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PATRICK BROMPTON: 1911 census for Patrick Brompton and Newton le Willows

1911 census for Patrick Brompton and Newton le Willows

Ref.NameRelationshipSexAgeStatusYrs marriedChildren BornChildren LivingChildren DiedOccupationWorking StatusWhere Born
PB 2Robert HutchinsonHeadMale57Married    Horse DealerOwn AccordNewton-le-Willows
Harriet HutchinsonWifeFemale59Married2444   Barlbrough, Derbyshire
Mary HutchinsonDaughterFemale26Single    House maidWorkerPatrick Brompton
Hannah HutchinsonDaughterFemale24Single      Patrick Brompton
Margaret Grace HutchinsonDaughterFemale13Single    SchoolHomePatrick Brompton
PB 4Margaret AtkinsonHeadFemale65Single     Living on own meansFinghall, Yorkshire
Mabel Beatrice HaydenFriendFemale33Single    Companion London, Camden Town
Patrick Brompton Vicarage 6Reginald Edward PownallHeadMale48Single    Clergyman (Established Church) Norwich, Norfolk
Adela Mary PownallSisterFemale45Single     Private MeansNorwich, Norfolk
Annie HutchinsonServantFemale19Single    Domestic Servant (Housemaid) Patrick Brompton
Stephen Richard Platt MoulsdaleVisitorMale38Married200 Clergyman (Established Church) Principle, St. Chad's Hall, Durham University Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary Frideswide MoulsdaleWifeFemale38Married200  Private MeansRichmond, Yorkshire
PB 8Robert BellerbyHeadMale63Married    Farmer West Ardsley, Yorkshire
Sarah BellerbyWifeFemale58Married381394  Colburn, Yorkshire
Charles BellerbySonMale36Single      Catterick Bridge, Yorkshire
Alice A. BellerbyDaughterFemale16Single    Domestic Work Catterick, Yorkshire
Olive BellerbyGranddaughterFemale7Single    School Darlington, Durham
Arthur Frost? BellerbyGrandsonMale6Single    School Doncaster, Yorkshire
PB 10George WoodhouseHeadMale35Married    Gardener Domestic Sunderland, Durham
Annie WoodhouseWifeFemale28Married7220  Hull, Yorkshire
George WoodhouseSonMale6Single      Hull, Yorkshire
William WoodhouseSonMale4Single      Hull, Yorkshire
PB 12Mary Ann RobinsonHeadFemale57Widow    No Occupation Long Marton, Westmoreland
PB 14Ellen MetcalfeHeadFemale34Single    DressmakerOwn AccountPatrick Brompton
Rosa Ellen MetcalfeNeiceFemale18Single       
PB 16Robert ClarkHeadMale56Married    Farmer Kellerby, Durham
Jane Frances Jessie Withers ClarkWifeFemale37Married13110  Midderton, Notts
Mary Frances Withers ClarkDaughterFemale5Single      Patrick Brompton
Mary Ann RyderServantFemale17Single    General Servant (Domestic) Burril, Yorkshire
PB 18Joseph BrownHeadMale44Married    Farm Labourer Crakehall, Yorkshire
Ellen BrownWifeFemale39Married19660  Carthorpe, Yorkshire
Joseph BrownSonMale17Single    Farm Labourer Crakehall, Yorkshire
Thomas BrownSonMale10     School Patrick Brompton
Annie BrownDaughterFemale6     School Patrick Brompton
Ellen BrownDaughterFemale3     School Patrick Brompton
Maude BrownDaughterFemals1     School Patrick Brompton
Northfield House, PB, 20Charles CowlingHeadMale37Married    Farmer Ingleton, Yorkshire
Jane Ann CowlingWifeFemale29Married8110  Ingleton, Yorkshire
Thomas CowlingSonMale5Single    School Patrick Brompton
Ralph Cowling StockdaleCousinMale23Single    Farm Worker Durham County
Holly Moor House, PB, 22George Albert ElgieHeadMale24Single    Farm Labourer Cundall, Yorkshire
Ann Elizabeth CarterCousinFemale24Single    Housekeeper Howden. Co. Wear, Durham
Wardell House, PB, 24George MaynellHeadMale35Single    Farmer Wardle House, Patrick Brompton
Isobel MaynellSisterFemale33Single    Housekeeper Wardle House, Patrick Brompton
Daisy DunnServantFemale23Single    Maid Servant Harleston, Suffolk
Alfred SouthernServantMale24Single    Man Servant Tanfield, Yorkshire
John FalshawServantMale16Single    Boy on Farm Masham, Yorkshire
PB 26Mary Ann PeacockHeadFemale62Widow37990No Occupation ? Bridge, Lancashire
Thomas M. E. PeacockSonMale35Single      Spennithorne, Yorkshire
Isobel Greta LinscottGrandchildFemale4Single      Marske by sea, Yorkshire
Mary A. BarkerServantFemale20Single    Domestic Servant Leeming, Yorkshire
PB 28Thomas ThompsonHeadMale65Married    Retired Farmer (No Occupation) Countersett, Yorkshire
Anne Christiana ThompsonWifeFemale58Married30000  Richmond, Yorkshsire
Hannah Ellen FishburnServantFemale17Single    General Servant (Domestic) Ainderby Steeple, Yorkshire
Butterwell Cottage 31James HodgsonHeadMale62Married    Farm Labourer (General)On FarmHunton, Yorkshire
Jane HodgsonWifeFemale45Married8110  Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
James William HodgsonSonMale7Single    School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
John ParkSonMale25Single    Feeble Minded Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Butterwell House 33Thomas Martin RobinsonHeadMale58Single    Farmer Hauxwell, Yorkshire
George James RobinsonBrotherMale62Single    Farmer Hauxwell, Yorkshire
Ann AndiesidesHousekeeperFemale57Single    Housekeeper Brignall, Yorkshire
Frank HodgsonFarm ServantMale50Single    General Servant on Farm Arrathorne, Yorkshire
Nathan AtkinsonFarm ServantMale20Single    General Servant on Farm Keswick, Westmoreland
Carnaby, PB, 35Mark LambHeadMale50Married    Farmer Gayles, Richmond
Margaret LambWifeFemale40Married26550  Hunton
Ellen Jane LambDaughterFemale23Single    At Home Patrick Brompton
James William LambSonFemale19Single    Farmer's Son Working on Farm Patrick Brompton
Hilda A. LambDaughterFemale18Single    At Home Patrick Brompton
Gladys LambDaughterFemale16Single    At Home Patrick Brompton
Violet Jubilee LambDaughterFemale14Single    At School Patrick Brompton
Fred ClarkServantMale19Single    Working on Farm N.K. Suffolk
Ernest GoodsonServantMale28Single    Working on Farm N.K. Suffolk
Herbert MarshallServantMale17Single    Working on Farm Stockton, Durham
PB 37George Flintoff HebdenHeadMale64Married    Farm Labourer Scotton, Yorkshire
Mary HebdenWifeFemale57Married36541  Langthorne, Yorkshire
PB 39William Thomas LofthouseHeadMale60Single    Labourer on Farm Snape, Yorkshire
PB 41George HutchinsonHeadMale62Married    Jobbing Gardener Newton-le-Willows
Margaret HutchinsonWifeFemale45Married22981  West Cornforth, Durham
Lily HutchinsonDaughterFemale14Single    School Patrick Brompton
Ethel HutchinsonDaughterFemale11Single    School Patrick Brompton
Ada HutchinsonDaughterFemale9Single    School Patrick Brompton
Florence HutchinsonDaughterFemale7Single    School Patrick Brompton
Mary HutchinsonDaughterFemale3Single    School Patrick Brompton
PB 43William Lupton BorthwickHeadMale35Married    Agricultural Labourer Middleham, Yorkshire
Ruth Ellen BorthwickWifeFenake36Married12431  Carthorpe, Yorkshire
James William Lupton BorthwickSonMale12Single    School Newton-le-Willows
Annie May BorthwickDaughterFenake10Single    School Newton-le-Willows
Hilda May BorthwickDaughterFenake6Single    School Newton-le-Willows
PB 45Margaret WaggettHeadFemale80Widow 220  Whitwell Tanfield, Yorkshire
Mary WaggettDaughterFemale60Single      East Brompton, Yorkshire
Mary Ann MuddGranddaughterFemale35Single      Kirkby Fleetham, Yorkshire
Jonathan PearsonBoarderMale22Single    Employed Slenningford, Yorkshire
William AutonBrotherMale76Widower 752Gardener (Domestic) Carthorpe, Yorkshire
PB 47John FawcettHeadMale67Married    Sub-Postmaster Patrick Brompton
Ellenor Ann FawcettWifeFemale70Married38541  South Shields
Dora FawcettDaughterFemale36Single    Domestic Work Patrick Brompton
Joseph TeasdaleSon-in-LawMale37Married    Joiner Harland Farndale, Yorkshire
Elizabeth TeasdaleDaughterFemale33Married6220Assistant Post Mistress Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Maurice TeasdaleGrandsonMale3Single      Darlington, Durham
Dorris Maya TeasdaleGranddaughterFemale1Single      Darlington, Durham
Patrick Brompton Hall 49Edith Cunliffe-ListerSisterFemale35Single    Private Means Maddington, Yorkshire
Evelyn Cunliffe-ListerSisterFemale31Single    Private Means Addingham, Yorkshire
Jane CoxServantFemale40Single    Cook Derbyshire
Alice SpirrittServantFemale23Single    Kitchen Maid Seton Carew
Elizabeth StevensonServantFemale48Single    Parlourmaid (Domestic) Cudworth, Yorkshire
Annie BotfieldServantFemale31Single    Housemaid (Domesic) Darrow, Salop
Mary LotteServantFemale61Widow 221Groom Newcastle, Northumberland
Eric RolfeServantMale25Single    Groom Norfolk, West Acre
Patrick Brompton Hall Lodge 51John Thomas JonesHeadMale44Mafried    Stud Groom (Domestuc) Warwick, Warwickshire
Florence May DavisonNeiceFemale17Single      East Keswick, Yorkshire
PB 53Mary LumleyHeadFemale60Widow    Farmer's Widow Winterden, North Lincolnshire
Lena WhiteServantFemale17Single    Domestic Servant (General) Middlesborough, Yorkshire
PB 55John CrowHeadMale51Married    Stone Mason Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Esther CrowWifeFemale41Married21330  Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Richard CrowSonMale21Single    Stone Mason Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Hilda CrowDaughterFemale13Single    School Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
PB 57Harriet PrattHeadFemale97Widow      Catterick, Yorkshire
Harriet PinderDaughterFemale52Widow      Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
PB 59William Dainton GrangeHeadMale55Married    Farm Labourer East Witton, Yorkshire
Jane Ann GrangeWifeFemale47Married20660  Melmerby, Coverdale, Yorkshire
Martha Bows GrangeDaughterFemale12Single      Crakehall, Yorkshire
Percy GrangeSonMale9Single    School Low Ash Bank, Bedale, Yorkshire
John GrangeSonMale5Single    School Gebdykes, Yorkshire
Annie Lois GrangeDaughterFemale4Single    School Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
PB 61Henry FrenchHeadMale32Married    Rabbit Catcher Kirklevington, Yorkshire
Annie Mary FrenchWifeFemale31Married7440  By Burrill, Yorkshire
Mary FrenchDaughterFemale9Single    School By Burrill, Yorkshire
Thomas Leonard FrenchSonMale6Single    School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Walter Henry FrenchSonMale4Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Albert FrenchSonMale2Single      Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
PB 63Margaret SimpsonHeadFemale70Widow    Old Aged PensionerLate DressmakerNewton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Rowland SargeantNephewMale12Single    School, Errands, Odd Jobs Wild Hill, Hunton, Yorkshire
PB 65William BellHeadMale72Widower39330Farmer Hunton, Yorkshiure
Amy HodgsonNeiceFemale21Single    Domestic Servant Hunton, Yorkshiure
Eileen HodgsonDaughterFemale11     Scholar Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
NLW 68William WalkerHeadMale32Married7440PlatelayerNE RailwayCoxwold, Yorkshire
Jennie WalkerWifeFemale38Married      Little Chilten, Durham
Nellie WalkerDaughterFemale6Single    School Cam Cottage, Hawes, Yorkshire
Annie WalkerDaughterFemale6Single    School Cam Cottage, Hawes, Yorkshire
William WalkerSonMale4Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Bertha WalkerDaughterFemale2Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
The Forge, NLW, 70William J. MetcalfeHeadMale51Married    Blacksmith Healey, Yorkshire
Emma MetcalfeWifeFemale47Married23651  Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Thomas MetcalfeSonMale22Single    Blacksmith's Assistant Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Fred MetcalfeSonMale20Single    Joiner's Apprentice Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Lena MetcalfeDaughterFemale13Single    At School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Elsie MetcalfeDaughterFemale6Single    At School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 72John StangerHeadMale61Married    Coachman (Domestic) Faceby, Yorkshire
Emma StangerWifeFemale56Married33972  Hunton, Yorkshire
Georgina StangerDaughterFemale31Single    Dressmaker Northallerton, Yorkshire
Emma StangerDaughterFemale25Single    Milliner (Forewoman) Northallerton, Yorkshire
John William StangerSonMale24Single    Groom Gardener (Domestic) Northallerton, Yorkshire
Arthur StangerSonMale19Single    Jewellers Apprentice Northallerton, Yorkshire
NLW 74Christopher DennisonHeadMale45Married    Postmaster Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Cissie DennisonWifeFemale37Married17220  Woodley, Berkshire
Ernest DennisonSonMale16Single    Assists Father Twyford, Berkshire
Maurice DennisonSonMale11Single    Schoolboy Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Frances DennisonDaughterFemale33Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
William DennisonBrotherMale55Married    Visitor Joiner (Jobbing) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
James SmithBoarderMale26Single    Chauffeur (Domestic) Norton, Yorkshire
NLW 76Elizabeth HeughHeadFemale64Widow    Private Means Fearby, Masham, Yorkshire
Jane HeughDaughterFemale25Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 78George MooreHeadMale65Married    Poor Law Service Pensioner Warsil, Yorkshire
Mary MooreWifeFemale55Married29220  Liversidge, Yorkshire
Sarah Ann Amanda Maud MooreDaughterFemale28Single      Dewsbury, Yorkshire
NLW 80Eleanor PattinsonHeadFemale62Widow200  Private Means Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Margaret LumleySisterFemale51Single    Private Means Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
NLW82Thomas RobinsonHeadMale49Married    Boot Maker Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Alice Mary RobinsonWifeFemale37Married70    Winton, Yorkshire
NLW 84James HudsonHeadMale72Married    Formerly Cattle Dealer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Lucy Jane HudsonWifeFemale66Married40101  Bath, Somerset
NLW 86Cecil RayHeadMale40Married    Solicitor (not practicing) Sunderland, Durham
Gertrude Layland RayWifeFemale37Married70    Manchester, Lancashire
NLW 88Ann AllisonHeadFemale60Widow 312Private Means Sunderland, Durham
Ann Morrison AllisonDaughterFemale34Single    Dressmaker Sunderland, Durham
NLW 90George Herbert WheldonHeadMale44Married    Grocer Northallerton, Yorkshire
Annie Elizabeth WheldonWifeFemale44Married20431  Blyborough, Lincolnshire
Mary WheldonDaughterFemale19Single    Domestic Work at Home Aiskew, Yorkshire
Helen WheldonDaughterFemale14Single    Domestic Work at Home Bedale, Yorkshire
Bessie WheldonDaughterFemale12Single    School Bruntcliffe, Yorkshire
NLW 92Miles WrightHeadMale74Married    Retired Railway Signal Inspector P. Ryton, Northumberland
Elizabeth WrightWifeFemale70Married46431  York, Yorkshire
Eleanor WrightDaughterFemale39Single      York, Yorkshire
Brewers Arms, NLW, 94Frank ParkerHeadMale44Married    Publican Ratcliff on Trent, Nottinghamshsire
Isabella ParkerWifeFemale47Married8220  Fencote, Yorkshire
George ParkerSonMale7     School Scruton, Yorkshire
Frank ParkerSonMale5       Newton-le-Willows Yorkshire
Dora StaceyNieceFemale23Single    Domestic Servant East Markham, Nottinghamshire
NLW 96Sarah BinksHeadFemale72Single      Castle Bolton, Yorkshire
Mary PeacockNieceFemale14       West Burton, Yorkshire
Bertie PeacockNephewMale11     School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Wheatsheaf Hotel, NLW 98Teresa Annie WilsonHeadFemale46Widow26880Public House Keeper Guisborough, Yorkshire
Teresa WilsonDaughterFemale21Single      Brotton, Yorkshire
Maud WilsonDaughterFemale19Single      Middlesborough, Yorkshire
David WilsonSonMale15Single    School Marske, Yorkshire
Ailsa WilsonDaughterFemale11       Marske, Yorkshire
Annie WilsonDaughterFemale9       Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Mona WilsonDaughterFemale6       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Edith WilsonDaughterFemale4       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 100William HandleyHeadMale67Married    Retired Grocer Middleham, Yorkshire
Eleanor HandleyWifeFemale64Married430    Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham
NLW 102John LambHeadMale34Married    Farmer's Brother working on farm Thornton Watlass, Yorkshire
Dora LambWifeFemale28Married8440  Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire
George LambSonMale6Single    School Thornton Watlass, Yorkshire
Bertie LambSonMale6Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Ada LambDaughterFemale3Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Elizabeth LambDaughterFemale1Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 104Mary Jane TurnerHeadFemale50Widow20110Independent - No Occupation Bowesfield Farm, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham
Alice TurnerDaughterFemale17Single    No Occupation Arbour Hill, Hornby, Bedale, Yorkshire
NLW 106Heslop LambHeadMale48Married    Worker on Famr Gayles, Yorkshire
Alice Emily LambWifeFemale43Married17211  Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire
George Heslop LambSonMale15Single    Worker on Famr Hermitage Farm, Thornton Watlass, Yorkshire
NLW 108John FirbyHeadMale74Married    General Labourer Snape, Yorkshire
Annie Eliz. FirbyWifeFemale59Married361073Housekeeper Theakston, Yorkshire
Lily FirbyDaughterFemale14Single    Housegirl Domestic Newton-le-willows, Yorkshire
NLW 110Matthew PlewsHeadMale50Married    Blacksmith Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Annie PlewsWifeFemale48Married22101Laundress Newsham, Yorkshire
NLW 112Harry BeanHeadMale31Married    Joiner (Instructer & Repairs)Aysgarth SchoolLeeds, Yorkshire
Ida Valerie BeanWifeFemale24Married1110  Goudhurst, Kent
Evelyn Grace BeanDaughterFemale<1Single      Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
NLW 114Joseph TaylorHeadMale40Married    Gynmastic & Physical Culture InstructorAysgarth SchoolKillingholme, Lincolnshire
Nellie TaylorWifeFemale38Married19321  Hull, Yorkshire
Laurence TaylorSonMale17Single    Gardener (Domestic) Farnborough, Hamptshire
Basil TaylorSonMale2Single      Newton-le-Willows Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
NLW 116William ColeyHeadMale57Married    Grocer Shinton, Leicestershire
Rachel ColeyWifeFemale55Married30211  Burnley, Lancashire
Hannah ChafferSister-in-LawFemale59Single    Retired Cotton Weaver Burnley, Lancashire
Honour EdwardsNoneFemale21Single    General Servant Warfield, Ireland
NLW 118John LaineHeadMale78Widow 981Retired Loco Engineer Ravensworth, Yorkshire
Charlotte Esther LaineDaughterFemale33Single      Darlington, Durham
NLW 120Ann Harriet ThubronHeadFemale75Widow 221  London, Middlesex
Catherine Mary ThubronDaughterFemale40Single      West Hartlepool, Durham
Annie Maria ThubronDaughterFemale38Single      West Hartlepool, Durham
Annie Elizabeth WatsonBoarderFemale64Widow 201  Stockton-on-Tees, Durham
NLW 122Herbert HeughHeadMale30Married    Farmer (Grazier)Own AccountNewton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Hannah HeughWifeFemale21Married10    Burnley, Lancashire
NLW 124Thomas RowntreeHeadMale73Married    Gardener (Jobbing) Tunstall, Richmond, Yorkshire
Anne RowntreeWifeFemale74Married5413103Caretaker at SchoolCounty CouncilHawes, Yorkshire
NLW 126John BoocockHeadMale33Married    Railway Porter Castleton, Yorkshire
Hannah BoocockWifeFemale26Married1110  Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
John James BoocockSonMale1Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 128Joseph ThompsonHeadMale68Married    Farm LabourerDay LabourerEast Witton, Yorkshire
Jane Elizabeth ThompsonWifeFemale58Married34312  Hutton, Yorkshire
NLW 130Jos HutchinsonHeadMale50Single    Road Mender (Contractor)EmployerNewton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 132George ConstantineHeadMale61Married    Mason Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
George ConstantineSonMale29Single    Common Labourer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
James HutchinsonLodgerMale49Married    Mason's Labourer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 134Mary Ann JohnsonHeadFemale78Widow      Hunton, Yorkshire
Elizabeth JohnsonDaughterFemale40Single    Laundress (Domestic) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Christopher JohnsonSonMale36Single    Labourer (General) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Mary Ann JohnsonDaughter of No.2Female13     School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Lily JohnsonDaughter of No.2Female2       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 136Yeoman H. CoatesHeadMale52Single    Joiner Egton Parish, Yorkshire
Arthur J. CoatesBrotherMale50Single    Joiner Egton Parish, Yorkshire
Mary DobbinSisterFemale55Widow    Housekeeper Easby Parish, Yorkshire
NLW 138Jane WilkinsonWifeFemale33Married<1110  Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Christabel May WilkinsonDaughterFemale4 mths       Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Emily Ada WilkinsonSister-in-LawFemale32Single      Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
NLW 140Fred Joseph JanneyHeadMale38Married    Cowman on Farm Strubby, Lincolnshire
Ada JanneyWifeFemale31Married10550  Tunstall, Yorkshire
Edward Joseph JanneySonMale9Single      Pannal, Yorkshire
Robert James JanneySonMale8Single      Pannal, Yorkshire
Ida Mary JanneyDaughterFemale5Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Norman Frederick JanneySonMale3Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Fred Elizabeth JanneySonMale1Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
James BirtleBoarderMale65Widower    Drainer on Farm Ravenstonedale, Westmoreland
NLW 142James CrabtreeHeadMale53Married    Farm Labourer Tunstall, Yorkshire
Annie CrabtreeWifeFemale48Married27990  Castle Bolton, Yorkshire
Francis Victor CrabtreeSonMale13     School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Frederick A. CrabtreeSonMale12     School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Clara Annie CrabtreeDaughterFemale9     School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Lena CrabtreeGranddaughterFemale9     School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 144William Thomas MetcalfeHeadMale42Married    General Labourer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Harriet MetcalfeWifeFemale42Married10220  Oran, Yorkshire
Gladys MetcalfeDaughterFemale8     School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Edith MetcalfeDaughterFemale7mths       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Laburnum House, NLW, 146David MetcalfeHeadMale51Married    Farmer Grazier Carlton, Yorkshire
Elizabeth MetcalfeWifeFemale51Married29000  Leeds, Yorkshire
Harriet Pratt MetcalfeNeiceFemale31Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Isabella HepplewhiteBoarderFemale23Single    Teacher ElementaryN. R. County CouncilShotton, Co. Durham
Mary Elizabeth CampsVisitorFemale35Single    Teacher ElementaryN. R. County CouncilCottenham, Cambs.
Manor House, NLW, 148Charles FallHeadMale42Married    Farmer Patrick Brompton, Yorkshire
Lucy Abigail FallWifeFemale33Married9000  Hauxwell, Yorkshire
Alice Tamar KirbyServantFemale24Single    General Servant (Domestic) Thornton Steward, Yorkshire
Mary Elizabeth CrabtreeServantFemale16Single    General Servant (Domestic) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
The Hall, NLW, 150Elizabeth HillHeadFemale63Widow      London W.
Violet HillDaughterMale20Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Hugh A. CholmleyGuestMale34Single      Place Newton, Yorkshire
Lewis Youlton ConstableGuestFemale33Single      Scarborough, Yorkshire
Grace CoatesServantFemale31Single    Cook (Domestic) Swinton, Malton, Yorkshire
Anna CommonServantFemale22Single    Parlourmaid (Domestic) Woolington, Newcastle upon Tyne
Kate WalkerServantFemale19Single    Kitchen Maid (Domestic) Sowerby, Thirsk
NLW 152Isabella HudsonHeadFemale64Widow    Farmer Middleham, Yorkshire
William Handley HudsonSonMale39Single    Railway ClerkNE Railway Co.Darlington, Yorkshire
Pollie HudsonDaughterFemale37Single    Farmers Daughter - Dairy Work Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Frank Swainston HudsonSonMale33Single    Railway ClerkNE Railway Co.Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Frederick George HudsonSonMale30Single    Railway ClerkNE Railway Co.Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Elizabeth HudsonDaughterFemale25Single    Shop Assistant (Stationer) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Harry Dayton HudsonSonMale22Single    Farmers Son - Working on Farm Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Ellen HudsonDaughterFemale20Single    Farmers Daughter - Domestic Work Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 154William HutchinsonHeadMale59Married    Stone Mason Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Jane Elizabeth HutchinsonWifeFemale55Married33770  Swainby, Yorkshire
John Thomas HutchinsonSonMale32Single    Stone Mason Swainby, Yorkshire
Robert Nelson HutchinsonSonMale18Single    ClerkNE Railway Co.Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Ivy HutchinsonGranddaughterFemale4Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 156George CarterHeadMale47Married    Railway Platelayer Hudswell, Yorkshire
Annie CarterWifeFemale45Married241174  Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Elizabeth CarterDaughterFemale20Single    Domestic Servant (General) Hardrow, Yorkshire
John CarterSonMale7       Hardrow, Yorkshire
Frank CarterSonMale4       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Richard RobinsonFather-in-LawMale78Widower    Railway Pensioner Wass, Yorkshire
NLW 158John RowntreeHeadMale60Married    Railway PlatelayerNE RailwayHackforth, Yorkshire
Mary Jane RowntreeWifeFemale51Married29330  Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Hugh RowntreeSonMale27Single    Railway ClerkNE RailwayCrakehall, Yorkshire
Jerveaux Station, NLW, 160James Lancaster PalmerHeadMale47Married    Railway Station MasterNE RailwayNew Holland, Lincs
Francis Ann PalmerWifeFemale48Married22440  Kilnwick, Nr. Driffield, Yorkshire
James Thomas PalmerSonMale21Single    Railway Engineers ClerkNE RailwayHull, Yorkshire
Minnie Tranmer PalmerDaughterFemale19Single      Hull, Yorkshire
Francis Mabel Zoe PalmerDaughterFemale14Single      Hull, Yorkshire
Charles Kenneth PalmerSonMale5Single      Hull, Yorkshire
NLW 162William Denison ShepherdHeadMale45Married    Signal PorterNE RailwayStockton-on-Tees
Alice Jane ShepherdWifeFemale43Married20440  Hackforth, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Ellen ShepherdDaughterFemale19Single    General Servant (Domestic) Hawes, Yorkshire
William Frederick ShepherdSonMale17Single    Gardener (Domestic) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Eva Alice ShepherdDaughterFemale14Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Cicely May ShepherdDaughterFemale8Single    School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 164William BailesHeadMale41Married    Electrical Engineer (Estate)Boarding SchoolStockton-on-Tees
Elizabeth BailesWifeFemale44Married19541  Skelton in Cleveland, Yorkshire
Dorothy BailesDaughterFemale17Single    DressmakerOwn Account at homeDarlington, Durham
John BailesSonMale14Single    Working on Farm Darlington, Durham
Mary BailesDaughterFemale12Single    School Darlington, Durham
Richard BailesSonMale4Single      Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 166William MawsonHeadMale25Married    Estate Mason's Labourer Owton, Durham
Elizabeth MawsonWifeFemale26Married4321  Scruton, Yorkshire
Oswald MawsonSonMale2       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Arnold MawsonSonMale10 mths       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 168Ann ConstantineHeadFemale71Single    Private Means Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Elizabeth AskeyVicitorFemale77Single    Private Means Bedale, Yorkshire
NLW 170John EllinerHeadMale71Married    Retired Coachman (Domestic) Cowsby
Elizabeth EllinerWifeFemale75Married51761  Kirby Whiske, Yorkshire
NLW 172John HeywoodHeadMale70Married    Retired Paper Mills Manager Little Lever, Bolton, Lancashire
Margaret HeywoodWifeFemale74Married510    Little Lever, Bolton, Lancashire
NLW 174Alfred GrantHeadMale63Married    Police Pensioner Deal, Kent
Hannah GrantWifeFemale66Married300    Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Alice Constantine KeartonVisitorFemale1Single      Catterick, Yorkshire
Linas, NLW, 176J. W. ColeyHeadMale29Married    Farmer and Violinist Beam Bridge, Nr. Burnley, Lancashire
L. J. ColeyWifeFemale27Married511   Leeming, Yorkshire
Frederick ColeySonMale16 mthsSingle       
Linas Terrace, NLW 178William FawcettHeadMale70Married    Retired Farmer Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire
Jane E. FawcettWifeFemale59Married3844   Kirby Whiske, Yorkshire
Linas Terrace, NLW, 180Arthur WilkinsonHeadMale41Married    MasonBuilding & General Mason WorkNo Mans Moor, Yorkshire
Agnes WilkinsonWifeFemale39Married1322 School Middleham, Yorkshire
Florence Edith WilkinsonDaughterFemale11Single      No Mans Moor, Yorkshire
Charlotte Lilian WilkinsonDaughterFemale4Single      No Mans Moor, Yorkshire
Linas Terrace, NLW, 182John ThickettHeadMale45Married    School Master ElementaryCounty Education CommitteeAlmondbury, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Ada ThickettWifeFemale47Married22321  Almondbury, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Martha Elizabeth ThickettDaughterFemale21Single    Domestic Work Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Lucy W. ThickettDaughterFemale16Single    Millinery Apprentice Marton cum Grafton, Yorkshire
Linas Terrace, NLW, 184Edwin Julian DanielsHeadMale75Married    Navy Pensioner Warrant Officer St. Peter Port, Guernsey, C.I.
Elizabeth DanielsWifeFemale74Married41431  Culdaff, Donegal, Ireland
NLW 186James NewtonHeadMale76Married    Retired Butler Finghall, Yorkshire
Emma Jane NewtonWifeFemale70Married460    Dorchester, Dorsetshire
NLW 188Joseph ProcterHeadMale54Married    Farm Labourer Richmond, Yorkshire
Maria ProcterWifeFemale45Married25642  Redmire, Yorkshire
Ivy ProcterDaughterFemale14Single    School Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Elizabeth ProcterDaughterFemale3       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 190Louie AstwoodHeadFemale34Single    Housekeeper (Domestic) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
NLW 192John CuthbertHeadMale72Married    Blacksmith (Retired) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Elizabeth CuthbertWifeFemale65Married431394  West Appleton, Yorkshire
William CuthbertSonMale20Single    Farm labourer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Ernest CuthbertSonMale17Single    Gardener (Domestic) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Beechwood House, NLW, 194John TurnerHeadMale83Married    Farmer Purgatory, Yorkshire
Elizabeth TurnerWifeFemale78Married53651  Bolam, Durham
John Robert TurnerSonMale52Single    Farmer's son working on farm Bolam, Durham
Mary Elizabeth TurnerDaughterFemale50Single    Farmer's daughter Thornton le ??, Yorkshire
Annie Marion TurnerDaughterFemale48Single    Farmer's daughter Knayton, Yorkshire
William Iveson TurnerSonMale46Single    Farmer's son working on farm Leake, Yorkshire
Emma Evelyn TurnerDaughterFemale40Single    Farmer's daughter Romanby, Yorkshire
Francis StellingServantMale30Single    General Servant (Domestic) Crakehall, Yorkshire
Aysgarth School Lodge, NLW, 196Richard HoneyHeadMale64Widow    Gardener (Domestic) Denton, Oxfordshire
Mary HoneyDaughterFemale27Single    Housekeeper Kintyre Glencreggan, Argyleshire
Aysgarth School, NLW, 198William Henry ChittyHeadMale43Married    Clerk in Holy OrdersPreparatory SchoolBombay, India
William Elliott WilsonCousenMale42Single    SchoolmasterPreparatory SchoolWaterhead, Cambridge
Jane Helena SwaleServantFemale44Single    School MatronPreparatory SchoolGreat Smeaton, Yorkshire
Beatrice Amelia LinayServantFemale38Single    School MatronPreparatory SchoolNorwich, Norfolk
Gertrude Mary HowellServantFemale29Single    School MatronPreparatory SchoolWakefield, Yorkshire
Sarah DurranceServantFemale50Widow28440Cook (Boarding School) Dublin
Ida Beryl AllinsonServantFemale21Single    Domestic Servant Egglestone, Durham
Isabella JohnsonServantFemale17Single    Domestic Servant U.S.A.
Mary GillServantFemale19Single    Domestic Servant Stockton-on-Tees, Durham
Daisy EasomServantFemale24Single    Domestic Servant Grimstone, Leicestershire
Eva TuckerServantFemale20Single    Domestic Servant Gateshead, Durham
Acton ToddServantFemale20Single    Domestic Servant Bradford, Yorkshire
Jane Isabel BoothServantFemale26Single    Domestic Servant Tynedock, Durham
Edith NelsonServantFemale27Single    Domestic Servant Low Coniscliffe, Durham
Mabel MuddServantFemale22Single    Domestic Servant Crakehall, Yorkshire
Emily NattrassServantFemale28Single    Domestic Servant Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire
Hilda Mary DinsdaleServantFemale18Single    Domestic Servant Thirsk, Yorkshire
Arthur Goddard EverettBoarderMale14     Schoolboy Sunderland, Durham
Harold Brodie JohnsonBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Stroud, Glos.
Richard Latimer TullyBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Whitley Bay, Northumberland
Aysgarth School, NLW, 199Chas. Arthur Robt. ThorpBoarderMale11     Schoolboy Beadnell, Northumberland
Geo. Kinnear StobartBoarderMale9     Schoolboy Glasgow, Scotland
Fred. Chas. Eskford RoomeBoarderMale10     Schoolboy N.W.P. India
Geoffrey Ambrose HamletBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Ripon, Yorkshire
Geo. Crawford NewbyBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Norton, Durham
Thomas Tudor ThorpBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Alnwick, Northumberland
Thomas FothergillBoarderMale14     Schoolboy Ravenstonedale, Westmoreland
William Leslie NimmosBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Castle Eden, Durham
Bernard Delacour CousinsBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Chapel Allerton, Yorkshire
John Nesbitt WhitworthBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Halifax, Yorkshire
Kenneth Leslie RitchieBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Middleton St. George, Durham
Edmund Robert Bruce UptonBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Stockton-on-Tees, Durham
Thos. Geoffrey WhitwayBoarderMale13     Schoolboy N.S.W., Australia
Geo. Norman Ralph Ward JacksonBoarderMale10     Schoolboy London
Montague Will MillsBoarderMale13     Schoolboy Norwich, Norfolk
Humphrey Plowden WardBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Amotherby, Yorkshire
John Dickson WiseBoarderMale11     Schoolboy Nafferton, Yorkshire
Geoffrey ShawBoarderMale8     Schoolboy Saltburn, Yorkshire
John Miles DawsonBoarderMale10     Schoolboy Scarborough, Yorkshire
Christopher FurnessBoarderMale10     Schoolboy West Hartlepool, Durham
Charles LangleyBoarderMale11     Schoolboy Sheffield, Yorkshire
Harold Alfred IllingworthBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Chester, Cheshire
Rick Philip Royd BrocklebankBoarderMale9     Schoolboy Heswall, Cheshire
Robt Lewis WillisBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Cortown, Stirling
Anthony Hy. Montague BrowneBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Ellingham, Northumberland
John Rick Augustus HodgeBoarderMale10     Schoolboy Dulwich, Surrey
Fred Rick Berkley MatthewsBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Hawsker, Durham
Noel Seigfried HawthorneBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Auckland, New Zealand
James Lascelles ReayBoarderMale11     Schoolboy Stockton, Durham
Rob. Coverdale HoggBoarderMale10     Schoolboy W. Hartlepool, Durham
Aysgarth School, NLW, 200James Errol LundBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Cullingworth, Yorkshire
Eric Wallace TaylorBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Sunderland, Durham
Geo. Herbert Wentworth KitsonBoarderMale12     Schoolboy London
James Leslie DarlingBoarderMale10     Schoolboy Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland
Robt. Allen Fenwick ThorpBoarderMale11     Schoolboy Alnwick, Northumberland
William Guildroy ShawBoarderMale10     Schoolboy Saltburn, Yorkshire
Eric Charles MartenBoarderMale12     Schoolboy India
James Sandys Ker InskipBoarderMale10     Schoolboy Leyton, Essex
Thomas Anthony GladstoneBoarderMale12     Schoolboy Stockton, Durham
Edward Percival WhitneyBoarderMale11     Schoolboy N.S.W., Australia
James Emery TullyBoarderMale10     Schoolboy Whitley Bay, Northumberland
John SladdenBoarderMale11     Schoolboy Stockton, Durham
Aysgarth School (Masters' Hostel), NLW, 202Frank JoyHeadMale30Single    Schoolmaster (Preparatory) Hessle, E. Yorkshire
John Huntley CreedBoarderMale36Single    Schoolmaster (Preparatory) Chedburgh, Suffolk
Hugh Jelinger SymonsBoarderMale33Single    Schoolmaster (Preparatory) Leeds, yorkshire
Benjamin PictonBoarderMale29Single    Schoolmaster (Preparatory)MusicBelgravia, London
Arthur WanstallBoarderMale29Single    Schoolmaster (Preparatory) Dawley, Salop
Francis Alfred Hugh WalshBoarderMale42Single    Schoolmaster (Preparatory) Riddings, Derbyshire
Joseph LumleyServantMale39Married    Butler (Domestic) Leeds, yorkshire
Mary Annie LumleyServantFemale38Married16110Cook (Domestic) Normanby, Yorkshire
Mavis LumleyServantFemale4Single      Hamsterley, Durham
Louise van DorstServantFemale26Single    Parlourmaid (Domestic) Antwerp, Belgium
NLW 204John Davison LeeHeadMale38Married    Coachman (Domestic) Northallerton, Yorkshire
Amy LeeWifeFemale34Married9321  Sandsend, Yorkshire
Mabel LeeDaughterFemale4       Colne, Lancashire
Ernest LeeSonMale7 mths       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
George TurnerBoarderMale26Single    Chauffeur (Domestic) Tideswell, Derbyshire
Plain House, NLW, 206George MyersHeadMale49Married    Farmer - Thrashing ?? Leeming, Yorkshire
Anne MyersWifeFemale48Married21330  Birtley, Durham
Herbert MyersSonMale20Single    Traction Engine Driver Leeming, Yorkshire
Ernest MyersSonMale18Single    Working on Farm Leeming, Yorkshire
Hilda MyersDaughterFemale13Single    School Leeming, Yorkshire
Woodbine House 208Francis George BinksHeadMale44Married    Gardener (Domestic) Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Annie BinksWifeFemale45Married<1     Bellerby, Yorkshire
Croft House, Thornton Steward 210William MetcalfeHeadMale59Married260  Farmer  
Mary MetcalfeWifeFemale68Married    Farmer's Wife  
Walter SimpsonLodgerMale27Single    Boarder  
Arthur HobsonServantMale22Single    Farm Servant  
NLW 212Robert GalileeHeadMale53Widow    Farm Labourer Oak Tree Hill, Brompton
Eliza GalileeDaughterFemale25Single    Housekeeper Black Dykes, Brompton
Sithe Elizabeth GalileeDaughterFemale15Single    Domestic Servant (General) Grazing Nook, Finghall
Mary Rebecca GalileeDaughterFemale13     Scholar Grazing Nook, Finghall
John Edward ElsworthBoarderMale23Single    Farm Labourer (General) Firby, Bedale
Philip Raylton WargueVisitorMale26Single    Farm Labourer (General) Fighting Cocks, Darlington
Cocked Hat, Thornton Steward, 214Thomas HawHeadMale32Married    Farm Foreman Boltby, Yorkshire
Lavinia HawWifeFemale37Married8220  Leeming, Yorkshire
Thomas Wilfrid HawSonMale7       Howgrave, Yorkshsire
Elsie Mary HawDaughterFemale6       Howgrave, Yorkshsire
Martha HawVisitorFemale28Single      Boltby, Yorkshire
Wilson FosterBoarderMale21Single    Woodman on Farm Great Ayton, Yorkshire
John GatesServantMale17Single    Horseman on Farm Hunton, Yorkshire
NLW 216Robert WilkinsonHeadMale71Widow443  Retired Builder Middleham, Yorkshire
Charles WilkinsonSonMale43Married    Bricklayer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Isabell WilkinsonWife of SonFemale44Married17643  Redmire, Yorkshire
William WilkinsonGrandsonMale11Single    School Redmire, Yorkshire
Ernest WilkinsonGrandsonMale2       Redmire, Yorkshire
Nellie WilkinsonGranddaughterFemale8       Redmire, Yorkshire
Normans Moor 218Hannah HarleWifeFemale40Married231073  Hillerby bar Darlington, Durham
Mary Ann HarleDaughterFemale12Single    School The Grange, Cockfield
Margaret HarleDaughterFemale9     School The Grange, Cockfield
Stephen HarleSonMale7     School Danby Mills, Middleham
Edward HarleSonMale4     School Danby Mills, Middleham
Elsie HarleDaughterFemale1       Normans Moor, Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Lindale Lodge 220James HallHeadMale36Married    Farmer Aiskew, Yorkshire
Mary Elizabeth HallWifeFemale26Married800   Bedale, Yorkshire
George SouthServantMale26Single    Farm Servant Romford, Essex
Hill Top West 222Tristram WalkerHeadMale75Married    Farmer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Alice WalkerWifeFemale73Married46651  Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Tristram WalkerSonMale34Married    Farmer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Emily WalkerSon's WifeFemale35Married50    Tickhill, Yorkshire
Arthur Brignall WalkerSonMale28Single    Farmer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Hill Top East 224Thomas WalkerHeadMale38Married    Farmer Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Annie WalkerWifeFemale35Married10541  Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire
Elizabeth WalkerDaughterFemale9       Hauxwell, Yorkshire
Helen WalkerDaughterFemale5       Hauxwell, Yorkshire
Elsie WalkerDaughterFemale3       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Thomas WalkerSonMale2       Newton-le-Willows, Yorkshire
Eleanor BrignallCousenFemale28Single    General Servant (Domestic) Hartlepool, Yorkshire
Thomas LambertServantMale50Widower    Horseman on Farm Hemsley, Yorkshire
The Grange 226Thomas HeughHeadMale36Married    Farmer  
Elizabeth Ann HeughWifeFemale33Married211    
Norman HeughSonMale1Single       
Charles Henry SantonServantMale18Single    Farm Servant  
Sidney LoadmanServantMale16Single    Farm Servant  
Sarah Jane SantonServantFemale14Single    Servant (Domestic)  
Fox Park 228William HeughHeadMale32Married    Farmer Fox Park, Newton-le-Willows
Mable Edith HeughWifeFemale24Married<111   Bedale, Yorkshire
Freda HeughDaughterFemale4 mths       Fox Park, Newton-le-Willows
George Metcalfe Male16Single    Farm Labourer Newton-le-Willows
Ruswick, Constable Burton 231William FallHeadMale55Single    Farmer Kirklington, Yorkshire
Ruth Farmer Female41Single    Housekeeper (Domestic) Skirpenbeck, Yorkshire
Fred Bates Male22Single    Farm Labourer (General) N.K.

Transcribed by:
Joyce Harrison ©2013.