Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: RICHMOND.     Church dedication: ST. MARY.     Church type: Rectory in charge.

Area, 2,310 acres. Parliamentary Borough. -Population, 3,900; Church-room, 1,500; Net value, £377. -The Church was given to the Priory of St: Martin, Richmond.

Patron, the Crown.

Valued in the King's Books, at £15. 5s. 7d.

An Inclosure Act was passed 42nd Geo. III.

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The Register Books commence in 1556.

Free Grammar School. Founded by Queen Elizabeth 14th March, in the 9th year of her reign. On an average about seventeen or eighteen free scholars. Endowment ; 114a. 0r. 10p. of land, and rent charge £3. 17s. 4d. per annum.


G. Scott's rent charge, 24s. per annum ; Jenkin Gretam's do., 20s. per annum ; Malagar Norton's do., 24s. per annum ; Dawson's do., 18s. per annum ; all for the poor.

Francis Allen's rent charge, 24s. per annum, (poor tradesmen) ; Rev. Dr. Taylor's gift, (1629) interest of £15; and Lord Wharton's gift, interest of £20; both given in coals.

Bowe's and Malbon's gifts. Interest of £20 and £5; supposed to be lost.

Thompson's, Wayne's, Maxwell's, and Hutchinson's rents-charge, in all 31s. per annum. Not paid for many years back.

Eleanor Bowes' Hospital, for three widows, founded about 1618. Income ; rent charge of £10 per annum.

George Pinkney's Hospital, by will, in 1699. For three widows, and for a bachelor shoemaker or tailor to set up in as his first shop. Income ; rents-charge of £6 and 10s. per annum.

William Thompson's Hospital, founded 1781, for four tailors' widows. Endowment ; rent of three acres of land, and rent charge of 10s. per annum.

Christopher Clarke's do., 20s. per annum for finding one boy at the free school in books, paper, and other necessaries.

Dr. John Bathurst's charity, by will, 23rd April, 1659. Rents-charge of £8 per annum, for two poor scholars at Cambridge until they were Masters of Arts and resident, and £4 per annum for apprenticing a poor boy.

Lord Wharton's charity. 90 Bibles per ann.

Matthew Hutchinson's charity, by will, 26th October 1784. Rent of 13a. 2r. 12p. of land, subject to a deduction of £2.10s. 2d. per annum. Eight children taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. For apprenticing poor boys, £4 each, and two guineas each to sixteen poor widows. -Vide 7th Report, page 652.

Torre's MS., page 1473. Nonae Roll, page 234. Whitaker's Richmondshire. Clarkson's Richmond. Gilbert's Liber Scholasticus, page 298.

Further information:
HOLY TRINITY CHAPEL. -(Perpetual Curacy.) -Chapel-room, 200; Value, £108.

Patrons, the corporation.

No glebe house.

PRIORY OF ST. MARTIN. -This was a cell to the Abbey of St. Mary, in York, and was founded about 1100, by Wymar.

Mon. Angl., vol. iii. page 601.

There was also a house of Grey Friars, and another of White Friars, a Nunnery, and an Hospital called St. Nicholas's Hospital.

Mon. Angl., vol. vi. pages 720. 1544. 1581. 1625.

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