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Middlesbrough parish:

Middlesbrough parish:

Middlesbrough, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial at Middlesbrough.

The 1914 - 1918 plaques behind the Memorial:

Panel 1 (see also Photo)

Abbott, Percy Allison, R A Ash, William
Abrams, Wm Thomas Allison, Robert Ashby, Charles
Ackroyd, Walter Allison, W W Ashby, C A
Ackroyd, Herbert Allport, Rowland Ashcroft, Ernest
Adam, John Amos, harry C Ashfield, John C
Adams, Ernest V Anderson, Alfred G Ashfield, D
Adams, Robert Anderson, H Ashley, John
Adams, John Anderson, Francis J Ashton, H W
Adamson, Edgar Anderson, Norman M Aspinall, Isaac
Adamson, Joseph Anderson, J Aspinall, W H
Adamson, P Anderson, Thomas Aston, George T
Affleck, J Anderson, James Atkins, Ernest
Afford, John G Andrew, James A Atkinson, Edward
Ainsley, James B Andrew, John Geo Atkinson, A
Ainsley, Ernest Andrews, George Atkinson, H
Ainsley, J B Andrews, Ernest Atkinson, Clive
Ainsworth, Albert Andrews, William Atkinson, Chas E
Ainsworth S Ankers, John Jas Atkinson, Ed Jones
Alder,S Ansell, Frank Atkinson, Joseph
Alder, Samuel Ansell, F B Atkinson, John H
Alderson, Emmerson Appleby, Herbert Atkinson, Thomas
Alderson, Wilfred Appleby, Jos Atkinson, Ralph
Alderthay, David Appleton, John E Atkinson, Stanley
Alexander, Keith Appleton, Robert Atkinson, Thos H
Allan, Francis Appleton, Scrafton Auckland, Wm
Allan, Joseph Wm Appleton, Thomas H Ayre, George
Allan, Michael Ed Appleton, Wm Edwd Ayre, William
Allan, Robert Appleyard, Harry L Bache, Noah
Allen, Alfred Archbold, W Bage, Edward S
Allen, Charles Archbold, Wm H Bagley, John Luke
Allen, Ernest Archer, Percy Bagley, Thomas
Allen, George Armatage, Frank Bagshaw, Arthur
Allen, Isaiah Armes, Thomas H Bailey, Wilfred
Allen, Robert Armitage, W H Baily, William
Allenby, P W Armstrong, E Bainbridge, A A
Allewell, George Armstrong, J Bainbridge, Walter
Allinson, John Armstrong, Robt Baker, Patrick
Allinson, John S Armstrong, W Baker, Richard Thos
Allison, Charles R Armstrong, S H Baldam, T
Allison, Andrew Armstrong, S Balding, Ernest
Allison, C Arnett, Arthur L Baldwin, Herbert
Allison, James Arnott, Archie Balfe, J
Allison, Sidney C Arundale, George Ball, John George
Allison, John Ash, John Ball, J W

Panel 2 (see also Photo)

Ballantyne, J A Bell, Henry Binns, E
Bamlett, Thomas F Bell, Harry Bircham, E
Banks, Bertram Bell, James Bishop, Edward
Banks, B Bell, D Bivens, Thomas
Banks, H Bell, John Blackburn, A
Barbour, James Bell, J Blackburn, A
Bargewell, Clarence Bell, Joseph Roy Blackburn, Herbert
Barke, Thomas Jos Bell, John William Blackburn, John T
Barker, James Bell, Joseph Blackwell, Henry
Barker, Alfred Bell, R T Blair, Donald
Barker, Thomas E Bell, L D Blair, Hilton L
Barnes, Charles E Bell, William Blair, William
Barnes, Thomas Wm Bell, W Blake, E
Barnes, Thomas Bell, Robert Wm Blake, John Edmund
Barnett, Harry Bendelow, Charles E Blakeborough, Geo
Barnett, J Beniston, Frederick Blakeborough, G
Barrett, Frederick C Bennett, Henry Blakeley, Edward
Barritt, William Bennett, John Jas Blakey, E D
Barton, James Bennett, Samuel Blance, John
Barton, Percy Bennett, John R Blenkinsop, G
Barton, J J Bennett, Samuel H Blenkinsop, Harry
Barwick, Benjamin Bennett, John Thos Blincoe, Sidney W
Bashford, John T Bennions, Peter Bliss, J
Bateman, C J Bennison, F Bliss, James
Bates, Henry Bennison, M Bliss, John
Bates, William C Bennison, N Bloodsworth, J E
Batey, Owen Bensley, John Bloom, Harry
Batey, William Benson, William Bloomfield, Arthur
Batty, William Berk, Thomas Jos Blow, Wm Wortley
Batty, Thomas Bernston, Fred Boanas, James Wm
Baxtrem, Francis Berry, James Boden, John Wm
Beach, David Berry, James Bolland, J
Beanland, Arthur Berryman, John Ed Bolland, R
Beanland, Henry Berryman, Wilfred Bollands, Albert
Beanland, Walter Bertie, William L Bollands, Andrew
Beavon, Wm Arthur Best, John Thomas Bollands, Joseph
Bebbington, James F Best, William Bollands, John
Bebington, Samuel A Betteridge, Wm Bond, James
Bebington, W Beverley, P B Bone, Robert
Beckett, Charles Bidgood, Albert Ed Bone, Robert
Beckwith, William Bigland, Eric H Bone, Thomas
Bell, Albert E Binks, James Richd Bone, Samuel
Bell, Albert Wm Binks, J R Bone, George B
Bell, Charles Binns, H Bonnett, Joseph

Panel 3 (see also Photo)

Bonstead, J Brickles, William Ed Brownbridge, H E
Booth, A Bridges, C H Brunskill, Henry
Booth, Albert Bridgewater, Frank Brunskill, Robert Wm
Booth, J Briggs, Matthew T Bryan, E
Bosomworth, Chas W Briggs, Robert Hy Bryan, Thomas W
Bosomworth, James Briggs, Thomas P Brynn, Ernest
Botcherby, Charles Briggs, William Sam Buckle, William
Bourne, Alex Briggs, William Buckley, Albert
Bowen, Robert Brigham, Albert Edwd Buckley, Walter G
Bowers, C Brighton, Alfred Buckley, W H
Bowers, John Brighty, Ernest Bullock, Fred
Bowes, Robert Briston, Joseph Bullough, Thomas
Bowes, Tom Broadley, John Wm Bulman, William H
Bowes, Thomas Brock, George T Bunn, Albert
Bowes-Willson G H Brock, Wm Thompson Bunn, James
Bowman, John Brockband, Henry Bunn, J
Bowman, James Wm Brodie, J Bunn, John W
Bown, Leonard J B Brodie, Richard Burdon, Harry
Box, F Brodie, Michael C Burnicle, Julius B
Boyd, James Brodie, Michael Burns, Henry
Boyd, William Brody, P Burns, Charles
Boyes, Ernest Brooks, George Burns, Thomas
Boyle, John Brooks, George Burns, Norman
Boyle, John Brothwood, John Burns, W R
Boyle, John Henry Brothwood, W Burrows, James
Boyle, Patrick Broughton, W Burrows, Herbert A
Boynton, Fred Broughton, James Burt, Abraham D
Brabyn, Walter A Broughton, Chas Wm Burt, A D
Bradburn, James W Brown, Benjamin Burton, John
Bradley, Arthur R Brown, A Burton, Arthur
Bradley, John Brown, George A Burton, Wallace
Bradley, John Brown, George Hy Burtts, J W
Bradley, John Brown, George Wm Busher, Charles Jos
Bradley, J T Brown, Herbert Butler, Arthur
Bradley, Stanley Brown, Harry C Butler, James
Bramley, Thomas C Brown, John Buxton, John
Brazier, Herbert Brown, John Alfred Bycroft, William
Breckon, Frederick Brown, John C Byrne, Peter P
Breeze, George H Brown, John Robert Cadman, W
Breeze, George Wm Brown, Leonard Cahill, Thomas
Brems, Ben Brown, Robert Callaby, Thomas W
Brewer, Thomas M Brown, T E Callaghan, Edward
Bricklebank, Jas Wm Brown, William Callaghan, John
Brickles, W Brown, Wm Irvin Callan, Hugh

Panel 4 (see also Photo)

Calligon, George Cassidy, L E Clarke, W
Calvert, Ernest Caswell, Harry M Clarke, William
Calvert, James Caswell, Marshall Clarke, Wilfred
Calvert, James C Caswell, Wm Robert Clarkson, A R
Calvert, Thomas Caton, John Clay, Thos Henry
Camm, George Cattermole, E K Clay, James
Campbell, John Ed Cattermole, John Clay, Wilson
Campbell, Matthew Catterson, John Cleaver, Charles
Campbell, Charles Caughey, John W Cleavland, M
Campbell, Michael Cave, James Wm Clinten, David
Campbell, Kenneth Chadwick, Robert Close, T W
Campbell, Thomas Challenor, E O Clough, John James
Campling, Thomas Challenor, Sidney Clough, William
Cant, J Challis, David Coates, Charles
Cape, T Challoner, John J Coates, Frederick
Capewell, Jacie Chambers, David Coates, Patrick
Capstick, William Chambers, H Coates, Samuel
Carey, Arthur Chaplin, Harry Coates, Samuel
Carling, J W Chapman, Hy Theo Coates, Samuel
Carling, M Chapman, G R Cobbald, Geo Robt
Carney, John Chapman, James Cobbold, G
Carr, Archibald Chapman, Robert Cockburn, J Wm
Carr, A N Charlesworth, J T Coggins, T
Carr, James Charlton, John Colbeck, Harry M
Carr, Reginald A Charlton, Sidney Colbeck, Harold
Carr, R H Chatton, E Colbeck, Charles B
Carr, Thomas Cheesebrough, T M Colbeck, J R
Carr, W Chillmaid, Thomas Hy Cole, James L
Carradice, James Chilton, Thomas Hy Cole, Joseph V
Carrigill, George Christon, Geo I Cole, James
Carroll, John Clark, Alex Cullen Cole, Percy Alfred
Carrot, Thomas Clark, G Coleman, Chas W
Carruthers, A James Clark, H R Coleman, James
Carter, Jim Clark, Herbert H Coleman, Peter
Carter, Charles Hy Clark, Robert Colley, George
Carter, Frank Clark, Thomas Hy Collins, Andrew
Carter, James Clark, J Collins, John Geo
Carter, Alger Clark, Thomas R Collinson, William
Carter, W G Clark, Wilfrid Collinson, Fredk G
Carter, Percy Clarke, G F Colpitts, Tom
Carter, Samuel Clarke, Jos Wm Comer, John H
Cartwright, G Wm Clarke, A E Connar, Joseph
Cassidy, Charles Clarke, Ernest Connelly, Ernest
Cassidy, Leo Clarke, Robert R Conning, Walter

Panel 5 (see also Photo)

Connlin, John Covell, Walter F Crutchley, R
Connolly, John R Covell, William H Crymble, Cecil Reg
Connoly, D Coverdale, Isaac Cudd, A
Connor, Joseph Coverdale, George Cull, James Thos
Conoly, Peter Coverdale, Thomas Cummings, J
Conroy, John Coward, John Wm Cummings, James
Constantine, R N Cowens, J W Cunion, Austin
Conway, Matthew Cowper, Geo B Cunningham, Geo
Conway, Michael Cowperthwaite, S Cunningham, P
Conyard, William Cox, Fredk Paling Cunningham, W H
Cook, Arthur Wm Cox, John Foster Curd, Oswald V
Cook, Arthur Wm Cox, John Fredk Curley, J
Cook, F Cox, R Curran, John Thos
Cook, Henry Cox, Thomas Richd Curson, E
Cook, Thomas Cox, T Curtiss, Joe
Cook, Thomas Cox, Thomas Wm Cutler, Joseph
Cook, Fred Coxon, Albert E Dack, Charles
Cook, J P Coyne, Michael Dalby, Edward
Cook, William Jas Crabtree, Geo Wm Dalby, Joseph
Cooke, Herbert Craddy, John Dalby, R
Coombes, Robert Craggs, Stanley Dalby, Thomas
Cooney, F Craggy, Robert Dale, J
Cooper, A E Craig, Thomas A Dale, Thomas H
Cooper, Charles H Crawford, H Dale, Harry
Cooper, John R Crawford, Robt H Daley, John D
Cooper, F W Creasor, George Dalton, Harold
Cooper, Fredk Hy Creasor, Harold Dalton, Harold
Cooper, Walter K Creasor, H Daly, James
Cooperthwaite, Wm Creasor, William Darby, Jos
Cope, Albert Cregan, Joseph Darrell, John M L
Cope, Thomas Cregan, Patrick Darwin, J
Copeland, John Jas Crilly, J Davey, John Wm
Cornesky, John W Croll, Junner M Davey, Hamlet
Cornfield, Levi Cronin, Patrick Davies, Enoch
Corrigan, J Crookston. Alex S Davies, Arthur
Cosgrove, Chas S Crosby, John D Davies, E L
Cossey, John Wm Crosby, Thomas R Davies, Tom
Costello, John Jas Crosthwaite, Fred Davies, E
Cotton, Harry Crouse, Wm Henry Davies, G J
Cottrell, Robert N Crowe, Norman Davies, John Alfd
Cottrill, R N Crowther, Norman Davies, Joseph
Coulton, Francis Crowther, C Davis, Francis J S
Coupland, Joseph Cruden, David Davis, John Edwin
Cousins, A Crutchley, David Davis, John Wm

Panel 6 (see also Photo)

Davis, William Dion, Oswald A Donochie, James R
Davison, E Ditchburn, Jack Dorschell, James
Davison, Ernest O Ditchburn, John J Douglass, Henry J
Davison, Fredk H Dixon, Albert Wm Douthwaite, John
Davison, H Dixon, C Dove, J
Davison, J Dixon, H Dove, John Wm
Davison, John Dixon, H Dove, Joseph Hy
Davison, John Robt Dixon, John Dove, Robert Godfy
Davison, Jos Dixon, John Hy Dove, Thomas H
Davison, Joseph Dixon, John Robt Dowling, Willm Jos
Davison, Robert V Dixon, John Wm Downey, John
Davison, William Hy Dixon, Joseph Downing, A
Dawkins, Jas Edwin Dixon, Robert Downing, Ernest
Dawson, Edward Dixon, William Dowson, Charles
Dawson, James Dixon, William Dowson, J
Dawson, John H Dixon, William Jas Dowson, John Hy
Dawson, Percy Dobby, Thomas Doyle, James
Dawson, R H Dobby, Walter Doyle, Richard
Dawson, Robert A Dobinson, S R Doyle, Thomas
Day, Joseph Dobson, Frederick Drake, Walter
Day, Thomas Dobson, George Draper, W
Deakin, Harold B Dobson, Henry Dredge, S
Dean, Frank J Dobson, Joseph Dresser, Joe
Dean, H Dobson, Mark Drew, Daniel
Dean, Hubert N Dockerty, Michael Drew, Thomas
Dean, Thomas W Dodd, James Dring, Henry
Dearlove, Charles Dodds, Albert Ed Driscoll, J A
Dee, Fred Dodson, Percy T Driscoll, T
Dempsey, Martin J Dodsworth, Frank Driscoll, Timothy
Denham, John Ed Dodsworth, Joseph Dronsfield, Edmund
Dennett, James Doherty, John Drummond, J
Denning, George Doherty, Michael Drummond, John
Denning, John Wm Dolan, Joseph Drury, J E
Dennis, Robert Dolan, Thomas Drury, John Thomas
Dennison, Ed James Dolan, William Dryden, George R
Dent, G W Dolby, Herbert Dryden, J R
Dent, Henry Dolby, Thomas H Dryden, Robert
Dent, John S Donachie, James Duffy, E
Devlin, Patrick Donaldson, Geo B Duffy, John Albert
Dewhirst, Percy M Donavan, Joseph Duffy, Thomas
Dick, George C Donelly, Patrick Dufty, George Y
Dickinson, Lewis Donnelly, John Wm Duggan, J
Dillon, William T Donnelly, R Duncan, Charles
Dinsdale, John Robt Donnelly, William Duncan, Charles C

Panel 7 (see also Photo)

Duncan, James C Evans, David Rees Fish, Herbert
Duncan, John Evans, Richard G Fisher, A E
Duncan, John Wm Evans, Samuel Fisher, Herbert
Duncan, Laurie Everson, Arthur R Fisher, John Wm
Duncan, Lionel Evetts, Walter H Fisk, A
Duncan, Thomas T Evison, Ernest Fitzjohn, Robert Wm
Dungay, Edward A Ewbank, Charles T Flannigan, Peter
Dunn, Andrew Eyre, James Flavell, William
Dunn, James Hard Fagan, J R Fleet, George
Dunn, S Fairbrass, Wm Edwin Fleming, William C
Dunnell, Thomas Fairbridge, Wm F Flodin, Robert Wm
Durant, Robert Fairless, Arthur Flynn, John
Durkin, Patrick Fardon, Thomas Flynn, John
Durkin, W Farquhson, A Flynn, William
Durrant, Albert Farrell, John Footit, Lancelot
Durrrant, Dennie Farrell, Peter Forbes, Albert Ed
Durrant, George Farrow, Ernest Ford, Frank
Dutton, Fred Farthing, E Ford, Joseph
Dutton, George Farthing,T Ford, W H
Dutton, Harry Fawbert, Jack Foreman, Ernest
Dyer, William Fawcett, Alfred Forgan, Charles
Earls, William Fawcett, Ernest Formstone, Geo H
Earnshaw, William T Fawcett, Herbert Foster, Anthoney
Eastwood, Joseph Fawcett, Matthew Foster, Harry
Eaves, Albert Wm Fearon, Michael Foster, Horace
Eaves, Alfred Featherstone, T R Foster, John Jas
Ebrun, George Featherstone, H Foster, Morgan
Eccles, Will Featonby, Lawrence Foster, William
Eden, Thomas Featonby, William Fowler, Charles Wm
Edwards, J Feilden, John Fowler, H
Ellerton, Wm Ed Fellows, Samuel C Fowler, Robert Wm
Elliott, John Wm Fellows, Thomas J Fox, Austin Wm
Elliott, Percy D Fenton, John Fox, Henry
Elliott, R Fenton, Peter Fox, Herbert
Ellis, Richard Fenwick, Charles Fox, Thomas W
Elwell, Wilfrid Fenwick, William France, John
Elwick, William M Ferguson, H L Frary, James Wm
England, Sidney Ferguson, John Fraser, Edward Wm
English, A Ferry, Richard Wm Fraser, William
English, Albert Ferry, Thomas Hy Frazer, David
Etherington, F A Finkell, Charles A Freeman, Charles
Evans, Albert E Finckle, C T Freemantle, Wm R
Evans, Charles Finlay, Robert French, George
Evans, Charles Ed Firth, Louis French, Robert I

Panel 8 (see also Photo)

French, Robert Gibson, John H Grainger, Alfred
French, Thomas Gibson, Mansfield Grainger, Enoch
Fretter, Chas Wm Gibson, Robert Grainger, Robert
Frost, George G Gibson, Robert C Grainger, S Edgar
Frost, Joseph Gibson, Thomas O Grange, Thomas
Fryer, Thomas Giddy, Douglas Grant, R M
Fuller, Philip Gilbert, Robert Wm Gray, Edwin Stanley
Furmidge, James Gill, George A Green, James
Furnell, Herbert Gill, H Green, John
Gallaghan, J Wm Gill, Herbert A Green, John Jas
Gallagher, Arthur Gill, Jas Valentine Green, John Jas
Gallagher, Chas Gill, William A Green, John Wm
Gallagher, James Gillard, W H Green, Percy
Gallagher, P Gillespie, John Wm Green, Walter W
Gallettie, Edmund Gilligan, John Green, William
Galloway, John Gillings, J Greenfield, Wm A
Galloway, R H Gillott, O C Greenshields, Wm
Gamble, G W Gilmartin, Charles Gresham, Robert
Gamble, George Gilmore, Robert E Gribbin, Robert
Garbutt, Jack Gjers, Lawrence Grief, George
Gardner, George Glover, Arthur Ed Grief, John
Gardner, Henry Goddard, George Griffiths, C
Gardner, Joseph Goddard, George Hy Griffiths, Edward
Garland, Joseph Goddard, Walter Griffiths, Frank C
Garnshaw, C E Goldsbrough, G W Griffiths, J
Garrens, Herbert Goodchild, Samuel Griffiths, John H
Garrity, John F Goodeeson, A E Griffiths, R
Garrity, M Goodman, Alfred Griffiths, Richard
Garth, Ernest L L Goodwin, John Wm Griffiths, T
Gascoigne, William Goodwin, Leonard Griffiths, William
Gaspall, Fred Gordon, J Griffiths, William
Gatenby, John Gordon James Groom, Edward
Gatenby, Walter Gorman, Hugh Grunwell, Henry R
Geavers, Geo Edwin Gorman, James L Grunwell, Robt H
Gee, H Gotts, Abraham Gun, Joseph
Gent, W Goult, Ernest Guymer, E H
Gibson, Albert Gowers, Arthur D Hackwood, Samuel
Gibson, Albert Grace, Martin Hacon, Albert
Gibson, Arthur Graham, Abert N Hadaway, James
Gibson, Edward Graham, Charles Hadley, Geo Robt
Gibson, Fred Graham, George Hagan, Francis
Gibson, James Graham, John R Haggerty, John E
Gibson, John Graham, R Haggis, John Hy
Gibson, John Chas Graham, William Hainsworth, G

Panel 9 (see also Photo)

Hainsworth, Saml Harper, George Hawkins, John
Hale, William Harper, Henry Hawkins, Leslie
Hall, E Harper, John Hawkins, Michael
Hall, Fredk Chas Harper, Robert Hawkins, Saml Jas
Hall, George Harper, Walter Ed Hawman, P
Hall, J R Harriman, Harold Hayton, Walter, Jas
Hall, James Harriman, Thomas W Hayward, James Richd
Hall, John P H Harrington, J W Hazel, John Thos
Hall, Richard Geo Harrington, Jas D Hazel, Joseph
Hall, Robert Harris, Alfred Jas Hearty, Patrick
Hall, W Harris, Evan Hebdon, J W
Hall, Walter Harris, Frederick Hebron, George
Hamilton, James Harris, George H Helm, William
Hamilton, R Harris, Henry Hemshall, Percy L
Hamilton, Thomas Harris, J Hemshall, Thos H
Hampton, Percy Harris, James R Henderson, A
Hand, Michael Harris, Wm Amos Henderson, Alex E
Handley, A Harrison, Charles Henderson, James
Hannaford, Chas Harrison, Geo T Henderson, Wm R
Hannam, Albert Wm Harrison, James H Heron, Clyde
Hannaway, J Harrison, Jas Thos Heron, Fred
Hanson, Oswald Harrison, J W Herrington, Hy
Hanysides, G Harrison, John Wm Heselhurst, William
Harbottle, George Harrison, Thomas Heslington, Wm W
Harbron, Charles Hart, Albert C Hewett, Robert
Harbron, Thos Hy Hartley, G T Hewison, Francis E
Harbron, William Hy Harvey, James Hy Hewitt, Robert Hy
Harburn, John Harvey, Thomas Hewson, George
Harbutt, Joseph Haslin, James W Hewson, J E
Harding, R Haswell, Jos Hewson, Wilfred J
Harding, Wm. Allen Haswell, Robert Hibbitson, J W
Hardisty, Chas R Haswell, Thomas Hibell, Albert Ed
Hardisty, Fred Hatfield, John Higgins, Aiden F
Hardley, Henry Hatfield, Tom F Higgins, James
Hardstaff, Thomas Hatton, C Higgins, James
Harker, George Hauxwell, Arthur Higgins, Peter
Harker, R John Hauxwell, F Hildred, Charles D
Harland, Albert E Haw, George Salton Hildred, John Wm
Harland, Albert V Haw, John Hill, W T
Harland, E B Haw, R Hillaby, Alfred F
Harland, James Hawdon, Cecil Hillaby, E
Harling, Robert Hawdon, Noel E Hillaby, John Ed
Harnell, Edward Hawdon, Rupert Hillier, Harry
Harper, Alexander Hawkins, John Hinchliffe, John

Panel 10 (see also Photo)

Hinchley, George Hopton, Jos Ed Hunter, John K
Hind, Thomas W Hopton, Robert Wm Hunter, John Thos
Hines, Charles Horn, Thomas B Hunter, S
Hines, D Horne, Fred Hunter, Thomas
Hines, James Horne, Walter Hurson, James
Hinkley, Arthur Horner, George Wm Husband, John D
Hinson, Fredk Hornsby, George Husband, John Wm
Hirwell, B Hornsby, J G Husband, Jos Wm
Hitchen, T Hornsby, John C Hustwitt, Isaac J
Hobson, R John Horobin, Joseph Hutchings, W A
Hockney, A H H Horrington, J W Hutchinson, E F
Hodge, Robert Horseman, Arthur Hutchinson, H
Hodgen, J W Horseman, Chas H Hutchinson, Hy
Hodgson, Frank Horton, Ivy Hutchinson, H W
Hodgson, John R Hotchkiss, Albt Ed Hutchinson, M W
Hodgson, John T Hought, J Hutchinson, T M
Hodgson, Oswald A Hought, Joseph Wm Hutchinson, W W
Hodgson, Robert Houl, Henry R Hyde, John Thos
Hogg, George Edwin Howe, Thomas R Hyde, Richard S
Holden, Geo Albert Howlett, Henry L Hyde, T
Holden, Isaac H P Hoyle, Edgar Ianson, Alfred
Holdier, H B Hoyle, Wilfred Igo, Thomas
Holland, Leonard Hubbard, Thomas Iley, Jas Pattinson
Holland, Robert Huggard, Henry Iley, John Williamson
Holley, William Huggins, George Ingledew, Frank
Holman, John Hughes, Edwin Ingldew, Wm
Holmes, Charles Hughes, J R Ingram, Chas Harold
Holmes, Charles Hughes, Peter Ivison, William
Holmes, John W Hughes, Thomas Jackson, Albert
Holmes, Robert Hughes, Walter Jackson, Albert
Holmes, Stephen B Hugill, John Wm Jackson, Alfred C
Holmes, Sydney Humphrey, Harry Jackson, Henry
Holness, Herbt Hy Humphrey, John Jackson, J J
Holson, P Humphrey, William Jackson, James S
Holt, Charles Wm Humpleby, Robert Jackson, John
Holton, Henry Hunt, C Jackson, J W
Holton, Philip J Hunt, Charles Jackson, Richard
Hood, E Hunt, Charles A Jackson, Thomas
Hood, E W Hunt, Harry Jackson, Thos W
Hook, Stephen Hy Hunt, Henry Jackson, Walter
Hooley, Michael Hunt, John Wm Jacoab, N
Hope, William Hunt, Joseph Jacob, Peter
Hopkin, Wilfred N Hunt, Robert Jacobs, Baxter
Hopson, C Hunter, Jack Jahran, John Wm

Panel 11 (see also Photo)

James, Albert Jones, Henry Kelly, William
James, Fred Jones, John Kemp, John Fredk
Jamieson, Thomas Jones, John Kenefec, Edward
Jarvis, Robert Jones, John Ed Kennedy, William
Jeffcock, Stephen Jones, John Hy Kennedy, William E
Jefferson, Raymond Jones, Richd Hugh Kennington, Harold
Jemmeson, G E Jones, Robert Kenvyn, T
Jenkins, Bertram J Jones, Seth Kenworthy, William
Jenkins, Harry Jones, Thomas Kenyon, Albert
Jenkins, John Hy Jones, Thomas A Kerr, Peter
Jenkyns, William Jones, W E Kerr, Thomas Wm
Jennings, Robert Jones, Walter T Kerton, David W
Jennings, Thomas Jones, William Kervall, Wm John
Jennings, William Jordon, James Kettley, T
Jervelund, Andrew Jowsey, Robert Kidd, John
Jervelund, Frank Joyce, Edward Kidson, Thomas P
Jewell, Thomas Joyce, Stephen Kilding, A C
Jewitt, Alfred Jukes, Richard Kilvington, Regd J
Jinks, W Jukes, William King, Thomas
Joel, Philip C Jukes, William Kingston, Joseph E
Joel, William Jule, William Kinlan, Henry
Johns, Bruce Juler, Richard S Kipling, Fred
Johnson, Albert Kane, Francis Kirby, Richard
Johnson, Arthur E Kane, Patrick Kirby, William S
Johnson, Ernest Kay, Abraham Kitchin, Walter
Johnson, Harry Keady, Samuel Kittrill, Sam
Johnson, Herbert Keany, James Kneale, Thomas H
Johnson, Herbert Kearon, Charles Kneeshaw, Richard
Johnson, Herbert Kedward, T J Knight, Charles S
Johnson, J F Keegan, Henry Knott, Alfred
Johnson, James Keegan, Richard Knott, Cornulo
Johnson, Thomas Keen, Garth John W Knott, Cyril
Johnson, Wm Henry Keeys, John Wm Knott, Harry
Johnston, James Keighley, William M Knott, John
Jones, Albert Kelledy, William Knott, William
Jones, Arthur Wm Kelly, B Knott, William
Jones, David Henry Kelly, Henry Knowles, Arthur
Jones, Edward Kelly, James Knowles, J
Jones, Edward Kelly, John Knowles, William
Jones, Ernest Kelly, John Knowles, Wm Walker
Jones, Frank Kelly, John Knox, Robert Wm
Jones, Frederick Kelly, O Kopham, John
Jones, Frederick Kelly, Patrick Jos Krause, Lames Leo
Jones, M Greville Kelly, Timothy Lackey, J

Panel 12 (see also Photo)

Lackey, John Wm Leng, Arthur Lord, Alfred
Laing, Alexander T Leng, Robert Loughran, John
Lake, Harold Leng, William Loughran, John J
Lake, Herbert C Lester, Henry E Loughran, Patrick
Lally, Peter Lethbridge, Herbert Loughran, Peter
Lambert, Alex J Levy, Jos Louth, James
Lambert, Thomas Lewis, Albert E Lowes, J
Lamming, Harry Lewis, Arthur Lowther, James
Lamport, Alex Lewis, Arthur R Lucas, H M
Lampton, Walter Lewis, David Ed Lucas, J W
Lancaster, Thomas Hy Lewis, Edgar Lucas, Wm
Landess, Albert Lewis, George Lumley, James Wm
Lane, Harry Lewis, Morgan Lune, Herbert
Lane, Herbert Lewis, T Lynas, C H
Lane, William H Lewis, William Lynch, Harold
Langstaff, R Lewis, William Hy Lynch, Michael
Larkman, James Lickess, W MacDonald, J
Latheron, Harry Liddle, George MacDonald, John
Latheron, P Lidddle, Joseph MacDonald, John W
Latheron, W Lightly, Jonathan MacDonald, Peter
Lavender, Thomas Lines, Cecil MacFarlane, J
Laverick, Charles Ling, Thomas Machin, William
Laverick, Ernest Lings, Hallett Mack, William
Laverick, Fredk G Linley, Robert Mackenzie, Albert
Lawman, Wm Morris Linsley, John MacNamara, Alfred
Lawrence, J Lisle, Albert MacNamara, Wm
Lawrence, John Wm List, Benjamin Macpherson, Wm M
Lawrence, Robert Little, Chris Stephen Maddock, Joseph
Laws, Harry Norman Littlefair, George Maddren, Thos Hy
Laws, Robert Eland Littlefair, Marshall Mahon, A T
Lawson, C Littler, Thomas B Mallinson, Jos
Lawson, Charles W Lloyd, James Malone, John
Lawson, Thomas K Lloyd, Thomas Maloney, Hugh
Layburn, Fredk Lockington, Arthur Maloney, John
Layburn, Robert H Lofthouse, Harold Maloney, Patrick
Lazenby, William Lofthouse, Robt Hy Manders, John
Leach G W Logan, Charles Manen, John
Leavey, F Long, Patrick Mann, Joseph
Lee, Henry Longden, L H Mannifield, T D
Lee, Michael Longstaff, Geo Hy Mannifield, Thos
Lee, William Longstaff, J Mannifield, Tom
Leiper, Arthur Longstaff, Robert Manning, Dennis
Leith, John Henry Longstaff, Thomas Mannion, Charles
Lemmon, Thomas W Longstaff, Thomas W Maplethorpe, J T

