Myton upon Swale, Incumbents transcription


Myton upon Swale parish:

Myton upon Swale, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in St. Mary's Church, Skelton in Cleveland.

Rectors * Vicars * Curates

of Myton-on-Swale

Reign Date Rectors Patron Curate
Willm I 1077 Edmund Metcalf
Edward I 1303 Thomas de Acum "St.Mary's Abbey, York"
Edward III 1330  de Tollerton "St.Mary's Abbey, York"
Edward III 1331 John of Myton "St.Mary's Abbey, York"
Edward III 1367 Thomas Wm. De Brompton "St.Mary's Abbey, York"
Hnry VIII 1541 Thomas Dale King Henry VIII (Vicars Stipend £6p.d)
Elizabeth 1572 Thomas Richardson Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth 1575 "Thomas Sucklemore, M.A." Archbishop of York
Elizabeth 1586 Thomas Gurley Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth 1599 John Squire Archbishop of York
James I 1616 "Tobias Willys, M.A." Archbishop of York
James I 1618 "Adolphus Betson, pbt." Archbishop of York (His Register entries are in Latin)
Comnwlth 1655 Robert Walters Archbishop of York
Comnwlth 1656 R.Rymere Archbishop of York
Comnwlth 1656 John Bonchier Archbishop of York
Comnwlth 1659 Chr. Anthony ? Archbishop of York
Charles II 1666 Michael Abbot Archbishop of York
James II 1688 Samuel Pawson Archbishop of York
George II - Ed. Brathwait (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York
George II 1736? Henry Hird Archbishop of York
George II 1756 Henry Hird (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York W.Dalla
George II 1776 Henry Hird (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York W.Jackson
George II 1790 John Carter (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York
George III 1793 John Carter (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York F.Jennings
George III 1797 John Carter (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York Francis Allen
George III 1798 John Carter (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York Issac Cook
George III 1802 Robert Bree Archbishop of York
George III 1805 Robert Bree (dated 7 Jan 1735) Archbishop of York J.Wilkinson
George III 1810 Robert Bree (dated 7 Jan 1735) Archbishop of York John Husband
George III 1820 R.S.Thompson Archbishop of York
George IV 1821 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York Wm.Campbell
George IV 1826 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York E.Richardson
George IV 1826 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York F.H.Barber
Willm IV 1832 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York John Lawson
Willm IV 1835 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York E.Hey Bree
Victoria 1844 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York W.Cokett
Victoria 1845 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York George Dundas
Victoria 1852 R.S.Thompson (dated 7 Jan.1735) Archbishop of York George Husband
Victoria 1854 Edward Leash Archbishop of York (Last Minister to live in the Old Vicarage)
Victoria 1862 Ralph Oldham Archbishop of York (First Minister to live in the New Vicarage)
Victoria 1883 H.F.Benwell Archbishop of York
Victoria 1887 Saml S.Skene Archbishop of York
Edward VIII 1902 A.J.Thompson Archbishop of York
Edward VIII 1907 J.R.Bradshaw Archbishop of York
George V 1922 R.J.Hewitt Archbishop of York
George V 1931 John Barney Archbishop of York
George VI 1937 "J.Hamish Mackenzie, M.A., LlB" Archbishop of York (Last Vicar to live at Myton)
Elizabeth II 1953 Arthur Garbutt from 1957 Sir Clive Milne Coates (The United Benefice of Brafferton with
Pilmoor-Myton on Swale)
Elizabeth II 1962 "S.S.Thistlewood, M.A." Sir Clive Milne Coates
Elizabeth II 1965 C.C.Forster Sir Clive Milne Coates
Elizabeth II 1973 D.L.E.Berry Sir Clive Milne Coates
Elizabeth II 1979 J.D.Harris Douglas from 1984 The Milne Coates Trustees and the Archbishop of York (The United Benefice of Brafferson with
Pilmoor & Myton on Swale and Thorneley)

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson