PICKHILL: Transcription of the Pickhill Registers - Burials 1600-1699.


DateName(s) and relationship
Anno Dom: 1600
27/03/1600Jo: Raper de Roxby ob.
12/04/1600Merriall dau. of Tho: Peartt de Roxby
04/05/1600Henry son of Willi Key de Holme
15/09/1600Tho: son of Willi Brunton de Roxby
17/11/1600Widdow Newsome de Holme
Anno Dom: 1601
04/04/1601Jo: son of Willi Daggett de Roxby
03/05/1601Jo: ffall de Aynderby ob.
04/11/1601Xpopher dale de Nesse ob.
23/01/1601Elizab: Bishoprick de Swanby
04/03/1601Jennett Cooke de Synderby ob.
07/03/1601Jo: son of Rich: Cooke de Synderby
11/03/1601Dorithy dau. of Jo: Browne de Holme
Anno Dom: 1602
12/04/1602Willi Atkinson de Holme ob.
Jennett Rickerby de Pick: ob &c.
22/05/1602Elizab: Wilson de Roxby ob.
19/06/1602Jane wife of Willi Key de Holme
26/08/1602Jo: Todd de Pick: oh.
29/09/1602Xpopher Whittling de Roxby oh.
09/10/1602Margery dau. of Michaell Lumley de Roxby
23/11/1602Michaell Lumley de Roxby ob.
27/11/1602Willi Husband de How ob.
21/12/1602Margarett Key widdow de Holme
01/01/1602Jane Bruntô de Synderby ob.
12/01/1602Elizab: foster de Pick:
22/02/1602Elizab: wife of Jo: Raper junior de Synd:
Anno Dom: 1603
21/04/1603Rob Croft de Synderby ob.
12/05/1603Rich: Vepon de Swanby ob.
18/08/1603Jennett dau. of Michaell Sober de Synd:
30/09/1603Jo: son of Jo: Raper de Synderby
13/02/1603Jane Arrowsmith de Nesse
27/02/1603Maud Key widdow de Synd:
Anno Dom: 1604
12/04/1604Rich: son of Tho: Whitling de Pick :
15/04/1604Jo: son of Jo: Key de Synderby
02/11/1604Jane bolton de Roxby ob.
Anno Dom: 1605
29/05/1605Mary Harrison ob.
30/05/1605Tho: Vepon ob.
05/06/1605Edward Chester's daughter ob
Anno Dom: 1606
30/08/1606Anne wife of Raiph Dixon de Synderby ob.
17/11/1606Bartholomew son of Rich: Cooke de Synderby
18/11/1606Anne Cooke vidua de Roxby
27/01/1606Mrs Sympson de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1607
09/05/1607ffrancis son of Roger Mennell de Pick: ob.
28/10/1607Mary dau. of Jo: Peart de Roxby
17/11/1607Rich: Ward de Roxby
04/03/1607Esbell Smith de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1608
08/04/1608Anne Whittling de Pick: ob.
15/04/1608Jo: Daggett de Roxby ob.
11/09/1608Jo: Wells de Aynderby
29/09/1608John Watson de Synderby
09/02/1608Willi Robinson de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1609
15/04/1609Jo: Power de Synderby ob.
10/05/1609Margarett dau. of Thomas Peart de Roxby
17/05/1609Jo: son of Geo: ffothergill de Holme
23/05/1609Rich: son of Tho: ffall de Aynderby
28/07/1609Anthony son of Xpopher Pickering de Roxby
16/08/1609Isabell dau. of Willi Ward de Roxby
20/08/1609Willi Sadler de Roxby ob.
12/10/1609Edward son of Jo: Raper de Holme
23/01/1609Anne wiffe of Anthony Bierly gent. de Pick:
23/01/1609Jane wiffe of Oswould Metckcalffe
03/02/1609Agnes Raper widdow de how
28/02/1609ffelix Lumley vidua de Roxby
05/03/1609Willi son of Rob Thompson de Holme
12/03/1609Thomas Dayle de Nesse ob.
Anno Dom: 1610
12/05/1610Jane wife of Geo: Newstead of Pick.
04/07/1610Rich: son of Dorithy Sparling of Roxby
09/08/1610Jo: son of Rich: Raper de Roxby
30/08/1610Willi son of Edward Robinson de Roxby
06/09/1610Henry Harrland de Holme ob.
21/09/1610Anne wife of Tho: Whitling de Swanby
27/10/1610The wife of Michaell Key de Synderby
28/10/1610Jane dau. of Geo: ffothergill
11/11/1610Geo: Newstead of Pickhill
16/12/1610Willi son of Geo: Shilton de Roxby
28/12/1610John Trousdall of Holme ob.
21/01/1610Anne %Vaud de Roxby ob.
05/03/1610Jane dau. of Willi Metckcalffe de Swanby
06/03/1610Isabell wiffe of Rich: Bell de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1611
27/04/1611Willi Raper of How senior ob.
13/06/1611Jennett Binkes de Pickhill ob.
05/07/1611Geo: Wigglesworth de Roxby ob.
04/09/1611Johâ dau. of Hugh Prest de Roxby
09/10/1611Willi son of Wilt Wayde de Roxby
23/11/1611Jo: Raper of Aynderby ob.
12/12/1611Rob Slater Vicker of Pickhall
23/02/1611Ellenor dau. of Jo: Raper jun: de Synd:
Anno Dom: 1612
09/03/1612Anthony Byerly of Pickhill bur.
22/12/1612Willi Metcalfe of Swanby bur.
10/04/1612Meriall ffall of Aynderby bur.
11/04/1612Jo: Hickson of Holme bur.
29/05/1612ffrances Dunne of Aynderby bur.
30/04/1612Hercules Brabham of How bur.
20/07/1612Meriall wife of Richard Wandsford ob.
19/08/1612Margarett dau. of Michaell Key de Synderby
22/08/1612Jo: son of Rich: Cooke de Synderby
07/09/1612Tho: son of Jo: Lynford de Swanby
21/09/1612Martha dau. of Willi Lumley de Roxby
11/11/1612Mary dau. of Jo: Watson de Synderby
12/11/1612Willi son of Tho: dayle de Pick:
22/12/1612Geo: son of Jo: Raper de Synderby
04/03/1612Willi Rilay de Roxby ob.
Anno Dom: 1613
23/05/1613Rich: Gaynes of Pickhill bur.
17/06/1613Willi Benson vicar of Pick: sepult.
27/06/1613Henry son of Tho: ffall bur.
27/06/1613Tho: ffall of Aynderby was buried
25/08/1613Tho: Boacocke a traveller bur.
17/09/1613John Robinson a traveller bur.
03/11/1613Johâ dau. of Willi Lumley de Roxby
12/11/1613Xpopher Simpson of Holme bur.
18/12/1613Tho: day bur.
19/12/1613Anne Gaynes widdow bur.
18/01/1613Anne dau. of Geo: Dayle bur.
22/02/1613Tristram Newstead bur.
Anno Dom: 1614
27/03/1614Margarett wife of Willi Prest bur.
01/03/1614Anne wife of Willi Newstead Apr.
07/08/1614Mary dau. of Jo: Gregg bur.
12/12/1614Willi Raper de Pickhill bur.
17/12/1614Geo: Bell de Roxby bur.
09/02/1614Katherine wife of Mr Tho: Beckwith bur.
Anno Dom: 1615
26/04/1615Margery wife of Rich: Daggett de Aynderby bur.
30/04/1615Tho: Key of Synderby bur.
22/05/1615Richard Daggett of Aynderby bur.
10/05/1615Rich: foster bur.
Jane wife of Jo: Hixon of Holme &c.
16/07/1615Isabell Raper & her daughter bur.
10/10/1615Willi Whittling of Swanby bur.
11/11/1615Isabell dau. of Roger Mennell bur.
29/12/1615Margery Scarecroft bur.
22/01/1615John Browne of Holme bur.
Anno Dom: 1616
27/07/1616Henry son of John Wells of Aynderby bur.
10/08/1616Mary wife of John Raper de Synderby
27/09/1616Geo: Dayle of Pickh:
11/10/1616Elizab: bolton de Roxby bur.
06/11/1616Elizab: Whittling of Roxby bur.
30/11/1616Richard Raper of Roxby bur. Dec.
30/01/1616Anne dau. of Willi Raper de Pickh:
30/01/1616Isabell dau. of Edward Robinson de Roxby
04/02/1616Margarett dau. of Willi Daggett de Milby
Anno Dom: 1617
19/04/1617Tho: son of Geo: Power de Aynd: bur.
30/04/1617Adam Newark bur.
12/07/1617A child of Geo: Mennell's bur.
15/07/1617Dorithy dau. of Rob Daggett
05/08/1617Dorithy Dawson of Holme bur.
04/09/1617Geo: son of Xtopher Piccaring de Roxby
25/09/1617Willi Whittling of Pickhill bur.
30/09/1617Tho: Whittling his son bur.
Anne dau. of Widdow Harrison of Synd &c.
21/05/1618Tho: Dunne of Aynderby bur.
25/07/1618Anthony Mennell bur.
19/11/1618Thomason Raper of Roxby bur.
Note yt ye yeares Betwixt 1617 & 1621 are all lost or cut out of ye old Register
Anno Dom: 1621
20/06/1621John Bruntô of Synderby bur.
21/09/1621Raiph Ingleton of Roxby hur.
30/09/1621Xtopher son of Willi Walker de Pick: bur. Apr.
27/09/1621Xtopher son of Xtopher Gaynes de Pickh:
17/08/1621Richard son of Rob Thompson de Synderby
05/12/1621Rob son of Willi Lumley de Roxby
17/12/1621Margarett Boacocke de Holme hur.
20/12/1621Margarett Crokedale of Pickhill bur.
25/12/1621Xtopher Gaynes de Pickhill bur.
28/12/1621Rich: Mason de Swanby bur.
04/01/1621Anthony son of Jo: Watson de Synderby bur.
11/01/1621Thomas Almgill de Pickhill bur.
Memorand: yt ye yeares betwixt 1617 & ye yeare 1621 are
all lost in ye old Register: likewise many Xten names
are omitted in ye sd booke wch I passe by
Anno Dom: 1622
29/06/1622John Dunne of Aynderby bur.
21/08/1622Michaell Sober of Synderby bur.
07/11/1622Adam son of Michaell Vepon de Swanby
29/11/1622Anne wife of James Jackson de Roxby
29/12/1622Ellen dau. of Thomas Dun of Aynd:
10/01/1622Ellen dau. of James Jackson de Roxby
18/01/1622John Browne of Holme bur.
13/02/1622ffrances dau. of Williâ Lumley of Roxby
22/03/1622Willi son of Geo: ffothergill of Holme
18/03/1622Geo: Power of Aynderby hur.
01/03/1623Michaell Newstead of Pickh: bur. Apr.
25/05/1623Elizab: Mennell of Roxby bur.
09/06/1623Geo: ffothergill of Holme bur.
12/06/1623Raiph Dixon of Synderby bur.
19/06/1623Katherine Dixon of Synd: bur.
03/07/1623Esabell Dixon of Synderby
12/07/1623Mary dau. of Rich: Cooke of Synd: bur.
10/07/1623John Raper of Holme bur.
13/07/1623ffrancis Raper of Aynderby bur.
13/07/1623Ellen Chester of Synd: bur.
22/07/1623Rob Thompson of Holme bur.
22/07/1623Edward Chester de Synderby Buried.
22/07/1623Edward son of Matthew Chester Buried.
22/07/1623Xtopher son of Jo: Raper de Pickhill Buried.
31/07/1623Margarett dau. of Jo: Wind de Synderby
13/08/1623Jo: Cauton de Swânby bur.
17/08/1623John Wells of Aynderby bur.
19/08/1623Michael1 Daggett de Roxby bur.
27/08/1623Xtopher Newsome son of Willi Newsome de Roxby
30/08/1623Elizab: p'cious dau. of Xtop: of Roxby
19/10/1623Henry son of Jo: Dunne of Aynd:
02/12/1623Margarett Brunton de Synderby bur.
28/01/1623Allason dayle of Pickh: bur.
08/02/1623Tho: son of Rob Binsley of Sinderby bur.
16/02/1623John Lacie of Holme bur.
18/02/1623Isabell Newstead of Roxby bur.
Anno Dom: 1624
12/04/1624Thomas Raper de Pickh: bur.
19/04/1624Willi Prest de Roxby bur.
22/04/1624Geo: Scruton of Scrutô bur.
17/05/1624Tho: Ward of Synder: bur.
12/10/1624Anne Lumley & her child, wife of Willi, bur.
30/03/1624Rich: Raper son of Geo: Raper de Holme bur.
Anno Dom: 1625
06/04/1625Margarett Man of Pickh: bur.
09/05/1625Anne dau. of Tho: Young of Holme
25/05/1625Willi Key of Holme bur.
02/06/1625Tho: Peart of Roxby bur.
30/11/1625Elizab: Power of Aynderby bur.
10/01/1625A son & a daughter of ffrancis atkinson's de Ness bur.
12/11/1625Xtoph: Atkinson of Swânby bur.
16/11/1625Margarett wiffe of Xtopher Atkinson bur.
13/12/1625Grace Newstead of Pickhall bur.
20/01/1625Rob Raper de Roxby bur.
Memor'd: That many names of this yeare are lost in ye
Old Register Booke: with ye whole yeare 1626
Anno Dom: 1627
11/04/1627Rich: Sadler of Roxby bur.
16/04/1627Sybbill Raper of Synderby vidua bur.
16/05/1627Margarett ffall of Aynderby bur.
08/06/1627Jo: son of Willi Raper de Synderby
04/07/1627Jo: Wells of Aynderby bur.
02/08/1627Jennett Browne of Holme bur.
18/02/1627Michaell son of Geo: Key de Synd: bur.
19/03/1627Margarett dau. of Willi Horner of Pick:
Memor'd: That many names are lost in this yeare alsoe
Anno Dom: 1628
11/04/1628Christiâ wiffe of Edward Yaynes of ye Street bur.
11/04/1628Michaell son of Widdow Sober of Synderby
23/04/1628Xtopher Binsley de Rainton bur.
07/05/1628Mr Mauds of Pickhall Vicar ibid. bur.
18/10/1628ffrances dau. of Charles Constable bur.
12/11/1628Jennett Wigglesworth bur.
20/11/1628Xtopher son of Jo: Raper de Pickh:
03/12/1628Margery dau. of Xtopher ffaucett
05/12/1628Elizab: dau. of Xtopher ffaucett
17/01/1628Willi son of Thomas Whittling
09/03/1628Henry son of Michaell Sober de Synderby
Anno Dom: 1629
06/07/1629Mary dau. of Oslwould Troysdayle
23/11/1629Elizabeth Binslow widdow de Synderby
23/11/1629Michaell son of Tho: Dunne de Aynd:
Memor'd: That ye rest of ye names of this yeare as
alsoe yeare 1630 is lost in ye old Register
Anno Dom: 1631
10/05/1631An infant of Tho: Doncaster de Nesse bur.
03/08/1631Willi Peart de Roxby
30/08/1631Xtopher son of Geo: Dixon
20/11/1631Jane Sympson of Synderby
18/12/1631Tho: son of Rich: Wells bur.
19/02/1631Isabell dau. of Jo: Dunne de Aynd:
10/02/1631Isabell Tromton de Synderby
Anno Dom: 1632
27/03/1632Geo: Raper de Synderby bur.
09/04/1632Steven Sober de Synderby
12/06/1632Elizab: wiffe of Jo: Vepon de Swanby
07/07/1632Willi Harrison of Holme
28/07/1632Henry Raper de How
30/07/1632Geo: son of Peter Bayne bur.
12/12/1632Jane wiffe of John Watson de Synd:
12/12/1632Margarett wife of Michaell Sober
25/01/1632Ellen wiffe of Willi Newstead bur.
Anno Dom: 1633
19/05/1633Jo: Raper de Pickhill tayler bur.
02/06/1633Anne wife of Michaell Sampson
21/09/1633Richard Broadly bur.
13/11/1633Michaell Sampson de Synderby bur.
15/11/1633Margarett Harrison de Holme
15/11/1633Margarett wiffe of Jo: ffowler of Raintô
15/12/1633Willi Newstead of Roxby bur.
21/02/1633Anne wife of Willi Newsome
06/03/1633Jo: Waud of Synderby
Anno Dom: 1634
12/05/1634Mary dau. of Rob Thompsô de Holme
Memor'd: That ye rest of ye names of ye yeare 1634
are lost with severall names of ye yeare 1635
Anno Dom: 1635
17/02/1635Jo: Dum: de Aynderby bur.
26/02/1635Isabell wife de Willi Cooke
09/03/1635Anne Harrison de Synderby vidua
23/03/1635Isabell wife of Jo: Gaynes de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1636
10/04/1636Willi son of Willi Willie bur.
17/04/1636Isabell wife of Willi Dagget de Roxby
25/04/1636Michaell son of Rich: Daggett de Roxby &c.
25/04/1636Margery daggett dau. of Rich: de Aynderby
25/06/1636Mary dau. of Jo: Raper de Holme
29/06/1636Tho: Brunton de Roxby
08/07/1636Mary dau. of Henry Raper de How
17/07/1636Isabell wife of Jerry Bell
20/07/1636Jane Lacie of Holme
23/09/1636Jane Ransome dau. of Jo:
25/09/1636Roger Mennell de Pick: gurgite qui perijt
07/10/1636Jo: son of Geo: Raper de Aynderby
12/10/1636Anne dau. of Edward Key
29/10/1636Mrs Anne Grant de Willi gent. [sic]
23/12/1636Xtopher son of Jo: Carter
03/01/1636Mary dau. de Jo: Hagstons aquis suffocat:
02/02/1636Jo: son of Rob Thompson de Holme
12/02/1636Elizab: dau. of Jo: Dagget de Holme
15/02/1636Rich: son of Rich: Daggett
19/02/1636francis Beckwith de Synd :
08/03/1636Jennett Dent bur.
Anno Dom: 1637
17/04/1637Jane wife of Roger Mennell bur.
20/05/1637Geo: Prest de Roxby
23/05/1637Mrs Mary wife of Willi Grant gent.
30/07/1637Ali'e wife of Geo: Walker de Roxby
02/11/1637Mary dau. of Willi Lumley de Roxby
15/11/1637Mary dau. of Geo: Prest
30/11/1637Jacobus Raper de Holme Nou.
12/12/1637Jane dau. of Geo: Dixon de Roxby
23/02/1637Jo: son of Geo: Prest de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1638
01/04/1638Willi Gaynes de Roxby bur.
15/04/1638Williâ son of Henry Newstead de Pick:
12/05/1638Geo: Walker de Roxby
20/05/1638Jo: son of Jo: Mattison de Pick:
27/05/1638An infant of Willi Lacy de Holme
26/05/1638Anne wife of Willi Cooke de Synd:
02/06/1638Ellen wife of Oswould Trosdall
13/06/1638Willi Walker of Pick:
15/06/1638Sarah wiffe of Jo: Raper de Holme
19/06/1638A child of Willi Walker's de Pick:
20/06/1638Margarett wife of Willi Walker de Pick:
03/07/1638Henry Daggett de Roxby
07/07/1638Mary dau. of Jo: Mattison de Pick:
10/07/1638ffrances dau. of Willi Gaynes
13/07/1638Margarett Metckcalffe de Aynd: vidua
27/07/1638Elizab: dau. of Rich: Kendrey de Synd:
28/07/1638Anne dau. of Jo: Gaynes de Roxby
02/05/1638Maudland [? Magdalen] wife of Xtop: Walker de Roxby
07/08/1638Gerrard Bell de Pick:
13/08/1638Xtopher Walker de Roxby hur.
29/09/1638Mary wife of Geo: Daggett de How
07/10/1638Edward son of Elizab: Coates de Synd:
28/10/1638Jo: Vepon de Swanby
21/11/1638Mary wife of Willi Raper de How
23/11/1638Willi Daggett de Roxby senior
20/12/1638Elizab: dau. of Willi Lupton de Pick:
08/01/1638Edward Gaynes de Streethouse of ye p'ish de Wath
Anno Dom: 1639
15/04/1639Mr Jo: Briggs vicar of this place bur.
05/05/1639Elizab: dau. of Geo: Daggett de How
22/05/1639Isabell dau. of Jo: Raper de Roxby
23/07/1639Raiph Hodgson de Aynderby
07/07/1639Margarett wife of Xtopher Hunton de Swanby
23/07/1639Dorithy dau. of Jo: Dagget de Holme
26/07/1639Willi son of Jane Eden nothus
12/09/1639John Stead bur.
26/11/1639Mary dau. of Adam Hodgson de Roxby
17/12/1639Mary dau. of Xtopher Charter de Swanby
17/01/1639Ellen wife of Jo: Eden de Pick:
17/01/1639Jo: Wood de Pickh:
28/01/1639Xtopher Pickering de Roxby
07/02/1639Edward Raper de Synderby
Anno Dom: 1640
09/04/1640Isabell Slater of Pick: vidua hur.
12/04/1640A child of Jo: Daggett's of Holme unBaptiz:
07/05/1640Mary dau. of Xtopher Hunton de Swanby
23/07/1640Alice dau. of Raiph Hodgson
05/08/1640Jo: Raper of Synderby bur.
26/08/1640A child of Willi Tyreman's de Synderby Unbaptiz:
01/09/1640A child of Willi Cooke of Synd: Unbaptiz:
19/10/1640A child of Anthony Thornton's de Streethouse Unbap:
10/11/1640Anne Walker de Roxby bur.
13/11/1640Anne dau. of John Waud de Pickh:
18/11/1640Elizab: dau. of Geo: Key de Synder:
18/11/1640Margery dau. of Geo: Key de Roxby
04/12/1640Anne dau. of Henry Pickering
08/12/1640Tho: Sober of Roxby bur.
12/12/1640John son of Jo: Carter de Swânby
22/12/1640Isabell dau. of Henry Pickering de Roxby
09/01/1640Margarett dau. of Widdow Dagget de Pick:
15/01/1640A child of Jo: Raper of Holme Unbaptz:
22/01/1640Jo: Daggett of Holme bur.
01/02/1640Willi son of Jo: Thackey of Holme
Anno Dom: 1641
08/04/1641Mary dau. of Widdow Sober de Roxby bur.
15/04/1641M'maduke Teasdell of Roxby bur.
22/04/1641Henry son of Willi Daggett de Pick:
22/04/1641Maurice Landwath a soldier Apr.
23/04/1641Jo: Watson of Roxby
30/04/1641Jo: James a soldier
01/04/1641Isabell wife of Jo: Sayr of Pick: May
10/05/1641Mary Hardy of Roxby bur.
29/05/1641Anne dau. of Widdow Daggett de Holme
30/05/1641Mary Wind de Synderby
12/06/1641Willi David a soldier bur.
19/06/1641Rob son of Willi Binlows de Aynderby
20/06/1641Isabell dau. of Rich: Lumley de Roxby
07/07/1641Anthony Thornton de Streethouse bur.
07/07/1641Isabel] wiffe of Willi Binsley of Aynderby
09/07/1641A child of Michaell Vepon Unbaptz:
19/07/1641A child of Willi loftus Unbaptz:
27/09/1641Mr Burton of Aynderby bur.
13/10/1641ffrances dau. of Hugh Prest
21/10/1641Charles son of Jo: Briggs
09/11/1641Margarett wiffe of Xtopher Charter de Swanby
13/11/1641Anne Pratt of Aynderby Peart [sic]
28/12/1641Charity dau. of Geo: Dixon de Roxby
07/01/1641Johan wife of Simon Lumley de Holme
08/02/1641Dorithy dau. of Willi Grant de Roxby gent.
19/02/1641Jennett Cooke de Pickhill
22/02/1641Margarett ffothergill de Aynderby
Anno Dom: 1642
26/03/1642Willi Raper of How bur.
13/05/1642Willi son of Tho: Gaynes de Synd:
18/06/1642Isabell dau. of Peter Cheesbrough de Roxby
29/06/1642Jo: son of Willi Dagg't de Roxby
19/08/1642Rich: Cooke of Synderby
09/10/1642Anne Pickering of Roxby widdow bur.
23/11/1642Anne dau. of Willi Daggett de Roxby
22/11/1642Xtopher son of Xtopher Huttô of Pickhill
10/01/1642Henry Grant of Synderby bur.
11/01/1642Ellen dau. of Xtopher Dayle bur.
02/02/1642A child of Jo: Best's of Roxby unbaptz:
20/02/1642A child of Willi Robinson's of Synd: unbaptz:
Anno Dom: 1643
10/04/1643Anne dau. of Jo: Raper de Roxby bur.
11/04/1643Anne Dunne of Aynderby bur.
11/06/1643Margarett Raper of Synderby widdow bur.
10/07/1643Jennett dau. of Jo: Cooke de Pick:
29/07/1643Rich : David of Roxby bur.
30/08/1643A child of Simon Lumley de Holme unbaptiz:
15/10/1643Tho: son of Thomas Gaynes de Synderby
03/11/1643A child of Oswould Troysdall's Unbaptiz:
23/11/1643A child of Jo: Best's de Roxby Unbaptiz:
22/11/1643Elizabeth wiffe of Jo: Best de Roxby
13/12/1643Geo: Lawson of Nesse bur.
22/12/1643Xtopher son of Thomas Smorwhayte bur.
11/01/1643Simon son of Willi Prest de Pickhill bur.
06/03/1643Jo: son of Jo: Vepon de Swânby
12/03/1643Isabell wife of Willi Lumley
15/03/1643Geo: son of Geo: Key de Synderby
Anno Dom: 1644
16/04/1644A stranger found dead when ye Army passt by bur.
27/04/1644Anne wife of Jo: Raper de Holme
08/05/1644Mr Jo: Daggett of How bur.
12/05/1644ffrances dau. of Mrs Anne Flood
20/05/1644James son of James Lawson de Swanby
09/06/1644Anne wife of Hugh Prest de Roxby
20/06/1644Ellen dau. of John Gaynes of Roxby
22/07/1644Isabell wiffe of Xtopher precious
10/08/1644John son of Willi Brown de Holme
02/09/1644Jane Raper de Pickhill
22/09/1644Philipp wiffe of Willi. Prest
12/10/1644Batty a Cornett being slaine at a skirmish
15/10/1644Lieutennant Hill slaine at ye same bur.
17/11/1644Hellen dau. of Jo: Cooke de Pick:
08/12/1644Xtopher son of Geo: Sympson of Synd:
12/01/1644Adam mectcalfe of Roxby bur.
21/01/1644A child of Willi Cooke's of Synderby bur.
21/01/1644Another of Gabriell Hauxwell's de Holme
22/01/1644Rich: son of Simon Lumley de Holme
10/02/1644A child of Oswould Troysdall's de Roxby
15/02/1644Xtopher son of James Lawson de Swanby
21/03/1644Jo: Raper de Roxby bur.
22/03/1644Rich: Bell of Roxby bur
Anno Dom: 1645
18/04/1645Willi son of Willi loftus bur.
30/04/1645Willi Grant of Roxby gent. bur.
17/05/1645Jane Carter of Swanby widdow
22/05/1645Jane wiffe of John Todd de Roxby
19/06/1645Jo: Walker de Pick: found drownd bur.
29/08/1645Rot son of Widdow Daggett of Roxby
31/08/1645Edward Robinson of Roxby
25/09/1645Jo: son of Rich : Grason de Holme
12/10/1645James Lawson de Swanby
21/12/1645A child of Simon Lumley's de Holme bur.
23/01/1645Tho: Whittling senior de Pick:
08/02/1645Dorithy Watson de Roxby
21/02/1645Geo: Shilton de Roxby
06/03/1645ffrancis Harrison de Aynderby
17/04/1645Tho: Whittling junior de Pick:
Anno Dom: 1646
11/05/1646Elliner dau. of Jo: Thompson de Sway'by
17/06/1646Widdow Shilton de Roxby bur.
30/06/1646Willi Thompson de Swânby bur.
22/07/1646Isabell wiffe de Xtopher Hutton de Pick:
04/08/1646Anne Bell of Roxby widdow
23/10/1646Miriam Thompson de Holme bur.
30/10/1646A child of Simon Lumley de Holme unbaptz:
08/01/1646Ellener dau. of Willi Loftus minjster
27/01/1646Mary Teasdall of Roxby widdow bur.
02/02/1646Anne Vepon of Roxby widdow
10/03/1646Raiph son of Rich: Prest de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1647
06/07/1647Trephoena dau. of Jo: Raper of Holme
23/08/1647Geo: son of Xtopher Bell de Roxby
27/08/1647Mary wiffe of Rich: Harrison de Synd:
31/08/1647Ellen Bell of Roxby
31/08/1647Elizab: dau. of Phillis Bell de Roxby
12/09/1647Hellen wiffe of ffrancis Jackson de Thursk
04/10/1647Jo: Jackson a Stranger dying at Holme bur.
10/10/1647Elizab: dau. of Geo: Sympson de Synder:
29/01/1647Phillis dau. of Willi Lumley de Roxby
22/02/1647Isabel] Beckquith of Synderby widdow
28/02/1647Ellenor Key de Holme widdow
08/04/1647Ellenor wiffe of Jo: Gregg de Synderby
Anno Dom: 1648
10/04/1648Isabell Robinson de Roxby widdow
28/06/1648Two children of Geo: Key de Roxby Unbaptz:
03/07/1648Anne dau. of marke Raper de Pick:
16/07/1648Mary wife of Henry Pickering de Roxby
23/07/1648Elizab: dau. of Rob Wells de Aynd:
27/07/1648James son of Gabriell Buttery de Pick: bur.
06/08/1648Isabell dau. of Willi p'cious de Roxby
Isabell dau. of Williâ Key de Holme Aug. vv
21/08/1648ffrances dau. of Xtopher ffulbourne
22/08/1648Jo: son of James Middleton de Roxby
17/11/1648Jane wife of Williâ Ward de Roxby
26/11/1648Ellen dau. of Simon Lumley de Holme
25/12/1648Anne Whittling of Pick: widdow
01/01/1648Ellen dau. of Geo: Waud de Pick:
22/01/1648Jennett Trosdall of Holme widdow
23/02/1648Raiph son of Raiph Granger de Sy'derby
17/03/1648Jo: Gaynes of Roxby bur.
Anno Dom: 1649
30/05/1649Anne Gaynes de Pickhill bur.
06/04/1649Xtopher son of Henry Pickering de Roxby
13/04/1649Thomas Grant de Roxby bur.
16/04/1649Jane dau. of Willi Raper jun. de Synd:
25/04/1649Hugh son of Ambrose Prest de Roxby bur.
29/04/1649Rich: son of Willi Billoes de Synder:
30/04/1649Jo: Cooke senior of Pick: bur.
06/05/1649Adam Hodgson of Roxby
04/07/1649Elizab: dau. of Geo: Key de Roxby
20/07/1649Raiph Smith a child in this Towne bur.
21/08/1649Margarett dau. of Henry Pickering
31/08/1649Margarett wiffe of With p'cious of Roxby
02/09/1649Rich: Kendrew of Synd: bur.
21/09/1649Elizab: dau. of Tho: ffothergill de Holme
06/12/1649Ellen Raper of How bur.
13/12/1649Tho: Whittling of Swanby
22/12/1649A child of Willi Sword's of Aynderby Unbaptz:
26/01/1649Willi son of Phillis Raper widdow de Roxby
22/03/1649Xtopher son of Jo: Thompson de Swanby
Anno Dom: 1650
09/04/1650Willi Lumley of Roxby bur.
26/04/1650Widdow Holmes de Swanby bur.
03/07/1650Thomas Gregg of Synd: bur.
11/10/1650Jo: Mattison of Roxby bur.
09/11/1650Michaell son of Willi Walker de Pick:
22/12/1650Mary Gregg & Jo: her son de Synd: bur.
04/01/1650Anne Cooke of Synderby bur. widdow
18/02/1650Tho: son of Geo: Waud de Pick:
22/02/1650Jo: Eden of Pick:
26/02/1650Geo: son of Humphrey Goodman de Pick:
07/03/1650Elizab: dau. of Jo: Trosdall de Roxby
22/03/1650A child of Willi Trosdall's de Holme Unbaptz:
22/03/1650Edward son of Edward Willie de Holme
Anno Dom: 1651
04/04/1651Isabell dau. of Tho : Smorwhayt de Roxby
13/04/1651Elizab: wife of Willi Newsam de Pick: bur.
13/04/1651Margarett wiffe of Jo: Ransom de Synderby bur.
15/04/1651Willi Daggett de Roxby Cognomine magnus
16/04/1651Willi Newsam of Pick: bur.
20/04/1651Margarett wife of Willi Lupto de Pick:
03/05/1651Dorithy wife of Willi Trosdall de Holme
05/05/1651Margarett dau. of Amb: Prest de Roxby
22/05/1651Willi Ward de Roxby bur.
01/05/1651Jo: Hildred de Synderby bur. Jun. j°
08/06/1651Anne Whittling of Swanby widdow bur.
11/06/1651Rich: ffothergill de London bur.
09/08/1651Peter Medwayes a servant in Roxby
08/09/1651Henry Newstead of Pick: bur.
26/09/1651Jo: son of Raiph Granger de Synderby being slaine
03/10/1651James Jackson of Roxby bur.
13/10/1651A child of With Lacyes de Holme unbaptz:
03/11/1651Jo: Raper de Pick: bur.
Mary wiffe of Willi Raper de Synd &c.
27/01/1651Jo: Raper de Holme
06/02/1651Willi son of Simon Lumley of Holme
25/03/1651Rich: Lumley jun. de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1652
31/03/1652Jo: Carter de Swanby bur.
29/05/1652Jo: son of James Middlton de Roxby
02/08/1652Margarett dau. of Rich: Prest
26/08/1652Elizab: Raper de Holme bur.
22/09/1652Isbell wife of Jo: Sigswick de Synd:
29/09/1652Willi Loftus minister of this place bur.
19/10/1652Anne dau. of Gabriell Hauxwell de Holme
04/11/1652An infant of Xtoph: Bell de Roxby Unbaptz:
22/11/1652Mary Atkinson of Nesse bur.
27/12/1652Barbaric wife of Xtopher Ward of Pick:
03/01/1652Christop: p'cious de Roxby bur.
17/03/1652Willi son of Willi. Tyndall gent de Roxby
Anno Dom: 1653
02/05/1653Anne dau. of Ambr: Prest de Roxby
01/06/1653Isbell dau. of Xtopher Bell de Roxby
17/07/1653Ellen dau. of Jo: Carter de Swanby
11/08/1653Margarett wife of Willi Key de Holme
06/09/1653Henry Power de Aynderby
12/11/1653Elizab : Thompson de Holme
15/11/1653Jo: son of Geo: Key de Roxby
20/12/1653Thomas Smorwhayte de Roxby
22/12/1653A child of Willi Banes bur.
18/01/1653Isabell dau. of Willi. Sword de Aynderby
22/01/1653Margarett dau. of Edward Brignell
05/02/1653Rob son of Willi Sword de Aynderby
12/02/1653Mary wife of Xtopher ffawcett
18/02/1653Geo: Raper de Pick:
12/03/1653Margery dau. of Jo: Wilson
Anno Dom: 1654
02/04/1654Tho: son of Isabell Smorwhayt
26/06/1654Xtopher ffawcet of Pickhill bur.
Burials since Satterday ye eight day of Aprill Anno Dom 1654 &c.
12/08/1654Margarett Coates wife of ffrancis Coates of Pickhill bur.
13/12/1654A child of Marke Raper's of Pickhall bur.
13/05/1654Robart ye son of Williâ Walker of Pickhill bur.
11/12/1654Henry Raper husband of Meriall Raper of Aynderby bur.
11/07/1654Dorithy Bransome dau. of John of Roxby bur.
22/12/1654Tomison dau. of Mark Raper of Pickhall bur.
20/02/1654A child of James Middleton's bur.
Anno Dom: 1655
04/03/1655Thomas Lumley of Simon Lumley of holme bur.
12/02/1655George Dagget of How bur.
17/04/1655Henry Raper of how bur.
22/08/1655Richard Key of Synderby bur.
22/08/1655Margarett Hagstons wife of John of Synderby bur.
23/08/1655Gennett wife of Ambrose Prest of Roxby bur.
22/11/1655A child of Sinderby bur.
20/12/1655Elizabeth dau. of Simon hill of Pickhill bur.
22/11/1655Dorithy Ransom dau. of John Ransom of Synderby bur.
21/12/1655Mary Bridges of Pickhall bur.
12/01/1655A child of Richard prest of Swanby bur.
02/02/1655Margarett wife of Williâ Raper of Synderby bur.
03/02/1655Thomas ye son of Marke Raper of Pickhall bur.
Anno Dom: 1656
25/04/1656John Trousdall of Pickhall bur.
30/04/1656Anthony hodgson of Pickhall bur.
30/06/1656Elizabeth Teasdall of Roxby bur.
02/08/1656Thomas Harrison of Nesse bur.
Anno Dom: 1657
03/08/1657Isabell Grant of Synderby bur.
11/08/1657Ellen Raper of Pickhall bur.
20/08/1657Thomas Abbott of Nesse bur.
22/08/1657Jane Power of Aynderby bur.
29/09/1657Elizabeth Tyndall wife of Williâ Tyndall generos: bur.
31/09/1657Margarett Tyreman bur.
10/09/1657John Ransome of Synderby bur.
02/10/1657Heguh [? Hugh] Prest of Roxby bur.
07/11/1657Richard Dagget of Aynderby bur.
15/11/1657Williâ Key of Holme bur.
12/12/1657Margarett Prest of Swayneby bur.
27/01/1657John ye son of Thomas ffall of Aynderby bur.
02/02/1657Anne ye dau. of Christopher Hodge bur.
12/02/1657Elizabeth Talbott of Pickhall bur.
16/02/1657Mary dau. of Peter Cheesbrough bur.
20/02/1657Jane Edonne widdow bur.
21/02/1657Thomas ye son of Michaell Sober bur.
26/02/1657Margarett Harrison of Nesse bur.
04/03/1657Alice ye dau. of Roger Ward bur.
04/03/1657Anne Raper bur.
Anno Dom: 1658
18/06/1658Mary ye wife of Thomas ffothergill of Holme bur.
20/06/1658Dorithy ye wife of John Trosdell bur.
30/06/1658John ye son of John Branson bur.
01/07/1658Elizabeth dau. of Richard Daggett of Roxby bur.
08/07/1658Elizabeth wiffe of Williâ Walker of Pickhill bur.
22/07/1658Thomas ye son of Jane hodgson of Roxby bur.
15/08/1658Williâ ye son of Williâ Raper of How bur.
15/08/1658Williâ Horneby of Pickhill bur.
25/08/1658Williâ Trosdall of Pickhill bur.
27/08/1658Anne Trosdall of Pickhill bur.
05/09/1658John Dunne of Aynderby bur.
25/08/1658Anne Brunton of Roxby bur.
05/10/1658Williâ Prest of Pickhill bur.
09/10/1658Thomas ffothergill son of Thomas ffothergill of holme bur.
12/10/1658Williâ Lupton bur.
16/10/1658Ellen Melbourn of how widdow bur.
13/11/1658Mary Waud of Pickhill bur.
12/11/1658John Trosdall of Holme bur.
22/11/1658Williâ Tyreman of Synderby bur.
06/09/1658Elizabeth ye wife of Geo: Key bur.
27/11/1658Christop: ye son of Williâ Walker of Pickhill bur.
04/12/1658Jennett Brunton of Synderby bur.
06/12/1658Geo: Key of Synderby bur.
21/12/1658Christop: Harrison of Nesse bur.
23/12/1658James ye son of Stephen Tose of Roxby bur.
20/01/1658Jo: Raper of Roxby & Mary Thornton wiffe of Tho: of Pickhill bur. both ye
16/01/1658Henry Pickering of Roxby bur.
26/01/1658Isabell ye dau. of Michaell Sober bur.
11/02/1658Margarett ye dau. of Geo: Waud bur.
23/02/1658Isabell ye wife of Peter Cheesbrough of Pickhill bur.
08/03/1658Phillis Raper of Roxby bur.
16/03/1658James ye son of James Middleton of Roxby bur.
Anno Dom: 1659
28/03/1659Michaell ye son of Richard Lumley of Roxby bur.
31/03/1659Mary Pickering of Roxby bur. ye last of
10/04/1659Robart Daggett of Roxby bur.
18/05/1659Anne ye wife of Michaell Vepon of Roxby bur.
22/05/1659Jane Dunne of Aynderby bur.
20/06/1659John Raskell of How bur.
12/08/1659John ye son of Williâ Moore of How generos. bur.
20/08/1659Jane ye dau. of Henry Grant of Synderby bur.
22/08/1659Mary ye wiffe of Williâ Key of Pickhill bur.
12/09/1659Williâ ye husband of ye above sd Mary of Pickhill bur.
13/11/1659Williâ Raper of Synderby senior bur.
12/12/1659Anne ye wiffe of Williâ Yates of Pickhill bur.
12/12/1659Elizabeth Waud dau. of Geo: Waud bur.
18/12/1659Phillis Bell of Synderby bur.
19/12/1659Margarett Coates of Synderby bur.
27/12/1659Elizabeth Abbott of Nesse bur.
02/01/1659Jane ye wiffe of Thomas Vepon of Swayneby bur.
20/02/1659Elizabeth dau. of Gabriell Hauxwell of Holme bur.
21/02/1659Thomas Lupton of Pickhill bur.
27/02/1659Elizabeth ye dau. of James Butterick of Nesse bur.
Anno Dom: 1660
22/04/1660Geo: ye son of Geo: Sympson of Synderby bur.
01/07/1660Elizabeth ye dau. of Will Dagget of Roxby bur.
23/08/1660Judeth ye wiffe of Thomas Binlowes of Synderby bur.
02/09/1660John ye son of Steven 'Pose of Roxby bur.
27/09/1660Isabell ye dau. of Edward Slater of Synderby bur.
23/10/1660Michaell ye son of Roger Ward of Roxby bur.
12/12/1660Robart ye son of Will Cooke of Synderby bur.
10/02/1660A child of Richard Daggett's of Aynderby died unbaptiz'd
Anno Dom: 1661
02/05/1661Mrs Ellen Syddell died
04/06/1661John Gregg of Synderby bur.
30/06/1661Williâ ye son of Geo: Waud of Pickhall bur.
13/09/1661Elizabeth Key of Synderby bur.
09/09/1661Robart Lumley of Roxby drowned at Manby boate in Swayle
upon Bartholemew's day found ye 8 day after & Buried upon ye ningth day
24/09/1661John ye son of Henry Grant of Synderby bur.
02/11/1661A child of Edward Slater's of Synderby bur. unbaptiz:
19/11/1661Katherine Kendrey of Synderby bur.
19/11/1661Elizabeth Raper wife of William Raper of Sinderby bur.
28/12/1661Mary ye dau. of Will Walker of Pickhall bur.
Anno Dom: 1662
03/05/1662John ye son of Gabriell Hauxwell of Holme bur.
13/05/1662Williâ ye son of Will Harrison bur.
05/06/1662A child of Mr Browne's ye younger of Holme bur. Unbaptiz:
04/07/1662Isaebell Walker of Roxby bur.
13/07/1662Witt ye son of Elizabeth Raper of Roxby bur.
05/11/1662Elizabeth ye dau. of Tim: Geldart of Swayneby bur.
13/11/1662Anne Hornby of Roxby bur.
15/12/1662ffrances ye dau. of Michaell Daggett of Pickhill bur.
18/02/1662Thomas ye son of Williâ Moor of How generos. bur.
22/03/1662Robart ye son of Richard Willy of Holme bur.
Anno Dom: 1663
25/03/1663Williâ ye son of Tho: Binlowes of Synderby bur.
05/05/1663Christop: Harrison of Synderby bur.
10/06/1663Anne Key of Aynderby bur.
18/08/1663Christop: ye son of Henry Grant of Synderby bur.
16/09/1663Merrill Raper of Aynderby bur.
04/10/1663Dorithy ye wife of Raiph Cheesbrough of Nesse bur.
10/10/1663Ellen ye dau. of John Wells of Aynderby bur.
16/10/1663Geo: ye son of John Wells of ye same bur.
20/10/1663Luce ye wife of Michaell Rockley of Pickhill bur.
31/10/1663Williâ ye son of John Gaynes of Roxby bur.
05/12/1663Michaell Sober of Roxby bur.
11/12/1663Jane ye dau. of Williâ Tyndall generos. & Richard Willy a stranger
11/12/1663Richard ye son of Edward Slater of Synderby bur.
12/01/1663Mary Gaynes of Roxby bur.
12/02/1663Edward ye son of John Browne jun: of Holme generos. bur.
20/02/1663Richard ye son of Rob Kendrey bur.
08/03/1663Williâ ye son of Witt Harrison of Holme bur.
Anno Dom: 1664
31/04/1664Thomas ye son of Anthony Whayes of Holme bur.
22/07/1664James ye son of John Dunne minister of this place bur.
22/07/1664Mary ye dau. of Jo: Tyreman of Synderby bur.
31/07/1664A child of thomas ffrank's of Pickhill died unbaptiz:
06/08/1664Raiph Cheesbrough of Nesse bur.
27/10/1664Mrs Jane Grant of Roxby bur.
04/11/1664Margarett ye dau. of Williâ Daggett of How bur.
04/03/1664Michael] ye son of Richard Daggett of Roxby bur.
Anno Dom: 1665
27/04/1665Christop: ye son of Richard Lumley of Roxby
who gave ye clock as an ornament to this ch: of Pickhall bur.
11/06/1665Robart Wells of Aynderby bur.
13/06/1665John Ransome of Synderby bur.
18/06/1665Humphrey goodman of Pickhill Hill bur.
21/06/1665Elizabeth ye dau. of John Wells of Aynderby bur.
17/07/1665Thomas Hay of Synderby bur.
29/07/1665Clare ye wiffe of henry Raper of Pickhill bur.
09/10/1665James Prest of Roxby bur.
20/10/1665Richard Daggett of How bur.
22/10/1665Alice ye dau. of Roger Ward of Roxby bur.
10/12/1665Wilt ye son of Edward Brignell of Roxby bur.
Anno Dom: 1666
19/07/1666Anne ye wife of Edward Brignell quae semet aquis comisit Jul. viij bur.
22/07/1666Anthony Whaytes of Holme bur.
25/07/1666William Troysdall of Holme bur.
29/07/1666Anne ye wiffe of Gabriell Hauxwell of Holme bur.
21/09/1666Anne Binkes daughter-in-law to Tho: ffothergill of Holme bur.
09/10/1666Elizab: wife of Geo: Waud de Pick: bur.
22/11/1666Anne dau. of Henry Raper de Pick: bur.
06/12/1666Anne dau. of William Lumley of Roxby bur.
07/12/1666Thomison dau. of Clare Ransom of Synderby bur.
17/01/1666Anne Wind widdow of Synderby bur.
10/02/1666Williâ Dixon Roxby bur.
06/03/1666Ellen Goodman of Pickhill Hill bur.
09/03/1666Tho: son of Mark Raper of Pickhill bur.
21/03/1666Geo : son of Williâ Thompson of Roxby bur.
23/03/1666John Grant of Synderby bur.
Anno Dom: 1667
04/05/1667John Thackerry de Holme bur.
19/06/1667Richard Wind de Synderby bur.
04/07/1667Mary dau. of Williâ Walker of Pickhill bur.
17/07/1667Mary dau. of Williâ Banes de Pickhill bur.
17/08/1667Jane dau. of Jo: Lacy de Synderby bur.
22/08/1667Anne dau. of Tho: ffranke de Roxby bur.
28/08/1667Jo: son of Jo: Raper de How bur.
31/08/1667Edmond ye son of Jo: Raper de How bur.
04/09/1667Raiph ye son of Jo: Brown de Holme jun: gent.
22/09/1667Wiffi Billows of Synderby bur.
27/09/1667Anne wife of Willi Banes de Pickhill bur.
30/09/1667A child of Rich: Daggett's de Roxby died unbaptiz'd Sep.
19/10/1667Anne dau. of John Browne de Holme jun.- bur.
21/10/1667Anne dau. of Gylbert Browne de Holme bur.
11/11/1667Margarett Dixon de Roxby bur.
18/11/1667Will Lacie de Holme bur.
22/12/1667Steven Burnett de Holme bur.
02/02/1667A child of Will Walker de Pickhill bur. unbaptiz'd
10/02/1667Elizab: Prest de Roxby bur.
13/02/1667Elizabeth Raper de Roxby bur.
12/04/1668Elizabeth dau. of Rich: Grason de Roxby bur.
28/04/1668Ellen dau. of Geo: Waud de Pickhill bur.
19/05/1668Wilt Yates de Pickhill bur.
30/08/1668Wilt Key de Holme bur.
15/09/1668Robert ye son of Richard Daggett of Aynderby bur.
17/09/1668Elizabeth dau. of Richard Dagget de Aynderby bur.
19/09/1668Williâ Lumley de Roxby bur.
25/10/1668Witt Banes de Pickhill bur.
02/11/1668Jane ye wife of Witt Cooke de Synderby bur.
06/11/1668Witt Cooke de Synderby bur.
28/12/1668Geo: Key de Roxby bur.
10/01/1668Elizab: wife of Henry Sampson de Synderby bur.
08/02/1668Elizabeth Hebden de Synderby bur.
06/07/1669Jo: Raper & Anne dau. of Henry Sampson de Synderby both bur.
12/07/1669A child of Richard Daggett de Aynderby bur. unbaptiz:
29/09/1669Anne dau. of Tho: (fall jun. de Aynderby bur.
27/10/1669Tho: ffall sen. de Aynderby bur.
17/11/1669Peter Cheesbrough de Roxby bur.
19/11/1669Jo: Dagget de Roxby bur.
29/11/1669Jane Hay de Synderby bur.
01/12/1669A child of Margarett Raper's de Synderby bur. unbaptiz'd
09/12/1669Xtopher ye son of John Vepon de Roxby bur.
21/12/1669Elizabeth wife of Jo: Gaynes de Raxby bur.
27/01/1669Anne wiffe of Jo: Lumley de Holme bur.
22/12/1669Mary dau. of Rob: Kendrey de Pickhill bur.
06/04/1670A child of Tho: Binlowes de Synderby bur. unbaptz:
20/06/1670Rich: son son [sic] of Wilt Walker de Pickhill bur.
25/07/1670Elizabeth wiffe of Tho: fall jun. de Aynderby bur.
21/08/1670Witt Prest de Roxby bur.
11/09/1670John Lacy senior de Holme bur.
03/10/1670Mary dau. of Michaell Vepon de Pickhill bur.
09/10/1670Henry ye son of Geo: Newstead de Pickhill bur.
04/11/1670Tho: Thornton de Pickhill bur.
05/11/1670Elizabeth Preston de Swainby bur.
12/11/1670Richard Lumley de Pickhill bur.
22/11/1670Margarett Lumley de Pickhill bur.
27/11/1670Michaell Vepon de Pickhill bur.
09/12/1670Wilt Routh de Synderby bur.
13/02/1670Isabell Key de Roxby bur.
28/02/1670John son of Jo: Browne de Pickill bur.
17/03/1670Thomas son of Williâ Walker jun. de Pickill bur.
03/05/1671Wilt Walker of Pickhill junior bur.
17/05/1671James son of Xtopher ffirbanck de Nesse bur.
15/08/1671Anne wiffe of Willia Walker of Pickhill bur.
15/08/1671frances dau. of Williâ Walker of Pickhill bur.
18/08/1671Geo: Key de Roxby bur.
12/09/1671Thomas fothergill de Holme geneross bur.
08/12/1671Willi son of Rob Kendrey of Pickhall bur.
29/03/1672Xtopher Dayle de Pickhall bur.
05/04/1672Tho: son of Roger Martin de Nesse bur.
10/04/1672John Cooke de Pickhall bur.
16/05/1672Williâ son of Elizb: Jackson de Holme bur.
23/05/1672John Browne senr gentlemâ de Holme bur.
22/05/1672ffrancis Coates of Roxby bur.
30/05/1672Drusilla Dayle de Pickhall bur.
26/06/1672Rob son of Geo: Wells de Aynderby bur.
17/09/1672Elizabeth dau. of Williâ Pawson de Pickhall bur.
16/11/1672Margaret Key widdow de Synderby bur.
20/11/1672Jane dau. of George Dunn de Swanby bur.
28/02/1672John Harrison de Synderby bur.
08/03/1672Dorithy Harrison dau. of Willi de Synderby bur.
12/03/1672James Chambers son of Allon Chambers generos. de Ouston bur.
05/04/1673Henry Grant de Synderby bur.
07/04/1673Eliz: Steemson de Swanby bur.
28/04/1673Dorithy dau. of Rich: Grason de Roxby bur.
22/04/1673Dorithy dau. of Rich: ffulbourne gener. de Synderby bur.
18/05/1673John son of Xtopher Goodman de Pickhill Hill bur.
19/05/1673Richard son of Michaell Daggett de Pickhill bur.
12/08/1673Katherine Metckcalfe de Roxby bur.
02/10/1673Elizabeth Daggett de Roxby bur.
09/11/1673Anne dau. of Mathew Bowes de How bur.
29/11/1673John son of Roger Martin de Ness bur.
28/12/1673Mary wife of Xtopher Bell de Roxby bur.
22/12/1673Mary dau. of Henry Sampson de Synderby bur.
03/03/1673Margarett wife of Henry Sampson de Synderby bur.
09/03/1673Anne wife of Tho: Pickering de Synderby bur.
31/03/1674Elizabeth dau. of Jo: Smorwhate bur.
30/03/1674John Whaites de Holme bur.
25/05/1674Anne dau. of Wilt Thompson de Roxby
06/06/1674Jane dau. of Witt Pawson of Pickhill bur.
17/06/1674Thos: Fall of Aynderby bur.
12/07/1674Alice dau. of Geo: Waud de Pickhall bur.
13/11/1674Eliz: Routh de Synderby bur.
28/11/1674Clare Ransome de Synderby bur.
27/10/1674Mary Moor of Synderby, a child found by ye hieway, bur.
20/11/1674Jane Lacye de Holme bur.
23/11/1674Anne wife of Tho: Cooke de Roxby bur.
02/04/1675A stranger bur.
??/04/1675Jane Brunton de Roxby bur.
01/05/1675John Key of Synderby bur.
19/05/1675Michaell Daggett de Pickhill bur.
21/06/1675Elizabeth Prest de Roxby bur.
08/07/1675Dorithy Trosdell de Holme bur.
29/09/1675Margery & Ellen gemini of Geo: Newstead de Pickhill bur.
22/02/1675Eliz: dau. of Geo: Waud de Pickhill bur.
23/03/1675Richard Daggett de Roxby bur.
01/03/1676Grace Pawson of Pickhill bur. Apr.
02/04/1676Simon son of Humphrey pope a stranger bur.
10/04/1676Eliz: Raper de Pickhill bur.
26/05/1676Isabell dau. of Jane Grant de Synderby bur.
02/06/1676Dorithy dau. of John Raper de Aynderby bur.
01/06/1676Eliz: wife of Xtopher Goodman & her child unbaptz: bur. Sep.
21/11/1676Katherine wife of Jo: Tyreman de Synderhy bur.
30/11/1676Anne Thackwray de Holme bur.
09/12/1676ffrancis Milner de Holme bur.
25/01/1676Ellen dau. of Tho : Trosdall de Roxby bur.
31/01/1676Jo: Lumley de Holme bur.
12/02/1676Xtopher son of Wit Walker de Pickhill bur.
20/02/1676Williâ Tyndall de Roxby bur.
22/02/1676Miriâ Carter de Burniston bur.
05/07/1677Eliz: dau. of Tho: Thornton of Pickhall bur.
25/08/1677Anne dau. of Williâ Raper de Synderby bur.
09/11/1677A child of Tho: ffranks died unbaptiz'd
01/11/1677Anne wife of Tim: Geldard de Swainby bur. Dec.
23/12/1677Williâ Goodman de Roxby bur.
29/12/1677Isabell dau. of James Routh de Synderby bur.
20/02/1677Dorithy wiffe of Jo : Bransome de Roxby bur.
02/03/1677Margarett Key de Roxby widdow bur.
06/03/1677Geo: son of Geo: Wells de Aynderby bur.
28/03/1678Anne dau. of Alexander Brown de Holme & Tho : son of Willi Sober ye Pickhill bur.
11/04/1678Will son of Tho: Trosdall de Roxby & Mary dau. of Geo: Wells de Aynderby both bur.
02/06/1678Alice wife of Xtopher Goodman bur.
06/06/1678Geo: Sympson de Kirklington bur.
04/08/1678Anne dau. of Hugh Prest bur.
19/08/1678Dorithy dau. of Geo: Richmond bur.
20/10/1678Dorithy dau of Willi Raper de Synderby bur.
07/01/1678Jane wife of Tho : Cock de Roxby
19/01/1678Tho: son of Willi Harrison de Synderby
27/01/1678Simon Lumley senr de Holme & Jane dau. of Henry ffogergill of ye same both bur.
07/02/1678Gabriell Hauxwell de Holme
12/02/1678Tho: Kirkland de Swarby [? Sowerby]
17/03/1678Mrs Dorithy Brown de Holme
I have received soe many severall Certificats w'ch doe witnesse
that soe many severall p'sons as have [been] Buried w'thin
ye compasse of ye act of parliament, concerning Buriing in
woolen, have been buried according to ye sd act
Anno Regni Caroli II Regis Angliae, Scotiae, Franciae, et Hiberniae tricesimo
A Register bearing date with [? in pursuance of] an Act of Parliament
17/08/0intituled an Act ffor Burying in Wollen
02/08/0Anne dau. of Hugh Prest de Roxby bur.
10/08/0Dorithy dau. of Geo: Richmond of Roxby bur.
10/10/0Dorithy dau. of Williâ Raper de Synderby bur.
07/01/0Jane wife of Tho: Cock de Roxby bur.
19/01/0Tho : son of Williâ Harrison de Synderby bur.
27/01/0Simon Lumley senior de Holme and Jane dau. of
Mr Henry ffothergill of the same both bur.
07/02/0Gabriell Hauxwell de Holme bur.
10/02/0Tho: Kirkland de Swaynby bur.
15/03/0Mrss Dorithy Browne de Holme widdow bur.
I have received soe many severall Certificates w'ch doe witnesse
yt soe many severall persons as have been buried (for ye
above sd yeare) within ye compasse of ye Act of Parliament
concerning Buriing in Wollen have been buried according
to ye sd Act &c.
Anno Dom: 1679
10/04/1679Mary dau. of Jo: Vepon de Roxby bur.
??/05/1679Michaell son of Jo: Vepon de eod. bur.
??/06/1679Williâ son of Williâ Coverdayle de Roxby bur.
??/07/1679Williâ son of Rich: Abbey ye Swaynby bur.
??/10/1679Rich: Grason of Roxby bur.
??/10/1679Mary Hildred of Synderby bur.
??/11/1679Isabell Smorwhaite of Roxby bur.
??/11/1679Jo: Bransome of Roxby bur.
??/12/1679Elizab: Lumley of Roxby & Willi: son of James Key of ye same
& Elizab: dau. of Jo: Raper of Synderby, all w'ch 3 were buried
??/12/1679Margarett wife of Geo: White of Roxby bur.
??/12/1679Roger Ward de Roxby bur.
??/01/1679Jo: son of Xtopher ffulbourn of Synderby bur.
I have received soe many severall Certificates w'ch doe witnesse
yt soe many severall persons as have been buried for ye
above sd yeare have been buried according to ye late Act of
Parliament intitled an Act for buriing in Wollen. Jo: Dunne, Curate
Anno Dom: 1680
13/05/1680Elizabeth Daggett de Aynderby bur.
12/05/1680Henry son of Rich : Briggs de Roxby bur.
01/05/1680Mary wife of Simon hill de Roxby bur. Jun.
26/06/1680Ellen wife of Richard Daggett de Aynderby bur.
22/08/1680Eliz: wiffe of Jo: Brown of Roxby bur.
04/09/1680Tho: ffoster a servant at how bur.
??/10/1680Mary Lupton de Pickhill hur.
17/10/1680Ambrose & John gemelli de Wilt Prest de Roxby
??/10/1680Isabell ye wife of Ralph Prest de Roxby
19/10/1680Margery Lupton de Roxby bur.
??/11/1680 dau. of James Routh de Synderby bur.
??/11/1680Mr Timothy Brown de Holme bur.
??/11/1680Thomas son of Willia Coverdale de Roxby bur.
??/12/1680A child of R'ger Martin's de Nesse dyed unbaptz'd
??/12/1680Eliza Key de Holme bur.
05/01/1680Timothy Geldard de Swaynby bur.
30/01/1680Xtopher Bell de Roxby bur.
30/01/1680Henry son of Henry Cook de Synderby bur.
01/02/1680Isabell wife of Jo: Lacey de Holme bur.
06/02/1680Katherine ye wife of Xtophell Bell de Roxby bur.
12/02/1680Simon Hill de Roxby bur.
17/02/1680Tho: Pibus a servant at Aynderby bur.
23/02/1680Alice wiffe of Rob: Kendrey of Pickhill bur.
27/02/1680Mark Raper of Pickhill bur.
11/03/1680Xtopher son of Elizabeth Walker of Pickhill bur.
13/03/1680Elizabeth dau. of James Key de Pickhill bur.
22/03/1680Dorithy Metcalffe de Roxby bur.
23/03/1680Williâ son of Railph Prest de Pickhill bur.
04/04/1681James son of Jo: Browne de Roxby bur.
05/04/1681Anne dau. of ffrancis Walker de Synderby bur.
07/04/1681John son of James Routh de Synderby bur.
Memorandû That I have received soe many severall Certificats
for ye foregoeing yeare viz. 1680 w'ch doe witnesse yt soe
many severall p'sons as have been Buried in ye foresd yeare
have been Buried in Woollen onely according to an Act of
Parli'nt entituled an Act for buriing in Woollen. John Dunne, Curate
15/04/1681Eliz: Parker wiffe of Joseph Parker de Pickhill
16/04/1681Isabell dau. of ffrancis Brown de Pickhill
03/05/1681Mr Edward Willy de Holme bur.
05/05/1681Eliz: Slater of Synderby
07/05/1681Jo: Vepon de Roxby & Henry Cook de Synderby both bur'd
13/05/1681Eliz: Preston de Swaynby bur.
16/06/1681Jo: Thorntô de Roxby bur.
23/06/1681Jo: Raper de How bur.
01/07/1681Eliz: Troysdall de Holme bur.
09/07/1681Dorithy wife of Henry Raper de Roxby Sr
Geo: son of Thomas Raper de Roxby both bur.
17/07/1681Elizabeth dau. of Henry Raper de Roxby
08/08/1681Williâ Sympson de Kirklington bur. at this p'ish ch:
27/08/1681Eliz: Raper wiffe of Jo: Raper de How hur.
29/09/1681Rob Key of Leming lane bur.
13/12/1681Alice Raper de How bur.
04/01/1681John son of Edward Brown de Pickhill Hill bur.
04/01/1681A child of Roger Martin's de Nesse unbapt : bur.
11/01/1681Margarett wife of Roger Martin de Nesse bur.
17/03/1681Tho: son of Jo: Tyndall de Pickhill bur.
31/03/1682Mary wiffe of Geo: Wells de Aynderby with their two sonns Robert & Geo: bur.
03/04/1682Crist Hartgrove a servant of Holme bur.
06/04/1682Richard son of Eliz: Sympson de Synderby
??/04/1682Richard Granger de Synderby bur.
??/06/1682William son of William Raper de Synderby bur.
??/07/1682....... son of ffrancis Brown de Roxby bur.
....... wife of ffrancis Brown de Roxby b
....... dau. of Richard........ de Aynderby bur ........
??/10/1682....... ill de Aynderby bur.
??/11/1682Mary dau. of Hugh Prest bur.
??/11/1682Geo: Wells de Aynderby bur.
10/11/1682Easter Wind de Synderby bur.
12/11/1682John son of Jo: Syeanison bur.
??/11/1682Mary dau. of Hugh Prest bur.
??/12/1682Elizabeth dau. of Rich: Abbat of Swainby bur.
??/01/1682Timothy Bickers of Pickhall bur.
??/11/1682Edward Slater of Sinderby bur.
30/01/1682Willm son of Stephen Toase of Roaksby bur.
15/02/1682Michaell Goodman de Wath bur.
18/02/1682William Wells a stranger bur.
20/02/1682John Smorwhate son of Jo: Smorwhat de Roxby bur.
Anno Domj 1683
26/03/1683....... ye son of Gra: Waud de Pickhill bur.
28/03/1683...rancis Walker de Synderby bur.
??/04/1683....... len Daggett de Rooksby bur.
14/04/1683....... eryam dau. of Willm Lupton of Roakby bur.
01/05/1683...nne wife of Ralph Granger of Sinderby bur.
??/06/1683...ich: son of Ranald Grahme of Pickhill Esqre bur.
??/06/1683Thomas Grange of Sinderby bur.
??/07/1683Elizabeth dau. of Jo: Smothwaite of Roxby bur.
??/08/1683Elizabeth Walker of Pickhill widr bur.
??/09/1683Jane wife of Thomas Thornton of Pickhall bur
??/11/1683George Waud of Pickhill saxon bur.
Elizabeth dau. of Tho: Prest of Swainby bur.........
??/11/1683Elizabeth wife of John Tompson bur.
??/11/1683Willm son of John Tompson of Rocksby bur.
??/12/1683Mary wife of Edward Toase of Roacksby bur.
....... Raper relict of Marke Raper of Pickhill bur.........
??/12/1683....... & Anne Firby gem: children of Francis........ bur.
??/06/1684....... Hill of Synderby bur.
??/08/1684....... Hill bur.
??/10/1684....... wiffe of Raiph Rainforth of Dalton bur.
??/11/1684Anne Dale wife of Xtopher Dale of Pickhill bur.
31/12/1684Ann Kirkland of Williâ Kirkland of Swanby bur.
??/01/1684Cicely dau. of Henry ffothergill de Holme bur.
17/02/1684Ellen dau. of Xtopher Goodman de Pickhill bur.
27/02/1684Williâ Hutton of Nesse bur.
13/03/1684Mrs Eliz: Willye de Holme bur.
18/03/1684....... rett wife of Rich: Prest bur.
19/03/1684Jane wife of Williâ Key bur.
31/03/1685....... ry Key de Holme bur. Apr.
16/07/1685....... son of Hugh Prest of Roxby bur.
03/08/1685....... dau. of Tho: Kay de Roxby bur.
04/11/1685Rich: Cowthrop a stranger bur.
23/11/1685Thomas son of John Dunne minister of this place bur.
in linine
02/12/1685Dorithy wife of Henry Raper de Pickhill bur.
06/12/1685John son of Williâ Raper de How bur.
21/12/1685Rich: Burne a stranger bur.
22/12/1685John Wilson a stranger bur.
04/01/1685Anne dau. of Williâ Prest de Roxby bur.
30/01/1685Ellen dau. of Rich: Abbot of Swain by bur.
15/02/1685...artha wife of Williâ Hildred of Synderby bur.
12/03/1685Mary wiffe of Robt Kendrey de Pickhill bur.
24/03/1685Williâ Lumley de Roxby bur.
Anno Dom: 1686
06/04/1686Jane wife of Philip Middleton de Synderby bur.
04/05/1686A child of Wilt Walker of Pickhill died unbaptized & bur.
??/05/1686Tho: son of Georg Lee of Holme bur.
01/05/1686Henry son of Mr Henry ffothergill of Holme bur Jun.
17/09/1686......ane dau. of Mary Granger of Synderby bur.
26/09/1686Raiph Granger of Synderby bur.
23/10/1686......son of Mr John Brown de Holme bur.
13/11/1686......aughter of Williâ Kay of Roxby bur.
29/11/1686......of ffrancis ffirby's of Swarthy stillborne & bur.
04/02/1686......of Williâ Thompson de Roxby bur.
12/02/1686......ghter of Mr John Tyndall de Roxby bur.
10/03/1686......ll of Synderby bur.
16/04/1687of Roxby bur.
??/04/1687Williâ Granger de Roxby
Williâ Hauxwell de Holme May
??/05/1687...... Roxby bur.
14/05/1687...... Walker of Pickhill
??/05/1687......ll of Roxby' bur.
??/06/1687......all of Synderby
13/10/1687Thomas Cock de Roxby bur.
18/10/1687Xtopher son of Xtopher Bell de Roxby
19/10/1687Margarett dau. of Mary Middleton de Synderby
02/12/1687John Lacie of Holme bur.
13/12/1687Williâ Daggett de Roxby cognomine longus bur.
04/01/1687Richard son of Rob Daggett de Aynderby bur.
29/01/1687Eliz: Lawson a stranger bur. olim de Swanby
23/02/1687A child still borne of Wilt Lupton de Synderby
02/03/1687A child still born of Wilt Trosdall de Holme
27/03/1688Margaret Roxkly wife of Michaell Roxkly bur.
12/04/1688Michaell Rockley of Pickhill bur.
13/05/1688Willi Raper of York son of Jo: Raper de Aynderby bur.
19/06/1688Eliz: wife of Ambrose Prest de Pickhill bur.
25/07/1688Simon son of Simon Lumley de Holme bur.
04/09/1688Rich: son of Willi Granger de Roxby bur.
08/10/1688Williâ son of \Williâ Walker de Pickhill bur.
12/10/1688Simon Lumley de Holme bur.
04/12/1688Mary Prest of Pickhill bur.
27/12/1688John Grang son of Williâ Grange de Synderby bur.
28/01/1688Margarett dau. of Edward Blackburn bur.
19/03/1688Williâ Lumley de How bur.
12/04/1689Dorithy wife of Thomas Prest de Swanby bur.
25/06/1689Eliz: dau. of Williâ Dagget junior de Roxby bur.
07/08/1689Eliz: Hagstons wife of Williâ Hagstons de Synderby bur.
02/09/1689Eliz: Binlowes widdow de Synderby bur.
04/09/1689Williâ Dunne de Aynderby bur.
19/10/1689Steven Tose de Roxhy bur.
25/10/1689Jo: son of Jo: Marshall de Holme bur.
12/12/1689John son of Henry Raper de Aynderby bur.
23/02/1689Williâ son of Williâ Key de Roxby bur.
01/02/1690Richard Brown son of Mr John Brown senior de Holme bur. Jun.
21/07/1690Jane dau. of Mary Gaines de Roxby bur.
26/07/1690Eliz: dau. of Xtopher Abbat de Synderby bur.
30/07/1690Rich : son of Williâ Dagget junr de Roxhy bur.
24/12/1690Williâ son of James Routh de Synderby bur.
30/12/1690Jane Hazell a stranger bur.
12/03/1690A child of Tho: Pibus of How stillborne bur.
03/06/1691Sarah wife of Jo: Raper of Aynderby bur.
25/06/1691Margarett dau. of John Chappell of Carthrope bur.
06/07/1691Anne wiffe of Edward Brown of Pickhill hill bur.
07/07/1691Anne wiffe of Willi Hildreth of Synderby bur.
12/07/1691Anne Daggett de Roxby bur.
25/07/1691Anne dau. of Jo: Marshall de Holme bur.
23/08/1691Anne wife of hugh Prest of Pickhill bur.
10/10/1691A child of Mr Willys de Holme still borne bur.
18/11/1691Anne wife of Williâ Walker de Pickhill bur.
04/01/1691Thomas White of Roxby bur.
??/01/1691Anne wiffe of Tho: Seamour of Pickhill bur.
27/01/1691Ellen dau. of Williâ Wriglesworth of Synderby bur.
03/03/1691A child of Mr Raper's de How Unhaptzd & bur.
04/03/1691John Raper de Aynderby bur.
04/03/1691Eliz: wife of Williâ Walker de Pickhill bur. Mar.
12/05/1692Anne Peirson wife of Henry Peirson de Roxby bur.
21/05/1692Tho: son of Xtopher Daile de How bur.
29/05/1692Richard Wrey de Swarthy bur.
27/07/1692Margery Nestead de Roxby bur.
25/08/1692Mary Bickers de Pickhill bur.
11/10/1692Eliz: Hutton de Pickhill hill bur.
13/10/1692Margarett dau. of Hugh Prest de Roxby bur.
13/11/1692Geo: White of Roxby bur.
10/12/1692Richard Briggs of Roxby bur.
07/01/1692Mary dau. of Hugh Prest de Roxby bur.
26/02/1692Williâ Dagget senr de Roxby bur.
20/05/1693Mrs Mary Sumner of Pickhill bur.
11/06/1693Jane dau. of Mr Willi Willy de Holme bur.
19/06/1693Anne dau. of Jo: Trosdall de Holme bur.
09/09/1693Tho: son of Henry Raiforth of Topcliffe Sr. Mary dau. of Tho: Trosdall junr bur.
22/09/1693Matthew son of John Grey de Roxby bur.
27/11/1693Ambrose Prest de Pickhill bur.
25/02/1693ffrederick son of Margarett Slater de Pickhill bur.
16/04/1694Dorithy wife of Williâ Harrison of Synderby bur.
17/04/1694Adam Banks a stranger bur.
21/04/1694Williâ son of Mr Willy of Holme bur.
26/04/1694Jane Key widdow de Synderby bur.
18/05/1694Richard Willy de Holme bur.
19/05/1694Raiph Channer de Roxby bur.
04/09/1694Eliz: Trosdall de Roxby bur.
04/09/1694John Bickers of Pickhill bur.
12/09/1694Jane dau. of Jo: Trosdall de Holme bur.
13/09/1694Anne wiffe of Williâ Granger de Synderby bur.
22/11/1694Isabell wife of Jo : Richmond de Roxby bur.
03/12/1694Michaell son of Michael) Walker de Pickhill bur.
07/12/1694Anne wife of Williâ Daggett de Roxby bur.
03/02/1694John Raper of Synderby bur.
12/03/1694Isabell dau. of Williâ Trosdall de Holme bur.
08/05/1695Dorithy Briggs de Roxby bur.
10/05/1695John Trosdalle de Holme bur.
13/06/1695John Wells de Synderby bur.
08/08/1695Robt Kendrew de Pickhill bur.
09/08/1695Williâ Lee son of Geo: Lee de Holme bur.
18/08/1695Williâ son of John Cumin de Roxby bur.
05/10/1695Jane wife of Mr Williâ Willy de Holme bur.
18/09/1695Mary dau. of Xtopher Daile de How bur.
26/10/1695Eliz: dau. of Xtopher Dunning de Roxby bur.
11/12/1695Williâ Harrison de Holme bur.
22/01/1695Williâ Willy de Holme bur.
13/11/1695Anne dau. of Jo: Thompson de Pickhill bur.
09/04/1696Robert Dagget of Aynderby bur.
02/05/1696Mary White de Roxby bur.
24/05/1696William son of Mr John Browne of Holme bur.
12/07/1696Richard Almgill of Pickhill bur.
23/07/1696Anne wife of Williâ Waubourn de Roxby bur.
16/09/1696A still borne child of John Hurwood de How
12/11/1696Willi son of Xtopher Dayle de How bur.
24/01/1696Elyzabeth wife of Mr William Raper of How bur.
25/01/1696Thomas Bell of Roxbui bur.
27/01/1696Mary Gains of Roxbui bur.
04/02/1696Henery Raper of Pickhall bur.
20/02/1696Ellzabath Bickers of roxbey bur.
10/03/1696Anne wiffe of Mr Jo: Brown de Holme bur.
18/04/1697Anne dau. of Thomas Prist de Roxbey bur.
18/10/1697ffrances dau. of Michaell Walker of Pickhill bur.
04/11/1697Christpher son of Christpher Bell bur.
07/11/1697Joseph Redson a stranger bur.
16/11/1697Jane wife of William hauxwill de hollm bur.
26/12/1697Robart son of Christopher dall de how bur.
29/12/1697John Dunn vicker of Pickhall bur.
02/01/1697The son of georg Whit of Roxbey buryed
29/01/1697William son of William Willey hollm bur.
01/02/1697Ellezabath wif of John Browne holm bur.
04/03/1697Ellezabath dau. of Thomas Chapman de Roxbey bur.
07/04/1698Richard Dagget of A'nderby bur.
03/03/1698Eliz: Stevenson of Holm bur.
20/04/1699A poor beggar that dyed in her Lodging at Pickhall and was buryed
03/01/1699Willm Dagget of Roxby bur.
03/02/1699John Gray of Pickhall bur.
06/02/1699Mary dau. of Jo: Gray of Pickhall bur.
11/02/1699Hannah Cook of Synderby bur.
11/02/1699John Tompson of Pickhall bur.
11/02/1699Mary wife of Tim: Place vic: of Pickhall bur.
18/02/1699Ellen wife of James Key of Pickhall bur.
18/02/1699Rich : Prest of Roxby bur.
20/02/1699Marmaduke Burn of Pickhall
06/03/1699Willy' Chandler of Roxby bur.
08/03/1699Katherine wife of Jo: Raper of Pickhall
18/03/1699Mary wife of Chr : Goodman of Roxby bur.
24/03/1699Margaret wife of Chr: Dickon of Roxby bur.

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson
© 2018