Normanby, Rectors transcription


Normanby parish:


Normanby, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors and Patrons to 1953 in St. Andrew's Church, Normanby.

The Calendar of the Rectors and Patrons of Normanby

26th December 1228Henry of Richmond Cl.Abbot and Canons of St. Archbishop's Register
31st July 1282Henry of Spannton Subd.Mary's Abbey York Archbishop's Register
23rd September 1295Gilbert of Stapilton Diac.do Archbishop's Register
6th October 1313Richard of Bossale Pbr.doResignation of Gilbert of StapiltonArchbishop's Register
20th June 1315Richard of Berg Cl.do Archbishop's Register
18th September 1349William Mowbray Cl.doDeath of Richard of BergArchbishop's Register
4th April 1410William Gold Pbr.doDeath of William MowbrayArchbishop's Register
17th April 1422Francis Donnynge Pbr.doResignation of William GoldArchbishop's Register
12th October 1442Robert Stephenson Cap.doResignation of Francis DonnyngeArchbishop's Register
William Hessedo Torre's MSS
23 January 1467-8William Hesse Cap.doDeath of William HesseArchbishop's Register
16th December 1480William Skelton Cap.doResignation of William HesseArchbishop's Register
28th May 1485Robert Stockall Cap.doResignation of William SkeltonArchbishop's Register
24th January 1512-13William Baynes Pbr * Resignation of Robert StockallArchbishop's Register
25th April 1540Thomas Capelman *Thomas Hintoft by Grant from
the Abbot and Canons
Death of William BaynesArchbishop's Register
30th October 1543Edmund Baynes Pbr.William Ramsden, gent.Death of Thomas CapelmanArchbishop's Register
11th August 1556John Wood Cl.Robert Meril, Sergeant at lawCession of Edmund BaynesArchbishop's Register
13th November 1572William Smyth Cl.Roger MerilDeath of John WoodArchbishop's Register
29th June 1579Richard Slater Cl.Christopher HayleResignation of William SmythArchbishop's Register
10th April 1615Michael Willan Cl.Phineas HodsonCession of Richard Slater for
the Vicarage of Normanton
Archbishop's Register
Robert Staveley  Torre's MSS
10th October 1661Daniel Bushell Cl.Edward BeancockeResignation of Robert StaveleyArchbishop's Register
31st October 1671Nicolas Grey Cl. *John Hill, Esq.Death of Daniel BushellArchbishop's Register
25th February 1701-02Christopher Bowes Cl. *Archbishop of York, by lapseDeath of Nicolas GreyArchbishop's Register
12th October 1719Richard HillJohn Hill, Esq.Death of Christopher BowesArchbishop's Register
22nd May 1724Thomas MasonJohn Hill, Esq. Dean and Chapler Register
30th April 1745Thomas LangstaffJohn Hill, Esq.Death of Thomas MasonArchbishop's Register
20th August 1762Richard BrownJohn Hill, Esq.Death of Thomas LangstaffArchbishop's Register
1st February 1814Arthur CayleyArthur CayleyDeath of Richard BrownArchbishop's Register
26th May 1848James Hill *Richard Hill Esq.Death of Arthur CayleyArchbishop's Register
12th February 1894Reginald James HillRev. John Richard HillDeath of James HillArchbishop's Register
18th October 1897Edward Harley Molineux Jackson *John Voller, Esq.Resignation of Reginald James HillArchbishop's Register
25th April 1927John Edward Norman JacksonRev. E H M Jackson,
Hannah Maria Jackson
Death of Edward H M JacksonArchbishop's Register
Abbreviations - Cl. Clerk; Subd. Sub-Deacon; Diac. Deacon; Pbr. Presbyter; Cap. Chaplain.
* Buried at Normanby
17th November 1932Marmaduke Frederick Thomas SwalwellHannah Maria JacksonResignation of J E N JacksonArchbishop's Register
16 November 1953Anthony Simpson Hornby -Canon of YorkJohn Edward Norman JacksonResignation of M F T SwalwellArchbishop's Register

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson