Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.




Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: NORTHALLERTON.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Peculiar. Vicarage in charge.

Area, 13,100 acres. Allertonshire wapentake. Population, 5,118 *1; Church-room, 1,000; Net value, £697. -This Church, in which was a Chantry, has belonged, time out of mind, to the Priory of Durham ; to which it was appropriated, and a Vicarage ordained therein.

At the Dissolution, the patronage came to the Dean and Chapter of Durham, who have presented ever since.

Torre does not give the Ordination. The first Vicar named in his catalogue was instituted in 1267.

Valued in Pope Nicholas's taxation, at £53. 6s. 8d.; Nova Tax, £13. 6s. 8d.; Vicaria ejusdem, £20; Nova Tax, £6. 13s. 4d.; and in the King's Books at 171.

10s. 6d. per annum, after deducting 20s. for a pension to the College of Durham.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1593. C hasm, 1641-1652. -Vide transcript at Northallerton.

A mortgage of £208. 17s. 6d. under Gilbert's Act, will cease in 1847.

" Our Church is endowed, (as plainly appears by an old Cart. [No. III.] belonging to the Cathedral Church at Durham), with all tithes, except those of corn, and all tithes whatever else have been constantly paid. The Vicarage is above the value of £30." Signed, " Charles Neile, Vic." -Notitia Parochialis, No. 804.

Gild, there was a gild or fraternity instituted in the parish Church of Northallerton, to which, on 9th June A.D. 1441, an indulgence was granted by John Archbishop of York, of a hundred days relaxation of penance, enjoined to all such who liberally contributed to the honor and consecration of the said gild, or to those who resorted thereunto, upon the account of devotion of those saints, in whose honour and memory it was celebrated.

St. James's Hospital. There was an hospital dedicated to the honour of St. James juxta Northallerton, the revenues whereof were valued at the Dissolution at £56 per annum.

Maison Dieu Hospital. Founded by deed, dated 1st October 1476, by Richard Moore. Endowment, 15a. 1r. 15p. of land. Nine widows reside in the hospital, who are appointed by the select vestry, and each of them receives an annual stipend of £4; and a further sum of 13s. 4d. is divided between four of the inmates. The remainder of the rents, after providing for repairs, is given in coals, or otherwise distributed at Christmas, amongst the widows.

The Free School. Origin unknown -but it is understood to he a grammar school, open to the reception of four free scholars, being children of poor parents belonging to the parish. The Vicar is patron. Endowment, house and school room, 3A. 3r. of land, Crown rent of £1. 15s. 8d. per annum, and £1 per annum rent charge left by John Eshall and his wife.

Francis Hayes's charity, by will, dated 20th June 1624. rent charge of £10 per annum, for four poor widows, two to be of Northallerton and two of Brompton.

John and Jane Eshall's rent charge of 40s. per annum to the poor.

John Kettlewell's charity, by deed, dated 9th March 1694. Rent of eighty acres of land. 50s. per annum to be laid out in Bibles, Prayer-Books, and the Whole Duty of Man, or other books of practical divinity, to be distributed by the Incumbent among the poor of North- allerton and Brompton. £5 per annum, for physic for such poor persons as are not rated to the Church or Poor Assessment. £5 per annum for poor widows who duly frequent the Church. £4 per annum for teaching poor boys to read, write, and cast accounts, and poor girls to knit and sew. £6 per annum, for apprenticing a poor boy who can read, write, and cast accounts, orphans to be preferred; the surplus to be laid out as the Minister, or any two inhabitants chosen, one from Northallerton and one from Brompton, shall direct, or else in setting up in trade some one who has been apprenticed, and buying him work tools, not to exceed 40s. for each apprentice ; or in maintaining a youth at one of the Universities for four years. No call has been made for many years for the maintenance of a scholar at either University. The sum of £36 per annum is now applied for the purposes of education, viz.; £20 for Northallerton, and £16 for Brompton ; the former is applied in aid of the national school, and ten boys and ten girls are taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, and the girls to sew, but a quarterage of 3s. 6d. for the boys, and 1s. for the girls is charged.

About £14 or £15 per annum is expended in finding clothing for poor people ; money is now given to the poor in time of sickness in lieu of medicine.

Elizabeth Raines's charity, by, deed, dated 15th October 1737. Rent of eleven acres of land, distributed as follows : viz. £1. 6s. 6d. in paying a fee farm rent thereout ; 20s. to the poor of Romanby ; 12s. 6d. for gloves for the Minister and Churchwardens ; £3. 4s. for teaching four poor children of Northallerton reading, writing, and arithmetic ; £1 to the parents of such children for clothing ; £11. 4s. in bread, and the residue in money among poor housekeepers, at the discretion of the Minister and Churchwardens.

Lady Calverley's charity, vide general Charities. £10 per annum to the poor. -Vide 8th Report, page 697.

A post town.

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*1 Viz. Brompton, 1,510; Deighton, 146; Northallerton, (including Lazenby, 12, extra parochial,) 3,004 ; Romanby, 325 ; High Wor. sall, 133.

Other information:
There was formerly a Chapel at Romanby.

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