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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for MIDDLEHAM in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Middleham, Matthew Clark, Post Master
  • From whence letters are despatched at half-past three in the afternoon, and arrive at eight in the morning.
  • Leyburn, Thomas Fall; Post Master.
  • Letters are despatched at half-past four in the afternoon, and arrive at half-past seven in the morning.

Gentry and Clergy,

  • Addison C. A. esq. Wood place
  • Allen William, esq. Hill top, Leyburn
  • Anderson William John, esq. Swinthwaite hall
  • Bell John, gent. Middleham
  • Bell Mrs. Leyburn
  • Breare John, esq. Middleham
  • Brewery William, esq. Spennithorne
  • Brookes Rev. George, Leyburn
  • Cheytor John C. esq. Spennithorne
  • Cheytor Miss, Leyburn
  • Clifton John, esq. Grove, Leyburn
  • Cockcroft Rev. John, Middleham
  • Costobadie Rev. Henry, Wensley
  • Costobadie Rev. Jacob, Wensley
  • Croft James, gent. Middleham
  • Dixon Richard, gent. Middleham
  • Edmundson Mrs. Leyburn
  • Edmundson Thomas, gent. Leyburn
  • Ewbank James, esq. Middleham
  • Goldsmith Peter, gent. M.D. Leyburn
  • Horn Miss, Middleham
  • Humphrey John, gent. Wensley
  • Midgley Thomas, gent. Middleham
  • Other Thomas, esq. Elm house
  • Powlet the Hon. Thomas Orde, Bolton hall
  • Sadler William, gent. Wensley
  • Scott Christopher, gent. Middleham


  • Alderson George Walton, Leyburn
  • Brown William, Middleham
  • Cockcroft Rev. John (boarding and day) Middleham
  • Collier Catherine, Leyburn
  • Jewitt Catherine (boarding & day) Middleham
  • Summers Catherine, Leyburn
  • Topham John, Leyburn


  • Dinsdale George, Middleham
  • Dobson Matthew, Leyburn
  • Howson William, Leyburn
  • Topham Christopher, Middleham
  • Topham Lupton (and clerk of the peace for the north riding) Middleham

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Handley George, Middleham
  • Milner George, Leyburn
  • Scurrah William, Middleham


  • Hutton, Other & Simpson.-(draw on Hankey & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank (open on Fridays) Mr. William Ware, treasurer


  • Alderson George, Leyburn
  • Buckton Jonathan, Middleham
  • Metcalfe William, Middleham
  • Plewes Ann (& iron dealer) Leyburn
  • Scott Christopher, Wensley
  • Simpson William, (& lock-smith & bellhanger) Middleham
  • Wright John, Middleham

Booksellers & Printers,

  • Fall Thomas (& stamp distributer) Leyburn
  • Morgan William, (printer) Leyburn

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Collinson George, Wensley
  • Croft John, Middleham
  • Fisher John, Middleham
  • Fishwick, William, Leyburn
  • Hutchinson Thomas, Middleham
  • Jones Stephen, Middleham
  • M'Culhagh George, Middleham
  • M'Cullagh Thomas, Leyburn
  • Mason William, Leyburn
  • Morland James, Leyburn
  • Peacock Thomas, Middleham
  • Pearson William, Leyburn
  • Prest James, Middleham
  • Robson Henry, Leyburn
  • Spence John, Wensley
  • Spence Matthew, Leyburn
  • Walker William, Middleham

Braziers, Tin-Plate Workers and Plumbers,

  • Boise Robert, Middleham
  • Croft James, Middleham
  • Deighton William, Leyburn
  • Metcalfe Henry, Leyburn
  • Shields Thomas, Middleham


  • Bowes Emmerson, Leyburn
  • Bowes William, Leyburn
  • Handley John, Middleham
  • Place Simon, Middleham
  • Rider George, Middleham
  • Smith Francis, Middleham


  • Bywell William, Middleham
  • Day John, Leyburn

Corn Millers & Dealers,

  • Glenton Thomas, Wensley
  • Husband William, Leyburn
  • Masterman William, Wensley

Druggists & Tea Dealers,

  • Dobson John, Leyburn
  • Pearson Robert, Leyburn

Fire, &c. Office. Agents,

  • London Union, John Christian, Middleham
  • Norwich Union, James Morland, Leyburn
  • Yorkshire, Robert Johnson, Middleham
  • Yorkshire, Thomas Fall, Leyburn

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries,

  • Anderson Elizabeth, Leyburn
  • Christian John, Middleham
  • Clarkson Matthew, Middleham
  • Dent John, Leyburn
  • Dobson John, Leyburn
  • Johnson James, Wensley
  • Johnson Robert, Middleham
  • Morgan William, Middleham
  • Nicholson Elizabeth, Leyburn
  • Robinson Matthew, Wensley
  • Thackwray William, Leyburn
  • Willis Robert (and straw hat manufacturer) Leyburn
  • Wood Thomas, Leyburn


