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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for RICHMOND in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Market place, Richmond, Matthew Craggs, Post master
  • Post Office, Catterick, James Young, Post master

Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy,

  • Atkins Rev. John, Hartforth
  • Barnes Rev. William, Rectory, French gate
  • Birtwhistle Rev. John B. French gate
  • Blackburn Mrs. Elizabeth, Bridge st
  • Blakeborough Mrs. Market place
  • Brackenbury Perse, Newbegin
  • Brunton Mr. Michael, Rosemary lane
  • Burchill Mrs. Ann, Newbegin
  • Calvert Mr. Alexander, French gate
  • Carter Captain James, York place
  • Clarkson Mrs. Margaret Farth, French gate
  • Copeley Halneby hall
  • Cradock Sheldon, esq. Hartforth
  • Croft Mr. George, French gate
  • Dixon Mrs. M. Brunton lane
  • Dundas the Right Hon. Lord, Aske
  • Errington Michael, esq. Clints
  • Fall Miss Malina, Market place
  • Fisher Mrs. ---, Lower row
  • Gilpin Rev. John, Sedbury park
  • Goodburne Mr. William Steaney, Newbegin
  • Hammond Mr. John, French gate
  • Harrison Mrs. Eleanor, French gate
  • Hartley George, esq. Middleton lodge
  • Hayworth Rev. Solomon, Market place
  • Headlam the very Rev. John (archdeacon) Whitecliff hall
  • Hogg Captain Guy, French gate
  • Hunton Mrs. Elizabeth, Newbegin
  • Hutton John, esq. Marske hall
  • I'anson Thomas, esq. Priory
  • Jaques Robert, esq. Easby hall
  • Johnson Rev. Robert, Newbegin
  • Lawson Sir Henry, bart. Brough hall
  • Leefe Mr. Octavius, Mill gate
  • Leigh Miss ---, French gate
  • Lister William, esq. Dunsa park
  • Lonsdale Messrs, John & Robert, Newbegin
  • Macfarlan Philip, French gate
  • Metcalfe ---, esq. St. Trinnians
  • Mewburn Mr. Simon Thomas, Market place
  • Milbank Mark, esq. Thorpe
  • Morley Mrs. ---, East hall
  • Morley Francis, esq. Merrick park
  • Pierce Mr. William, French gate
  • Pratt Mr. William, Finkill st
  • Prudhoe the Hon. Lord, Stanwick
  • Pulleine Henry Percy, Crake hall
  • Pye Miss Mary, Newbegin
  • Raine Mrs. Esther, French gate
  • Ray Mrs. Mary, Lower row
  • Readshaw Rev. Caleb, French gate
  • Robinson Miss Osyth, French gate
  • Scott Rev. Alexander John, D.D. Catterick bridge
  • Scott Mrs. Mary, French gate
  • Shepherd Mr. Thomas, French gate
  • Simpson Mrs. Elizabeth, French gate
  • Simpson Mrs. Rachael, French gate
  • Smith Mrs. Margaret, Bar gate
  • Spencer Thomas Robinson, esq. Brewsome hall
  • Stapleton Thomas, esq. Grove
  • Stevenson Mrs. Mary, French gate
  • Tate Rev. James, M.A. French gate
  • Taylor Miss Margaret, French gate
  • Thompson Mrs. Jane, Low row
  • Thompson Captain Thomas, Cornforth hill
  • Waller Mrs. Ann, French gate
  • Webster Mrs. Susannah, Lower row
  • Wharton Rev. William, Gilling
  • Whitelock Mr. Matthew, French gate
  • Wilson Mrs. Charlotte, French gate
  • Wright Mrs. Elizabeth, Friary
  • Wright Miss Margaret, Lower row
  • Wright William, esq. Newbegin
  • Wyvill Marmaduke, esq. Burton Constable
  • Yeoman William Walker, esq. Hill house

Academies & Schools,

  • Abdell Hannah, French gate
  • Coates Elizabeth, near High row
  • Corporation Free School, Tower street --- George Wade, master
  • Dickson Maria & Sarah (boarding & day) Mill gate
  • Firby Thomas, Newbegin
  • Free Grammar School, Church yard --- Rev. James Tate, jun. A.M. master
  • Jamson Thomas, Bar gate
  • National School, near French gate --- Isaac Close, master; M. Railton, mistress
  • Priestman the Misses, Bank yard
  • Richardson Francis, Friar's wynd
  • School Of Industry, Newbegin --- Sibella Stringer, mistress


  • Foster John (miniature painter) Castle hill
  • Robinson William Ripley (landscape & figure) King street


