PICKERING: Pickering Congregational Church History up to 1868.



This congregation originated in the labours of Rev. -- King, the pious Vicar of Middleton (a mile distant from Pickering), then the only Evangelical Clergyman in the vicinity. People from the town flocked to hear him. Mr. King removed to Hull, and left earnest, godly men as curates. But at his death a change took place, the new Vicar not sympathizing with the sentiments of his predecessor. The earnest people began therefore to hold meetings of their own, and were much aided by Revs. Messrs. Brownfield (Whitby) and Bottomley (Scarborough), who preached alternately. A chapel became requisite. It was opened in April, 1789, when Rev. S Bottomley preached, and a Congregational church was formed.
  • 1791. Rev. THOMAS GRITTON became pastor. Removed 1797 to Keswick, where he died.
  • 1797. Rev. ROBERT BLAKE. He left for Bridlington 1789, and subsequently emigrated to America.
  • 1800. Rev. JOHN WILLOUGHBY (from Lady Huntingdon's Chapel, Helmsley). During his ministry the chapel was enlarged. He died 1812.
  • 1812. Rev. J. HINCHCLIFFE (Idle Acy.). He removed to Stockton 1813.
  • In 1814, the chapel was again enlarged by the erection of a gallery at the North end. In this year 1814, Rev. GABRIEL CROFT (Hackney Coll.), became pastor.
  • In 1839, another gallery was erected. Mr. Croft, from bad health, resigned in 1848, and is now living at Preston, Lancashire.
  • Several students for the ministry were educated under his care.
  • 1850. Rev. JOSEPH HOYLE, B.A. (Airedale Coll.). Left 1853 for Lightcliffe.
  • 1856. Rev. JOHN EARNSHAW (of Attercliffe). Removed to Harpurhey 1863.
  • 1865. Rev. M. A. WILKINSON (from Harden, Bradford). The present minister (in 1868).

* By aid of Rev. M. A. Wilkinson.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.