  • Christian John, Middleham
  • Nicholson Elizabeth, Leyburn


  • Ashton Thomas, Middleham
  • Chaplee John, Leyburn
  • Robinson Charles, Wensley
  • Sturdy Stephen, jun. Middleham
  • Wells John, Leyburn
  • Westgarth Thomas, Wensley
  • Willis Christopher, Leyburn
  • Willis Thomas, Middleham

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Anderson Elizabeth, Leyburn
  • Christian John, Middleham
  • Dent John, Leyburn
  • Digby Leonard, Middleham
  • Dixon Luke, Leyburn
  • Handley Susan, Middleham
  • Johnson Robert (and straw hat manufacturer) Middleham
  • Thompson Abraham, Leyland
  • Westgarth Ann, Wensley
  • Wood Thomas, Leyburn


  • Buck Peter, Leyburn
  • Hutchinson James, Middleham

Milliners & Dress and Straw Hat Makers,

  • Abbot Dorothy, Leyburn
  • Barwell Eleanor, Middleham
  • Dixon Jane, Leyburn
  • Lawson Mary, Leyburn
  • Robinson Margaret, Wensley
  • Spence Mary, Leyburn
  • Sturdy Elizabeth, Middleham
  • Willis Elizabeth, Leyburn


  • Matthews Andrew, Middleham
  • Spence John, Middleham
  • Spence Leonard, Middleham

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Butterfield William, Leyburn
  • Gorner John, Wensley
  • Sanderson Charles, (& florist) Leyburn

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Horner Thomas, (and paper hanger) Leyburn
  • Morgan William, Middleham
  • Woodward Hannah, Middleham


  • Atkinson John (& rawer) Leyburn
  • Dixon George, Leyburn
  • Gill William Jebb, Middleham
  • Horner Roger, Middleham

Stone Masons and Brick-layers,

  • Johnson Henry, Wensley
  • Kitchen Henry, Wensley
  • Spence Peter, Middleham


  • Edmundson George, Middleham
  • Lamb Thomas March, Middleham
  • Lister Charles, Middleham
  • Medd John, Leyburn
  • Terry John, Leyburn


  • Alderson Christopher, Leyburn
  • Auton William, Leyburn
  • Barker John, Middleham
  • Gale George, Leyburn
  • Harrison John, Middleham
  • Harrison William, Middleham
  • Rowntree William, Leyburn
  • Walker James, Middleham
  • Wilson George, Middleham
  • Winn William, Middleham

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Dobson John, Leyburn
  • Paley Henry, Middleham

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Angel, William Plewes, Leyburn
  • Black Swan, John Burton. Middleham
  • Black Swan, Mary Park, Leyburn
  • Black Swan, Christopher Scott, Wensley
  • Board, Jonathan Atkinson, Leyburn
  • Board, John Winsley, Leyburn
  • Bolton's Arms (& posting house) William Burton, Leyburn
  • Green Dragon, Robinson Morton, Middleham
  • Green Tree, Jonathan Blenkinsop, Leyburn
  • King's Head, Richard Coultman, Leyburn
  • King's Head Richard Metcalfe, Middleham
  • St. Patrick, John Ridley, Middleham
  • White Swan, William Swale, Middleham


  • Ashton Thomas, Middleham
  • Willis Christopher, Leyburn
  • Willis Thomas, Middleham

Wine & Spirit Merchant,

  • Wray James Taylor (& timber & lead) Leyburn


  • Alderson Walton, land surveyor, Leyburn
  • Emmerson George, commissioner of taxes, & clerk to the magistrates, Leyburn
  • Holmes Leonard, auctioneer, Leyburn
  • Husband William, bleacher, Leyburn
  • Milestone Peter, vet. surgeon, Leyburn
  • Morgan Elizabeth, stay maker, Middleham
  • Morgan William, bird preserver, Middleham
  • Robinson William, watch maker and hardware dealer, Leyburn
  • Sparrow Edith, earthenware dealer, Leyburn
  • Theakstone Christopher, tanner, Middleham
  • Wilson William, brewer, Cover bridge


  • To York, the Highflyer, from the St. Patrick, at Middleham, every Mon. day, Wednesday and Friday morning at half-past five o'clock; goes thro' Masham, Ripon, Boroughbridge and Green Hammerton.


  • To Bedale Jonathan Walker, from Middleham & James Cloughton, from Leyburn, every Tuesday.
  • To Hawes, Thomas Blackburn's wagons from Leyburn, every Wednesday
  • To Leeds, William Abbot, Robert Collis, and James Close, from their own residences, Leyburn, every Monday and Saturday.
  • To Richmond, James Cloughton and James Ratcliffe, from Leyburn, and John Walker, from Middleham, every Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Stockton Anthony Thistlethwaite, from Leyburn, every Mon. day and Thursday.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003