Panel 13 (see also Photo)

Margorin, D Maughan, John McKenna, Jos W
Markley, Francis N May, Peter Brown McKernan, J
Marley, Walter Maybray, Wm Cecil McLane, Ernest
Marlow, J Mayes, Robert C McLane, Wilfred
Marriott, J W Mayhew, Richard McLaren, Geo Wm
Marron, Frank McAllister, John McLaren, Jack
Marron, James McArdle, Dennis McLaren, W
Marron, John T McAvoy, Frank McLeod, Donald
Marsden, Geo Wm McAvoy, Joseph McManus, E
Marsden, John McCabe, Patrick McManus, George
Marsden, Walter McCabe, Peter McManus, Thos S
Marsh, Fredk Wm McConkey, Robert McMullen, Joseph
Marsh, John Hy McCracken, J James McMullen, Thomas
Marshall, E H McCue, Michael McNally, Joseph
Marshall, Frank McCune, John McNamara, John
Marshall, George McCurk, T McNamara, Joseph
Marshall, L McDonald, J Wm McNamara, T E
Marshall, Robert Wm McDonald, Jos P McNamara, Thos
Marshall, Thos R McDonald, N McNamee, P
Martin, Albert E McDonald, Ronald G McNancy, John
Martin, Alfred McDonough, A McPherson, Alex
Martin, Amos Geo McElhatton, Charles McPhie, W
Martin, David McFarlane, Aleck McPhil, William
Martin, Ernest McFarlane, Alex McQuade, J
Martin, James McFarlane, Hector McQueen, John W
Martin, James McGann, William McQuire, J
Martin, James McGarrell, James McShane, James
Martin, Jas L McGeachy, William McTierman, John
Martin, John Edwd McGee, Frank Meads, Albert Edwd
Martin, Mark McGee, Henry Mealing, A
Martin, Wm Johnson McGlade, T Meaney, Henry
Marwood, Geo Hy McGrady, Thomas Meggison, Harry
Marwood, Harold R McGrail, Martin Melia, John
Mason, Fredk Wm McGrail, Patrick Melia, Patrick F
Mason, Henry McGrath, James Mellanby, Ernest W
Mason, Patrick J McGrath, S Mellon, P
Mason, William McGrath, Samuel G Mewse, William H
Massheder, J W McGrother, James Milburn, Robert N
Massheder, Wm Hy McGrother, John Mildred, Vivian L
Masters, A McGurk, Thomas Miller, A J
Matthews, John McHale, P Miller, Albert Guy
Matthews, Lewis McHugh, Michael Miller, C
Matson, Thomas F McKagney, Thomas Miller, Chas Wm
Matson, William McKee, William Miller, Robert

Panel 14 (see also Photo)

Milligan, James Morris, Herbert Nesbitt, Thomas
Millington, John Morrison, Donald Newbery, James
Mills, Alexander Morrison, George Newby, Charles
Mills, C C Morrison, Geo M Newsham, John R
Mills, Harold Morrison, Robert Nichols, James A
Mills, Hudson Morrison, Stephen Nichols, John J
Mills, Joseph Morrison, Thomas Nichols, Wm Hy
Mills, Robt Ernest Mortimer, T B Nicholson, C B
Mills, Samuel Morton, W Lyall Nicholson, H Wm
Milne, Norman Moseley, William Nicholson, J R
Mitchell, Albert Mossom, Arthur O Nicholson, Jas V
Mitchell, Andrew Mossom, Thomas S Nicholson, Wm
Mitchell, E Mossop, Joseph Nicholson, Wm B
Mitchell, Edwin Mount, Michael Nimmo, John
Mitchell, John R Mowbray, Ernest Nimmo, John Jos
Mitchell, TOM Mudd, Henry Nimmo, Tom
Mizon, W Mudd, Leonard Nixon, Thomas N
Mohan, Robert Murgatroyd, Jas Wm Noble, James A
Molineux, Wm Hy Murphy, John Nolan, John
Molloy, Peter Jos Murphy, John Jos Noon, Alexander
Molyneaux, H Murphy, Maurice Norlund, Richard
Monks, James Hy Murphy, Patrick Norris, Frederick W
Montague, Frank Murphy, Peter Northend, Harry
Moody, Fred Murray, Arthur Norwood, A
Mooney, Bernard Murray, James Norwood, Richard
Moore, George Murray, John Oakes, Charles
Moore, Jos Ed Myers, Edward Oakes, Frank
Moore, William C Myers, George W Oakley, Edward E
Moorhead, John Myers, J W Oakley, James
Moran, J J Myers, Joseph O'Boyle, John
Morgan, Ancel Myers, Robert Wm O'Brien, E
Morgan, Edward Myerson, N O'Brien Henry
Morgan, Fredk Myron, Maurice O'Brien, Patrick
Morgan, Henry Nancarrow, John V O'Brien, Peter
Morgan, Jas Narey, James O'Connell, Walter
Morgan, Jas Jos Naylor, John Wm O'Connor, Joseph
Morgan, Oswald Neale, W Harry O'Connor, Michael
Morgan, Owen O Neat, Frank Ogilvie, Arthur
Morgan, Walter Neesham, Richard O'Hara, John
Morgan, Wm Hy Nellis, William O'Hara, Joseph
Morgan, Wm Herbt Nelmer, N O'Hara, Martin
Morley, George Nelson, Charles O'Keefe, John
Morren, John Jas Nelson, Frederick Oldfield, Harry
Morris, Ebeneezer Nelson, Robert Oliphant, John

Panel 15 (see also Photo)

Oliver, Alfred Parry, William Perks, Frank
Oliver, James Arthur Parsons, Albert Perks, Harry
Oliver, Percy Parsons, Robert Perrett, Archie
Olone, John B Parsons, W Perrett, Joseph
O'Neill, Edward Patchett, Thomas Perris, Eric L
O'Neill, John Pateman, Fred Petch, William
O'Neill, Michael Paterson, Archibald J Peters, G N
O'Neill, N Patterson, Jack Peters, Norman
O'Neill, Thomas Patterson, Thos A Phillips, Frank S
O'Neill, William Patterson, Walter Phillips, Guy S
Opton, R W Pattison, Edward Phillips, Henry
Ord, John Pattison, George Ed Phillipson, Bert
Ord, John Intin Pattison, James Pickard, Bartholomew
O'Reilly, John Wm Pattison, John Pickering, F
Outhwaite, Geo Hy Pattison, Joseph R Pickering, Fredk Wm
Outhwaite, Raymond Pattison, William H Pickering, Wm Hy
Outlaw, Charles Patton, J Pickersgill, Hy Wm
Outlaw, John Paul, John Pierre, Peter
Ovington, Lawrence Pawass, William Pilgrim, Arthur Ed
Oxley, Ernest Paxton, Gerald A Pinchbeck, Albert H
Packer, Wm Henry Paylor, Matthew W Pinkney, Jack
Page, Alfred C Payne, Edward Pluck, Reuben
Page, David Arthur Peacock, Anthony W Plummer, Jonathan
Page, James William Peacock, Chris Plunkett, John
Pailor, M Peacock, George Wm Plunkett, John Ed
Painter, Arthur R G Peacock, H Plunkett, Joseph
Paley, Harry L Peacock, J Pockington, Arthur
Palison, Tom Peacock, John Robt Pollock, Aaron
Pape, Simeon Peacock, Thomas Pollock, James
Parker, F Pearce, H Pollock, William
Parker, George Pearce, James Vic Poole, A
Parker, Wilfred Pearce, Tom Poole, H P
Parker, William Pearson, William Porritt, Henry
Parkes, Albert Pearson, Wm Fredk Porritt, Henry H
Parkin, Chris Jas Pearson, Wiliam Hy Porritt, John Ernest
Parkin, Edward Peckover, Herbert Porteous, Thos W
Parkin, Henry M Peckston, Cuthbert J Porter, John B
Parkin, Morris Peckston, Robert Hy Porter, John Thos
Parks, William Peel, Joseph Porter, John Wm
Parnaby, Francis Peel, William Porter, Walter Hy
Parnell, R Pennington, Samuel Porter, William S
Parry, John Albt B Pennington, Thos W Porthouse, George A
Parry, Peter David Pennock, H T Poskett, John Geo
Parry, Thomas Percy, Herbert Andrew Poskitt, Fred

