Nunnington parish:


Nunnington, Benefactions transcription:

The Benefactions to the poor in All Saints Church, Nunnington.

To The
Poor of

In 1678 Ranald Graham Esq'r Lord of the Manor founded a Hospital for 3 poor Widows, and a 3 poor Widowers, or any other aged persons who have not been married to be chosen out of the Townships of Nunnington, Stonegrave, and the Farm at Muscoats, and West Ness, who were to receive £2 per annum each. And also a Charity School for the education of 6 poor Scholars for which the Schoolmaster was to receive £1 per annum each, and the further sum of £2 per ann: for the repairs of the building. In 1730 William Anderson Water left £10 to the poor of Nunnington.

In 1718 David Bedford, Nunnington, left £40 for the education of 4 poor Scholars, and £20 to the poor.

In 1756 Lady Widdington left £50 to the poor.

In 1782 Richard Marshall, Nunnington, left £20 to the poor.

In 1824 Mrs. Mary Metcalf, Nunnington, left £100 to the poor, and £50 for the education of 4 poor Scholars.

The Interest of the above sums to be paid at Christmas by the Minister & Church wardens.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson