Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for OSMOTHERLEY in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph, Savings Bank, and Annuity and Insurance Office, at Mrs. Dibble's. Letters arrive dally via Northallerton at 7-0 a.m., and are despatched at 6-10 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • School Board Committee - Messrs. William Boville (chairman), Robert Pape, Thomas Clark, junr., William Dobson, Thomas Fryer, Thomas Sturdy, Thomas Clark, senr., William Fowle (clerk).
  • Water Board Committee - Messrs. William Yeoman (chairman), Thomas Clark, senr., Thomas Fryer, Thomas Wright, William Thompson, James Pollitt, Francis Fall, Ed. D. Thompson (secretary).

Miscellany of trades

  • Alder Richard, grocer and farmer; carrier to Northallerton, Wednesdays; and Middlesbrough, Fridays
  • Allison Arthur, joiner and cartwright
  • Appleton Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper
  • Appleton George, joiner and cartwright; carrier to Northallerton, Wednesdays
  • Bell Chapman Abraham, butcher and farmer
  • Bell Wm., vict. and blacksmith, Golden Lion
  • Binks Parker, horse and cattle doctor
  • Bosomworth Mrs. Esther
  • Bourne Alfred, L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S., Edin., medical officer to the Osmotherley Division of the Northallerton Union
  • Boville Mrs. Jane, Applegarth house
  • Boville M. & W., linen bleachers, Walk mill
  • Bowes James, cowkeeper
  • Bransby Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Brewer Thos. Jno. Batten, schoolmaster, B. S.
  • Clark Matthew, joiner
  • Clark Thomas, blacksmith
  • Clark Thomas, brewer and farmer & vict., Three Tuns Inn, Fountain of Wiske brewery,
  • Cole Mr. Jabez
  • Dennis William, cowkeeper
  • Dibble Mrs. Sarah, postmistress
  • Dobson William, draper (and yeo.)
  • Dunning Mr. Francis
  • Fall William, vict., King's Head
  • Flintoff John, vict. and yeo., Chequers Inn, Slapestone moor
  • Foggin George, shoemaker
  • Fryer Thomas, tea dealer, West house
  • Gale Thomas Askey, harness maker
  • Gibson Miss Mary, milliner; agent to E. Crane & Co., Whitby
  • Gouldsbrough James, tailor
  • Hall James, cowkeeper
  • Hall John, mason
  • Hall Mrs. Mary, cowkeeper
  • Hall Mr. William
  • Hart Joseph, cowkeeper
  • Howard James, schoolmaster, N. S.
  • Hutchinson Edward, mason
  • Jobling Mrs. Annie
  • Jones Rev. Henry, M.A., The Vicarage
  • King William & Leonard, quarrymen
  • Knowles William, cowkeeper
  • Leybourne Edwd., carrier to Thirsk, Mondays; Northallerton, Tues.; and Stockton, Wed.
  • Neasom Mr. James
  • Neasom Richard, cowkeeper
  • Neesam John, shopkeeper
  • Pape Mr. John
  • Parlour William, vict., Queen Katherine Hotel.
  • Peacock John, shoemaker
  • Pollitt James, grocer
  • Pollitt William, tailor
  • Potter Robert, carter
  • Reed George, cowkeeper
  • Rogers Miss A. M., schoolmistress
  • Routledge William, blacksmith
  • Rudd Edward, cowkeeper
  • Sayer Christopher, shoemaker
  • Sayer Thomas, shoemaker
  • Sayers William, cowkeeper
  • Taylor Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper
  • Taylor George, grocer and shoe dealer
  • Taylor Thomas, grocer and farmer
  • Taylor Walter, joiner and cartwright; carrier to Northallerton, Wednesdays; and Stockton, Thursdays
  • Thompson Edwd. Dodsworth, draper and grocer
  • Thompson Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker
  • Thompson Mr. John, Corebury house
  • Thompson Thos. Pearson, butcher and farmer
  • Thompson William, quarry master
  • Todd James, school attendance officer
  • Todd Mary & Ellen, cowkeepers
  • Todd Miss Rachel
  • Weighell Miss Annie, dressmaker
  • Weighell Henry Marshall, joiner and grocer
  • Wells Robert, cowkeeper
  • Wilkinson Mrs. Ann
  • Wilson Mrs. Ann, dressmaker
  • Wilson John, grocer
  • Wright James, tailor
  • Wright John, mill manager
  • Yeoman & Co., flax spinners and linen mnfrs.
  • Yeoman Mr. J. (Yeoman & Co.), Ruebury house
  • Yeoman The Misses Phyllis, Isabella, and Mary Ellen
  • Yeoman Mr. William (Yeoman & Co.)


