Where are they? Places in the North Riding of Yorkshire

The following places appear in at least one of the books that I used to generate the ancient parish pages for the North Riding of Yorkshire (such as Langdale's Topographical Yorkshire dictionary). My problem is that although I have rough locations for these, I cannot actually locate them on a modern map. This may be simply because I missed them or because (for instance) they refer to a single house and the name has since changed or it has even been demolished.

Any help with the locations of these would be much appreciated. Please check that the description of the place agrees with any information you send, a link to the relevant ancient parish where the rough location and a description is to be found for the place is given alongside each of the place names.

If possible, please give me an Ordance Survey Grid reference or a reference from www.streetmap.co.uk or other map site as this saves me a lot of time trying to follow descriptions of where places are.
If you can help, please use the "Find Help, report problems" link at the bottom of the page.
Many thanks, Colin Hinson.

Total number of places with no Landranger Grid references = 36.