PICKHILL: Transcription of the Pickhill Registers - Burials 1700-1799.


DateName(s) and relationship
05/04/1700Willy Hawkswell of Holm bur.
10/04/1700William Raper of Aynderby bur.
12/04/1700Philippa wife of Ed : Tose of Koxby bur.
18/04/1700Tho: Raper of Roxby bur.
19/04/1700Eliz: Hawkswell of Holm bur.
11/02/1700William Granger of Sinderby bur.
26/03/1701Ann Chapman maid servant to Jo: Hurwood of How bur.
12/06/1701Henry Pearson of Pickhall slain at Burrough-briggs Jun. 11 & buryed at Aldbrough
12/09/1701Robert Walker of Roxby bur.
03/12/1702Ann ye dau. of Tho: Dale of Sinderby bur.
08/12/1702Jane ye dau. of Geo: White of Roxby bur.
13/12/1702Ann Dunn of Aynderby bur.
18/12/1702Mary Grundall of Swainby bur.
10/03/1702Henry Lumley of Roxby bur.
20/04/1703Wid: Lumley of Holm bur.
28/07/1703John Cook of Pickhall grange bur.
30/09/1703Mary Cook of Pickhall bur.
10/10/1703Willi Wrigglesworth of Sinderby bur.
24/02/1703Tho: Rider of Holm bur.
20/08/1704Sibill wife of Michel Walker of Pickhall bur.
22/10/1704Christopher Daile of Pickhall bur.
19/11/1704Mr John Tindall of Rooksby bur.
14/12/1704Eliz: Appleton of How bur.
17/04/1705Elizabeth wife of Henry Raper of Ainderby bur.
02/09/1705Dorothy Dagget of Roxby bur.
12/01/1705Williâ Tompson of ye street house bur.
13/03/1705Willm Kirtlin of Swainby bur.
Anno Dom : 1706
16/05/1706Francis White of Roxby bur.
21/07/1706Thomas Walker of Sinderby bur.
05/10/1706Thomas son of George White of Roxby bur.
06/10/1706Margret wife of Willm Loftus of Holm bur.
24/01/1706Mary White of Pickhall a poor widow bur.
05/02/1706Willm Mawson of Roxby bur.
07/02/1706Jane ye wife of Christopher Abbot of Sinderby bur.
17/02/1706Ann Thornton of Roxby bur.
28/02/1706Elizabeth ye wife of Mr Chr: Dickon of Swainby bur.
02/03/1706Mary Slater of Roxby bur.
10/03/1706Elizabeth ye wife of John Cook of Holm bur.
16/03/1706Michael the son of Michael Walker of Pickhall bur.
07/04/1707Peter Simonson of Swainby bur.
13/07/1707William Tompson of Roxby bur.
26/10/1707Jane ye wife of Willm Lupton of Synderby bur.
12/02/1707Mary Kay of Roxby a young maid bur.
20/02/1707Jane ye dau. of George Pearson of Roxby bur.
Anno Dom: 1708
30/08/1708William Hutton of Pickhall bur.
03/10/1708Thomas Thornton of Pickhall bur.
16/01/1708Willm Sober of Pickhall bur.
16/02/1708Thomas the son of Christopher Firbank of Holm bur.
19/05/1709Dorothy Jackson of Pickhall a poor girl hur.
22/05/1709William Daggett of Roxby bur.
17/07/1709Ann ye dau. of Chr: Dale of Pickhall bur.
24/07/1709Mrs Dunn of Roxby bur.
18/09/1709Christopher Dickon of Swainby bur.
14/11/1709Margret Veepon of Pickhall bur.
12/12/1709Dorothy Veepon & her little child Margret, drown'd both at How and buryed at Pickhall
18/01/1709Thomas the son of Richard Frank of ye street house bur.
20/01/1709Ann ye wife of Willm Prest of Pickhall bur.
Anno Domini 1710
30/05/1710Timotheus Place clicus, vicarius de Pickhall,
23/06/1710William ffothergill alias Luck a poor old man was buried
28/08/1710John Pybus of Swainby was buried
16/09/1710A poor old man of North-Britain surpriz'd by death at a House in the Street was buried
04/10/1710Easter the doter of Richard Thornton of Roxby bur.
15/10/1710Ann hiressan saruant to William Raper of how bur.
Ann adommony 1700 10
12/11/1710Ann the doter of Edward Sadlar of roxby buered the
30/11/1710Christefor bell of Roxby
01/12/1710Thomas the sun of Philip Thorn[? ton] of hollm bured
15/12/1710William the sun of Philip thornton of holm burd
01/06/1711Margaret the wife of Christerfor abot of Sinderby bur.
04/02/1711Mary the wife of Will Walker of Pickall bured
03/11/1711Eliz: dau. of Thomas Brockell of Holme buried
19/11/1711Mr John Peacock of Rokesby buried
11/01/1711William son of William Walker of Pickhall buried
27/01/1711Francis Firby of Swainby buried
01/02/1711John the son of Mary Gray widow of Pickhall buried
03/03/1711Eliz: Kay widow of Pickhall buried
04/04/1712Mary dau. of Richd Baxter buried
17/04/1712Eliz: wife of Tho: Prest of Roxby buried
19/04/1712Helen the bastard child of Grace Carter of Swainby accidentally drowned buried
22/04/1712William Prest of Pickhall weaver buried
09/05/1712Anne wife of Thomas Rider of Synderby buried
07/08/1712Peter James a young man about 23 years old who came from Northumberland with a
drove of beasts having dyed the day before at Richard Frank's house in the street was buried
14/01/1712Jane Hutton of Pickhall buried
28/01/1712William Harrison of Synderby buried
25/03/1713Margaret the wife of William Sweeton of Roxby buried
24/05/1713Thomas Trousdale of Roxby buried
25/05/1713Anne dau. of Humphrey Pybus buried
01/11/1713Christopher son of Wm Walker of Pickhall buried
16/12/1713Thomas Tindall of Roxby butcher buried
19/01/1713Anne the widow of Thomas Thornton of Pickhall buried
09/06/1714John of Geo : White of Roxby buried
15/06/1714Thomas Linskell of Roxby buried
06/07/1714Carter widow of Swainby buried
11/03/1714Eliz: Thompson of Roxby buried
08/04/1715Mary Frank of Roxby buried
08/04/1715Andrew the son of John Linskell of Roxby buried
10/04/1715Jane the wife of Willm Walker of Pickhall buried
03/05/1715Thomas son of Francis Whitfield of Pickhall buried
19/05/1715John Fothergill of Sandhutton buried
21/05/1715Thomas Shepherd of Holm buried
01/12/1715Richd son of Richd Baxter buried
05/12/1715Isabel the wife of John Holdsworth of Roxby buried
21/12/1715Eliz: Wilkinson servant to Mr Tindall buried
20/01/1715Margaret dau. of William Curry of Howe buried
30/01/1715Hellen wife of Thomas Fenwick of Howe buried
15/02/1715Bartholomew Foster of Kirby wisk parish found dead in the high street buried
24/02/1715Thomas Fenwick of Howe buried
20/03/1715George Newstead of Pickhall buried
25/04/1716Francis son of Francis Firby of Swainby buried
03/08/1716William son of William Red a travelling beggar of Elton
near Stockton in the County of Durham buried
02/09/1716George Leigh of Holm buried
14/10/1716William Trowsdale of Holm buried
14/10/1716Widow Leigh of Holm buried
03/01/1716of Howe buried
17/01/1716Richd son of Thomas Prest of Roxby taylor
19/01/1716Jane Cook of Synderby buried
11/04/1717Eliz: Simpson widow of Synderby buried
14/04/1717Bartholomew Harrison of Roxby buried
18/04/1717Margaret wife of William Daggett senior of Roxby buried
02/06/1717Ann the dau. of Chr: Dunning of Roxby bu...
27/08/1717Ann Simison of Swainby buried
03/10/1717Isabel wife of Thomas Chapman of Roxby buried
07/06/1718Jane Simonson of Swainby buried
??/07/1718Anne dau. of Thomas Rider Synderby
06/08/1718Dorothy dau. of Tho: Walker Ness
17/09/1718Anne Ascough servant to Christopher Dale
27/09/1718Thomas Wardrop of Pickhall
??/10/1718son of Edward Sadler Pick...
??/11/1718Jane dau. of George White Roxby buried
... Elizabeth Adrian Van Ruth
04/11/1718Anne dau. of John Cumming Roxby
??/02/1718The Reverend Andrew Darling Vicar of the Parish of Pickhall Dyed,
and his Body was Interred in the Chancel the First day of March
& his funeral sermon preached by Hugh Spence, Curate of [K]irby wisk.
Afterwards Curate of Manfield, and after, Vicar of Pickhall 1726
09/05/1719Wilt Amgall of Pickall bur.
Wilt Prest, clarke of Pickall bur 1........
22/07/1719John brown of Codstan bur.
Ambrus Prest soon of Wilt Prest of Pick
24/07/1719Tho: soon of rich: Thackeravy of Simen bur...
??/09/1719Geor: Sober of Pickall bur.
Anne dau. of T........
27/10/1719.......octchman buried
14/12/1719Ellinor Newstead
04/02/1719William son of Wm Daggitt junr
21/02/1719Eliz: dau. of Richd Cowley of Synderby
15/03/1719Eliz: wife of Richd Cowley of Synderby
14/05/1720Margrett wife of Wm Grainger of Pickall
24/05/1720Mary Sober of Pickall
25/05/1720Mrs Isabella Jacoba wife of Colonell Graham of Pickall
29/08/1720John Pearson of Pickall
30/08/1720Mary wife of Wm Thompson of Roxby
02/09/1720George son of Edwd Willy of Holme
02/09/1720Thomas Walker of Ness
08/09/1720Christopher Kay of Synderby
18/09/1720John Dunn of Aynderby
21/09/1720Mary wife of Wm Curray of How who hanged herself
30/09/1720Wm son of Wm Prest, clark
27/11/1720ffran: son of Wm Dale of How sepult.
13/12/1720Mrs ffrances Plaise of Roxby sepult.
05/01/1720John son of Anne Tessy of Swain by sepult.
12/04/1721Mary dau. of Wm Prest, clark sepult.
18/04/1721Anne dau. of Wm Burnett sepult.
02/05/1721Priscilla wife of Mr Edwd Willy of Holm sepult.
09/08/1721John Harrison of Pickall sepult.
08/09/1721Leonard son of Simon Hunter of Synderby sepult.
12/09/1721Alice wife of Chr: ffurbank of Holme
07/10/1721Tho: Hardcastle of Ainderby sepult.
10/10/1721Eliz: wife of Edwd Tose of Roxby
14/10/1721Anne Ward of Roxby
07/11/1721Grace Daggitt of Holme
01/12/1721Jane wife of Hen : ffothergill of Sand-Hutton
??/01/1721James son of Edwd Tose of Roxby
18/02/1721Simon son of Simon hunter of Sin..... bured the of
Anno Domini 1722
05/04/1722Mary dau. of Ralph Squire of Synderby buried
22/04/1722Margret dau. of Wm Pickersgil of Synderby buried
25/04/1722Thomas son of Eliz: Walker of Ness buried
02/05/1722Isabel wife of George Richmond of Roxby buried
18/05/1722William son of William Pearson of Roxby buried
27/05/1722Anne wife of Francis Walker of Synderby buried
09/07/1722William Loftus of Holme buried
12/07/1722Anne dau. of John Bell of Roxby buried
03/08/1722Simon Hunter of Synderby buried
16/09/1722William Granger of Pickhal buried
05/10/1722James son of Christopher Dunning of Roxby buried
22/10/1722Richard Pibus of Holme buried
23/12/1722John Daggett of Pickhal buried; sometimes called Rapp Dagget
Anno Domini 1723
02/04/1723Margaret wife of John Raper senr of Synderby was buryed
18/06/1723Francis son of Wm Morland of Roxby buried
04/07/1723dau. of Tho: Ryder of Synderby bu
13/08/1723Margret Walker of Synderby widdow burl...
18/08/1723Isabella wife of William Westland of Roxby buried
27/10/1723Jane wife of Xt° Dunning of Roxby buried
06/11/1723Christopher Dunning of Roxby buried
14/11/1723Katharine relict of John Daggett of Pickhall buried
17/11/1723John Raper senr of Synderby buried
02/12/1723George son of George White of Roxby buried
03/12/1723Willie son of Tho: Kirtland of Swainby buried
25/12/1723William Westland of Roxby buried
04/01/1723Elizabeth Walker of Nesse buried
05/01/1723 Christopher son of Robt Jobling of Roxby buried
11/02/1723Mary dau. of Tho: Harrison of Roxby buried
14/02/1723Sarah wife of Tho: Harrison of Roxby buried
16/02/1723Dorothy dau. of Tho: Harrison of Roxby buried
25/04/1724Thomas Trowsdale of Pickhall buried
02/05/1724Jane dau. of Wm Daggett junr of Roxby buried
10/05/1724Bartholomew son of Tho: Prest of Roxby buried
06/06/1724Elizabeth ye sd dau. of Geo: Ward of Roxby buried
06/06/1724Anne dau. of Wm Prest, clark of Pickhall buried
02/09/1724Anne relict of Wm Tyndale of Roxby buried
08/10/1724Margret Trowsdale of Holme buried
14/11/1724Thomas Morrel of Synderby buried
27/11/1724Morjory Lee of Holme spinster buried
17/02/1724Clare dau. of Tho: Curving junr of Roxby buried
17/02/1724James Kay of Pickhall buried
17/06/1725Hellen dau. of Geo: White of Roxby buried
27/07/1725William son of Anthony Wood of Roxby burie...
21/09/1725Ann ye wife pf Will: Prest of Pickall bud...
04/12/1725bartholamew son of Will: Prest, clark of Pickall bur...
13/12/1725William Prest of Roxby bured
01/01/1725Elenar the wife of Gorge White of Roxby bvered
17/04/1726Esabel wife of france Walker of sindby b
19/05/1726margit Sobber of Roxby bured
16/08/1726Catran latafan [?] of Swanby bured
10/09/1726Jane the wife of Wil: Richma...
23/10/1726Richard frank of Roxby bured
05/12/1726gorge Richman bured
10/04/1727Mary wife of Ralph Squire buried
05/05/1727Richard Abbott of Swainby was buried aged about 100
25/05/1727James Routh of A'nderby was buried
11/09/1727Elizabeth wife of Wm Morland buried
12/09/1727Dorothy wife of John Richmond buried
14/09/1727Dorothy wife of Chirstopher Dale buried
24/11/1727Mary the widow of Richard Frank buried
01/12/1727George Pearson was burried
08/12/1727Martha wife of Thomas Cumming buried
25/12/1727Mary wife of Richd Thornton sexton buried
08/01/1728George White of Roxby buried
15/01/1728Mary Gray alias Grey widow buried
30/01/1728Richard Sadler was buried
04/02/1728Elizabeth wife of John Briggs buried
17/02/1728John Bell of Roxby was buried
20/02/1728George Pinknah was buried
06/03/1728John Rappir alias Rappier of Pickhall buried
16/04/1728Anne wife of........ Burnet buried [Wm Burnet of Roxby, as re-written elsewhere]
18/04/1728Francis Whitfield buried [of Pickhill, as re-written]
11/05/1728Richard Daggett [Mr Richard Daggett of A'nderby] buried
28/07/1728Francis Baxter [of Roxby] buried Jul. 28 being cut on the leg with a scythe
of which wound he shortly died and buried at Pickhill
24/09/1728William Prest of Pickhall buried
17/10/1728Grace dau. of Anne Tireman bur.
20/10/1728Francis Bell of Roxby bur.
07/11/1728John son of Mr Henry Tindall bur.
10/11/1728John Walker of Sinderby bur.
25/12/1728William Prest sometime clark bur.
25/12/1728Anthony Amghill of Hoome bur.
28/12/1728Anne Bell widow bur.
04/01/1728John Marshall of Sinderby bur.
09/01/1728Jane wife of Richard Bruce bur.
??/02/1728Thomas Rider of Sinderby bur.
??/12/1728Hugh Prest parish clark bur.
07/02/1728John Rappier of Sinderby bur.
14/02/1728Anne Marshall widow of Sinde'by bur.
31/03/1729Richard Prest of Hoome bur.
30/04/1729Christopher Dale of Pickhall bur.
20/09/1729Catherine dau. of Richard Umpleby bur.
23/09/1729John son of William Thompson bur.
14/10/1729Isabel dau. of Thomas Chapman junior bur.
26/10/1729Christopher Dunning of Roxby bur.
14/11/1729Mrs Preston of Swainby bur.
15/11/1729Eleanor dau. of Thomas Wilkinson bur.
23/11/1729Mary Curry of How bur.
14/01/1729Samuel son of Samuel Wade bur.
17/01/1729Thomas son of Henry Burgh bur.
02/02/1729Elizabeth Trowsdale widow bur.
21/03/1729Thomas Harrison of Roxby bur.
22/03/1729Jane Pearson widow bur.
01/04/1730Robert Daggett of A'nderby bur.
21/04/1730Hugh son of George Prest bur.
25/04/1730Frances dau. of Sr Reginald Graham bur.
30/05/1730Elizabeth dau. of the deceased Hugh Prest bur.
13/06/1730William 'son of Widow Rappier pickhallrow bur.
15/09/1730William son of the deceased Wm Prest clark bur.
02/11/1730John Brown of Cadeston in Kirklington Parish bur.
07/01/1730Elizabeth wife of Ralph Granger bur.
11/01/1730Anne dau. of Matthew Dobby a child bur.
12/03/1730Isabel wife of William Dale of How bur.
25/03/1731Mr William Tindal of Roxby bur.
30/03/1731Catherine Rappier of Pickhall bur.
31/03/1731William son of William Dickson of How bur.
25/05/1731William son of Mr John Harrison of Sinderby bur.
24/07/1731Mary wife of Ralph Adamson bur.
06/12/1731Dorothy Awmghill widow was buried
04/01/1731Elizabeth dau. of Henry Brugh bur.
28/01/1731John son of Robert Dixon bur.
05/02/1731Mary wife of Thomas Dawson bur.
28/03/1732Isabel wife of George Squire bur.
26/04/1732Anthony Wood bur.
21/05/1732Mrs Anne Wilson of the parish of Thirsk bur.
25/05/1732Mary dau. of Thomas Butterfield bur.
15/07/1732Anne Bender bur.
28/10/1732Anne wife of Isaac Wade bur.
14/01/1732Thomas Hesslington bur.
25/01/1732Thomas Lumley bur.
30/01/1732Elizabeth Dun bur.
06/03/1732George son of George Pearson bur.
03/04/1733John Ellcock who died at Richard Frank's bur.
03/06/1733Anthony son of George Squire bur.
08/06/1733Isabella dau. of Thomas Chapman junior bur.
13/06/1733John son of Thomas Chapman junior bur.
23/06/1733Dorothy dau. of George Collbeck bur.
26/06/1733Mr Thomas Bell schoolmaster of Pickhall bur.
27/06/1733William son of Francis Walker bur.
07/07/1733Ralph son of Ralph Adamson of Swainby bur.
21/07/1733Anne Clifford of A'nderby bur.
09/08/1733Richard Cowley of Sinderby bur.
10/08/1733Samuel son of George Pearson of Roxby bur.
22/08/1733Thomas son of Tho: Cumming of Roxby bur.
03/01/1733Mary dau. of John Granger of Swainby bur.
24/01/1733Jane wife of Umphrey Pybas of Swainby bur.
27/02/1733John son of Christopher Brown of Holme bur.
07/03/1733Mary dau. of Mr Christopher Wilson of A'nderby bur.
24/03/1733Helen wife of Richard Amghill of Holme bur.
25/03/1734Anthony son of Richard Amghill bur.
31/03/1734John Dickson a servant in How bur.
06/04/1734Anne dau. of Samuel Wade of A'nderby bur.
08/04/1734John son of William Briggs of Roxby bur.
10/04/1734Samuel son of Samuel Wade bur.
11/04/1734William Thompson of Roxby bur.
04/06/1734Mary dau. of William Thompson bur.
24/06/1734Jane wife of Richard Wade of Roxby bur.
12/07/1734Henry Raper senior of A'nderby bur.
20/09/1734Mary Mason was buried
24/10/1734Mary wife of William Raper of Sinderby bur.
09/01/1734Henry son of Henry Brugh bur.
13/01/1734Jane dau. of Henry Brugh bur.
10/04/1735Christopher Maston bur.
17/05/1735Frances Whitfield of Pickhall bur.
02/08/1735Mary dau. of Thomas Walker, Ness, bur.
27/09/1735Philip Thornton senior of Hoome bur.
09/10/1735Edward son of Anthony Wood bur.
09/10/1735John Fell a stranger bur.
11/04/1736Harry Fothergill of Sandhutton bur.
18/04/1736Margaret wife of Mr Nevison bur.
25/04/1736George Ward of Pickhall bur.
14/03/1736Isaac Wade of Roxby bur.
29/07/1736Anne wife of William Raper of Hoome
11/11/1736Isabel Hunter of Sinderby bur.
30/11/1736Mary dau. of Jane Haslington
10/12/1736George Squire junior bur.
18/12/1736Marjory Wilkinson bur.
30/12/1736Jane wife of Thomas Fall bur.
06/01/1736John & Mary childeren of Wm Fenwick of How
31/01/1736Elizabeth Trowsdale a girle bur.
01/02/1736Esther wife of Philip Thornton bur.
15/02/1736Stephen Bayvel bur.
17/02/1736Mary dau. of George Squire bur.
05/03/1736Mary dau. of Thomas Cumming
18/03/1736John Amghill of Sinderby bur.
24/03/1736Jane dau. of Mr Wilson A'nderby
27/03/1737Mary dau. of Mr Vanrout bur.
07/04/1737John Richmond of Roxby bur.
09/04/1737Thomas Amghill of Pickhall bur.
11/04/1737Christopher son of Christopher Brown bur.
02/05/1737James son of Christopher Brown bur.
07/05/1737Anne wife of John Thornton bur.
11/05/1737John Thornton her husband weaver bur.
11/06/1737William Morland bur.
04/07/1737Elizabeth Granger a child bur.
23/07/1737Mary dau. of James Toes bur.
20/08/1737Eleanor dau. of George Prest bur.
28/11/1737John son of Thomas Sivers bur.
23/12/1737William Richardson of Swainby
01/02/1737Margaret Thornton of Hoome bur.
09/03/1737Frances widow of William Richardson bur.
25/06/1738William & Christopher gemini of Thomas Sivers
04/09/1738Thomas Mattis of Roxby bur.
28/09/1738Mistris Joanna Vanrout bur.
05/10/1738Elizabeth Wood dau. of Anthony Wood bur.
22/10/1738John son of William Briggs of Roxby bur.
06/12/1738Mr John Harrison senior of Sinderby bur.
04/01/1738Mary dau. of Thomas Dawson bur.
24/09/1739George son of George Webster
06/10/1739Mary Cook bur.
30/01/1739John Jackson
01/03/1739John son of Ralph Thornton
17/03/1739Hugh Spence minister bur.
23/03/1739William Richmond
23/03/1739Alice Kilvington
04/04/1740John Cumming
12/04/1740Mary dau. of William Raper
17/04/1740William son of William Raper
05/05/1740Dorothy wife of Christopher Ferbank
22/08/1740Christopher son of Christopher Firbanke of Watlass parish bur.
28/08/1740Wm son of Wm Clark of Sinderby bur.
19/11/1740Christopher Hutton of Pickhill bur.
29/01/1740Ann dau. of Tho: Parker bur.
02/06/1741Thomas Chapman of Pickhall bur.
03/05/1741Alice dau. of Anne Jackson a bastard child bur.
11/06/1741Christopher Tindall of Roxby bur.
08/08/1741Ambrose son of Ambrose Prest of Roxby bur.
13/12/1741Alice Crow widow woman of Roxby bur.
07/01/1741Richard Wade of Roxby bur.
10/01/1741Mark Holms of Roxby bur.
01/02/1741Elizabeth Jackson of Pickhill bur.
20/02/1741Alice dau. of Wm Clark of Sinderby bur.
06/03/1741Sarah Cummin of Roxby bur.
07/03/1741William son of Samuel Wade of Ainderby bur.
15/03/1741Daniel son of Jonathan Rawlin of Sinderby bur.
24/03/1741Jonathan son of Jonathan Rawlin of Sinderby bur.
01/04/1742Jonathan Rawlin of Sinderby bur.
13/04/1742Matthew Thompson of Roxby bur.
29/04/1742Elizabeth Cook of Sinderby bur.
12/05/1742Elizabeth dau. of Philip Dennis of Roxby bur.
23/05/1742William son of Richard Umpleby of Pickhill bur.
24/05/1742Sarah dau. of Thomas Marshall of Pickhill bur.
05/06/1742Ralph son of Ralph Adamson of Ness bur.
04/07/1742Thomas Fall of Pickhill bur.
10/08/1742Margaret dau. of James Toes of Holm bur.
27/10/1742Priscilla wife of John Heslem of Roxby bur.
31/01/1742Elizabeth wife of Richard Thornton of Pickhill bur.
18/02/1742Hellen dau. of Richard Bramley of How bur.
19/02/1742William Dale of How bur.
09/03/1742Humphry Pibas of Swainby bur.
28/04/1743Elizabeth Dagget of Topcliffe bur.
03/05/1743Sarah Eaden maiden gentlewoman of Pickhill bur.
04/05/1743Elizabeth Layton of Swainby bur.
05/05/1743Mary Twhaits of A'nderby bur.
21/05/1743Anne dau. of John Toase of Swainby bur.
29/06/1743Anthony Wood of Pickhill bur.
29/08/1743Philip & Thomas sons of Philip Dennis of Roxby bur.
30/08/1743William Dickson of Howe bur.
06/09/1743Margaret dau. of John Tose of Holme bur.
04/10/1743Jane wife of William Lupton of Sinderby bur.
07/10/1743Mary dau. of James Tose of Holme bur.
08/10/1743Richard Frank of Pickhall bur.
24/10/1743Hannah dau. of Thomas Parker of Roxby bur.
27/11/1743Thomas Chapman of Pickhall bur.
22/12/1743John son of Thomas Brown of Roxby bur.
03/02/1743Elizabeth dau. of John Ouseman of Sinderby bur.
07/02/1743Margaret Pearson of Roxby bur.
11/02/1743Elizabeth dau. of John Johnson of Sinderby bur.
17/02/1743William son of William Surray of Pickhall bur.
26/03/1744John son of John Parker of Crabtree house bur.
05/04/1744Anne Pybas of Holme bur.
13/04/1744Jane wife of Richard Umpleby of Pickhall bur.
23/04/1744Mark son of Richard Umpleby of Pickhall bur.
18/05/1744Henry son of Thomas Clough of Pickhill bur.
25/07/1744Andrew son of George Smith of Pickhall bur.
04/09/1744Anne Cooper of Pickhall bur
12/09/1744Michael Parker of Pickhall bur.
22/01/1744Barbara Laycock of Holm bur.
13/02/1744Jane Marwood of Howe bur.
07/03/1744Mary dau. of John Lupton of Sinderby bur.
09/03/1744Richard Bruise of Roxby bur.
11/06/1745William Lupton of Roxby bur.
23/06/1745John Johnson of Sinderby bur.
23/09/1745Lydia wife of John Fennick of Howe bur.
27/10/1745Elizabeth wife of Thomas Marshall of Scarborough house bur.
04/02/1745Ann wife of Robert Kendray of Swainby bur.
17/04/1746Ann wife of Robert Toses of Swainby bur.
02/05/1746Richard Aumgill of Holm bur.
03/05/1746Ann Burnet of Pickill bur.
15/05/1746John Parker of Ainderby bur.
20/05/1746Mary Prest of Pickhill bur.
26/05/1746Thomas Dawson of Pickhill bur.
04/06/1746Katharine Fowler of Pickhill bur.
13/06/1746Thomas Parker of Pickhill bur.
23/06/1746Isabel Richmond of Pickhill bur.
27/06/1746Jane Heslington of Pickhill bur.
13/07/1746William son of John Maltas of Pickhill bur.
14/07/1746Mary dau. of Ann Almgill of Holme bur.
29/07/1746Margaret dau. of William Raper of Sinderby bur.
05/08/1746Thomas son of Francis Walker of Crabtree house bur.
14/10/1746Anne Lumley of Roxby bur.
20/10/1746Margaret Malthouse of Roxby bur.
24/11/1746Ralph Granger of Sinderby bur.
26/11/1746Grace wife of Thomas Prest of Roxby bur.
28/01/1746Francis son of Francis Hopps of Pickhill bur.
06/02/1746Mary dau. of Thomas Sciver of Roxby bur.
16/03/1746Dorothy dau. of Anne Parker of Pickhall bur.
19/03/1746 Fenwick of Howe bur.
09/04/1747 Granger of Roxby bur.
25/04/1747John Hudson of Roxby bur.
17/04/1747Mary dau. of William Clarke of Sinderby bur.