  • Appleby George, Springfield farm
  • Armstrong Benjamin, Clack farm
  • Barker Jabez, Harbro farm
  • Biggins William, Black Shares
  • Boville W. (M. & W. Boville), yeo., Walk mill
  • Clark Christopher Yates
  • Clark Mrs. Esther, owner, Green hills
  • Clark George
  • Dent George, Low Redbriar
  • Foord Robert, Trenholm house
  • Hewling William, White house
  • Hill John, Oakdale
  • Hoggart John (yeo.)
  • Hugill John, Fiance acres
  • Mease Joseph N., Golden sq; h Hutton Rudby
  • Moon G., yeo. (and flour mcht.), Clack Pleasant
  • Parkin J., Swainscliff crag and Low Share
  • Pickersgill John, White hall and High Mosey grange
  • Rudd William, Mosey grange
  • Sellars Richard, Redbriar
  • Taylor Benjamin, Middle Style
  • Trousdale Thomas, Moor house
  • Walker Matthew, Solomon's Temple
  • Walker T. (and miller), Spite mill, and Redbriar
  • Weighell James, Coat Garth
  • Wright Thomas
  • Yeoman & Co. (yeo.), Redbriar


  • Post Office at Osmotherley. Letters via Northallerton.

Miscellany of trades

  • Pratt Joseph, miller and farmer, Ellerbeck mill
  • Routledge John, blacksmith; h Winton
  • Sidgwick William, vict. and farmer, Waggon and Horses
  • Wright John Robert, vict., Dog and Gun


  • Nelson Mrs. Janet, Beech hill
  • Nelson William, Village farm
  • Pybus Mark, Little Beech hill
  • Smith Cornelius John, Little Bridge
  • Sturdy Thomas, Mount farm


  • Post Office at East Harlsey. Letters via Northallerton.

Miscellany of trades

  • Fortune George, farm foreman


  • Beetham Mrs.
  • Clapham J., Bivers house (letters by Brompton)
  • Clapham John Almgill, Low moor
  • Raper William
  • Smith The Misses Eleanor and Ada, Harlsey grange
  • Smith Nathaniel, Harlsey castle
  • Taylor J., Old Low moor; h Morton-on-Swale


  • Post Office at Kirby Sigston. Letters via Northallerton. Letter Box in the village cleared at 4-0 p.m. No collection on Sundays.

Miscellany of trades

  • Close John, vict. and farmer, Fighting Cocks
  • Hall Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Littlefair James, gamekeeper, Thimbleby hall
  • Peacock Mrs. Sarah, cowkeeper
  • Potter Thomas, mason and builder
  • Taylor John, joiner and cartwright & vict., Hayne's Arms


  • Ainsley Henry
  • Atlay Benjamin, Foxton grange
  • Davison John, North farm
  • Gibson George, Thimbleby grange
  • Helm Francis, Foxton
  • Jackson William, Middle farm
  • Lister Richard, Town end
  • Oliver John, Foxton mill
  • Pape Robert
  • Paverley Richard, Nun house
  • Shotton Andrew, West farm

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.