Northallerton Directory of Trades and Professions for 1829


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for NORTHALLERTON in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,
  • Northallerton, Henry Hirst, Post Master.
  • Letters for London and the South and West are despatched, by the Royal Mail (from Edinburgh) every morning at three, and arrive every night at five minutes past ten.
  • Letters for the North are despatched every night at five minutes past ten, and arrive every morning at three.
  • A Packet is despatched to Bedale, Catterick, Richmond and Wensleydale, every morning at half-past three
Gentry & Clergy,
  • Armitage William, esq. Newby Wiske
  • Beckett Rev. Wilson, Danby Wiske
  • Burdon George, esq. Hornby Grange
  • Cust Rev. William, Danby Wiske
  • Dent Rev. William, Crosby
  • Duncomb Rev. Henry, Sigston
  • Filer Rev. ---, Brompton
  • Hutton John, esq. Sober hill
  • Kennicott Rev. Richard Dutton
  • Peirse Richard William, esq. Thimbleby lodge
  • Redfern Francis, gent. Langton lodge
  • Tower Henry, esq. Hulton Bonville
  • Townsend Rev. George, Northallerton
  • Welbank William, esq. Northallerton
  • Wormald Henry, esq. Sober hill
Academies & Schools,
  • The names without address are in Northallerton.
  • Caton Mary and Agnes (ladies' boarding and day),
  • Endowed Grammar School-Rev. J. Bowness, master
  • Grammar School -Christopher & Margaret Shires, master & mistress
  • Mitchell Mary (girls' day)
  • Wright Elizabeth, (ladies boarding & day)
  • Dobson Christopher
  • Fielding Gabriel
  • Hurst Henry
  • Walker John
  • Walton John Sanders (and deputy registrar for the north riding)
  • Bowman Thomas
  • Flower Thomas
  • Masterman Thomas
Bakers & Flour Dealers,
  • Kingston David
  • Metcalf Enos
  • Ward John
  • Fletcher, Stubbs & Co. (Boroughbridge Branch-draw on Sir Richard Carr Glyn & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank--William Welbank, esq. secretary
  • Garrett Robert
  • Lowther John, Brompton
  • Pape John
  • Snowball William
  • Stantrop William, Brompton
  • Thompson Thomas, Brompton
Booksellers & Printers,
  • Langdale Christopher (& druggist)
  • Metcalfe John
Boot & Shoe Makers,
  • Benson John, Chapel yard
  • Bt own William
  • Clarkson Samuel
  • Gargett George, Brompton
  • Hill William
  • Lambert Thomas
  • Peckitt Thomas
  • Raw David
  • Suckett George, Brompton
  • Wilson Christopher
Brick & Tile Makers,
  • Remmer Thomas
  • Wilson Thomas
  • Dixon John
  • Kingston John, jun.
  • Smith John
  • Storken Mark, Brompton
Cabinet Makers,
  • Breckin Thomas (& upholsterer)
  • Chapman James
  • Raw Christopher
  • Robinson William
  • Snowdon Robert (& upholsterer)
  • Tanfield William (& upholsterer)
  • Goldsborough Jonathan
  • Johnson James, Brompton
  • Lodge Robert
  • M'Lean William, Brompton
  • Pearson Thomas
  • Wilson John
Chymists &-Druggists,
  • Dixon Thomas
  • Robinson John (& tea dealer)
  • Broad Mary
  • Todd Susan
  • Walker John
  • Wilson John
  • Carver William
  • Smith Timothy
  • Tanfield John
Curriers and Leather Cutters,
  • Dixon William
  • Hamilton Thomas
  • Harrison Thomas
  • Pearson Robert, Brompton
  • Taylor Robert
Fire, &c. Office Agents,
  • County (fire) and Provident (life) Robert Hare
  • Guardian (fire and life) Joseph Clemishaw
  • Royal Exchange Thomas Watson
  • Union (fire & life) James, Langdale
Grocers & Tea Dealers,
  • Ayre George
  • Buck William
  • Hall William
  • Hare Robert (& tallow chandler)
  • Marshall Launcelot (& tallow chandler)
  • Peacock Jonathan
  • Russell Nathaniel
  • Wilford Aaron, Brompton
  • Wilson Thomas
Hair Dressers,
  • Gamble Thomas
  • Gibson George
  • Lamb Matthew
  • Black Bull, Robert Smith
  • Golden Lion (posting) Francis Hirst
  • King's Head (commercial & posting) Elizabeth Scott
  • Hunter Thomas
  • Walbran Henry
Joiners & Carpenters,
  • Biella Henry, Brompton
  • Broad Thomas
  • Chapman James
  • Metcalf John
  • Stoker George
Linen & Woollen Drapers,
  • Appleton "Thomas
  • Dixon Luke
  • Jackson George
  • Naisbit Thomas
  • Peacock Thomas
  • Punderson Jabez
  • Tutin John
  • Wigfield Jonathan (& hatter)
Linen Manufacturers,
  • Jackson George
  • Pearson William
  • Puddison John, Brompton
  • Punderson Jabez
  • Ramshaw Thomas, Brompton
  • Russell Nathaniel
  • Tireman John, Brompton
  • Wilford John, Brompton
  • Wilson George, Brompton
  • Chapman Elizabeth
  • Masterman Jacobina
  • Metcalf Mary
Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers,
  • Reed John (and glider)
  • Russell Simeon
  • Tennant James
Rope & Twine Makers,
  • Best John
  • Thompson William
  • Watson Thomas (& maltster),
Saddlers and Harness Makers,
  • Lunn Thomas
  • Masterman George
  • Watson James
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,
  • Barnett Jane
  • Bateman Mary
  • Byers Elizabeth
  • Clark Stephen, Brompton
  • Clemishaw Joseph
  • Hamilton Mary
  • Holmes John
  • Kingston David
  • Tanfield John
  • Thompson Robert
  • Walker Charles
  • Wilkinson James
  • Wilson James, Brompton
Straw Hat Makers,
  • Masterman Jacobina
  • Metcalf Henry
  • Pearson Sarah
  • Wheldon Jemima
  • Dighton William & Christopher
  • Hodgson Robert,
  • Lincoln Johnson
  • Morriss ---, Brompton
  • Oastler William
  • Barnett John
  • Britton John, Chapel yard
  • Holmes John
  • Wheldon Thomas
Taverns & Public Houses,
  • Black Swan, John Simeson
  • Brown Cow, William Pearson, Brompton;
  • Buck, Thomas Wright
  • Crown, James Dodsworth, Brampton
  • Durham Ox, Robert Thompson
  • Fleece, Ann Guthrie
  • George, Dorothy Clidero
  • George & Dragon, John Best
  • King's Arms, William Smith
  • Lord Nelson, Thomas Walker
  • Masons' Arms, William Burton
  • New Inn, William Humphreys
  • Old Golden Lion, John Careless
  • Pack Horse, Lucy Simpson
  • Rose & Crown, George Chapman
  • Ship, Thomas Wood
  • Three Horse Shoes, Jonathan Lowther, Brompton
  • Wagon & Horses, Thomas Pearson
  • Weavers' Arms, Jonathan Whitaker, Brompton
  • White Horse, William Grundy
Watch & Clock Makers,
  • Hepton William
  • Tesseyman George (& jeweller)
  • Flower James
  • Harman Samuel
Wine & Spirit Merchants,
  • Barker, Thomas
  • Peacock William
  • Thompson Isaac
  • Betteney Mary, earthenware dealer
  • Carter Edward, fellmonger
  • Dale Henry, chain & buckle maker
  • Elgey George, corn miller
  • Harmer Thomas, glover
  • King Leonard, wholesale brewer
  • Marshall William, architect & surveyor
  • Metcalf William, stone mason
Register Office For The North riding,
  • Jonathan Sanders, dep. registrar
  • Robinson George, geer & slay maker
  • Russell Simeon, tin-plate worker
  • Sedgwick Henry, tanner
  • Snowball Robert, whitesmith
  • Spencer Charles, gun & pistol maker
  • Walker Matthew, basket maker
  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Edinburgh) calls at the Golden Lion, King's Head & Black Bull inns, alternate months, at a quarter before three in the morning- Highflyer (from Newcastle) calls at the Golden Lion & King's Head Inns, alternate months every afternoon at half-past two-and the Wellington (from Newcastle) calls at the Golden Lion Inn, every morning at a quarter before twelve.
  • To Beale, the Cleaveland Coach (from Redcar) calls at the Golden Lion Inn, every morn. during the season at eleven.
  • To Edinburgh, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Golden Lion, King's Head & Black Bull Inns, alternate months, at ten in the evening.
  • To Newcastle, the Express from York) calls at the Golden Lion & King's Head Inns, every afternoon at one-the Highflyer (from London) calls at the same Inns, alternate months, at two in the afternoon-the Wellington (from London) calls at the Golden Lion, every evening at half-past ten.
  • To Redcar, the Cleaveland Coach (from Bedale) calls at the Golden Lion Inn, every aftern. during the season at eleven.
  • To York, the Express (from Newcastle) calls at the Golden Lion & King's Head Inns, every evening at five.
  • To London, Thirsk, Easingwold, York, Hull, Selby, Nottingham, Leicester, Darlington, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Edin Burgh, Glasgow, Penrith & Carlisle, Richard Pickersgill's Wagons, leave the Old Golden Lion, daily,
  • To Bedale & Masham, William Pearson's Cart, leaves his residence, Brompton, every Tuesday and Friday.
  • To Darlington & Newcastle, Samuel Briggs Wagon (from Sowerby) calls at the Oak Tree, every Monday & Thursday-Hobson and Co.'s, Wagon (from Leeds) calls at the Old Golden Lion, every Sanday, Tuesday, Wednesday. & Friday evenings-and Francis Pickersgill, from the Pack Horse, every Wednesday & Sat. afternoons at three.
  • To Leeds, Hobson and Co.'s Wagon, calls at the Old Golden Lion, every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday evenings-William Pearson's Cart, from his residence, Brompton, every Tues, day-Francis Pickersgill's Wagon, leaves the Pack Horse, every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon-& Widow Webb and Sons, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Monday, Thursday & Friday.
  • To Newcastle, Widow Welsh and Sons' Wagon, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Sowerby, Samuel Briggs' Wagon from Darlington) call's at the Oak Tree, every Wednesday & Saturday.
  • To Thirsk, Stockton, Stokes- Ley, Richmond and Bedale, John Snowball's Cart, every week.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003