Nunnington parish:


Nunnington, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in All Saints Church, Nunnington.

Rectors of Nunnington
Dates of Institution      Diocese of York

1287John de Barton 1612Edmund Johns
1313Walter de Teyes 1646Stephen Jones
1314William de Weston 1650Owen Jones
1349Robert Scott 1658William Lowcock
Robert de Weston 1678Roger Stone
1418Peter de Preston 1699Alexander Dunlop
1419John Wright 1723George Fawcett
1462Thomas Hicks 1736William Kay
1480Robert Wellyngton 1798John Kay
1485Richard Burgh 1817William Keary
1486Thomas Ottlay 1857Henry Cooper
-Thomas Clay 1879William Collins
1502Edward Johnson 1923Bernard Scott Cockin
1511Thomas Benson 1931Frederick William Gill
1516Robert Bek 1949Geoffrey Highmore
1521Osyos de Moynge 1958Harold Norman Pobjoy
-John Fellowfelde 1967David Gwyn Jones
1552Christopher Holden 1978John Bateman
1576Christopher Baylis 1987James Malcolm Mather

The Advowson was in the Hands of the Lords of the Manor Until the Reign
of Queen Mary, when it passed to the Crown. To the United Benefice, the
Crown and the ArchBishop of York now present Alternately.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson