel Francis Morley, Park lodge
  • Whitell, Jane, shopkeeper
  • Whitelock C., vict. and butcher, White Horse Inn
  • 1 Yorkshire Lead Mining Co., Ltd., Hurst mines


  • Alsop Edward, Green house
  • Bainbridge Robert, Marrick abbey
  • Bell William, Marrick lodge
  • Brown Christopher, Low Oxque
  • Brown James Chapman, Green house
  • Brown John, Ing Head
  • Brown Robert, Pry house
  • Coates John Chapman, High Oxque
  • Coates Thomas, Nun-Cote-Nook
  • Dinsdale Thomas, Owlands
  • 1 Dolphin Mrs, John (and stonemason, &c.)
  • 1 Frankland Thomas, junr. (and gamekeeper)
  • 1 Frankland Thomas, senr.
  • Graham George, Stelling
  • 1 Guy William, schoolmaster, Pasture
  • 1 Hillary (Mrs. J.) & Alsop (F.) Gath Head
  • 1 Hillary J. (and stonemason, &c.), Slack hills
  • Hindson Thomas
  • 1 Hodgson James
  • Hodgson W. (yeo., and overseer and guardian)
  • 1 Hodgson William, The Green
  • 1 Hodgson Wm. (and shoemaker), Roan house
  • Horn Mrs. Elizabeth, Marrick moor
  • Horne John (and butcher), Barf house
  • Ireland Thomas, Marrick park
  • Metcalfe Thomas
  • Peacock John
  • Peacock William, Reals Head
  • Pinkney Henry (and joiner), Wood house
  • 1 Retallick John & Sons
  • 1 Robinson James, Tongue hill
  • Siddle William, Manor house
  • Stubbs James, Stelling
  • Whitelock Robert (yeo.), Ellers farm

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.