Old Byland, Incumbents transcription


Old Byland parish:

Old Byland, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in All Saints Church, Old Byland.

Rectors of the Church of All Saints, Old Byland

1650R C Walters 
1655Thomas Ayscough
1659Thomas Buffie
1709Guy Kemp
1723Henry Jackson
1815William Dowkes
1829Charles Mackereth
1867Otto Augustus Mannerswith Hawnby
1898William Hugheswith Hawnby
1930Richard Percy Paitonwith Hawnby
1939Leonard Richardsonwith Hawnby
1942Wilfred Arthur Edmund Westallwith Hawnby
1948William Aubrey Monsell Pikewith Hawnby
1949Stanley Longworthwith Scawton
1951Fred Cordingleywith Hawnby
1953William Vickers Wrigleywith Hawnby
1958Lewis George Bevsanwith Scawton
1963E Gilbert Mortonwith Scawton
1965Roy Ashworth Kennedywith Scawton
1969George Frederick James Harltesswith Scawton
1979Albert George AldersonUpper Ryedale
1992Stuart EastUpper Ryedale
1997Andrew ShanksUpper Ryedale
2004David ColemanUpper Ryedale
In 1979 the church became part of tne newly-established Parish of
Upper Ryedale which also included the parishes of Bilsdale Midcable,
Cold Kirby, Hawnby and Scawton

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.