15/05/1747John Nicolson of Swainby bur.
16/06/1747Mary dau. of William Raper of Holme bur.
20/07/1747William Dagget junior of Roxby bur.
21/10/1747Thomas Prest of Kirklington bur.
03/11/1747Mary wife of Samuel Wade of Ainderby bur.
04/11/1747Thomas son of George Smith of Pickhall bur.
30/12/1747Robert son of George Smith of Pickhall bur.
04/01/1747Mary dau. of Ralph Adamson of Ness bur.
11/01/1747Robert Tose of Swainby bur.
04/02/1747Richard son of George Kaye of Pickhill bur.
20/03/1747Clare Cummin of Holm bur.
23/04/1748Ruth dau. of Henry Brough of Roxby bur.
24/05/1748John Tose of Swainby bur.
28/05/1748Christopher Hutton son of Miriam Hutton widow of Pickhill bur.
03/08/1748Mary Greenhill of Little Union bur.
06/03/1748George Simpson of Synderby bur.
13/03/1748Richard Thornton of Pickhall bur.
31/03/1749John Wright of Pickhall bur.
22/04/1749Frances wife of Jonathan Lazenby of Roxby bur.
05/05/1749John Trevy of Middleham bur.
22/05/1749Thomas son of Thomas Brown of Roxby bur.
11/06/1749Francis Walker of Synderby bur.
05/07/1749Thomas Sturdy of Swainby bur.
31/10/1749William Dagget senior of Pickhall bur.
24/11/1749Adrian Vanreuth of Pickhill bur.
01/12/1749Mary Trowsdale of Holme bur.
15/03/1749William son of Christopher Dale of Howe bur.
22/03/1749Christopher Brown of Holme bur.
31/03/1750Dorothy Kaye of Pickhall bur.
10/04/1750Thomas Cummin of Pickhall bur.
24/05/1750John Rainforth of Roxby bur.
20/06/1750Hannah dau. of George Smith of Pickhall bur.
11/07/1750John Lupton of Sinderby bur.
19/07/1750Mary dau. of George Kaye of Pickhall bur.
02/08/1750Edward Willy of Ripon bur.
08/09/1750Thomas son of William Sadler of Pickhall bur.
24/04/1751Jane Daggette of Ainderby bur.
01/05/1751Jane Lucy dau. of Jane Pearson of Pickhall bur.
10/06/1751Christopher Wate servant to Christopher Dale of Howe bur.
22/06/1751William Prest of Pickhall bur.
14/07/1751John Neveson of Skipton in the parish of Topcliffe bur.
18/08/1751Richd son of Anne Waid of Pickhill bur.
15/09/1751Christopher Thompson of Rokesby bur.
08/01/1751Martha dau. of John Malthouse of Pickhill bur.
27/01/1751Isabel Janson a widow woman of Pickhall bur.
19/02/1751George son of Philip Dennis of Pickhall bur.
30/03/1752Cicily dau. of John Wind of Pickhall bur.
06/04/1752Richard son of Thomas Thornton of Pickhall bur.
25/04/1752James Graham son of George Smith of Pickhall bur.
01/05/1752Michael son of Edward Sadler of Pickhall bur.
14/07/1752Anthony Chapman of Roxby bur.
19/07/1752Robert son of Thomas Shaw of Ainderby bur.
29/11/1752Anne Cowley of Sinderby bur.
02/12/1752Isabel wife of Richard Shutton of Sinderby bur.
09/12/1752Mary dau. of Anne Walker a widow woman of Sinderby bur.
12/01/1752Jane dau. of Ambrose Mankin of Ainderby bur.
02/02/1752Isabel dau. of John Parker of Ainderby bur.
09/02/1752Mary dau. of the Revd James Place of Roxby bur.
20/03/1752Charles son of George Smith of Pickhall bur.
31/03/1753George son of George Lambert of Rokesby bur.
16/04/1753John son of John Harrison of Swainby bur.
16/06/1753Richard Hixon of Roxby bur.
18/07/1753Elizabeth dau. of Mr Wm Tindall bur.
20/08/1753Ellen dau. of Robert Scarr of A'nderby bur.
11/10/1753Elizabeth dau. of John Parker of A'nderby bur.
02/11/1753Ambrose son of John Parker of A'nderby bur.
22/11/1753Hannah dau. of William Ridsdall of Pickhill bur.
10/12/1753George son of William Squire of Sinderby bur.
06/06/1754Grace Bruse of Roxby bur.
13/06/1754Anne Prest of Pickhill a widow woman bur.
20/06/1754William Raper of Holme bur.
21/08/1754Mary Chapman of Pickhill bur.
22/08/1754Samuel son of Peter Simison of Roxby bur.
03/05/1754William son of William Squire of Sinderby bur.
24/05/1754Peter Simison of Roxby bur.
27/06/1755Mr Peter Kilvington of Ripon
14/09/1755Bartholomew Buck of Roxby
14/12/1755Willm son of Ambrose Prest of Roxby
06/01/1755Mary wife of Chrisr Pallesair of Sansams
12/03/1755Valentine Body of Roxby
16/03/1755Richd Daggit of Roxby
04/04/1756Grace wife of Willm Johnson of A'nderby
03/05/1756Willm Clark of Sinderby
14/06/1756Mary wife of Chrisr Hunton of Swainby
27/07/1756Anne wife of Thos Ward of Skipton
14/10/1756Willm Prest of Holm bur.
08/12/1756Elizth dau. of Edward Sadler
08/01/1756Margaret dau. of Willm Dennis
31/03/1757Isabel dau. of Willm Ridsdill
01/04/1757Richd Carter of Pickhill bur.
09/04/1757Mary wife of Edwd Sadler of Pickhill
07/06/1757Mary Simpson (a servant) of How aged 16 bur.
04/08/1757Mary Baxter aged 85 a widow of Pickhill bur.
07/10/1757John Wynne of Pickhill aged 80 bur.
29/11/1757Thomas Fall senior of Synderby aged 71 bur.
23/01/1757Colonel Metcalf Graham of Pickhill aged 77 bur.
01/02/1757Elizabeth Umpleby a child aged 3 bur.
08/02/1757John Grainger of Synderby aged 32 bur.
17/04/1758Alice Tose a widow of Pickhill aged 80 bur.
01/05/1758Anne wife of William Lazenby aged 30 bur.
10/05/1758Anne wife of Joseph Dun of Roxby aged 38
22/07/1758Cornelia Marwood of the City of London aged 71
30/07/1758Geo: son of Ambrose Mankin of A'nderby aged 2
30/07/1758Anthony son of Ambrose Mankin of A'nderby aged 17
12/08/1758Christopher son of Chrisr Wilson of A'nderby
25/08/1758John son of John Lancaster of Skipton in ye Par. of Topcliffe aged 19 years
22/10/1758Thos Butterfield (senior) of Roxby aged 70
30/11/1758John Grainger of Swainby aged 70 bur.
07/03/1758Frances Thompson dau. of Thos Thompson aged 4 years bur.
19/03/1758Christopher Coldbeck Clerk & Schoolmaster aged 22 bur.
21/03/1758Mary dau. of Richd Umpleby of Pickhill aged 8 years bur.
11/04/1759Johnathan Henderson of Hart near Hartlepool bur.
20/07/1759William son of John Sadlar of Holm, aged 1 year
11/08/1759Ann Daggette widow aged 72 years of Pickhill
18/09/1759Jane Carter dau. of Richard Carter 21 years of Pickhill
05/12/1759Anne dau. of William Dickson aged 18
26/12/1759Mary prust widow aged 90 years
26/02/1760Ann dau. of Timety Buckell Travler (? Traveller) aged 20
04/03/1760Rachel dau. of Jacob Brown of Holm
23/03/1760Mar. Jacob Brown son of Jacob Brown of Holm
23/03/1760Mar. Christopher Brown son of Jacob Brown of Holm
02/04/1760William son of John Winnd (? Winn) Pickhall
27/05/1760Jane dau of Heny Lumley Sinderby
30/05/1760Christopher son of Mr Wilson of A'nderby
14/11/1760Geo: Prest of Pickhall
28/11/1760Ann Scar of Ainderby wife of Robert Scar
30/11/1760 30 Isabel Scar dau. of Robt Scar of Ainderby
04/12/1760Miriam Hutton of Pickhall widow
14/12/1760 14 Sarah Dawson of Ainderby dau. of Thomas Dawson
01/02/1761John the son of Mr Parker of Ainderby
20/03/1761George pearson of Pickhall
08/07/1761William the son of John Freer of Pickhill
31/08/1761Ellen Frank widow of Pickhall
20/09/1761Samuel Waid of A'nderby
22/09/1761 22 Peter son of Christ: Dal of how
21/05/1762John Mawtiss of Thornbrough Turnpike
29/06/1762Jane Wind of Pickhill
08/07/1762Eliz: Carter widow
23/08/1762James Barker infant
30/10/1762William Wind of pickhill
21/12/1762Christopher palliser
25/12/1762 25 Elizabeth Sadler wife of Edward Sadler
12/01/1763Mary Harrison widow
13/02/1763Ellin Press wife of George Press
23/03/1763Sukey Tindall
29/04/1763Jane Butterfield wife of Thos. Butterfield
05/05/1763Martha Dawson widow
25/01/1763William Barnett infant
29/09/1763Alice wife of Mr Thomas Walker of Ness
17/10/1763Mary Harker infant
18/10/1763Mr William Daggett senior
23/10/1763William Ridsdaile
19/12/1763Richard Umpleby
30/01/1764Katharine Press
02/02/1764George son of Mr George Smith of pickhill
22/02/1764William son of James Kaye
29/02/1764Ann wife of James Kaye
09/06/1764Mr John Parker of pickhill
21/11/1764W William Raper of Holme
01/12/1764Lady Graham first wife of Sir Reginald Graham of Norton Baronet
25/12/1764Mrs Ann Palliser wife of Mr Christopher Palliser
04/01/1765Mr George Smith senior
27/01/1765William Briggs of Sinderby
29/01/1765Mr Christopher Daggett of Bedale Attorney
14/03/1765Francis Lumley of Sinderby
17/03/1765Mary Leckonby of How
13/05/1765Sarah Cumming
04/06/1765Susannah Wind widow
20/07/1765Mary wife of Thomas Thornton, sexton
05/10/1765Christopher Hunton of Swainby
11/11/1765Jane Rider
10/12/1765Sarah Vandruyt
29/12/1765Dorothy dau. of Mr John Parker of Ainderby by Mary his wife
08/01/1766William Grainger infant
06/02/1766Eliz: wife of Geo: Kaye
08/07/1766Mary Caltron
06/01/1767Ralph Adamson
14/02/1767William Baxter
22/01/1767Robert Dixon
05/08/1767Esther Thorntan
22/08/1767Hannah Trueman
18/12/1767Mary Harrison
21/01/1768Ann Murrell
25/01/1768Mr William Raper of Ainderby
03/03/1768Ruth Umpleby
16/05/1768Ann Browne
10/11/1768Mrs Sarah Raper
16/11/1768Isabella Wilson
11/02/1769James Freer
04/08/1769William Palliser
14/08/1769Jane Heslop
15/08/1769Ellin Kaye
17/08/1769William Kaye
21/08/1769Ann Eden infant
02/09/1769James Harrison
04/09/1769Jane Wilson infant
07/09/1769George Jackson
07/12/1769Thos: Walker
30/01/1770Mary Thorntan infant
11/02/1770William Harrison infant
17/03/1770Robert Render
01/05/1770Mary White
14/05/1770Richard Shotten
10/06/1770Philip Thorntan
10/10/1770Hugh Prust of Holme
06/12/1770Thos: Walker infant
01/01/1771Elizabeth Walker
08/03/1771John Martin a travelling person who mended clocks of Lancaster
07/04/1771Thomas Walker of Ness
14/04/1771Robert son of Joseph Walker of Pickhill
16/04/1771William quartern of Sinderby
29/04/1771William son of William Hutton scriptor (?)
09/05/1771David Bland servant to Jacob brown Holm
09/10/1771John son of William & Frances Blades
07/12/1771Mary dau. of John & Ann King
05/01/1772Christopher son of John Wind
05/02/1772Dorothy dau. of Willm Parker
10/02/1772Margaret wife of James Toes of Holme
16/02/1772John son of Chrr & Margaret Paxton
14/02/1772Ann Kilvington of Ripon
02/03/1772Henry Brough
19/03/1772Elizabeth Dale
06/08/1772William Sadler
11/08/1772Jane Brough
12/08/1772James Hey
26/08/1772James son of William & Ester Harrison
27/09/1772Dorothy dau. of George & Dorothy Coldbeck
04/10/1772William Herd
22/11/1772Mary Gains of Sinderby
26/12/1772Mary wife of Geo: Siminson
02/02/1773Wm Raper of Crabtree House
15/03/1773Ruth wife of Wm Surry
27/03/1773Wm Harrison of Pickhill
12/05/1773Thos Fall of Sinderby
12/05/1773Eliz: wife of Mark Pepper
28/08/1773Thos son of Thos & Ann Walker
28/08/1773Christopher son of John & Dorothy Trueman
01/09/1773Ann wife of Henry Lumley of Sinderby
19/09/1773Ann wife of Jn° Wade of Pickhall
14/11/1773William Raper of Holme
07/12/1773Ann dau. of Jn° & Mary Watson
22/01/1774Hannah Adamson
15/04/1774Philip Dennis
16/04/1774Hannah wife of Geo: Thornton of Skelton
07/06/1774Isabel Dixon of How
28/09/1774John son of Jn° & Dorothy Trueman
04/10/1774Wm son of Stephen & Frances Palliser
02/11/1774Ann wife of John Pickersgill
02/11/1774Richard son of Jn° & Ann Pickersgill
13/11/1774Ann dau. of Richard & Mary Harrison
19/11/1774Thos son of Francis Jaques
24/12/1774Jacob Brown of Holme
05/09/1775Joseph Steel of Pickhall
21/03/1776Thos Shotton of Sinderby
30/03/1776Catharine dau. of the Revd Jae Kitching
23/04/1776Cathe Prest of Home
26/04/1776Isabella dau. of Wm Falla
23/05/1776Hannah dau. of Philip Thornton of Sinderby
05/07/1776Jane wife of Geo: Body of Little Leeming
23/08/1776Ralph son of Jn° Adamson
27/08/1776Ralph Thornton of Home
14/09/1776Isabel dau. of Jn° Eden
16/10/1776Elizabeth wife of Wm Squire
21/12/1776Margt wife of Philip Thornton of Home
31/12/1776Dorothy Coldbeck
23/01/1777Ann dau. of Chr Dale of How
20/02/1777Matthew Dobby of Pickhall
11/06/1777George Modison of Holme
16/06/1777Ralph son of Christopher & Eliza: Granger of Pickhall
23/07/1777Isabel dau. of Thos & Mary Thornton of Holme
21/08/1777John son of Christopher & Eliza: Granger of Pickhall
17/10/1777Isabel dau. of Christopher & Mary Dale of How
17/11/1777Eliza: dau. of John & Eliza: Morgatroyd of Pickhall
14/02/1778Edward Prest of Pickhall
03/04/1778Mary wife of William Baxter of Pickhall
08/04/1778Thos son of William & Ann Brown of Pickhall
01/05/1778William son of William & Mary Sadler of Pickhall
04/07/1778John Frier of Pickhall
26/10/1778Elizabeth Raper of Pickhall
16/11/1778Ralph Granger of Sinderby
16/01/1779John Dale of Sinderby
17/01/1779Wm son of John & Jane Cooper of Ainderby Quernhow
07/03/1779Thos son of Ann Williamson of Holme, a bastard child,
26/05/1779Wm Raper of Sinderby
16/06/1779Wm Pickersgill of Pickhall
04/07/1779Mary Smith of Burniston
18/07/1779John son of Geo : & Mary Smith of Burniston
06/08/1779Christr son of James & Ester Key of Pickhall
11/08/1779Eliza wife of Wm Raper of Sinderby
17/09/1779Willm son of Willm & Eliza: Surra of Pickhall
12/10/1779Richard son of Anthony & Ester Almsgill of Ness
04/11/1779Geo: son of John & Eliza: Jackson of Pickhall
02/12/1779George Squire of Pickhall
10/12/1779John son of David & Ann Kay of Pickhall
17/12/1779Elizabeth Thompson of Pickhall
13/01/1780Richard Fletcher of Holme
04/02/1780Ann dau. of Edward & Frances Grange of Sinderby
05/03/1780Willm son of Willm & Catherine Wood of How
09/03/1780Jane Pearson of Pickhall
13/03/1780Margaret Buckell of Sinderby
19/03/1780Eliza dau. of Christr & Margt Paxton of Pickhall
04/06/1780Ambrose son of Margt Fothergill of Pickhall
25/06/1780Mary Umpleby of Pickhall
07/07/1780Ralph Granger of Sinderby
28/09/1780George Strickland of Pickhall
19/01/1781William Pepper of How
22/02/1781Jn° son of Jn° & Eliza: Harrison of Ainderby Quernhow
15/03/1781Jn° son of Jn° & Ann Wind
01/04/1781William Squire of Pickhall
01/05/1781Ann wife of Robert Frier of Pickhall
15/05/1781William Daggett of Pickhall
08/07/1781Eliza dau. of Hannah Fletcher of Holme, a bastard child,
15/07/1781- Helen Granger of Sinderby
26/10/1781Christopher Granger of Sinderby
24/12/1781Thomasin Thornton of Pickhall
05/01/1782John Cooper of Ainderby Quernhow
12/01/1782Jane Morrison of Pickhall
19/01/1782Wm Squire of Pickhall
08/02/1782Ann dau. of Wm & Ann Pepper of How
18/02/1782Mary wife of ......... Cunnel of Swainby
21/03/1782Geo: son of Geo: & Mary Lancaster
06/04/1782Christopher Thompson of Pickhall
17/04/1782Christopher Dale of Skelton
23/05/1782William Askew of Swainby
14/08/1782Ann Hixon widow of Pickhall
10/10/1782Edward son of Wm & Mary Sadler of Pickhall
27/02/1783Eliza: wife of Wm Deighton of How
21/03/1783George son of Wm & Eliza : Prest of Pickhall
23/03/1783Susannah wife of Thos Simpson of Pickhall
25/04/1783Sarah Butterfield widow of Pickhall
06/08/1783John Chartres, aged 3, par. Pickhall,
11/11/1783William Wells, aged 8, par. Pickhall,
11/11/1783Thoe Wells, aged 7, par. Pickhall,
13/01/1784Ann Simpson, aged 1 month, par. Pickhall,
16/01/1784John Lampton, aged 49, par. Pickhall,
13/02/1784Hannah Frier, aged 75, par. Pickhall,,
15/02/1784Dorothy Pickersgill, aged 2, par. Pickhall,
09/03/1784George Prest, aged 19, par. Pickhall,
22/04/1784Catharine Parker, aged 17, par. Pickhall,
31/05/1784Ann Dawson, par. Pickhall,
08/07/1784Christopher Daggett, aged 33, par. Pickhall,
19/09/1784Eliza Hagues, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
20/10/1784Jane Lightfoot, aged 40, par. Pickhall,
31/10/1784Ursula Clark, aged 97, par. Pickhall,
06/11/1784Dinah Thornton, aged 5, par. Pickhall,
01/12/1784Jane Wray, aged 15, par. Pickhall,
17/12/1784Henry Lumley, aged 79, par. Pickhall,
12/01/1785Eliza: Strickland, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
03/02/1785Hannah Smith, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
28/03/1785Will' Scurra, aged 76, par. Pickhall,
20/05/1785Eliza: Watson, aged 10, par. Pickhall,
09/10/1785Thos Botram, aged 2 weeks, par. Pickhall,
31/07/1785Thos Drake, aged 4, par. Pickhall,
08/10/1785Jas Toes, aged 77, par. Pickhall,
19/10/1785Willm Ridsdale, aged 26, par. Pickhall,
30/11/1785John Parker, aged 74, par. Pickhall,
19/12/1785Eliza: Prest, aged 9, par. Pickhall,
07/01/1786Joseph Craven, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
06/03/1786Eliza: Simpson, aged 64, par. Pickhall,
06/04/1786Richard Thornton, aged 6 months, par. Pickhall,
22/04/1786Jas Garbet, par. Pickhall,
03/05/1786Isabella Prest, aged 6 years, par. Pickhall,
24/10/1786Dorothy Almgill, aged 8 weeks, par. Pickhall,
15/11/1786George Kay, aged 77, par. Pickhall,
10/12/1786Agnes Wood, aged 70, par. Pickhall,
23/02/1787Ann Spink, aged 2 weeks, par. Pickhall,
01/03/1787Eliza: Prest, aged 45, par. Pickhall,
15/03/1787Mary Dennis, aged 84, par. Pickhall,
07/11/1787Margaret Kenderick, aged 76, par. Pickhall,
01/12/1787Ann Nelson, aged 62, par. Pickhall,
29/01/1788Hanah Palliser, aged 56, par. Pickhall,
09/03/1788John Spink, aged 4 weeks, par. Pickhall,
06/04/1788Robert Scarr, aged 72, par. Pickhall,
20/04/1788Eliza: Fothergill, aged 62, par. Pickhall,
14/06/1788Frances Eden, aged 15, par. Pickhall,
07/07/1788Mary Lynn, aged 61, par. Pickhall,
19/07/1788Richard Lynn, aged 75, par. Pickhall,
24/11/1788Margt Lambert, aged 3 weeks, par. Pickhall,
25/11/1788John Harrison, aged 78, par. Pickhall,
27/11/1788Jane Lambert, aged 4 weeks, par. Pickhall,
02/12/1788Alice Brown, aged 82, par. Pickhall,
16/12/1788Frances Brough, aged 63, par. Pickhall,
21/12/1788Willm Brown, aged 36, par. Pickhall,
26/12/1788Hannah Umpleby, aged 43, par. Pickhall,
18/01/1789Mark Pepper, aged 76, par. Pickhall,
18/03/1789Mary dr of ye Rev. Jas Kitching, aged 2, par. Pickhall,
09/04/1789Willm Hutton, aged 50, par. Topcliffe,
13/05/1789Ann Natterass, aged 60, par. Pickhall,
05/06/1789Prudence Barwick, aged 55, par. Pickhall,
16/09/1789Ann dr of ye Rev. Jas Kitching, aged 5, par. Pickhall,
27/09/1789Sarah Kendray, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
27/10/1789Ann Baxter, aged 86, par. Pickhall,
25/02/1790Mary Knatrus, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
26/02/1790Joseph Blades, aged 5, par. Pickhall,
12/03/1790Ann Lambert, aged 5, par. Pickhall,
30/05/1790Ann Cockburn, aged 2, par. Pickhall,
19/06/1790Lial Dixon, aged 34, par. Pickhall,
27/08/1790Rebecca Harland, aged 3 months, par. Pickhall,
20/10/1790Mary Waiting, aged 37, par. Pickhall,
03/12/1790Thos Brown, aged 74, par. Pickhall,
20/12/1790Jonathan Myres, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
31/01/1791Ann Waiting, aged 1,
25/03/1791Willm son of Eliza Brittain, aged 2, par. Pickhall,
17/04/1791Isaac Summers, aged 59, par. Pickhall,
19/04/1791Willm Blades, aged 40, par. Pickhall,
22/04/1791Thos Thornton, aged 88, par. Pickhall,
02/05/1791James Nodding, aged 77, par. Pickhall,
29/05/1791Sarah Ridley, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
04/08/1791Zipporah Butterwick, aged 12, par. Pickhall,
06/08/1791Mary Waiting, par. Pickhall,
15/08/1791William Lightfoot, aged 8 weeks, par. Pickhall,
26/08/1791Joseph Bartram, aged I, par. Pickhall,
15/09/1791Ann Bartram, aged 28 years, par. Pickhall,
01/10/1791Isabella Banes, aged 3 weeks, par. Pickhall,
13/03/1792Thos Thompson, aged 9 months, par. Pickhall,
22/04/1792John Butterwick, aged 92, par. Pickhall,
30/04/1792Mary Lancaster, aged 53, par. Pickhall,
01/09/1792Willm Myres, aged 7 months, par. Pickhall,
06/12/1792Willm Kirby, aged 3 months, par. Pickhall,
16/12/1792Mary Truefitt, aged 3 years, par. Pickhall,
17/01/1793Mary Dighton, aged 10 months, par. Pickhall,
25/01/1793Eliza: Pickersgill, aged 21, par. Pickhall,
28/01/1793Mary Tindall, aged 6 weeks, par. Pickhall,
09/02/1793Anna Maria dr of ye Rev. Jas Kitching, aged 6 months, par. Pickhall,
09/02/1793Eliza: Rainforth, aged 17, par. Hornby,
28/02/1793Dorothy Tindall, aged 29, par. Pickhall,
01/03/1793Mary Sadler, aged 93, par. Pickhall,
27/03/1793Jane Liddle, aged 78, par. Pickhall,
05/04/1793Mary Umpleby, aged 19, par. Pickhall,
10/06/1793Ann Almgill, aged 16, par. Pickhall,
04/07/1793Mary Watson, aged 53, par. Pickhall,
11/08/1793Thos Simpson, aged 70, par. Pickhall,
11/09/1793Isabella Plues, aged 7 months, par. Burniston,
04/12/1793Christopher Hutton, aged 27, par. Topcliff,
12/12/1793William Ridley, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
24/01/1794Mary Clemitt, aged 16, par. Pickhall,
20/05/1794Margaret Bartram, aged 7, par. Pickhall,
25/05/1794Ann Clemitt, aged 45, par. Pickhall,
31/07/1794Eleanor Kendray, aged , par. Pickhall,
31/07/1794Maria Jacobo Lightfoot, aged 45, par. Pickhall,
02/08/1794Jane Prest, aged 75, par. Easby,
23/08/1794Thos Lightfoot, aged 6 weeks, par. Pickhall,
12/11/1794Edward Sadler, aged 76, par. Pickhall,
30/11/1794Jane Quin, aged 2, par. Pickhall,
01/12/1794Ralph Parnaby, aged 56, par. Topcliff,
09/01/1795Eliza: Dixon, aged 26, par. Pickhall,
17/02/1795Thos Lowson, aged 13, par. Pickhall,
21/03/1795Dorothy Butterwick, aged 18, par. Pickhall,
21/03/1795John Harland, aged 55, par. Pickhall,
16/05/1795Thos Bartram, aged 2 weeks, par. Pickhall,
03/06/1795Jane Cooper, aged 40, par. Ripon, widow,
16/06/1795Magdalen lard, aged 95, par. Pickhall,
29/08/1795Margaret Bennet, aged 25, par. Kirkby-Wiske,
08/09/1795John Jackson, aged 70, par. Pickhall,
01/12/1795Graham Frank, aged 72, par. Ripon,
06/12/1795George Smith, par. Pickhall,
20/12/1795Edward Plues, aged 42, par. Burniston,
11/01/1796Richard Daggett, aged 48, par. Bedale,
25/01/1796Ann Thornton, aged 1, par. Pickhall,
22/03/1796Richard Simpson, aged 74, par. Pickhall,
04/06/1796Joanna Kitching, aged 23, par. Pickhall,
01/10/1796Mary Rawlin, aged 27, par. Pickhall,
14/10/1796John Claton, aged 6 months, par. Pickhall,
22/10/1796Anthony Almgill, aged 4, par. Pickhall,
26/11/1796Nelly Catton, aged 9 months, par. Pickhall,
02/01/1797John Sadler, aged 67, par. Pickhall,
01/03/1797Wm Nelson, aged 75, par. Pickhall,
14/04/1797Thos Ridley, aged 53, par. Pickhall,
17/07/1797Hannah Johnson, aged 15, par. Pickhall,
23/07/1797Robert Butterwick, aged r5, par. Pickhall,
25/09/1797John Lambert, aged 7, par. Pickhall,
22/11/1797John Banks, aged 10, par. Pickhall,
22/11/1797Thos Banks, aged 3, par. Pickhall,
22/11/1797Joseph Bawtram, aged 5, par. Pickhall,
01/03/1798Charles Plues, aged 3 months, par. Pickhall,
19/03/1798Mary Dale, aged 72, par. Carlton,
28/03/1798John Harrison Kitching, aged 8, par. Pickhall,
20/06/1798William Barwick, aged 2, par. Pickhall,
23/06/1798Mary dau. of John & Esther Harland,
12/07/1798Willm Wood of How,
12/08/1798John son of Thos & Mary Lambert,
07/10/1798John son of John & Dorothy Tindall,
12/10/1798Thos Thompson of Pickhall,
16/12/1798Ambrose Prest of Pickhall,
19/12/1798Dorothy Trueman of Pickhall,
21/02/1799Thos Adamson of Pickhall,
14/07/1799William Tindall of Pickhill,
02/09/1799Thomas Jackson of Pickhall,
14/10/1799George son of John & Mary Bawtram,
07/11/1799Robert Cockburn of Pickhall,
01/12/1799Eliza: dau. of Wm & Eliza: Daggett,

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson
© 2018