  • Allison George, French gate
  • Fielding Gabriel John, French gate
  • Gordon James, Market place
  • Hammond Charles, French gate
  • Hunton James, High row
  • Maddison Robert, Friary cottage
  • Pybus William, Middleton tyas
  • Simpson James Brown, Lower row
  • Tomlin Ottiwell (& town clerk & deputy registrar of archdeaconry of Richmond) French gate


  • Dinsdale George, New road
  • Linton Robert, St. Nicholas
  • McRobbie John, near High hill
  • Porter George, Green

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Allen William, Rosemary lane
  • Barker William, French gate
  • Bowman John, Rosemary lane
  • Groves John, French gate
  • Woodward John, Market place


  • Hutton & Other, Market place --- (draw on Hankey & Co. London)
  • Stapleton Thomas & Co. High row --- (draw on Barclay & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, Bank square (open on Saturdays) --- Thomas Stapleton, esq. treasurer; George Wade, secretary

Blacksmiths & Farriers,

  • Atkinson Francis, Castle hill
  • Dinsdale William, New road
  • Geldart George, Catterick
  • Hubbick John, Pinfold green
  • Miscamble Andrew, Potter gate
  • Stoddart William, York place
  • Walton Thomas, Catterick
  • Wright George, Green

Booksellers, Stationers, & Printers,

  • Bell Matthew (& subscription library & stamp office) Finkill st
  • Bowman Thomas & Ann (& circulating library) High row
  • Craggs Matthew, Market place
  • Macfarlan Leonard (printer only) French gate
  • Robinson William Ripley, King st

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Blythe William, Waterloo
  • Boddy Richard, Catterick
  • Brass Charles, Bar gate
  • Brittan Samuel, Bar gate
  • Cansick Nathan, Bar gate
  • Coates James, French gate
  • Cowling John, Rosemary lane
  • Earl William, New road
  • Fletcher Edward, Market place
  • Fletcher William, Tower st
  • Grundy John, French gate
  • Hamsley Thomas, Catterick
  • Hurworth James, French gate
  • Kell William, Catterick
  • Kempster John, New road
  • Lumley John, Newbegin
  • Marshall John, Market place
  • Marshall John, French gate
  • Morphet Matthew, Bar gate
  • Potts John, Market place
  • Sanderson George, Mill gate
  • Thompson Henry, Newbegin
  • Thompson John, French gate
  • Wood Henry & Co. Market place

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,

  • Anderson Irvin, King st
  • Jackson George (& plumber & glazier) Castle hill
  • Metcalfe John, French gate
  • Metcalfe John Dickinson, Newbegin
  • Stead Mark, Rosemary lane


  • Attending the market
  • Appleby William
  • Binks John
  • Binks Matthew
  • Blank James
  • Blenkiron James
  • Bow James
  • Braithwaite Stephen
  • Bulmer Thomas
  • Calvert Henry
  • Cansick John
  • Cansick Robert
  • Cansick William
  • Cape William
  • Carter Francis
  • Charge John
  • Coates Joseph
  • Crabtree John
  • Dawson John
  • Downing Francis
  • Dunn Joseph
  • Earl Francis
  • Earl George
  • Eeles Henry
  • Elgee Robert
  • Fenwick Ralph
  • Fenwick Thomas
  • Fryer Joseph
  • Garbut John
  • Gibson Thomas
  • Gregory Thomas
  • Harrison Thomas
  • Hemby Thomas
  • Heslop George
  • Hinde Parkin
  • Hodgson William
  • Hutchinson Robert
  • Ivison William
  • Kipling Joseph
  • Learoyd William
  • Longstaff John
  • McDonald William
  • Morgan John
  • Nicholson George
  • Nicholson Richard
  • Page Nicholas
  • Peacock Abraham
  • Peacock Benjamin
  • Peacock Thomas
  • Pearson Thomas
  • Phillips Robert
  • Pybus Henry
  • Raine Thomas
  • Ray Joseph
  • Robinson Christopher
  • Robson Thomas
  • Sanderson Thomas
  • Severs John
  • Sheilds Thomas
  • Shipton John
  • Sowerby Francis
  • Stevenson Martin
  • Strangway William
  • Todd Robert
  • Tweedell Martin
  • Vale Samuel
  • Wall William
  • Waller John
  • Walton John
  • Westmorland Thomas
  • Wilkinson William
  • Williamson George
  • Wilson William
  • Wood Anthony
  • Wood John
  • Wood Mark

Cabinet Makers,

  • Irvin George, Newbegin
  • Norman James, French gate
  • Norman Matthew, Castle terrace
  • Parkinson Thomas, Newbegin

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Adamthwaite John Hunter (& tea dealer) High row
  • Hodgson Richard, Market place
  • Ward John & Charles, Market place


  • Heslop Mary, Castle hill
  • Layfield Jane, Market place
  • Metcalfe Alice, Market place


  • Poppleton William, Maison Dieu
  • Poppleton William, jun. Finkill st
  • Wilkinson Henry, Chapel st

Curriers & Leather Cutters,

  • Clark Thomas, Bar gate
  • Eeles Robert, Bar gate
  • Mason Edward, Castle hill
  • Mason Henry, Bar gate
  • Mason Thomas, Green
  • Mason William Henry, Castle hill


  • McKay Joseph, Market place
  • Taylor Joseph (& truss maker) Market place

Fellmongers & Woolstaplers,

  • Ascough John, Newbegin
  • Earl Christopher, Green
  • Ellerton Christopher (woolstapler & corn dealer) Newbegin head
  • King John, Bridge st
  • Rolling John (woolstapler) Newbegin
  • Thairwall James & Christopher (woolstaplers only) Bar gate
  • Westgarth Christopher, Newbegin

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Globe, George Smurthwaite, Newbegin
  • Guardian, David Fairbank, French gate
  • Norwich Union, Isaac Fisher, Market place
  • Phoenix, Thomas & Ann Bowman, High row
  • Royal Exchange, Matthew Craggs, Market place
  • Sun, George Allison, French gate
  • Yorkshire, John & Charles Ward, Market place


  • Sweeting Richard (& dealer in game) Market place
  • Walker John, French gate

Flax Dressers & Shoe Thread Manufacturers,

  • Croft George, jun. French gate
  • Jamson Robert & Thomas, Bar gate

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
Marked # are Spirit Dealers
(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants; Shopkeepers, and also Tea Dealers)

  • Carter William, High row
  • # Cooke Leonard, Market place
  • Gill Richard, Market place
  • Horsman Jefferey, Finkill st
  • # Husband Robert, Market place
  • Ingram George, Catterick
  • Layfield Charles (& seedsman) High row
  • Marshall John, Market place
  • # Mason William, High row
  • Matthews John, Market place
  • Metcalfe Simon, Market place
  • Miller Ralph, Finkill st
  • Smith George, Rosemary lane
  • Thairwall James & Christopher, Bar gate
  • White Catherine, Catterick
  • Young James, Catterick

Gun Makers,

  • Bates Job, New road
  • Gill Robert, Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Beadnell Christopher, Finkill st
  • Harrow Hart, Market place
  • Metcalfe Reuben, Market place
  • Todd John, Market place
  • Wilkinson James, Market place


  • Angel, George Spedding, Catterick
  • Fleece, Elizabeth Ibbetson, Friar's wynd
  • George & Dragon, Thomas Ferguson, Catterick Bridge
  • King's Head (posting & commercial, excise office, and subscription news room)
  • John Stuart, King st

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Bainbridge William, Market place
  • Bradwell Joseph, Royal Foundry, Potter gate


  • Bainbridge William (furnishing & dealer in silver plate) Market place
  • Bradwell Joseph, Potter gate
  • King Ann, Finkill st


  • Addison Joseph, Market place
  • Barwick Benjamin, Catterick
  • Brown Robert, French gate head
  • Metcalfe James, West field
  • Newton James, Castle walk
  • Robinson Adam, Catterick
  • Smith John, Catterick
  • Todd Robert, High row
  • Walker William, Market place
  • Walton George, Bar gate
  • Wright William, Castle hill

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Croft William, High row
  • Dalton Christopher & John, High row
  • Dodsworth Elizabeth (linen) Market place
  • Little William (& tea) Pinfold green
  • Milner John, High row
  • Pearson William, Market place
  • Robson & Wood, Finkill st
  • Wilson Francis, High row


  • Croft George & Christopher, Finkill st
  • Young John (& brewer) Ryder's wynd


  • Esletine William, Skeeby
  • Harrison James, Church mill
  • Hedley William, Catterick Bridge
  • Jackson William, Easby
  • Meade Thomas, Hartforth
  • Metcalfe James, Hipswell
  • Miller Ralph, Marsk
  • Robinson Matthew, Castle mill
  • Wallock Francis, Brinton

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Bow Elizabeth, Market place
  • Foster Mary Ann, French gate
  • Gailey Ann, Market place
  • Ledger Frances, High row
  • Lumley Mary, Castle hill
  • Marshall Sarah, Rosemary lane
  • Thompson Elizabeth, Cornforth hill
  • Wilson Jemima, Market place

Music & Musical Instrument Sellers,

  • Bell Matthew, Finkill st
  • Bowman Thomas & Ann, High row
  • Robinson William Ripley, King st

Miscellany of trades

  • Painters --- House, Sign, &c.
  • Dobson John, Castle hill
  • Foster John, Castle hill
  • Metcalfe John (& plumber & glazier) French gate
  • Metcalfe John Dickinson (& plumber & glazier) Bar gate
  • Newton John, Potter gate
  • Parker John, New road
  • Wanless William & Thomas, French gate
  • Westgarth John, Newbegin

Paper Maker,

  • Cooke Henry, Richmond mills


  • Blakeborough Henry, French gate

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Fishburn John, Slaig hill
  • Langstaff Thomas, Mill gate


  • Bell Joseph, Market place
  • Bishoprick Robert, Market place
  • Deighton Christopher, Market place
  • King Christopher, New road
  • Layfield John, Market place
  • Wood Henry, Market place

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Green Annas, French gate
  • Grundy John, French gate
  • Harland John, Bridge st
  • Hinde George, Newbegin
  • Keenan John, Bridge st
  • Norman Douglas, Market place
  • Peacock Thomas, Green
  • Thompson Catherine, New road
  • Todd Robert, Market place
  • Trewhitt Bartholomew, Bar gate
  • Woodward John (& flour dealer) Market place

Stay Makers,

  • Crawford Catherine, Market place
  • Elam William, Castle hill
  • Greyson Margaret, Newbegin
  • Norman Douglas, Market place
  • Petch Mary, Castle terrace

Stone Masons,

  • Anderson George, Potter gate
  • Barker Thomas, French gate
  • Braithwaite Robert, Castle hill
  • Bullock William, French gate
  • Harland John, Bridge st
  • McVeay Richard, Bank yard
  • Robinson John, Maison Dieu

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Coser Mary (& milliner) French gate
  • Lancaster Catherine, Mill gate
  • Wilkinson Letitia (& dress) Market place


  • Atkinson Richard, High row
  • Bowe John, French gate
  • Bowes Christopher, Market place
  • Clement Ambrose, Castle hill
  • Hammond Thomas C. (dentist) Market place
  • Hunton William, French gate
  • Thompson Robert, Cornforth hill


  • Bradley Thomas & Son (& land agents) French gate
  • Gill William (of taxes) French gate

Marked # are also Drapers

  • Blades William, Tower st
  • # Brown Christopher, Market place
  • # Colling John, Market place
  • Colling John, Castle hill
  • Lesley William, Market place
  • # Metcalfe Christopher & Son, French gate
  • Metcalfe James, High Bank square
  • Pearson Edward, Castle hill
  • # Sanderson Francis, Market place
  • # Sanderson James, Market place
  • Sanderson John, High Bank square
  • Sanderson Lawrence, Market place
  • Sanderson Robert, Mill gate
  • Swainson William, Mill gate
  • Taylor James, Catterick
  • Todd Benjamin, Waterloo
  • Todd William, Castle hill
  • Todd William, Cornforth hill
  • Walker Matthew, Catterick

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Carter William, High row
  • Fryer Henry, Market place
  • Miller Ralph, Finkill st
  • Morrell Samuel, Catterick
  • Todd Marmaduke, French gate


  • Mason John, Bridge end
  • Simpson Stephen, Bridge st

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, Robert Bradley, Catterick
  • Bishop Blaize, Robert Rowe, Market place
  • Black Bull, Thomas Heslop, Market place
  • Black Lion, Thomas Jones, Finkill st
  • Black Swan, Thomas Mason, Green
  • Board, Ralph Foster (& porter dealer) French gate head
  • Chopping Knife, Joseph Addison, Market place
  • Duke of Wellington, Robert Foster, Shambles
  • Good Intent, William Sykes, Slaig hill
  • Nag's head, Catherine Robinson, Pinfold gate
  • Punch Bowl, Jane Hall, Market place
  • Queen Catherine, William Walker, Market place
  • Red Lion, John Heslop, Catterick
  • Red Lion, John Wilson, Finkill st
  • Ship, Christopher Stapleton, Bar
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Christopher Clement, Mill gate
  • Sun, John Watson, Bridge st
  • Talbot, Thomas Lambert, High row
  • Three Tuns, William Parnaby, Bridge st
  • Town Hall, Ann Waller, Market place
  • Turf, Sythe Petch, King st
  • Two Guns, Adam Duncan Watred, French gate
  • Unicorn, John Carter, Newbegin
  • White Swan, Robert Brown, French gate head

Tea Dealers,

  • Dodsworth Elizabeth, Market place
  • Cowling Martha & Ellen (& toy) Rosemary lane
  • Whitelock Christopher, Castle hill

Timber Merchants,

  • Gill William (& iron) French gate
  • Horland Edward, Pinfold green

Turners & Spinning Wheel Makers,

  • Vitty John, Newbegin
  • Vitty William, Bar gate
  • Vitty William, jun. Newbegin

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Fawcett James, Market place
  • Fawcett John, Finkill st
  • Terry William (& silversmith) High row


  • Alderson Joseph, Newbegin head
  • Bowman John, Newbegin
  • Harland Francis, Pinfold green
  • Harrison Richard, Newbegin
  • Newton John, Maison Dieu


  • Abdell Ralph (& parish clerk) Rosemary lane
  • Bradwell Joseph, Potter gate
  • Gatonby William, Newbegin
  • Walton John, French gate

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Croft George & Christopher (late Pratt) Finkill st
  • Layfield Charles, High row
  • Mason William, High row
  • Rolling John (& seed & provision, & woolstapler) Newbegin
  • Smurthwaite George, Newbegin
  • Thairwell James & Christopher, Bar gate
  • Young John (spirit) Ryder's wynd


  • Abbott Henry, basket maker, Market place
  • Barracks, Newbegin head --- Capt. Carter, barrack master
  • Bowman Thomas, clerk to commissioners, High row
  • Bradberry Robert, clock & musical instrument repairer, New road
  • Bussey Ann, china, glass, earthenware, and seed dealers, Market place
  • Denham George, plasterer, Bar
  • Doughty Joseph, retailer of beer, Bar gate
  • Fawcett William, clog and last maker, Bar
  • Fryer William, upholsterer, Market place
  • Gas Works, Castle terrace --- Joseph Bradwell, secretary
  • Grant Terence, pump maker, Bar gate
  • Hargreaves William, hair seating manufacturer, Bar gate
  • Hurworth William, dyer, Sparrow wynd
  • Insolvent Debtors' Prison, Newbegin --- Peter Wray, keeper
  • Jamson Robert, pawnbroker, Bar gate
  • Lancaster John, serge manufacturer, Mill gate
  • Longhurst Charles, supervisor, Market place
  • Lumley George, blacking maker, York place
  • Mechanics Institute, Tower st --- George Wade, secretary & librarian
  • Miller Thomas, nurseryman, &c. Church yard
  • Morphett Matthew, retailer of beer, Bar gate
  • Musgrave Thomas, hat manufacturer, Finkill st
  • Scientific Society, Finkill st --- William Ware, esq. treasurer; Isaac Fisher, secretary; Matthew Bell, librarian
  • Stevenson William, animal & bird preserver, and fishing tackle dealer, French gate
  • Watred Adam Duncan, copper plate engraver, French gate
  • Workhouse, Newbegin --- James Donnison, governor
  • Younghusband John, millwright & machine maker, Green


  • To Askrigg, John Trotter, from the Black Bull, every Saturday
  • To Barnard Castle, William Peet, from the Black Bull, every Tuesday & Saturday
  • To Darlington, Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, and all parts of the North, --- Pilkington, from the Black Bull, and Pickersgill & Co. from Newbegin, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • To Hawes, Nathan Metcalfe, from the Black Bull, every Tuesday & Saturday
  • To Kirkby Hill, John Hunter, from the Turf, every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Leeds and all parts of Yorkshire, Robert Colling and John Nelson, from the Talbot, Thomas Wood, from the Red Lion, --- Thompson, from the Black Bull, and Pickersgill & Co. from Newbegin, every Saturday --- and --- Pilkington and
  • Thomas Blackburn, from York place, every Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Leyburn, James Cloughton, from the Red Lion, and William Thackray, from the Black Bull, every Thursday & Saturday
  • To Marsk & Wray, John Spenceley, from his house, every Monday & Saturday
  • To Middleham, John Walker, from the Red Lion, every Thursday & Saturday
  • To Newcastle upon Tyne, Elias Smith and John Tweed, from the Black Bull, every Saturday
  • To Northallerton, George Snowball, from the Talbot, every Saturday
  • To Oldborough, Thomas Matthews, from the King's Head, Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Stockton & Yarm, John Lodge, from the Red Lion, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday --- James Andell, from the Talbot, every Monday & Thursday --- and Thomas Ratcliffe, from the Black Bull, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • To West Witton, Peter Graham, from the Town Hall, every Saturday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000