Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for PICKERING in Pigot's Directory of 1829.


Post Office,

  • Market-place, James Wilsthorp, Post Master.
  • Letters for London and, all parts of the kingdom are despatched at four in the afternoon, and arrive at ten at night.
  • Letters for Whitby are despatched at ten at night, and arrive at four in the afternoon.

Gentry and Clergy,

  • Acton John, esq., Middleton
  • Adamson John, gent. Burgate
  • Coultman Mrs. Elizabeth, Hungate
  • Croft Rev. Gabriel, Hall garth
  • Dennis William, esq. Eastgate
  • Dixon Mrs. Elizabeth, Burgate
  • Fryer Mrs. Hannah, Eastgate
  • Grayson Lieut. Samuel R.N. Market place
  • Harding Mrs. Jane, Hungate
  • Hardwick Ralph, esq. Eastgate
  • Hart Mrs. Ruth, Market place
  • Hayes Matthew, esq. Hall garth
  • Hayes Rev. Thomas, Aislabie
  • Hayes Miss, the Green
  • Hill Richard, esq. Thornton house
  • King Nicholas, gent. Market place
  • Kitching Robert, gent. Burgate
  • Lyth Robert, gent. Burgate
  • Mackreth Rev. Michael, Thornton
  • Mitchelson Colonel Thomas, Hungate
  • Parke Mrs. Ann, Hungate
  • Parke Mrs. Mary, Hungate
  • Parkinson John, gent. Eastgate
  • Piper Robert, esq. Castle gate
  • Ponsonby Rev. John, M.A. Vicarage
  • Priestman Joshua, gent. Thornton
  • Putsey Rev. W. Castlegate
  • Richardson Mrs. Esthr, Potter's hill
  • Scholefield Rev. R. R. B. Thornton
  • Simpson Thomas, gent. Eastgate
  • Stockton Mrs. Catherine, Hungate
  • Storry Thomas, gent. Potter's hill
  • Thorp Mrs. Elizabeth, the Green
  • Walton Mrs. Burgate
  • Webb Rev. John Hill, Thornton
  • Wells Mrs. Elizabeth, Beck hall
  • Whitfield John, gent. Hall garth
  • Wrangham John, gent. Castlegate

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Adamson Miss, Marketplace
  • Adamson William, Collinson (classical & mathematical) Hungate
  • Champneys Grace & Mary (ladies' boarding) Potter's hill
  • Grammar School, Castlegate Rev. William Putsey, master
  • Grammar School, Thornton- Rev. R. R. B. Scholefield, master
  • Jackson Ann, Hungate
  • King Mary & Jane (ladies' boarding) Burgate
  • School Of Industry, Potter's hill Ann Skelton, mistress
  • Simpson John, Potter's hill
  • Storr Robert, Thornton


  • Bointon Thomas, (and chief constable & clerk to the magistrates) Burgate
  • Parkinson Frank Dennis, Church yard
  • Peirson Thomas, Market place
  • Watson John, Market place

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Barker John, Westgate
  • Champley George, Market place
  • Hawson William, (& grocer) Eastgate
  • Saunderson Robert, Burgate
  • Skaife John, Hungate
  • Walker William, Bakehouse lane


  • Barker Thomas, Potter's hill
  • Caward Richard, Hungate
  • Fletcher William (& whitesmith) Bakehouse lane
  • Green Robert, Thornton
  • Maw John, Thornton
  • Rooke Richard, Hall garth
  • Stephenson William, Thornton

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Beal George, Thornton
  • Bransdale Bartholomew, Willow gate
  • Clark John (& music seller) Market place
  • Cole Thomas, Eastgate
  • Garbutt J. Bakehouse lane
  • Gray James, Market place
  • Johnson Richard, Castle gate
  • Kidd Champley, Burgate
  • Lowther John, Hall garth
  • Rodgers Richard, Cliff
  • Sawdon Robert, Potter's hill
  • Sharp John, Potter's hill
  • Stephenson Richard, Market place
  • Storry Christopher, Bridge street
  • Tate Mark, Burgate
  • White William, Market place

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Gains Mark Taylor, Thornton
  • Hawson Thomas, Market place


  • Atkinson Robert, Market place
  • Coultman John, Hungate
  • Cross Robert, Westgate
  • Dixon John, Thornton
  • Foster Robert, Eastgate
  • Marfit Thomas, Thornton
  • Pennock Richard, Hungate
  • Prudence Charles, Smithy hill

Cabinet Makers & Joiners,
Marked thus * are Joiners only.

  • Bielby William, Willow gate
  • *Bolton John, Thornton
  • *Brewster William, Thornton
  • Brown William, Market place
  • Dalton Thomas, Hungate
  • *Dennis Peter, Thornton
  • Hodgson James, (& chair) Eastgate
  • *Hutchinson John, Burgate
  • *Johnson Robert, Castle gate
  • Kirby George, Market place
  • Newsome John, Potter's hill
  • *Simpson Jonathan, Hungate
  • *Simpson Robert, Thornton
  • Wilson John (& chair) Hungate


  • Bolton Thomas; Burgate
  • Rooke William, Hungate


  • Hoggard George, Thornton
  • Lawson John; Burgate
  • Pamley Thomas, Hall garth

Corn Millers,

  • Fletcher John, Potter's hill
  • Lyon Christopher, Cliff
  • Rowntree & Son, King's Hill
  • Wheatley John, Thornton


  • Kirby William, Cattle market
  • Wood Preston; Potter's hill


  • Bird Oliver, Bridge street
  • Scales John, Cattle market

Earthenware Dealers,

  • Foster John, (& glass), Market place
  • Ward John, Hungate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Guardian (and to the east riding bank) Joseph Wardell, Market place
  • Yorkshire, Jonathan Ellis, Market place

Flax Dressers,

  • Burnett William, Thornton
  • Christelow Francis, Thornton

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Dealtry John, Westgate
  • Kirby John, Eastgate
  • Smith John, Thornton

Grocers & Drapers,

  • Allanson James, Thornton
  • Atkinson William, (& druggist) Market place
  • Bland Edward, Market place
  • Bower William, Thornton
  • Coultman Robert, Market place
  • Coverdill Ann, Potter's hill
  • Grayson John, Market place
  • Humphrey William, Thornton
  • Jefferson Thomas, Burgate
  • Otterburn & Johnson, Potter's hill
  • Otterburn John, Bridge street
  • Salton William, Eastgate

Hair Dressers,

  • Charter William, Market place
  • Hodgson William, (& toy dlr) Market place
  • Hutchinson John, Burgate
  • M'Guffie John, Thornton

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Bradshaw George, Hungate
  • Foster Roger (and furrier) Cattle market
  • Kirby Hugh, Potter's hill

Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, John Haves, Market place
  • Black Swan Inn (& posting house) Matthew Monkman, Market place
  • Blue Bell, John Ellis, Market place
  • Buck, Thomas Richardson, Thornton
  • Crown, George Gibson, Burgate
  • George Inn, William Gibson, Market place
  • Horse Shoe, Richard Rooke, Eastgate
  • King's Arms, Richard Watwick, Church yard
  • King's Head, Thomas Vinnis, Burgate
  • New Inn, Francis Wardell, Thornton
  • Old White Swan, John Atkinson, Market place
  • Pack Horse, Jonathan Hanson, Thornton
  • Rose, Richard Boston, Bridge street
  • Royal Oak, Thomas Eden, Eastgate
  • White Swan tun, Francis Champion, Market place


  • Bird Oliver (& iron dlr.) Bridge street
  • Cox Robert Nathaniel (& clock manufacturer) Burgate
  • Haigh William, (& brazier) Burgate

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Dobby Ann (and distributer of stamps) Market place
  • Hawxwell William, Market place
  • Kirby Hugh (& hatter) Potter's hill

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Garbutt Joseph, Eastgate
  • Simpson William, Potter's hill
  • Wardell William, Market place

Milliners, Dress & Straw Hat Makers,

  • Dobson Ruth & Mary, Market place
  • Gamble Harriet, Burgate
  • Gray Mary, Market place
  • Kneeshaw Margaret, Market place
  • Pickering Mary, Bridge street
  • Wilsthorp Mary & Frances, Market place


  • Lowther William, Potter's hill
  • Snowdon William, Burgate

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Butler Thomas, Market place
  • Mathers Thomas, Burgate
  • Salton George, Eastgate

Porter & Spirit Merchts,

  • Ashton & Cross, Hall garth
  • Harrison John, jun. Cattle market
  • Wardell Joseph, Market place
  • Wilson George, (porter only) Hall garth


  • Allanson Hessey, Thornton
  • Potter Christopher, Thornton
  • Robinson William, Market place
  • Walton Benjamin, Bridge street
  • Wilsthorp James, Market pace

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Adamson George, Bridge street
  • Allanson Thomas, Market place
  • Appleyard James, Potter's hill
  • Austin John, Hungate
  • Ayres John, Westgate
  • Gray Elizabeth, Market place
  • Holgate George, Eastgate
  • Lamas Elizabeth, Market place
  • Magson Robert, Hungate

Stone Masons and Flag Dealers,

  • Barnes Thomas, Thornton
  • Bolton Richard, Westgate
  • Hardy William, Thornton
  • Lumley Robert, Bakehouse lane
  • Saunderson James, Burgate
  • Scales John, Hungate
  • Skelton James, Thornton
  • Spendley William, Thornton
  • Stockdale Robert, Hall garth


  • Birdsall William, Hall garth
  • Loy Martin, M. D. Hall garth
  • Paul Daniel, Eastgate


  • Hodgson John, Market place
  • Jackson Robert, Market place
  • Keld Isaiah, Market place
  • Lotherington James, Church lane
  • Lotherington James, jun. Hall garth
  • Mack ley John, Thornton
  • Parkin Robert, (& draper) Thornton
  • Ruddock William & John, Burgate
  • Skelton George, Thornton
  • Wilson J., Eastgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Ashton William (and druggist and grocer) Burgate
  • Greenwood Richard, Potter's hill
  • Kirby John, Eastgate

Tanners & Fellmongers,

  • Adamson William, (fellmonger only) Market place
  • Grayson William & George, Hungate
  • Priestman Joseph, Thornton


  • Brown James, Eastgate
  • Brown William, Hungate


  • Boak William, bookseller, stationer & printer, Market place
  • Chapman George, clog & patten makr. Bakehouse lane
  • Clark William, profile delineator, Market place
  • Darling John, hosier, Burgate
  • Eden Thomas, raft merchant, Eastgate
  • Fell Thos, paper box maker, Thornton
  • Gray John, painter, and bell and paper hanger, Burgate
  • Hawson William & George, brewers and maltsters, Eastgate
  • Jenkinson John, worsted manufacturer, Bargate
  • Kirby George, rope maker, Market place
  • M'Millan Peter, medicine vender, Eastgate
  • Nicholls James, bleacher, Thornton
  • Nicholls Richard, paper maker, Thornton
  • Parts William & Thomas, brick makers& maltsters, Westgate
  • Pattrick Richard, bacon & flour dealer, Hall garth
  • Scott Matthew, gun maker, Market place
  • Seavers Thomas, deputy clerk to the magistrates, Burgate
  • Skelton George, weaver, Hall garth
  • Stephenson Thomas, watch & clock maker, Market place
  • Storry John, veterinary surgeon, Market place
  • Warwick Richard, auctioneer, Church lane


  • To Whitby, the Royal Mail (from York) calls at the Black Swan Inn, every-Mon- Wednesday & Friday at ten at night.
  • To York, the Royal Mail, (from Whitby) calls at the Black Swan Inn, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at four in the afternoon.


  • To Helmsley & Kirkby Moor- Side, Robert Pearson and F. Sellar, from their house every Tues. & Friday.
  • To Kirkbymoorside, Robert Sanderson and William Frank, from their houses, every Wednesday morning.
  • To Malton, Robert Sanderson, every Tuesday morning-Thomas- Carlisle every Saturday--& T. Newcombe (from Whitby) every Monday and Thursday,
  • To Scarborough, George Sellar, every Wednesday morning and Friday night-and George Pearson, every Wednesday morning.
  • To Whitby, George Pearson (from York) calls at the Black Swan, every Thursday-William Frank, John Todd and T. Keddy, from their houses, every Friday morning-and T. Newcombe (from York) calls at the King's Arms, every Tuesday & Friday morning.
  • To York, T. Newcombe (from Whitby) calls at the King's Arms, every Monday and Thursday.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003