PICKHILL: Transcription of the Pickhill Registers - Burials 1800-1812.


DateName(s) and relationship
24/01/1800James son of Joseph Spink of Pickhall,
26/01/1800John Farmery of Sinderby, aged 83,
21/02/1800Stepen Lambert of Pickhall,
22/02/1800Ann wife of Wm Bitching,
11/03/1800Isabella wife of George Lancaster,
13/03/1800Diana Clarke of Kepwick in ye parish of Over-Silton,
30/03/1800Ellen Shaw wife of Thomas Shaw of Ainderby,
01/04/1800William Barwick of Pickhall,
03/07/1800Sarah Grimston of Sinderby,
Thos son of Edward Plues of Pickhall,........
17/12/1800John son of Willm Chartres,
12/01/1801Eliza: dau. of Willm Chartres of Pickhall,
12/01/1801Mary Thompson of Pickhall,
24/01/1801William Dixon of Pickhall,
15/02/1801Judith Mowland, aged 103, of Pickhall,
18/06/1801Elizabeth Blades of Ainderby Quernhow, May 5 [V:
22/08/1801Thos son of Thos Young of Pickhall,
27/08/1801Hannah dau. of Jno Abbott of Pickhall,
21/02/1802Hannah dau. of Jno Whitiker of Sinderby,
03/03/1802Eliza: wife of Robert Atkinson of Pickhall,
10/03/1802Jane wife of Wm Umpleby of Pickhall,
16/05/1802Eliza: wife of the late Jno Harrison of Ainderby Quernhow,
27/05/1802Dorothy dau. of Robert Cornforth of Pickhall,
09/06/1802Grace Myres of Sinderby,
13/06/1802Wm Wells of Sinderby,
03/10/1802Wm Harrison, physician, of Ripon,
08/10/1802Wm Mitchell of Ainderby Quernhow,
28/10/1802Hannah dau. of Jno Rawling of Sinderby,
13/01/1803Thos Thackwray of Pickhall,
16/02/1803Eliza: dau. of John Milburn of Pickhall,
26/02/1803John son of John Pickersgill of Pickhall,
27/02/1803Willm son of Sarah Grassam of Holme,
25/03/1803Thos Daggett of Hunton,
27/03/1803Elizabeth Maltas of Pickhall,
26/05/1803Mary Dale, servant to Robert Dighton,
30/05/1803Willm son of Willm & Eliza: Daggett,
01/06/1803John Natteress of Holme,
22/06/1803Catherine dau. of Robert Atkinson,
24/06/1803Ann wife of Richard Bell,
20/09/1803Wm son of Wm & Margt Wells,
26/12/1803Catherine dau. of Wm Prest,
26/01/1804Wm son of Joseph & Eliza Spink,
06/04/1804Mary Askwith of Burniston,
20/04/1804Thos son of 'Thos & Jane Young,
15/06/1804Thos Harland of Pickhall,
24/06/1804Wm son of Wm & Eliza: Daggett,
14/07/1804Elizabeth Scurra of Pickhall,
22/07/1804Willm son of Richard & Mary Nelson,
11/09/1804Richard Nelson of Sinderby,
18/11/1804Mary Baxter of Pickhall,
08/12/1804Elizabeth dau. of Wm Wells of Sinderby,
11/12/1804Frances wife of Edward Granger of Ainderby,
22/12/1804James son of James Prest of Ness,
27/12/1804Charles Fulton of Pickhall,
29/12/1804Richard son of Jas Prest of Ness,
02/02/1805Elizabeth Jackson of Pickhall,
14/03/1805Mary wife of Francis Baldridge of Sinderby,
19/03/1805Ann dau. of Thou Lambert of Pickhall,
24/03/1805Eliza: dau. of Wm Boddy of Pickhall,
27/03/1805Catherine Wood, widow, of How,
14/04/1805Thos son of Willm Thompson of Pickhall,
01/06/1805John Lynn of Pickhall,
03/07/1805Eliza: wife of Wm Daggett of Pickhall,
26/10/1805Rachel wife of Willm Hague of Pickhall,
27/10/1805Eliza: Cockburn, widow, of Pickhall,
07/12/1805Willm son of John Wade of Sinderby,
10/01/1806Sarah dau. of Joseph Spink of Pickhall,
18/01/1806Willm Tindall, surgeon, of Knaresborough,
08/02/1806Robert Metcalf of How,
09/02/1806Charlotte dau. of Willm Harrison, M.D., of Ripon,
01/03/1806Helen wife of Jas Prest of Ness,
04/03/1806Ann Hutton, widow, of Topcliff,
17/04/1806Helen Mitchell, widow, of Ainderby Quernhow,
17/04/1806Margt dau. of Wm Dixon of Pickhall,
18/04/1806Elizabeth Baxter of Pickhall,
07/06/1806Margt Thornton of Ainderby Quernhow,
12/06/1806Sarah dau. of Francis Baldridge of Sinderby,
22/06/1806Matthew Clark of Kepwick,
25/12/1806John son of Peter & Ann Myers,
04/01/1807William son of Peter & Ann Myers,
10/02/1807Sarah illegitimate dau. of........ Spink,
02/02/1807Thou Shaw of Borrowby,
28/02/1807Mary dau. of Thos & Margaret Nattrass,
16/04/1807The Revd James Kitching,
30/04/1807Thos son of Thos & Mary Smith,
01/05/1807William son of Robt & Diana Prest,
12/08/1807Ann dau. of Thos & Mary Lambert,
05/08/1807Jane Wells of Sinderby,
20/09/1807Jane Metcalfe of Thirsk,
28/11/1807William Hague of Ainderby,
29/11/1807Mary Lambert wife of Thos Lambert of Pickhall,
04/01/1808Stephen Palliser of Ainderby, Æ. 64,
24/01/1808Hannah dau. of Hannah & John Butterwick,
09/02/1808Catharine relict of the Revd James Kitching,
13/03/1808Ann Nelson of Sinderby, Æ. 21,
24/03/1808Peter son of Peter & Ann Myers, Æ. 14,
25/03/1808Thos son of Wm & Mary Chandler, Æ. 2,
08/05/1808Richard Frank, of Leeming, Æ. 82,
19/05/1808Jane dau. of John & Jane Metcalfe,
23/06/1808William Prest, AE. 71,
24/06/1808John Clemett of Sinderby, Æ. 62,
11/09/1808Mary Fogg of Sinderby,
30/09/1808Ann dau. of........ Jacques, an infant,
26/10/1808Elizabeth Atkinson,
15/10/1808Ann Linn,
11/12/1808Elizabeth Clemett,
18/12/1808Ellen Farmery,
27/02/1809Elizabeth Thornton, Æ. 67
23/05/1809Joseph Spink of Pickhill, Æ. 49
17/10/1809John Wells of Leckby, Æ. 29
12/11/1809Mary Prest of Pickhill, Æ. 55
01/12/1809Matthew Lishman, Æ. 33,
14/01/1810Jane dau. of Francis & Mary Baldridge, Æ. 5,
22/01/1810Isabella Dixon, Æ. 26,
05/02/1810Benjamin illicit son of Mary Spink, Æ. 3 weeks,
02/04/1810John infant son of John & Ann Ridsdale, Æ. 1,
03/04/1810Mary infant dau. of Robt & Diana Prest, ye
10/04/1810John Binsley of Pickhill, Æ. 63,
18/04/1810The Revd Thomas Highmoor of Ainderby,
15/05/1810John Trueman of Pickhill, Ætas [sic]
16/05/1810Elizabeth Grainger of Ainderby, Ætas
03/10/1810Robert infant son of Thos & Elizabeth Boddy,
29/11/1810Margaret Focus, Æta. 78,
19/01/1811Sarah Kitching, (late Grassham)
08/03/1811Suruh [? Sarah] Spink,
23/04/1811Jane Lightfoot, an infant,
03/05/1811Joseph Baxter, Æ. 23,
15/05/1811 Lumley,
16/06/1811Mary Harland,
16/06/1811Jane Stott,
30/06/1811William Chandler,
08/07/1811Samuel Highmoor,
19/07/1811George Stockdale,
21/07/1811Thomas Thornton,
08/08/1811Robert Atkinson,
15/08/1811William Thompson, Æ. 62
08/09/1811Margaret Daggett of Pickhill, Æ. 93,
21/09/1811Ann Plows,
27/09/1811Ann Pouncey,
09/10/1811Hannah Petch dau. of Doily Petch,
09/12/1811Dr Thomas Harrison, M.D., of Bishopton,
22/01/1812Ann Mortis, Æ. 61
06/03/1812Frances Cawthorn,
26/04/1812Wm Clayton, Ætas 21
01/06/1812John Ellis,
07/06/1812Tho' son of Wm & Ellen Thompson, Æ. i,
09/07/1812Ann Thackwray, Æ.
07/09/1812Elizabeth Middleton, Æ. 14
21/09/1812William Daggett, Ætas 38
17/11/1812Ann Kettlewell, Æ. 37

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson
© 2018