Panel 16 (see also Photo)

Postgate, George Rackstraw, J Richards, Harold
Postman, John Radigan, Thomas Richards, Samuel
Pottage, George E Raines, William Richardson, Ewart
Potter, Arthur S Raison, F Richardson, Geo H
Potter, Fredk Albert Ralph, Robert B Richardson, J L
Potter-Edwards, W Ramage, Allick Richardson, James
Pounder, George Ramsay, J Richardson, Joseph
Powell, Edward E Ramsay, Richard Richardson, M A
Powell, E F Raper, Albert E Richardson, R Wm
Powell, F Raper, Arthur Richardson, Samuel
Power, William Rawden, Alfred Richmond, Albt Ed
Powson, John Rawlings, John Wm Ridgeway, F
Powson, Joseph Rawlinson, George Ridley, P W
Prentice, Herbert Rawlinson, George L Ridley, T W
Pressick, J W Raywood, Charles Ridsdale, H N
Prest, A Read, C J Rigg, James
Prest, Fred Read, Thomas Riley, Charles
Price, Bernard Reader, W William Riley, Edward
Price, Harold E Readman, Henry Riley, Thomas
Price, Harry Readman, James W Riley, William
Price, John Readman, Joseph L Riley, Wm George
Price, John Robt Readman, Wm Ed Ripley, Wm Leonard
Price, John Wm Readman, Wm Hy Risley, Samuel F
Price, P B Readshaw, Herbert W Roberson, Jesse B
Price, Peter Reay, John Robert, J
Priestman, C Redfearn, Albert E Roberts, David
Prior, Frank Redman, Henry H Roberts, Jesse
Prior, Joseph Redman, Thos Hy Roberts, Michael
Prior, Walter Reece, Joseph Roberts, Robert
Prosser, John Reece, Walter Roberts, Thomas
Prosser, W Reed, Charles G Robertson, Alex
Prosser, W J Reed, Edward Robertson, J Wm
Proudlock, C Wm Reed, Thomas Robertson, Peter
Proudlock, David H Reed, W N Robertson, Wm
Prunty, J Regan, Edward Robertson, Wm S
Puckrin, Thomas Reid, James Robinson, Arthur
Punshon, Ralph Remmer, G A Robinson, Charles
Punt, John Renals, George Hy Robinson, Chas W
Purkiss, Reg Frank Rendall, William G Robinson, Edward
Quinn, Andrew Rennison, Arthur Robinson, Francis S
Quinn, Edward Rhodes, Albert Robinson, Frank
Quinn, John Jos Rhucroft, A Robinson, Geo W
Quinn, Matthew Rhucroft, Ernest Robinson, Harry
Quinn, Thomas Richards, George Robinson, John R

Panel 11 (see also Photo)

Robinson, John W Round, Enock Sawer, Thomas Hy
Robinson, Joseph Routledge, Alfred Scales, John Geo
Robinson, Joseph Rowden, Alfred Scales, Thomas
Robinson, Leslie L Rowe, J Scaley, George Ed
Robinson, Samuel C Rowe, John P Scarlett, Frank
Robinson, Thos Rowlands, A Scott, Alfred
Robinson, Thos E Rowlands, J W Scott, Frederick
Robinson, Thos F Rowlands, Tom E Scott, George Hy
Robinson, Thos Wm Rowlands, W Scott, Henry C
Robinson, William Rowley, Fredk Thos Scott, Joseph, Wm
Robinson, William A Rowntree, Geo Albert Scott, Percy
Robson, Albert Royer, Geo Arthur Scott, Walter
Robson, James Royle, W Screeney, Michael
Robson, John Hy Rudd, William W Screeney, Patrick
Robson, Mark Ruddy, Thomas Scrimgour, Ed A
Robson, Robert Ed Rudge, Reginald T Scruton, S
Robson, Stanley Rumens, Douglas Scuffham B S
Robson, Stephen Rumfitt, Harry Scurragh, E C
Robson, T O Rummings, D J Scurragh, Arthur R
Robson, Tom R Rush, B Seaman, Alfred W
Robson, W O Rutley, William Seaman, Arthur R
Roche, John Rutter, J Seaman, Geo R
Roddy, T Rutter, Thomas A Seaman, John Ed
Rodgers, A Rutter, William Seaman, T
Rodgers, Fredk Ryder, James F Seaman, Walter S
Rodgers, Harold Ryder, John E Searby, Fredk G
Rodgers, Jos A Ryder, Richard R Seaton, Albert J
Rodway, William H Ryder, Robert Wm Seaton, John E
Roe, John Rylatt, Albert H Seaton, J T
Roger, George A Rymer, James Seavers, George E
Rogers, Andrew Rymer, Robert Seed, George
Rogers, Arthur Saddington, N Seeley, Charles, Wm
Rogers, J Sails, J H Selkirk, Wm O
Rogers, James Salmon, John Sergeant, Charles
Rogers, John Sanders, F Settle, Harry
Rogers, John Jas Sanders, F T Shane, T
Rogers, John Wm Sanderson, A Shaughnessey, J M
Rogers, Joseph Sanderson, E Wm Shave, Edward
Rogowski, Arnold F Sanderson, Hy Shave, Harry
Rooke, Arthur E Sanderson, T George Shaw, Abraham
Rooney, Edward Sargent, S Shaw, Frank
Roper, George Saunders, Jas Wm Shaw, James
Rose, Samuel Saunders, Wm Shaw, John Edward
Roskelly, W N Saunders, Wm Hy Shaw, John Robert

Panel 18 (see also Photo)

Shaw, Raymond Geo Smith, Archibald Spears, S
Shaw, Walter Smith, Charles Spenslyh, A
Shaw, William Smith, Cooper Spiers, Robert
Shepherd, Wm Thos Smith, David B Springhall, Wm
Sherwood, Charles Smith, F Stabber, George
Shields, Hugh Smith, Frank Stamp, Arthur
Shields, Jacob Smith, Frederick D Standring, Benjamin
Shields, James Smith, George Stangroom, Herbert
Shields, John Wm Smith, George J Starling, Thomas
Shields, Richard T Smith, Herbert C Steel, Anthony S
Shildrick, Thomas Smith, Hugh Stellard, Joseph
Ship, Peter William Smith, Hugh Stephens, George
Shipp, James H Smith, Jack Stephens, W
Short, Diamond V Smith, Jim Stephenson, Ed
Short, Fred Smith, John Stephenson, Francis
Shutt, Edward Smith, John H Stephenson, H
Shutt, Ernest Chas Smith, John H Stephenson, J
Shutt, Harry Smith, John Robt Stephenson, J E
Shutt, Henry Smith, John Wm Stephenson, Robert
Shutt, Wm Anthony Smith, Joseph Stephenson, T Wm
Sidgwick, George Smith, Paul Stephenson, Thomas
Sigsworth, Chas B Smith, S R Stephnes, William
Sill, John Marley Smith, Sidney Stevens, John Hy
Simpson, Charles Smith, Thomas Stevenson, G W
Simpson, Ernest Smith, Thos Alfred Stevenson, John A
Simpson, Ernest C Smith, Tom Stewart, Adam
Simpson, James A Smith, Wilfred Stewart, Harold
Simpson, John Smith, William Ed Stewart, Joseph
Simpson, John A Smitheringdale, James Stewart, William
Simpson, Robert K Smithson, Chas E Stinton, William
Simpson, Robinson Smithson, John Stockton, Chris Wm
Simpson, Thos W Smithson, T H Stoddart, R
Singleton, Wm James Smurthwiate, James Stoddart, Ralph R
Skelton, Henry H Smurthwaite, T L Stonehouse, James
Skelton, John Snaith, Ralph Storey, George
Sleath, Thos Wm Sneaton, Thomas Storey, Henry
Smales, John Robt Snelson, Harold Storr, Harry
Smales, John Robt Snith, John Stott, Frederick
Smart, John Snowden, Geo Hy Stott, Reginald
Smith, Albert Sockett, James Stracey, Sidney
Smith, Albert Soulsby, Guy Strangeway, R
Smith, Alexandra South, Frank A Strongess, John H
Smith, Alfred Southern, Charles Stubley, J M
Smith, Andrew Sowerby, H Sturdy, F

Panel 19 (see also Photo)

Sturdy, W Theakston, J W Tinmouth, Robert
Sudron, Thomas E Thirkell, Geo Wm Toll, Henry L
Suffell, Harry Thomas, A Tolliday, J
Sugden, George Thomas, Fred Tolliday, J W
Suggitt, Fredk J Thomas, Geo L Tonkiss, James
Sullivan, J Thomas, Jack Toole, Arthur
Summerbell, John Thomas, John A Topham, John
Sumner, Albert Thomas, John Hy Townend, Chas
Surrey, Joseph Wm Thomas, Joseph Townend, Joseph
Swain, George E Thomas, William Townsend, Jim
Swales, C Thomason, T C Townsend, W T
Swales, Charles G Thompson, Alfred Townshend, E A
Swalwell, Isaac Thompson, F Jas Towse, Alfred
Swash, Wallace Thompson, F S Trainer, J W
Swatman, Thomas Thompson, H Trainor, John
Swift, Victor A B Thompson, Hy A Traynor, John Wm
Swinburne, B Reg Thompson, J T Trenchard, Geo
Sykes, Tom Thompson, J Jas Trevor, Percy
Symons, Charles Thompson, Jas Trewich, Daniel
Taggart, Jas Robt Thompson, Jos Trigg, Albert
Tait, George Thompson, Jos L Trigg, Arthur
Tate, Stanley J Thompson, Leonard Trodden, John
Tate, Walter Thompson, R Trott, James
Taylor, Albert Thompson, S Trousdale, A H
Taylor, Albert V Thompson, T M Trowsdale, Birtie
Taylor, Charles E Thompson, Thos Truefitt, Tom
Taylor, Charles J Thompson, Wm Ian Tudor, Charles
Taylor, Edward Thompson, W Isaac Tudor, Harry
Taylor, Fredk J Thornburn, Tom Tudor, J
Taylor, Herbert Thornburn, W Hy Tudor, John Hy
Taylor, John R Thornton, F Tuffs, Herbert
Taylor, Thomas Thornton, J F Tuley, Arthur
Taylor, Thos Kidd Thornton, P M Tupman, Robt Hy
Taylor, Vivian W Thurlow, Alfred G Tupman, Thomas
Taylor, William Thursfield, J T Turley, Edward
Taylor, Wm Thos Thurston, B J Turley, H
Teasdale, James Thurston, Leonard Turley, J
Teasdale, Robt Hy Tibbett, Thomas H Turley, John Richd
Telford, William Tiffen, John Edwn Turnbull, Henry
Temple, George Tighe, W R Turner, E
Templeton, Alex Timbury, Alfred Turner, Geo W
Theaker, Robert B Timmins, Frank Turner, John Jas
Theakston, Jas E Timney, Joseph Turner, William
Theakston, J Hy Tinkler, George Turpin, R A

Panel 20 (see also Photo)

Tutill, H Walton, James Ed Weall, Albert
Tweddle, Ernest Walton, W Wearmouth, Thomas
Tweddle, Stephen Walton, William Weatherall, James
Tweedy, William Walton, Wm Randell Weaver, Frederick
Tye, Arthur Wandless, Fredk Jas Webley, Harry
Tye, Charles Wanless, Harold Webster, George
Tyler, T W Wanless, Robert Webster, James Robt
Tyson, Frederick W Warburton, Geo A Wellburn, Robert
Tyson, William Ward, Alex Wells, Charles R
Unthank, Ralph Ward, Harry Wells, Charles R
Urwin, J G Ward, James Wells, Frederick
Usher, Ernest Ward, Joseph Wells, Fredk John
Usher, John Ward, Joseph Wells, George
Vallely, Walter Ward, Thomas Wells, John Jas
Varley, John H Ward, Wilfred Wells, Samuel Leo
Venables, Charles E Ward, William Ernest Welsh, A R
Vipond, William Wardrops, Sam Welsh, David
Wade, Arthur Warne, Cecil John Welsh, Thomas
Wade, Herbert Warner, Herbert A West, A
Wade, R Warwick, Albert Ed Weston, Henry
Wadrop, Samson Warwick, Arthur Westwood, George
Wainfor, N Warwick, Harry Westwood, James B
Wains, T H Warwick, J Westwood, James Wm
Walker, Cecil Warwick, Louis Westwood, Walter
Walker, Charles, Ed Warwick, R Wetherall, Henry
Walker, Charles H Wastell, Thomas Wm Wheelan, Timothy F F A
Walker, Daniel Waters, Leonard R Whelan, J
Walker, Frank Waters, Robert Whenray, Harry
Walker, Fred C Watkin, Walter Whisker, Newton
Walker, George M Watson, Alban Thos Whisker, William
Walker, George Wm Watson, Albert Whitaker, Mark
Walker, Harry Watson, Alfred Ed White, Alexander
Walker, Horner M Watson, Arthur White, Arthur
Walker, Joseph Watson, Charles White, Frederick
Walker, Joseph L Watson, George White, George
Walker, Robert Watson, George M White, Jesse
Walker, Thomas A Watson, J E White, Joseph
Walker, Tom Watson, James White, Richard
Waller, Alfred Jas Watson, James White, Robert B
Waller, John Wm Watson, John Hy White, Thomas
Walsh, J Watson, William White, W
Walsh, W Watters, Stanley M Whitehead, Albert
Walton, Ernest Watts, H Whitehead, Hunter
Walton, J Weale, Douglas T Whitehead, John T

Panel 21 (see also Photo)

Whitehead, W H G Williams, Joseph L Witham, Henry
Whitehouse, Harry Williams, Robert O Wood, Albert
Whitehouse, Henry Williams, T Wood, David
Whitelock, Jos W Williams, Thomas Wood, Edward
Whitewood, Harry Williams, W Wood, Ernest
Whitfield, Charles Williams, Walter L Wood, J J
Whitfield, Edgar Williams, William N Wood, Samuel
Whitfield, John Wm Willis, Arthur Wood, Stephen J E
Whitfield, Tom Willmore, Henry Wood, Thomas
Whitfield, Wm Thos Wilmshurst, W Wood, Thomas Hy
Whitworth, B Wilson, A Wood, Thomas S
Whyman, Charles W Wilson, Bernard H Wood, Wm Alfred
Whyte, Mick Wilson, Charles Wood, Wm Henry
Widdowfield, J U Wilson, D Woodhouse, Jas S
Widdowfield, Thomas Wilson, Herbert Woods, Joseph
Widdowson, Thos Wilson, L J Woods, Wm Henry
Wightman, William Wilson, Isaac C Woodward, Thomas
Wigley, Walter Wilson, Iva Woolnough, Nelson
Wignall, Henry Wilson, J A Worth, Frederick
Wilde, Frank Wilson, Jack Worthy, Geo Henry
Wilde, Frank T Wilson, James Worthy, J Ernest
Wilde, John Alfred Wilson, James Alex Worton, John Hy
Wildon, Mark Wilson, James Chris Worton, Wm Henry
Wiles, Edward Wilson, James O Wratten, George E
Wiles, James Wilson, John Wray, Alfred M
Wiles, Richard Wilson, John Wray, George
Wilkes, Will Wilson, John Arthur Wright, Albert Ed
Wilkinson, Ethl M E Wilson, John James Wright, E
Wilkinson, G H Wilson, Joseph D Wright, Herbert H
Willett, David Wilson, Matthew Wm Wright, Louis
Willett, James Ernest Wilson, Reginald Wright, Richard
Williams, Arthur Wilson, Robert Wright, Thomas P
Williams, Arthur Wilson, Thomas Wright, William R
Williams, Chas Ed Wilson, Thomas Wm Wycherley, George
Williams, Daniel Wilson, Wm Henry G Wyznais, Vincent
Williams, Evan Ed Windross, Albert Wm York, Alfred
Williams, Fredk Windross, E Young, A J
Williams, George O Winship, Richard Young, Albert
Williams, Harry Winspear, H A Young, Archie
Williams, Henry Winter, Lawrence Young, David
Williams, J Winterbottom, Wm Young, Frank
Williams, J W Wintersgill, G W Young, G
Williams, John Chas Wintle, William Youll, Gerge
Williams, John Thos Witham, Harold Yule, William
The 1939 - 1945 plaques behind the Memorial:

Panel 22 (see also Photo)

Alderson, Thomas T Cooke, Fred Foley, M
Armes, George A Copley, Benjamin Forbes, Alexander
Aston, George E Corner, George S Fothergill, R M
Audas, Joshua Cossey, W H Fowells Ernest B
Backhouse, Geo H Coulson, Joseph W Fox, Philip
Bacon, Charles Cousins, James Frost, Thomas
Bage, J R Cox, John Fryett, David
Baker, C Cox, William Gallagher, H W
Barrett, Frank G Craigie, Charles Garbutt, Robert S
Beckett, Charles E Crombie, George Garrett, Charles
Bell, William Fred Crowthers, Thos Garvey, Owen
Bell, R Curley, Thomas Gibbon S
Bennett, Robert H Dale, Arthur Gill, James
Bennett, James Wm Daley, Thomas Gilleeny, Michael
Benson, Joseph Wm Daly, John Goodings, Jackson
Best, R Darby, Lancelot Goodison, A
Birtley, Joseph Wm Darcy, John Gomez, J
Borke, Thos Jas Davies, Evan Graham, Austin
Bowers, Joseph Davies, W Graham, Fred
Bowman, Ernest Davison, James Graham, Hugh Duke
Brand, James R Delaney, Patrick Graham, John W M
Bray, Edwin Dobbs, John Graham, Matthew
Breckon, Arthur Dobie, William W Greaves, Edward
Briggs, George Wm Dobson, Geo Thos Greenfield, Wm T
Briggs, Ralph Donnelly, Michael Grewer, Charles H
Brogden, I A Dove, R Griffin, Cornelius
Brown, Charley Dowd, Daniel J Griffin, John
Brown, Walter Dowd, Arthur Hardcastle, E
Bullivant, W Doyle, Henry M Harding, James T
Burnside, William Driscoll, Francis A Hardstaff, Jack
Busby, Thomas W Drummond, James Hargreaves, Reg P
Bye, Thomas Dudley, R Harris, Arthur
Byrne, Patrick Duffield, J T Harrison, Wm D
Callaby, Arthur Duffy, Thomas Ed Harvey, Philip
Calvert, Thomas E Earl, Frederick H Hanratty, Chris B
Cameron, Charles Edwards, David Hawdon, Percy
Camp, James Albert Edwards, George Heaby, Thomas H
Campbell, J Edwards, William P Heath, Edward
Capps, Joseph Evans, Arthur Henry, Robert
Cartwright, Hy Evans, John Hill, Bertie Ernest
Cattermole, Jos E Fawcett, Harold R Hindmoor, Robert
Catterson, John Finkell, John B Hodgson, Albert E
Clare, John Geo Finnigan, John Hogg, Joseph M
Clarken, Alfred R Fleming, Joseph Holden, Thomas W
Collins, Harry Flintoff, Charles Holloway, Sidney C
Colmer, William Floyd, William H G Holman, Thos Ed

Holmes, William Lewis, Terence O
Holt, William Lewis, William
Hopson, G R Lincoln, E
Horton, Edwin Little, Christopher
Horton, Joseph P Lofthouse, T W
Horan, T Logan, Frank
Hoskins, Walter Long, Arthur
Howling, Francis R Longstaff, John W
Howroyd, J L Lucas, John W
Howxwell, J Lucas, Thomas
Hudson, Miles Lynas, R W
Hudson, Robert F Mack, William
Hudson, T W Malkinson, Joseph
Hughes, Alexander Mapplebeck, Thomas
Humphries, H March, John P
Hunt, G Markey, Patrick
Iley, C Marren, John
Irving, Robert Martin, Thomas
Jackson, Henry F Marwood, Thomas
Jackson, John R Mattimore, Frank
Jackson, John S Maurice, Fredk G
James, Henry Maybray, Alfred
Jaques, William McArdel, Fred
Jefferson, Wm Ed McBrine, William
Jenkins, Walter Mc Camley, James
Johnson, Robert H McCarty, Charles
Johnson, Tom Jas McDougall, G
Johnson, Wilfred R McFarlane, Geo D
Jones, Ernest McGowan, Edward
Jones, E Albert McGrath, Michael
Jordan, William McGuiness, P
Keating, James B McIntyre, M
Keegan, Thomas McNicholas, J
Keenan, J McQueeney, Andrew
Kelly, Alphonsus McQueen, Peter
Kelly, John Joseph Meynell,John W
Kerrigan, Stephen Moore, George
Kerrigan, M Morgan, Edwin
Kilcran, Theodore Morgan, John Wm
Kilvington, James E Morgan, Llewellyn
King, Peter Morley, Edward C
Kinlin, Richard Mote, Walter J R
Kirby, John Reed Mothersill, Fredk C
Kirkman, Wm P Mulligan, Francis
Knaggs, C F Munro, William
Knott, George Murphy, James
Laheney, Michael Murray, Andrew
Lake, Charles E Myers, Howard Wm
Lake, John W Nelson, Alex
Larry, George Nelson, M
Latheron, Wm B Nelson, Thomas H
Latheron, W C Nelson, Walter
Lawton, John Ed Newbold, William
Lee, George Edward Newbould, James
Lee, J Newton, M H
Levy, Philip Marcus Nichols, Isaac H
Lewis, John Thomas Nugent, George

Panel 23 (see also Photo)

Nunn, Frederick W Stephenson, Thos
O'Brien, Dennis Stevenson, William
O'Hara, Frank Stimpson, John Bow
O'Hara James Stimpson, Thomas
O'Hara, Michael Stockdale, G
O'Key, George Stolweather, H
Oliver, John Wm Stubley, Joseph
O'Neill, James Ed Swift, John
O'Rourke, John Swift, Jos
Osborne, William A Tann, Benjamin
O'Toole, Arthur Teasdale, Samuel
Overill, Joseph Teece, William H
Oxley, Thomas Wm Thomas, Thomas H
Pacitto, Domenico Thompson, George B
Pain, Isaac Thompson, Ralph
Peacock, Edward Thornton, Samuel
Pearce, Frederick P Trewren, John B
Pennock, John A Trigg, Harry
Perks, John T F Tyler, Edward E A
Pipe, Samuel George Wadsworth, A
Porter, J Wadsworth, Chas
Pottle, James Waland, George T
Prest, Lancelot Walker, James
Prosser, William P Walker, Bertram
Prunty, Dominic Walker, Herbert N
Prunty, John Thos Walker, J E
Purvis, John R Walker, T H
Rankin, John H W Wales, Thomas S
Ratcliff, T H Walley, Leonard
Richardson, George Ward, Arthur P
Rider, R G Ward, Joseph Wm
Righton, Richard Warwick, John R
Robinson, F Waterworth, Ed
Robson, Bert Watson, John R
Rogers, John Watson, Richard
Rounce, Charles Watt, John
Samuels, Edward Watt, John
Samuels, Frederick Weatherill, H
Saunders, John Webster, Chris
Scaife, J Weightman, John T
Sharp, Thomas Welsh, C
Shaw, Stanley A White, William Ed
Smith, Robert Whitfield, H C
Smith, Robert Henry Whitchurch, Arthur
Smith, John Wilemore, Reginald
Smith, Patrick Wilkinson, James
Smithies, Sydney Wilson, Percy
Smithson, T Wilson, Thomas Wm
Smollan, David Wood, John Henry
Sowerby, Ernest E Wood, John Wm
Spensley, Algar W L Wormald, Samuel
Stainthorpe, Wm H Worton, Harry
Stevens, Edward Wray, Harry
Stevens, John Wright, John Chas
Stephenson, Edward Wright, Lewis H
Stephenson, Jos E Youles, W D
Dunn, Harold  

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson