Middleton Tyas, Rectors transcription


Middleton Tyas parish:

Middleton Tyas, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in St. Michael's Church, Middleton Tyas.


Before the Conquest the Church was given to St.Mary's Abbey, York, by Ughtred son of Ulf,
owner of Kneeton, Middleton and Moulton. After the Dissolution of the Monasteries the advow-
son was held by the Crown till 1860, when it was transferred to the Bishop of Ripon.
This list, compiled by Rev. W. Oliver, Rector of Rokeby, is necessarily incomplete in the earlier

29th October 1362John de Norton, John Rudstane
6th March 1433John Pacock
11th June 1439Will Thorbrugh
29th March 1451John Danby
February 1524William Trysterham, William Sargonson, curate
1535Nicholas Smythson [of Cowton Grange]
1548Christopher Blenkyson
1548Rob Thomson
Parish Register Begins 1539. No entries in the reign of Queen Mary.
10th January 1568George Hutchenson
15th September 1585James Hawksworth
22 September 1628Robert Carr
The Commonwealth, during which the ordered life of the Church was interrupted by Puritan invasion.
20th March 1672David Whilford
10th December 1674George Bruce
20th March 1690Robert Ruddam
31st March 1713William Dobson
29th March 1717Mordecai Cary
10th May 1717George Bell
1st November 1731John Mawer
10th December 1763Daniel Watson
22nd February 1804Sir George Burrard, Bart. Vicar of 3 other parishes in the South.
13th December 1856James Stevenson Blackwood, LL.D.
1861School built. 1867 Church restored.
23rd July 1874John Hutton Pollexfen, M.A.
26th January 1900Ernest Ayscough Stockdale, B.A.
17th September 1936William Edward Smith
24th September 1940Bernard Scott Cockin, M.A.
9th October 1943Edward Boscawen Aylmer Somerset, M.A.
1946 - 1962Lewis Percival Milnes, M.A. [Vicar of Middleton Tyas]
1962 - 1975Donald Rees Broom, M.A., BD, [Parish held in plurality with Barton
Vicar resident in Barton]
1975 - 1981Jeremy Nicholas Orkney Horton, [Vicar of Middleton Tyas with
Melsonby 1975-78. 1978-81 also priest in charge of Croft and
1981 - 1990Richard Thomas Cooper, B.A. [Priest in charge of Middleton Tyas,
Croft, and Eryholme]
1991 - 1995David John Hopkinson [Rector of Middleton Tyas with Croft and
1995 - John Wraight, B.A., Dip. Th. Rector United Parish
Middleton Tyas with Croft and Eryholme.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson