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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for RICHMOND in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Market-place, Matthew Craggs, Post Master.
  • Letters for all parts are despatched at six in the evening, and arrive at half-past seven in the morning.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy,

  • Ayre Capt. George, Maison Dieu cottage
  • Barnes Rev. William, Vicarage house
  • Bell. Capt. Stephen, French gate
  • Blackburn Mrs. Elizabeth, Bridge street
  • Blegbrough Misses, Market place
  • Bradley Rev. James, Maison Dieu
  • Brunton Michael, esq. Rosemary lane
  • Burchall Miss Frances, Newbegin
  • Carter Capt. James, York place
  • Clarkson Christopher, gent. French gate
  • Close William, esq. French gate
  • Cradock Sheldon, esq. M.P. Hartforth
  • Dundas the Hon. Thomas, Carlton
  • Dundas the Right Hon. Lord Aske
  • Errington Thomas, esq, Clints
  • Fisher Mrs. French gate
  • Gilpin Rev. John,. Sedbury
  • Goodburne William Steaney; gent. Newbegin
  • Goodwill Mrs. French gate
  • Harrison Mrs. Eleanor, French Fate
  • Hartley George, esq Middleton lodge
  • Hayworth Rev. Solomon, Market place
  • Headlam the Very Rev. John, archdeacon, Whitecliff hall
  • Hogg Mrs. Catherine, French gate
  • Hutton John, esq. Marske hall
  • Hutton Mrs. French gate
  • I'Anson Thomas, esq. Prior house
  • Jackson Mrs. French gate
  • Jaques Robert, esq. Easby hall
  • Johnson Rev. Robert, Newbegin
  • Lawson Lady Monica, Newbegin
  • Lawson Sir Henry, bart. Brough
  • Leefe Octavius, esq. French gate
  • Leigh Miss, French gate
  • Leighton Thomas, gent. French gate
  • Lockwood Rev. Edward J. French gate
  • Lonsdale John, gent. Newbegin
  • Metcalf William, esq. Hipponell lodge
  • Mewburn Simon Thomas, gent. Market place
  • Milbanke Mark, esq. Thorpe
  • Morley Miss, Friarage
  • Otter Major John, French gate
  • Prudhoe the Right Hon. Lord, Stanwick
  • Pulleine Henry Percy, esq. Crake hall
  • Pye Miss Mary, Newbegin
  • Raine Mrs. French gate
  • Readshaw Rev. C. High house
  • Robinson John, esq. Friary
  • Robinson Mrs. French gate
  • Scott Mrs. French gate
  • Scott Rev Alexander Jonathan D.D. Catterick
  • Scroope, Simon Thomas, esq, Danby
  • Simpson Miss, Market place
  • Simpson Mrs. French gate
  • Smith George, gent. Bargate,
  • Spenceley George, gent. Rosemary lane
  • Tate Rev. James, M.A. French gate
  • Thompson Lieut. Thomas, Cornforth hill
  • Thompson William, esq. Market Place
  • Tindal Mrs. Ann, Friary
  • Wharton Rev. William, Gilling
  • Wyvill Marmaduke, esq. M.P., Burton Constable

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Bowman Ann & Margaret (ladies' boarding & day) High row
  • Corporation Free School, Tower street-George Wade, master
  • Dickson Maria, & Sarah (ladies' boarding and day) Millgate
  • Firby Thomas, Newbegin
  • Free Grammar School-Rev. James Tate & Rev. Edward Lockwood, masters
  • Jamson Thomas, Bargate
  • Priestman Misses, Bank yard
  • Richardson Frances, Friars wynd
  • School Of Industry, Newbegin -Sibella Stringer, mistress


  • Foster John (miniature painter) Castle hill
  • Robinson William Ripley (drawing & lithography) King street


  • Allison George, (& proctor) French gt fielding & Scroope, French gate
  • Maclellan George, Bellevue
  • Simpson James Brown, Market place
  • Simpson William, (& proctor) Market place
  • Spenceley William, Rosemary lane
  • Tomlin Outwell (& town clerk and deputy registrar) Market place


  • Linton Robert, St. Nicholas
  • Porter George, Green

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Barker Isabella, Newbegin
  • Barker William, French gate
  • Groves John, French gate
  • King George, French gate
  • Todd Robert, Rosemary lane
  • Wilkinson Henry, Castle hill
  • Wilson Joseph, Finkell street
  • Woodward John, Market place


  • Hutton, Other, Simpson and Co. Market place (draw on Hankey and Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, Bank yard (open on Saturdays) Thomas Stapleton, esq. treasurer
  • Stapleton & Robinson, Market place,(draw on Barclay & Co. London)

Basket Makers,

  • Abbot Henry, Market place
  • Johnson George, Castle hill

Blacksmiths & Farriers,

  • Atkinson Francis, New road
  • Hubbick John, Quaker lane
  • Miscamble Andrew, Potter gate
  • Peart William, Green.
  • Stephenson John, Rosemary lane
  • Stoddart William, York place.

Booksellers & Printers,

  • Bell Matthew (& stamp distributer) Finkell street
  • Bowman Thomas, High row.
  • Cragg's Matthew (stationer) post office, Shambles
  • Macfarlan Leonard (printer only) Market place.
  • Robinson William Ripley, King street

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Cansick Nathaniel, Bargate
  • Coates James, French gate
  • Cowling & Son, Rosemary lane
  • Earl William, Bridge street
  • Grundy John, French gate
  • Kempster John, New road
  • Mattison Stephen, Market place
  • Metcalfe Thomas, Market place
  • Morphet Matthew, Bargate
  • Potts John, Market place
  • Thompson George, Newbiggin

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Anderson Irvin, Potter gate
  • Jackson George, Castlehill
  • Leathead William, Market place
  • Metcalfe John, French gate
  • Metcalfe Jonathan Dickinson, Newbegin
  • Stead Mark, Rosemary lane


  • Appleton William, Market place
  • Blenkiron James, Bargate
  • Cansick Stephen, Shambles
  • Cowling Robert, French-gate head
  • Elgey Robert, Shambles
  • Gibson Thomas, Shambles
  • Harland George, Market place
  • Hind Parkin, Shambles
  • Strangeway William & Thomas, Shambles
  • Veal Matthew, Shambles
  • Veal Samuel, Shambles

Cabinet Makers,

  • Atkinson Richard, Finkell street
  • Bell Marchant, King street
  • Irwin George, Newbegin
  • Norman James, French gate
  • Norman Matthew, Castle walk
  • Parkinson Thomas, Castle hill

Chymists Druggists & Tea Dealers,

  • Hodson Richard, Marketplace
  • Spedding Joseph, Market place
  • Ward John & Charles, Market place


  • Bell Jane, King street
  • Harland Barbara (and fruiterer) Market place
  • Heslop Mary, Castle hill
  • Metcalfe Alice (and fruiterer) Market place
  • Porter Elizabeth, Castle walk


  • Poppleton William, Finkell street
  • Poppleton William, sen. Maison Dieu
  • Wilkinson Henry, Castle hill

Corn Millers and Flour Dealers,

  • Alderson James, Church Mill.
  • Bishoprick Mark, Market place
  • Bolland Christopher, New road
  • Horsman Jeffrey, High row
  • Robinson Michael; Castle Mill

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Clark Thomas, Bargate
  • Eeles Robert, Market place
  • Mason Edward, Castle hill
  • Mason Henry Bargate
  • Mason Thomas, Potter gate


  • M'Kay Joseph, Market place
  • Taylor Joseph (and surgical instrument maker) Market place


  • Ascough John (and woolstapler) Newbegin
  • King John, Bridge end
  • Plewes Thomas, Green

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • County, Matthew Whitelock, High row
  • Globe, George Smurthwaite, Newbiggin
  • Norwich Union, Isaac Fisher Market place
  • Phoenix, Thomas Bowman, Market place
  • Royal Exchange, Matthew Craggs, Post-office, Market place
  • Yorkshire, Jonathan Ward, Market place


  • Pattison --, French gate
  • Sweeting Richard, Market place

Flax Dressers,

  • Croft George, jun. French Cash
  • Jamson Robert & Thomas, Cash hill

Marked thus * are Spirit Dealers.

  • Carter William, Market place
  • *Cooke Leonard, Market place
  • Croft William, (tea & coffee) French gate
  • Dinsdale John, Market place
  • Gill Richard, Market place
  • Horsman Jeffrey, High row
  • *Layfield Charles, High row
  • *Mason William, High row
  • Miller Ralph, Finkell street
  • Smith George, Rosemary lane
  • *Thairlwall James, Bargate
  • Wilkinson Jacob, Finkell street

Gun Makers,

  • Bates Job, New road
  • Gill Robert; High row

Hair Dressers,

  • Fryer Thomas, Finkell street
  • Harrow Hart, Market place
  • Metcalf Reuben, Market place
  • Wilkinson James, Market place


  • Bishop Blaize, Robert Raw, Market place
  • Fleece, Elizabeth Ibbetson, Friars wynd
  • King's Head (and posting house) John Stewart, Market place

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Bradley & Son, Pinfold green
  • Bradwell Joseph, French gatehead


  • Gill George, (& silversmith) Market place
  • King Ann, Finkell street


  • Brown Robert, French gate
  • Greathead Matthew, Newbegin
  • Metcalfe James, Westfield
  • Newton James, Castle walk
  • Walker William, Market place
  • Walton George, Bargate
  • Wright William, Castle hill

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Dalton Christopher & John, High row
  • Dodsworth Elizabeth (linen only) Market place
  • Milner John & Co. High row
  • Pearson William, (& hosier) High, row
  • Richardson William & Isaac, High Crow
  • Simpson Michael, (& hatter) Finkell street
  • Smith Thomas, Market place
  • Westgarth & Son, Newbegin

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Allen Mary, Market place
  • Burnett Ann, Market place
  • Ledger Frances, Friars wynd
  • Marshall Sarah, Rosemary lane
  • Thompson Elizabeth, Cornforth hill
  • Wilkinson Letitia, Market place
  • Wilson Jemima, Market place

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Idle John, Newbiggin
  • Miller Thomas, Church wynd

Painters-House & Sign,

  • Bates Samuel, High row
  • Dobson John, Castle hill
  • Hurworth David, Bank yard
  • Newton John; Potter gate.
  • Wanless William, French gate

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Hunter John, Waterloo street
  • Langstaff Thomas, Millgate


  • Bell Joseph, Market place
  • Bishopric Robert, Market place
  • Deighton Christopher, Market place
  • Layfield John, Castlehill
  • M'Robbie John, Market place
  • Wood Henry, Market place

Shop Keepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Alcock Jane, Bridge street
  • Bates, Elizabeth, French gate
  • Collier, Mary, French gate
  • Green Agnes, French gate
  • Greenwood Thomas, Millgate
  • Grundy John, French gate
  • Kay Mary, Newbegin
  • Metcalfe Mark, French gate
  • Orton Eleanor, Market place
  • Peacock Thomas, Green
  • Poppleton William, Maison Dieu
  • Walker John, French gate

Stay Makers,

  • Crawford Daniel, Market place
  • Flan, William, New road
  • Norman Douglas, Market place
  • Petch Mary, Market place

Stone, Masons,

  • Anderson George, Potter gate
  • Barker Thomas French gate
  • Breathwaite Robert, Castle hill
  • Bullock William & Anthony, French gate
  • Harland John, Bridge street
  • M'Veay Richard, Bank yard
  • Robinson John, Maison Dieu
  • Todd John, Newbiggin

Straw Hat, Makers,

  • Croft Elizabeth, French gate
  • Lancaster Catherine, Millgate
  • Miller Ann, Market place


  • Atkinson Richard, Newbiggin
  • Bow John, French gate
  • Bowes Christopher, Market place
  • Thompson Robert, Cornforth hill

Surveyors & Land Agents,

  • Bradley Thomas, French gate
  • Calvert Alexander, French gate

Marked thus * are also Drapers.

  • Blades William, Tower street
  • *Brown Christopher, Market place
  • *Colling John, Market place
  • Dodsworth James, Millgate
  • Lesley William, Market place
  • Metcalfe Christopher, French, gate
  • Pearson Edward, Waterloo street
  • *Sanderson James, Market place
  • Sanderson John, Bank yard
  • Sanderson Lawrence. Market place'
  • Sanderson Robert, Mitigate
  • Todd Benjamin, Waterloo street
  • *Todd William, Cornforth hill

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Carter William, High row
  • Fryer Henry, Bargate
  • Miller Ralph, Finkell street
  • Todd Marmaduke, French gate


  • Mason John, Castle hill
  • Simpson Stephen. Green

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, John Fishburn, Bridge end
  • Black Bull, Thomas Heslop, Market place
  • Black Lion, Thomas Walker, Finkell street
  • Black Swan, Thomas Cambage, Green
  • Board, Ralph Foster, French gate
  • Chopping Knife, John Addison, Market place
  • Corporation Arms, Thomas Waller, Market place
  • Cross Guns, Duncan Watred, French gate
  • Lord Nelson, Francis Blades, French gate
  • Lord Wellington, Robert Foster, Market place
  • Nag's Head, Christopher Robinson, Pinfold green
  • Punch Bowl, Jane Hall, Market place
  • Queen Catherine, William Walker, Market place
  • Red Lion, John Wilson, Finkell street
  • Ship, Jane Stapleton, Castle hill
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Eleanor Clement, Millgate
  • Sun, John Watson, Bridge end
  • Talbot, Thomas Lambert, High row
  • Three Tuns, Dixon Dawson, Bridge street
  • Turf Coffee House, Sythe Petch, King street
  • Unicorn, John Carter, Newbegin
  • White Swan, Robert Brown, French gate

Timber Merchants,

  • Gift William, High row
  • Harland Edward, Pinfold, green
  • Harland John, Pinfold green

Turners and Spinning- Wheel Makers,

  • Vitty William, Newbegin
  • Vitty William; sen. Bargate

Upholsterers & Paper- Hangers,

  • Heslop Thomas, Finkell street
  • Langstaff Francis; Market place

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Fawcett John (& jeweller), Finkell street
  • Hammond Thomas Cundale (and jeweller) Market place
  • Morland John (clock only); Green
  • Terry William (and silversmiths) Market place,


  • Alderson Joseph, Newbegin
  • Harland Francis, Pinfold green
  • Harland John, Pinfold green
  • Harland William, Pinfold green
  • Harrison Richard, Newbegin
  • Newton John, Maison Dieu


  • Abdel Ralph, Rosemary lane
  • Gatenby William, Newbegin

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Mason William, High row
  • Pratt William, jun. Finkell street
  • Smurthwaite George, Newbegin


  • Brand William, cork cotter, Maison Dieu
  • Bussey Ann, earthenware & glass dealer, Market place
  • Cooke Henry, paper mnfr, Richmond Mill
  • Croft George & son, maltsters, Mill gate
  • Denham George, plasterer, Bar
  • Dighton Christopher glove; and breeches maker, Castle hill
  • Fawcett William, last & clog maker, Bar
  • Hargraves Wm, hair cloth manfr, Bargate
  • Hudson Jane, dyer, Ryders wynd
  • Jamson Robert, pawnbroker, Bargate
  • Lyon Joseph, pipe maker, Bargate
  • Mechanics' Institute, Tower st- George Wade, librarian
  • Musgrave Thomas, hat manufacturer, Finkell street
  • Render Mary, tea & toy dealer, Rosemary lane
  • Rolling John, ham curer & spirit dealer Newbegin
  • Stevenson William, fishing tackle maker and bird stuffer, French gate
  • Taylor William, oil cloth manufacturer, Bridge street
  • Thompson Isaac, Iron Merchant, York place
  • Whitelock Matt, provision mcht., High row
  • Young John, brewer, Ryder's wynd
  • Younghusband Jonathan, millwright, Potter gate


  • To London, the Express from Glasgow), calls at the King's Head, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at two; goes through York.
  • To Glasgow, the Express (from London) calls at the King's Head, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at four, goes thro' Brough and Appleby.
  • To Leeds, the Courier, (from the Nag's Head, every morning at four; goes thro' Bedale, Ripon and Harrogate.


  • To Barnard Castle, Thomas Blackburn, from the Red, Lion, every Tuesday-George Piert from the Corporation Arms, & William Sparrow, from the Black Bull, every Thursday and Saturday.
  • To Bedale, John Herd, from the Corporation Arms, every Saturday.
  • To Darlington, William Sutton from the Black Bull, eves Tuesday. Wednesday & Saturday-and Robert Coltman, Saturday.
  • To Durham, F. and R. Pickersgill, every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • To Lancaster, Nathan Metcalf, from the Black Bull, every Tuesday & Sat.
  • To Leeds, F. and R. Pickersgill from their warehouse, every Monday & Friday--& William Sparrow, from the Black Bull, every Tues. Thursday & Saturday.
  • To Leyburn, James Cloughton, from the Red Lion, and Jas. Ratcliffe, from the Black Bull, every Thursday & Friday.
  • To Middleham, John Walker, from the Red Lion, every Thursday & Sat.
  • To Newcastle-On-Tyne, F. & R. Pickersgill, every Tuesday & Saturday -and John Tweedale, from the Bishop Blaize every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.
  • To Northallerton, John Snowball, from the Talbot, every Saturday
  • To Reeth, John Spencer, from the Red Lion, every day.
  • To Stockton & Yarm, John Lodge from his warehouse daily and Thomas Ratcliffe, from & Black Bull, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • To York, Thomas Blackburn, Red Lion, every Wednesday & Saturday-and William Thompson from the Black Bull, every Saturday.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003