In 1822, the following places were in the Parish of Pickering:


"BLANSBY PARK, a hamlet in the township and parish of Pickering, 2½ miles NNE. from Pickering."

"GOATHLAND, in the parish of Pickering, wapentake and liberty of Pickering Lythe; 11¼ miles NNE. of Pickering, 9 miles SW. of Whitby. In the Dale of Goathland, within the liberties of Pickering forest, the farmers were obliged, by the ancient tenures of their land, to attend to the breed of hawks, which annually built their nests in a cliff or scar, called Killing Nab Scar, in Newton Dale, in order to secure them for the King's use. These hawks are of a large size, and still continue to frequent their ancient place of resort; and it is singular, that there is every year one breed, and very seldom more. There is here a neat new Chapel of Ease (see Churches for photograph), built in 1821, of which the Rev. Benjamin Richardson is curate. Population 335.

Here was a Hermitage granted by Henry I. 1117, to Osmund, a Priest, and a few Brethren, who took up their habitation there, but soon after transferred to the Abbey of Whitby. It was dedicated to St. Mary, and probably stood above a mile north-east of the present Goathland Chapel, at a place called Abbot's House, -Burton. -Young."

"HIGH KINGTHORPE, (and Low Kingthorpe), in the parish of Pickering, wapentake & liberty of Pickering Lythe; 3 miles NE. of Pickering. Pop. 52."

"HIGH MARISHES, (and Low Marishes) in the parish of Pickering, wapentake and liberty of Pickering Lythe; 3½ miles S. of Pickering. Pop. 210."

"HUNT HOUSE, a single house in the township of Goadland, and parish of Pickering; 9¼ miles N. of Pickering, 13 from Whitby."

"NEWTON DALE, the west-side of this dale is in the township of Newton, and parishes of Pickering and Levisham, wapentake and liberty of Pickering Lythe; 7 miles N. of Pickering."

"NEWTON ON RAWCLIFFE, in the parish of Pickering, wapentake and liberty of Pickering Lythe; 4¼ miles N. of Pickering. Here is a Free School, with an endowment of £20. a year. Population, 212. (see also Churches)"

"WEST MARISHES, a township, in the parish of Pickering, Wapentake of Pickering-Lythe; 4 miles from Pickering, 5 from Malton. Population 210."

[Description(s) edited mainly from various 19th century sources by Colin Hinson. ©2010]