Oswaldkirk, Benefactions transcription


Oswaldkirk parish:

Oswaldkirk, Benefactions transcription:

The Bowdery Bequests in St. Oswalds's Church, Oswaldkirk.

Mrs. Mary Bowdery gave to Trustees, £300 3 per Cent Consuls, as follows

First in satisfaction of a Bequest of £50 by her late Brother Thomas Carter, the Interest of which was to be applied to the education of poor children residing in the Township of Oswaldkirk; which said Interest has been always duly paid although the capital was not invested.

And secondly in satisfaction of a supposed intention of her late sister, Ann Carter, to have made a Bequest to charitable purposes, had she lived to make a Will, The Interest of the said £300. 3 per Cent consuls, to be paid to the Rector of Oswaldkirk, for the time being, and he is to pay to the Schoolmaster of Oswaldkirk £5 a year, in lieu of the £2, which he has been hitherto paid, for the education of five poor children of the Township, and which Children are to be nominated by the Rector, for the time being. And the residue of the Interest of the said £300 stock, he is to give annually, at Christmas, amongst such poor persons, residing in the Township of Oswaldkirk, as he considers most deserving.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson