Northallerton Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for NORTHALLERTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • Parish Church (All Saints') - Rev. B. C. Caffin, M.A., vicar; Rev. J. H. Bardsley, curate. Service, Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Wednesday, 10-0 am.; Friday, 7-30 p.m.; Joseph Naylor, parish clerk
  • Catholic - Rev. J. A. Butler, of Aiskew, Bedale, officiates. Service every alternate Sunday, at 11-0 a.m.
  • Congregational - Rev. J. W. Parsons, minister. Service, Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Wednesday, 7-30 p.m.
  • Wesleyan Methodist - Rev. John Harris, Northallerton, and Rev. Robert Dixon, Brompton, ministers. Service, Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Friday, 7-0 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist - Rev. Chris. Longstaff, Brompton, minister. Service, Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Wednesday, 7-30 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Chairman of Quarter Sessions - The Hon. John C. Dundas
  • Deputy Learned Steward of the Manor - W. T. Jefferson, Esq.
  • Learned Steward of the Manor - Alfred de Bock Porter Esq. (secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners)
  • Lords and Chief Bailiffs of the Liberty - The Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England
  • Member for the Northallerton Division of the North Riding County Council - John Hutton, Esq.

Miscellany of trades
  • Aikenhead R., Esq., Otterington hall
  • Brown D., Esq., Arncliffe hall
  • Brown W., Esq., Trenholme
  • Edwards L.P., Esq., Crosby court
  • Elliot G.W., Esq., M.P., Scruton hall
  • Emerson J.J, Esq., Manor house, Deighton
  • Godman Lieut-Col. A. F., Smeaton manor
  • Hildyard J.A., Esq., Hutton Bonville
  • Hodgson J., Esq., The Lodge
  • Horsfall T.G., Esq., Hornby grange
  • Hutton J., Esq., Sowber gate
  • Jefferson W.T., solr., clerk to the magistrates
  • Johnson W., Esq., Rounton grange
  • Orde-Powlett A.C.T., Esq., Ainderby hall
  • Rutson A.O., Esq., Newby Wiske
  • Rutson H., Esq., Newby Wiske
  • Rutson J., Esq., Newby Wiske
  • Ven. Archdeacon Cust, Danby hill
  • Wilford B., Esq., Brompton, R.S.O.

Petty Sessions.
  • The Petty Sessions for the Division of Allertonshire are held in the North Riding Court House every Wednesday, at 11 a.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • County Court - His Honour Edmond Robert Turner, Saltburn, judge; W. T. Jefferson, registrar and high bailiff; T. Wetherill, North end, assistant bailiff; G. J. Robinson, bailiff appointed under the Law of Distress Amendment Act (1888). The court is held in the North Riding Court House
  • Her Majesty's Prison - Capt. Gardner, governor; Rev. D. Jacob (Church of England) and Rev. L. McGonnel (Catholic), chaplains; Alfred Ernest Bartrum, L.R.C.P., Edin., surgeon
  • North Riding Constabulary - Head Quarters, Northallerton - Capt. Hill, chief constable; Supt. M. Walmsley, deputy chief constable; William Smith (clerk) and Peter Pinkney. inspectors; Matthew Reald, sergeant

  • W. Watts, chairman; C. Palliser and Col. Godman, vice-chairmen; Wm. Foule, clerk; B. Lumley, medical officer; W. S. Charlton, treasurer; E. H. Reed, supt. registrar; J. A. Squince, workhouse master; Mrs. E. H. Squince, matron; Mrs. E. Squince, assistant matron; R. D. Coates, registrar of births and deaths; T. Bell, registrar of marriages; T. Holmes, relieving and vaccination officer; W. R. Smithson, rate col. for Northallerton. Board meetings are held at the Board Room every alternate Wednesday, at 1-30 p.m.
  • Medical Officers and their Districts - Johnson Kaye Baines, East Cowton, for the Appleton Wiske district; Harry Brodrick, for the Borrowby district; Bartholomew Lumley, Northallerton, for the Northallerton district; Alfred Bourne, Osmotherley, for the Osmotherley district
  • Local Board of Health - C. Palliser, chairman; Wm. Fowle, clerk; B. Lumley, med. officer; Edmund Backhouse, treasurer; W. Oliver, inspector of nuisances and rate collector. Meetings are held at the clerk's office, on the first Thursday of each month, at 6 p.m.
  • Northallerton Highway Board - J. Yeoman, chairman; W. C. Booth and M. Peacock, vice-chairmen; W. Fowle, clerk; Edmund Backhouse, treas.; Robt. Thorburn, surveyor for Northallerton Highway district.Meetings are held monthly, at the Board room, at 1-30 p.m.
  • Northallerton and Romanby Burial Board, - John Smith, chairman; Rd. Dobbin Coates, clerk and registrar; Thos. Johnson, cemetery keeper. Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday in each month, at the residence of the clerk, at 6-30 p.m.
  • Rural Sanitary Authority - Wm. Fowle, solr., clerk; G. Holt, treasurer; B. Lumley, med. officer; R. D. Coates, sanitary inspector. Meetings are held at the Board room every fourth Wednesday
  • Northallerton Market & Public Improvement Co., Ltd. - W. T. Jefferson, Esq., chairman of directors; R. D. Coates, secretary
  • Northallerton Consumers' Gas Co., Ltd. - T. W. Cade, chairman of directors; R. D. Coates, secretary
  • Northallerton Agricultural Soc - John Hutton, Esq., chairman of committee; Lieut-Col. Godman and W. C. Booth, Esq., vice-chairmen; J. Vasey and J. Kirby, secretaries; W. E. Jackson, treasurer
  • Masonic Hall - The Anchor Lodge of Freemasons (No. 1,337); J. S. Winn, worshipful master; J. H. Robinson, secretary
  • Mechanics' Institute - George William Elliot, Esq., M.P., president; J. Guthrie, secretary; W. E. Jackson, treasurer; Mrs. Pattison, caretaker and sub-librarian
  • Northallerton Cottage Hospital - Miss G. J. Atkinson, lady superintendent
  • Northallerton Railway Station (N.E.R.) - T. Beecroft, station master; W. Bacon, assistant
  • Inland Revenue Officer - B. Murray
  • Inspector of Weights and Measures - P. Pinkney
  • Assessor and Collector of Income Tax - T. Brockhill
  • Town Hall Keeper and Bellman - R. Shuttleworth
  • Clerk to School Attendance Committee - William Fowle, Esq.
  • School Attendance Officer - Eli Wilkinson;
  • Enquiry Officer - Thomas Holmes
  • Clerk to the Select Vestry - Wm. R. Smithson
  • Stamp Office - Henry R. Smithson, distributor
  • First Volunteer Battalion (Princess of Wales' Own) Yorkshire Regiment - The Right Hon. Earl Cathcart, hon. colonel; A. F. Godman and S. H. Powell, lieut.-cols.; Major A. C. Fryer, adjutant; Charles Tweedy, surgeon-major; Thomas Horsfall, acting surgeon; Rev. Henry C. Holmes, Birkby rectory, chaplain
  • Chief Officers of the Northallerton (H) Company - William Fowle, hon. major; T. Yeoman, lieut.; Jas. Guthrie, colour-sergt.; J. Dyer, sergeant drill instructor (late 43rd Light Infantry)
  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph, Inland Revenue Office, Savings Bank and Annuity, Insurance, and Stamp Office - Mr. Henry R. Smithson, postmaster. Letters arrive at 7-0 am., 8-0 a.m., 3-20 p.m., and 5-15 p.m.; and are despatched at 3-20 am., 11-0 a.m., 2-0 p.m., 7-50 p.m., and 10-0 p.m. On Sundays they are despatched at 7-15 p.m. and 10-0 p.m. Parcel mails are despatched at 10-0 am., 7-0 p.m., and 8-0 p.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Akers Mrs. Sarah, South end
  • Alexander Charles, Sec. to the Tarpaulin Brattice Cloth and Linoleum Co., Ltd.
  • Appleton Miss Mary, South parade
  • Armstrong J., commercial trav., South parade
  • Ascough Mr. William M.
  • Atkinson The Misses Gert., Georgina, and Maud
  • Atkinson Mrs., The Porch house
  • Bailey Mr. Older Fryer, 8 South parade
  • Baines Matthew, district superintendent of engineering department, N.E.R., Castle hills
  • Bardsley Rev. J. H., curate
  • Bartrum Alf. Ernest, L.R.C.P., Edin., surgeon to H.M. prison, certifying factory surgeon, and surgeon to the police, South end
  • Baynes John, slater; h Ripon
  • Bell Rbt. Fredk., managing clerk to the county court, and deputy registrar of marriages
  • Bell Thomas, managing clerk to W. T.Jefferson, assistant clerk to the magistrates, registrar of marriages, and deputy registrar of births and deaths, North terrace
  • Bell William, architect and surveyor, and mineral water manufacturer
  • Blakeborough G., farm foreman, Jeckelow house
  • Boddy Thomas, acting registrar of deeds and secretary of the Savings Bank
  • Boston Mrs. Ann, South parade
  • Braithwaite John Beetham, timber merchant
  • Brockhill T., assessor and col. of income tax
  • Brown Miss Jane, South parade
  • Brown Mrs. Jane, South parade
  • Burch W., clerk (H.M. prison), South parade
  • Burden Charles, gunsmith, Market place
  • Cade Mr. Thompson William, South parade
  • Caffin Rev. Benj. Chas., M.A., The Vicarage
  • Cain Mr. Cooper, South parade
  • Carter G., game dlr. & fruiterer; h South parade
  • Cawood Mrs. Mary Ann, Springwell terrace
  • Charlton Wm. Sewell, mngr. of York City and County Bank and treas. to Savings Bank
  • Clapham John W., draper (Gibson & Clapham)
  • Clay Henry, commercial trav., Springwell ter
  • Coates Richard Dobbin, registrar of births and deaths for Northallerton District (Northallerton Union), sec. to the Northallerton Market and Public Improvements Co., Ltd., and to the Northallerton Consumers' Gas Co., Ltd., inspector to Northallerton Rural Sanitary Authority, clerk and registrar to Northallerton and Romanby Burial Board, and agt. to the Northern Fire and Life Office, North end
  • Collitt Mr. William, South parade
  • Cowling Miss Ann, South end
  • Crawford Mrs. Harriet, South end
  • Crossling John, goods agent to N.E.R., Goods station, North end
  • Cryer Mrs. Isabella, stocking knitter
  • Daddy James, foreman of Northallerton Brick and Tile works
  • Dale Mr. Henry, South parade
  • Dalton James, monumental mason
  • Doherty Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Dowson Mr. George, Church terrace
  • Fairburn Mrs. Barbara, East side
  • Fairburn Joseph, chemist; h South end
  • Fowle William, solicitor, clerk to Guardians, Rural Sanitary Authority, Assessment Committee, Commissioners of Taxes for Allertonshire, Northallerton Local Board, District Highway Board; h Friarage house
  • Fryer Mr. William, South terrace
  • Gardner George James Ernest, solicitor
  • Gardner George, late captain, 13th Hussars, governor of H.M. Prison
  • Gibson Anderson, draper (Gibson & Clapham), South parade
  • Grainger George, carter
  • Guthrie James, currier; h South end
  • Guthrie Mrs. Rachel, South parade
  • Hamilton Mrs. Isabella, South parade
  • Hamilton Mrs. Jane, 9 South parade
  • Hammond Mrs. Margaret
  • Hardwick Mrs. Frances, South parade
  • Harris Rev. John (Wesleyan)
  • Heath Mr. William
  • Hird John, fellmonger and woolstapler, 5 South parade
  • Hodgson Mrs. Isabel, South parade
  • Hodgson John, Esq., J.P., The Lodge
  • Hogg Thomas, photographer
  • Holmes Mrs. Ann, fishmonger
  • Holmes Thos., relieving and vaccination officer
  • Holt George, accountant
  • Horner Mr. Alfred, South parade
  • Horner Mrs. Anne, Abba villa, South parade
  • Hutchinson Joseph Armstrong, M.B., M.S., M.R.C.S., deputy surgeon to Northallerton Union (Lumley & Hutchinson), South parade
  • Jackson William, schoolmaster, Friarage ter
  • Jackson Wm. Edward, manager, Yorkshire Banking Co., Ltd.
  • Jacob Rev. David, chaplain, H.M. Prison
  • Jameson Robert, whitesmith
  • Jefferson John Ingleby, solicitor
  • Jefferson Wm. Thrush, solicitor, deputy learned steward of the manor, registrar of County Court, deputy steward and clerk of Halmote Courts, bailiff of Northallerton, clerk to Magistrates of Allertonshire, and perpetual com. for North Riding, Standard house
  • Jenkinson Mrs. Mary, 6 Thirsk terrace
  • Johnson Mrs. Jane, 1 Malpas terrace
  • Johnson Mrs. Rebecca, South parade
  • Kennedy John, schoolmaster; h South parade
  • Langton Fred (Langton & Son), ironmonger
  • Layfield Mr. George
  • Little Edward de Lanoy, M.A., preparatory school for boys, The Mount
  • Lumley Bartholomew, M.R.C.S. (Lumley & Hutchinson), surgeon and medical officer of health to the Local Board, to the Rural Sanitary Authority, medical officer to the Union, and public vaccinator, Northallerton District
  • Manners Mr. John, South parade
  • Marshall William, manager of the Gas works
  • Marshall Wm. Pannell, bird preserver
  • Mayne Mrs. Elizabeth, Church terrace
  • Metcalfe Mrs. Jane, South end
  • Middleton Robert Morton, agent to J. Backhouse & Co., bankers
  • Moore Mr. William Francis, 4 Victoria place
  • Mothersill The Misses Mary Hannah & Alice, South parade
  • Murray Bernard, inland revenue officer, South parade
  • Musgrove William, organist at Parish Church, Romanby road
  • Netherclift Rev. Martin, B.A., South view
  • North Yorkshire Farmers' Stock Mart Co., Ltd.; Robinson & Harland, secretaries & salesmen
  • Northallerton Live Stock Mart Co., Ltd.; John S. Atkinson, salesman
  • Nugent Robt. Chas. Daniel, master, Grammar school
  • O'Meara Mrs. Mary
  • Oliver Wm., surveyor, collector and inspector of nuisances, Local Board of Health
  • Ormston Mrs. Mary Jane, South parade
  • Oxendale George, draper; h South parade
  • Oxendale Miss Jane Ann, 5 Thirsk terrace
  • Oxendale John, draper; h South parade
  • Palliser Chris., brick and tile manufacturer, licensed building surveyor, chairman of the Board of Health, vice-chairman of the Board of Guardians, &c., South End house
  • Parsons Rev. John William (Congregational)
  • Pattinson George Walton, reporter to York Herald, South parade
  • Peacock Mr. George
  • Peacock Mrs. Mary
  • Pearson Mrs. Mary, 4 Thirsk terrace
  • Pick Mrs. Mary Ann, South parade
  • Pinkney Peter, inspector of police
  • Plews William John (Plews & Sons, brewers), South end
  • Porter James Humphrey, draper; h South end
  • Pullen Thomas, com. traveller, South parade
  • Raper Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Ray Mr. John Robinson, Springwell terrace
  • Reavely Mrs. Ann, South parade
  • Reed Ed. Handy, land agent and supt. registrar of births, deaths, and marriages
  • Render George, billposter
  • Ringrose Charles Edward Leake, registrar of deeds, The Register house
  • Robinson George John (Robinson & Harland), auctioneer, South end
  • Robinson Mrs. Jane
  • Robinson John Hutton, bank clerk, South par
  • Rose Walter, dealer in domestic appliances
  • Routledge Miss Helen, South parade
  • Russell Mr. Nathaniel, South parade
  • Rymer Mrs. Mary
  • Santon George, chimney sweeper
  • Scurr John Thos., horse trainer, South parade
  • Scurr, Miss Jane, South parade
  • Shuttleworth Richard, billposter
  • Smith Mrs. Ann, South parade
  • Smith Ed. Hudson (Gibson & Smith), plumber
  • Smith Mr. John, Church terrace
  • Smith William, clerk to constabulary, South parade
  • Smithson Henry Ream, postmaster
  • Smithson Misses Rachel and Anne, South end
  • Smithson Wm., Richard, bookseller, &c., rate collctr., clerk to the select vestry, advertising, bazaar, commission, and emigration agent
  • Soppet Mr. Miles,. South parade
  • South Albert John, manager to G. Ayre & Son
  • Squince John Abbott, master of the Union workhouse
  • Stainthorp Wm. Kettlewell, butcher; h South parade
  • Stead Joseph, hairdresser and photographer; h South terrace
  • Stead Walker, M. Inst. C.E., county surveyor for the North Riding of Yorkshire, South end
  • Strange Thomas, miller, Provident mill
  • Swan Robert Clayton, Esq., South end
  • Tarpaulin, Brattice Cloth, and Linoleum Co., Ltd.; G. W. Elliot, Esq., M.P., chairman of directors; Charles Alexander, secretary
  • Todd Miss Mary, South parade
  • Toyne Mrs., Caroline
  • Toyne Mrs. Lydia Ann, 1 Thirsk terrace
  • Tutin Mrs. Elizabeth, South parade
  • Tweedy Charles, M.R.C.S., acting surgeon to the 1st Vol. Batt. Yorkshire Regt., medical referee to the Prudential Assurance Co. (Tweedy & Brodrick), South end
  • Varley George, basket maker
  • Vasey Mrs. Annie, South parade
  • Vasey James, bookseller, &c.
  • Waistell Charles, solicitor, South end
  • Walker John, tanner and currier (Geo. Walker & Son)
  • Walmsley Moulding, superintendent of police and deputy chief constable
  • Walton William Henry, journalist, North end
  • Ware Miss Ellen, South parade
  • Warrior Mr. William, Church terrace
  • Webster Henry, horse breaker
  • Weighell John, agricultural engineer
  • Wetherill Thomas, County Court bailiff and auctioneer, North end
  • Wheldon Mrs. Susanna (Wheldon & Co.) draper
  • Whitelock John, timber mcht., Woodville house
  • Wilkinson Eli, accountant, school attendance officer, &c.
  • Wilkinson Miss Isabel, North end
  • Wilson Alex. Prosser, coal depôt agt. (N.E. Ry.)
  • Winn Mrs. Christina, Fern lea
  • Winn Mr. James
  • Wright Miles, inspector (N. E. Railway)


Academies & Schools.
  • Grammar School; Robt. Chas. Daniel Nugent, master
  • Guthrie Miss Annie (private girls'), Mowbray house
  • Hurst Mrs. Isabella Dorothy (girls' day and boarding), South parade
  • Jackson Samuel, West House school
  • Little Edwd. de Lanoy, M.A., Cam. (preparatory school for boys), The Mount
  • Mellor Walter Godwin (boys' day), South parade
  • National Schools; Ed. Clark, master; Miss H. Greaves, mistress (girls'); Mrs. Annie Howard (infants')
  • Soans Miss Marion (girls' day and boarding), Hylton villas
  • Wesleyan School; J. Kennedy, master; Thos. Eden, Miss M. J. Metcalf, assistants

Agricultural Machinists.
  • Myers Anthony
  • Weighell James (agent)
  • Weighell John (engineer)

  • Atkinson John Slater
  • Gunn John Jas., Beaconsfield terrace
  • Harker George, South parade
  • Robinson and Harland

  • Backhouse J. & Co.; R. M. Middleton, agent
  • Saving Bank; T. Boddy, sec.
  • York City & County Bank, Ltd.; W. S. Charlton, mngr.
  • Yorkshire Banking Co., Ltd.; W. E. Jackson, manager

  • Chapman William
  • Lumley Charles
  • Oliver Andrew, Bullamoor

Booksellers, Stationers, Printers, and Newsagents.
  • Smithson William Richard (emigration agent)
  • Vasey James

Boot and Shoe Makers.
  • Appleton William
  • Barnett James
  • Bolland James
  • Cranston Jph., Market place
  • Easton Yeoman
  • Gill Matthew
  • Johnson Mrs. Eliz. (dealer)
  • Kettlewell John
  • Metcalfe Edwd. (and grindery)
  • Parker Robert
  • Read William, Market place
  • Smith Joseph
  • Thompson John
  • Wilkinson Edward
  • Wood William

Brick & Tile Manfactrs.
  • Meynell George
  • Palliser Christopher & Son, Northallerton Brick and Tile works

Builders & Contractors
  • Peacock Richd. & Sons (James and John)
  • Stockdale Matthew, South end
  • Willoughby Thos. and James

  • Fairburn Charles
  • Gamble Henry
  • Mason Thomas
  • Metcalfe John (pork)
  • Pearson John (and ham factor)
  • Pearson John, East side
  • Pearson Thomas
  • Stainthorpe Henry
  • Stainthorpe Wm. Kettlewell
  • Thompson William

Cabinet Makers.
  • Foster John
  • Hodgson Christopher
  • Meynell John

Cattle Dealers.
  • Bellwood John William
  • Johnson John, Potters' close
  • Ward Anthony, South end
  • White Johnson, South parade

Chemists & Druggists.
  • Fairburn Joseph
  • Warrior Henry

China, Glass, &c., Dealers.
  • Cole James
  • Frank William
  • Ward William

Coach Builder.
  • Pattison Mrs. Eliz., Durham house

Coal Agents & Dealers.
  • Awde Joseph, South parade
  • Henderson Geo., South parade
  • Lee Thomas, North end

  • Blackburn Mrs. Harriet, South parade
  • Deighton Thomas
  • Greathead Misses Catherine and Esther Jane
  • Johnson William
  • Law John (late Ascough)
  • Lumley Mrs. Mary, South end
  • Pattison Christopher
  • Simons John Edward
  • Ward William

Corn & Flour Dealers.
  • Boddy William, Market house
  • Delafield John Suggitt
  • Smith Chas. Denton, South parade
  • Stainsby Joseph, South parade
  • Taylor Thomas

Corn Millers.
  • Boddy Wm., Romanby mill
  • Provident Corn Mill Society, Ltd.; Thos. Strange, miller

  • Archer George and Robert
  • Birtle James
  • Carter Henry (and carter)
  • Carter Henry, junr., Hallstone moor
  • Carter William, Castle hills
  • Chapman William
  • Cummings Matt., Station view
  • Danby William (and carter)
  • Farrar John
  • Fawbert Robert, North moors
  • Finkle Andrew, senr.
  • Fisher Peter
  • Foggin William, Bullamoor
  • Fryer John, Holly Tree house
  • Harker Thomas
  • Johnson William
  • Naylor Joseph
  • Pickersgill Mrs. Mary Ann and Son (John)
  • Ratcliffe Hannah
  • Walker George, North end
  • Wetherill Thomas, senr.
  • Whittaker J., Hallstone moor
  • Wilson Mrs. Eliz., North end

  • Clidero William, North end
  • Guthrie James, Market place
  • Walker G. & Son (and tanners)
  • Walker George

Drapers - Linen and Woollen.
  • Gibson and Clapham
  • Merryweather William (trav.), South parade
  • Oxendale George
  • Oxendale John (general draper and outfitter), Market place
  • Porter James Humphrey (and outfitter)
  • Ward Edmund, West side
  • Ward James (and outfitter)
  • Wheldon & Co.

Fancy Goods Dealers.
  • Cooper William Taylor, junr.
  • Fowler The Misses J. and L.
  • Hide Mrs. Elizabeth

  • Barker George, Prospect house
  • Barker Thomas, Elm house
  • Blackburn James and Richd., Crawford farm
  • Bosomworth Robinson, Brick house
  • Broadley Joseph, Viewley hill
  • Burnside J., Jeckelow house; h Springfield, Darlington
  • Carr William (hay, straw, and potato merchant)
  • Fawcett William, Black Bull
  • Harland W., Bank Head farm
  • Johnson John, Potter's close
  • Johnson Thos. (and Cemetery keeper), Cemetery lodge
  • Johnson Mrs. W., Black hills
  • Kirby Mrs. Jane, Viewley
  • Langthorne Miles, Wiske moor
  • Lister John, Tanyard
  • Nesom H., Malt Shovel farm
  • Oliver Andrew, Bullamoor
  • Oliver George, Hallstone moor
  • Smith Henry, Cmnnamire; h Brompton grange
  • Thubron I. (yeo.), Ashbourne house
  • Trewhitt W., Harrogate house
  • Varley Geo., Travellers' Rest
  • Voall Geo. Taylor, Wiske moor
  • Wilson Thos., Halfway house
  • Winter T., Grindstone crook
  • Yeoman & Co. (yeo.), Bullamoor close

Fruiterers & Greengrocers.
  • Carter Geo. (and game dealer)
  • Evans Thomas
  • Hardisty John
  • Johnson Joseph
  • Johnson William
  • Mell H., North end

Grocers and Tea Dealers.
  • Ayre George and Son
  • Boston John James
  • Hall Anthony
  • Jenkinson Thomas and Son
  • Prest Joseph, North end
  • Race John, Malpas house
  • Russell Nathaniel & Son (seed, cake, and manure mrchts.)
  • Soppet Miles, junior
  • Stewart Mrs. Ann
  • Stroughair Mrs. Ann
  • Whitehead William
  • Wilson Mrs. E., North end

  • Dawson Thomas
  • Stead Jph. (and photographer)
  • Stroughair Chris. Thomas

Hotels, Inns, &c.
  • Black Bull; Wm. Fawcett
  • Black Swan; Edwd. Bramley
  • Buck; Mrs. Elizth. Brockhill
  • Durham Ox; Albert Scholes
  • Fleece; Christopher Fishburn
  • Fox and Hounds, Bullamore; Mrs. Mary Foggin
  • George and Dragon; Thomas Clark Kinchin
  • Golden Lion; James A. Dale
  • Harewood Arms; C. J. Worth
  • King's Arms; Robert Smith
  • Masons' Arms; C. Fawoett
  • Nag's Head; Mrs. C. Nelson
  • Oak Tree; Mrs. A. Shepherd
  • Oddfellows' Arms; W. Wright
  • Old Golden Lion; William Searle Warren
  • Railway Hotel, (commercial and posting); J. Henrici
  • Railway Hotel, North end; William Carr
  • Railway Inn; Robert Auton
  • Rose and Crown; J. G. Dale
  • Star Inn; William Dennis
  • Station Hotel; James Young
  • Sun Inn; David Ellis
  • Three Tuns; Geo. W. Darby
  • Unicorn and Turf; Mrs. Ann Allanson

Insurance Agents.
  • Accident; W. R. Smithson
  • Atlas; Gibson and Smith
  • City of Glasgow (Life); R. M. Middleton
  • Crown; W. Fowle
  • Liverpool & London & Globe (fire & life); W. R. Smithson
  • National Provincial Plate Glass; Gibson and Smith
  • North British & Mercantile (fire & life); W. S. Charlton
  • North Yorkshire(Agricultural and Fire)Insurance Co., Ltd.; G. J. Robinson, secretary; Head office, Northallerton
  • Northern (fire and life); Rd. Dobbin Coates
  • Prudential; J. Robt. Skipsey, supt.; Richard Moore and John S. Delafield
  • Royal; Eli Wilkinson
  • Scottish Widows; J. Fairburn
  • Union Assurance Society; R.M. Middleton

Iron & Brass Founder.
  • Barker George, Northallerton foundry

  • Cleminson John
  • Foster Thomas
  • Gibson and Smith
  • Langton & Son (and iron merchants)
  • Naylor Ann

Joiners & Builders.
  • Chapman Mrs. Elizabeth and Son (George Henry)
  • Dunning William
  • Eden John
  • Foggin John
  • Moody Sarah and Son (John Thomas) (and cartwrights)
  • White James (and cartwright)
  • Wilson Joseph

  • Barnett James
  • Brewer Mrs. Ellen
  • Carter George, South parade
  • Cooper Mrs., North end
  • Faulder Mrs.
  • Race John, Malpas house

Milliners and Dressmakers.

(Marked (d) are dressmakers,and (m) are milliners. Those not marked are both.)
  • d Boddy The Misses Mary Ann and Sarah (baby linen and under clothing dealers)
  • d Bolland Miss Hannah
  • d Brockhill Mrs. Ann
  • m Collitt Mrs. Mary Ann, Luton house
  • d Cranston Miss E.
  • d Fawcett Miss Letitia B.
  • d Foggin Miss M. A., North end
  • m Hamilton Miss Jane
  • d Hamilton Miss
  • Hubbard Miss Annie
  • d Kelvington Miss
  • m Leeming William
  • d Mayne Miss Mary Ann, Church terrace
  • d Metcalfe Ellen
  • m Smith Mrs. Geo. Walkden
  • d Stroughair The Misses
  • d Watson Mrs. Elizabeth
  • d Wheldon & Co.

Painters & Decorators.
  • Alderson Thomas Thompson
  • Cooper William Taylor, junr.
  • Jaques Mrs. Anne

Plumbers & Gasfitters.
  • Fowler Frederick Bilton (hot water and sanitary engineer, and patentee of the hydrocarbon oil gas)
  • Gibson and Smith
  • Horner Edward
  • Naylor Mrs. Ann
  • Wetherill Thomas J.

Refreshment Rooms.
  • Deighton Thomas
  • Dunning Miss Martha
  • Greathead The Misses Cath. and Esther Jane

Saddlers and Harness Makers.
  • Blackett E. & Son (Robt. Hy.)
  • Chapman William
  • Lunn George
  • Rymer Mrs. Henry

  • Bolland James
  • Dale Mrs. Nancy
  • Evans Thos. (general dealer)
  • Hamilton Mrs. Harriet
  • Holmes George
  • Holmes John (general dealer)

  • Fowle William
  • Gardner George James Ernest
  • Jefferson John Ingleby
  • Jefferson William Thrush
  • Teale John William
  • Waistell Charles

  • Bartrum Alfred Ernest
  • Lumley and Hutchinson
  • Tweedy and Brodrick
  • Walton J. Stamford (coroner)

  • Barley Henry
  • Britton John Henry
  • Brockhill Thomas
  • Easton William
  • Mais Richard
  • Porter James Humphrey
  • Swanston George William
  • Thompson Christopher
  • Ward James
  • Wright James

Temperance Hotels.
  • Barker George
  • Law John (late Ascough)
  • Palliser Mrs. John (and commercial), South parade

Timber Merchants.
  • Scholes A. (and bobbin turner)
  • Whitelock J., Woodville house

  • Fawcett Daniel (sheet iron, copper, and brass worker)
  • Foster Thomas
  • Hall Benjamin
  • Naylor Ann

  • Blackburn Mrs. Harriet, South parade
  • Dawson Thomas
  • Jaques Mrs. Anne

Veterinary Surgeon.
  • Nettleton John, M.R.C.V.S.

Watchmakers and Jewellers.
  • Clarkson George Finley
  • Porter Joseph Metcalfe
  • Tesseyman William (watch and gun repairer)

Wine & Spirit Merchts.
  • Green Hilton
  • May Samuel (and brewer and maltster)
  • Warrior Henry

  • Post Office at Welbury. Letters via Northallerton
Miscellany of trades
  • Coggins George, gamekeeper
  • Emerson John James, Esq., LLD. (Cantab.), barrister of the Inner Temple, 1872; J.P. North Riding, Yorkshire; C.C. for Osmotherley Division of North Riding; commissioner of income and land taxes for Allertonshire; St. Stephen's Club, S.W.; Yorkshire Club, York; Manor house
  • Fenwick John, parish clerk
  • Kirby John, carpenter
  • Richardson Mrs. Emily, schoolmistress
  • Thompson John, shoemaker
  • Watson John, blacksmith, and cowkeeper & vict., Three Horse Shoes Inn

  • Cox James, Blackberry farm
  • Emmerson William, Town farm
  • Fawcett George Francis, Glebe farm
  • Glover Robert, The Grange
  • Laverick Christopher, Wiske farm
  • Potts George, Mill hill
  • Simpson William, Valley farm
  • Wood Robert, Brompton farm
  • Wood William, Town End farm

Miscellany of trades
  • Wright Robert Henry, station master, Danby Wiske station, N.E.R.

  • Langthorne Miles & Son (Robt.), Lazenby hall
  • Robinson Thomas, Lazenby grange

  • Letters via Northallerton. The Wall Box in the village is cleared at 7-30 a.m. and 7-5 p.m. on week-days.
Miscellany of trades
  • Archer James, cowkeeper
  • Bacon William, assistant station master
  • Beecroft Thomas, station master, N.E.R., Northallerton station
  • Boddy Miss S., grocer and vict., Golden Lion
  • Fryer Major Alfred Charles, adjutant Princess of Wales' Own Yorkshire Regt., Southfield
  • Graves George, cowkeeper
  • Harrison Miss Elizabeth
  • Henrici J., vict., Railway Hotel; commercial and posting house, Northallerton station
  • Hill Captain Thomas, chief constable of the North Riding of Yorkshire, Romanby house
  • Holmes William, joiner and carpenter
  • Hutmacher Ernest, manager of North Yorkshire Nurseries
  • Johnson Mrs. Jane, cowkeeper and apartments
  • Merryweather John, bootmaker and cowkeeper
  • Oxendale Dan, cattle dealer
  • Oxendale James, cattle dealer
  • Ramshaw Mr. John
  • Russell Mr. John
  • Smith W. H. & Son, booksellers, Station bookstall
  • Smith William, market gardener
  • Thorburn Robert, surveyor for Northallerton Highway District, and engineer
  • Towler Reuben & Son, nurserymen, North Yorkshire Nurseries; h Bedale
  • Walker Mary, mistress C. E. school
  • Ward Abraham, joiner
  • Watts William, land agent

  • Boddy Wm. (and corn miller), Romanby mill
  • Fawcett John, High and Low Thornbrough
  • Gains Thomas, Cawdyfield farm
  • Goldsbrough Henry, Castle hills
  • Heugh Francis, Broomfield house
  • Heugh Francis, Romanby farm
  • Hill Benjamin, Viewley hill
  • Lightfoot James, Spittal
  • Lumley Mrs. E. & Son (A.), Hemmersdale house
  • Mothersill Richard, Little Thornbrough; h Thornton-le-Moor
  • Weighill John & Son (Richard), Ladyfield
  • Weighill Thomas, Castle Hill farm
  • Whitaker James, Water gate
  • Woodhouse Francis, Romanby grange; h North Otterington

  • Post and Money Order Office, Yarm.
Miscellany of trades
  • Dale Lawrence, hind, Summerfield
  • Robson Thomas, schoolmaster
  • Tutin Ralph, mason and parish clerk

  • Charlton Michael, Viewley hill
  • Haley Benjamin, Holme farm
  • Lee James, East Worsall
  • Newcombe Robert, West Worsall
  • Preston Stephen, Winterfield
  • Smith Robert, Mid Worsall
  • Walker Jonathan, Near Dear side
  • Weighell John (and owner of steam plough - Stobbs & W.), Manor house

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.