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Help and advice for Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for RICHMOND in White's Directory of 1840.

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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for RICHMOND in White's Directory of 1840.

The CONTRACTIONS for the names of the streets, &c., are:

  • Bfs. For Back-flags ; Bgt. Bargate; Csl. Castle-hill; Cfh. Cornforth-hill; Fst. Finkle-street; Fgt. French-gate; Gn. The Green; Mkp. Market-place; Mdn. Maison Dieu ; Mgt. Millgate ; Ngn. Newbiggin ; Nrd. New-road ; Pgn. Pinfold-green ; Pgt. Pottergate ; Rln. Rosemary-lane ; Rwd. Ryders Wynd ; Sgl. Sleegill ; Tst. Tower-street ; and Ypl. For York-place.

Post Office,

  • Market-place, Reuben Metcalfe, post-master. Letters arrive 6 mng., and dispatched 5 evg., by mail-gig from Catterick Bridge.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abbott Hy., basketmkr.
  • Abdale Ralph, par. Clerk
  • Atkinson Fs. Farrier, Csl.
  • Bates Rev. Wm., B.A., French gate
  • Bernard Mrs. J., Mdu.
  • Birtwhistle Rev. B., M.A., French gate
  • Blegborough Misses M. and C., Market place
  • Brackenbury Perse, gent. ,Newbiggin
  • Bradley Chpr. L., land agent, French gate
  • Brunton Michl. gent., Rln.
  • Burchill Miss, Newbiggin
  • Burnside Jph. Clerk, Ypl.
  • Calvert Joseph, brewer
  • Carter Captain, York pl.
  • Croft Chpr. Esq., Mgt.
  • Croft George, Esq., Fst.
  • Denham, Geo. Plasterer, The Bar
  • Dobbinson Mr. Jph., Rln.
  • Dorchester Robt. Sweep
  • Dundas Lady Charlotte, The Grove
  • Ebden Mrs. Mary, Cfh.
  • Fall Mr. Wm. ,Market pl.
  • Fisher Isaac, Esq., Mkp.
  • Flint James, architect, Bradwell place.
  • Gill Misses, Market pl,
  • Gill John, race horse trainer, Belleisle
  • Goodburne Mrs. Eliz., Newbiggin
  • Goodburne Mr. Ts., Ngn
  • Greathead Fras.., excise officer, Bargate
  • Harrison Miss, Sandford House
  • Hunton Mrs. Eliz., Fgt.
  • Ianson Ts. Esq. ,Prior hs
  • Idle Jno. Gardener, Ngn.
  • Jamson Rt. Pawnbroker, Bar gate
  • Johnson Rev. Robert, (Cath.) ,Newbiggin
  • Johnson Mr. Thos., Rln.
  • Laing Mrs. Ann, Fgt.
  • Lancaster Jno. Sergeant major N.Y.M.
  • Lawson Rt. Bellman ,Mkp.
  • Leafe Octavius, Esq., Mgt
  • Leigh Miss Rose, The Cottage
  • Lonsdale Rt. Gent., Ngn.
  • Macfarlan Miss, Mkp.
  • Marshall Francis, horses to let, Mill gate.
  • Matthews John, law stationer, Market place
  • Meek Rev. Robert, M.A., Rectory
  • Mewwburn S.J., quarter master N.Y.M.
  • Mitchell Mr. Henry, Westfield House
  • Moore Jph., clerk, Holy Trinity ln.
  • Musgrove Thos. Hatmfr. & furrier, Finkle st.
  • Peacock Aaron, superviser, Newbiggin
  • Pearson Miss, Finkle st.
  • Pearson Mrs., Newbiggin
  • Pierse Mrs. ,French gate
  • Potts Mrs., French gate
  • Pratt Mr. James, Fgt.
  • Prestman William, bank clerk, Market place
  • Pye Mary, gentwn., Ngn.
  • Race Daniel, sweep, Sgl.
  • Reay Mrs. ,Market place
  • Readshaw Mrs. ,French gate
  • Robinson George, Esq., Ivy Cottage
  • Robinson James, draper., Market place
  • Robinson J.J. Esq. ,Friary
  • Robinson Margaret, race horse trainer, Back fs.
  • Savage Rev. Thos. (Wes.), Newbiggin
  • Simcox Rev. John L., B.A., curate
  • Simpson John, M. gent., Newbiggin
  • Severs Miss Ann, Cfh.
  • Smith Mrs., Bargate
  • Stevenson Thos. Governor of Workhouse
  • Stevenson Wm. Bird & animal preserver, Mkp.
  • Taylor Mrs. ,French gate
  • Thompson Lieut. ,Cfh.
  • Thompson Miss, Ngn.
  • Thompson Mrs. Jane, Cfh
  • Thompson Jno. Gent. ,Ngn.
  • Thompson John, bank clerk, Newbiggin
  • Todd William, gardener, St Nicholas
  • Turner Henry Jno., land agent, French gate
  • Wardlow Mrs. ,Newbiggin
  • Watson Misses, Finkle st.
  • Webster Mrs. S., Mkp.
  • Whitelock Mr. Matthew, French gate
  • Wilson Hanh. Music professor, French gate
  • Wilson Mrs., Market pl.
  • Wood Mr. Edw. ,French gt
  • Wray Mrs. ,Newbiggin
  • Wright Miss ,Market pl
  • Wright Mrs., Friary
  • Yeoman H.W. Esq., Hill house


  • Armstrong Mrs. ,Ngn.
  • Bell Misses, French gate
  • Firby Thomas C., Ngn.
  • Jamson Thomas, Bar gt
  • Free, George Wade, Tst.
  • Grammar School, Rev. Js. Tate, M.A., French gt
  • Infant, Miss Stringer
  • National, Jno. Marshall & Mary Railton


  • Allison George, (proctor) ,French gate
  • Bradley Thomas, Mkp.
  • Fielding G.J. ,French gt
  • Hammond Charles, Fgt.
  • Howson Wm. ,Castle Hill
  • Hunton Jas. ,Market pl
  • Simpson James Brown, (town clerk) ,Market pl
  • Thairlwall Fdk. ,Mkp.
  • Tomlin Ottiwell, (deputy registrar of Archdeaconry) ,French gate


  • Arrowsmith Jas.S., Mkp.
  • McRobbie John, Hawthorn Cottage


  • Barker Wm. ,Market pl
  • Bowman John, Rln.
  • Groves John, Mdu.
  • King John, French gate
  • Woodward John, Mkp.


  • Stapleton Gilbert, Mkp. (on Barclay and Co.)
  • Swaledale & Wensleydale Banking Co., Isc. Fisher manager, Market place,
  • (on Hankeys & Co.)
  • Savings' Bank, G. Wade, clerk, Market place


  • Dinsdale Wm., Mill gate
  • Hubbick John, Pgn.
  • Miscamble Andrew, Pgt.
  • Stoddart Wm. ,York pl
  • Wright George, Green

Booksellers, Stationers, Printers, &c,

  • Bell Matthew (stamp office), Finkle street
  • Bowman Thos. & Ann, Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Alderson Christopher, Sgl
  • Blythe Wm., Black flags
  • Brass Charles, Bargate
  • Cansick Nathan, Bargate
  • Cowling John, Rln.
  • Dunn Rd. ,French gate
  • Earl William, New road
  • Fletcher Edw., Gallow gt
  • Haywood John, Tower st
  • Hurworth Chpr. ,Csl.
  • Hurworth Jas. ,Tower st
  • Hurworth Robert, Fgt.
  • Kempster John, New rd.
  • Lumley John, Pgn.
  • Morphet Matthew, Bgt.
  • Potts John, Market place
  • Sanderson George, Mkp.
  • Tennant John, Ngn.
  • Thompson Henry, Ngn.
  • Thompson John, Fgt.
  • Veal Martin, Bar gate
  • Wright Richard, King st

Braziers & Tinners,

  • Anderson Geo. ,King st
  • Jackson Geo., Castle hill
  • Metcalfe Dickinson, Bgt.
  • Stead Mark, Rln.


  • Collins J.G.& Co. ,Green
  • Young Jno. ,Ryder's Wd


  • Blenkiron James, Csl.
  • Cape John, French gate
  • Elgley Robert, Castle hill
  • Gibson Thos. ,Tower st
  • Hind Parkin, Market pl
  • Strangeways Thos., Tst.
  • Strangeways Wm. ,Tst.

Cabinet Makers,

  • Irvin George, Newbiggin
  • Norman James, Fgt.
  • Norman Matthew, Mgt.
  • Norman & Metcalfe, Fgt.
  • Parkinson Thomas, Ngn
  • Smith Thos. ,Finkle st

Chemists & Druggists,

  • Adamthwaite J.H., Mkp.
  • Raw Robert, King street
  • Ward J. & C. Market pl


  • Foster Mary, Castle hill
  • Layfield John, Mkp.
  • Metcalfe Reuben, Mkp.
  • Stabler Eneas, New road


  • Poppleton William, Fst.
  • Poppleton Henry, Fst.
  • Wilkinson Henry, Bgt.

Corn Millers,

  • Calvert John & George, Church mill
  • Robinson Samuel, Castle mill


  • Clark Thomas, Bar gate
  • Eeles Robert, Bar gate
  • Mason Edw., Castle hill
  • Mason Henry, Bar gate
  • Mason Wm. ,Market pl


  • Deighton Francis ,Mdu.
  • Simpson John, Green


  • McKay Joseph, Mkp.
  • Taylor Joseph, (&truss maker), Market place


  • Ascough Jno., Newbiggin
  • Earl Christopher, Green
  • Westgarth Chpr. ,.
  • Atlas W. Howson, Csl.
  • British, Chas. Hammond, French gate
  • Globe, Geo, Smurthwaite, Newbiggin
  • London & York, Robert Raw, King street
  • Norwich Union, Isaac Fisher, Market place
  • Indpt. & W. Middesex, Thos. Jamson, Bgt.
  • Royal Exchange, Mathw. Craggs, (& News agent) ,Castle Cottage
  • Yorkshire, John Ward, Market place


  • Brown Wm., Tower street
  • Walker Barbara, Mgt.

Glass, China, &c. Dealer,

  • Bussey Ann, Market pl


  • Brown Geo. ,Market pl
  • Carter Wm., Market pl
  • Cooke Lnd. ,Market pl
  • Gill Richard, Market pl
  • Kearton Wm. ,French gt
  • Layfield Charles, Mkp
  • Marshall William, Mkp
  • Mason William, Mkp
  • Matthews John, Mkp
  • Miller Ralph, Finkle st
  • Nelson John, Rln
  • Norman Douglas, Mkp
  • Shepherd Thomas, Mkp
  • Thairlwall J.C. & R., Bgt

Gun Makers,

  • Bates Joseph, New road
  • Beetham John, Mkp
  • Groves Rt., Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Ablison Thomas, Mkp
  • Beadnell Chpr. ,Finkle st
  • Harrow Hart, Market pl
  • Metcalfe Reuben, Mkp
  • Todd John, Market place
  • Wilkinson James, Mkp

Inns & Taverns,

  • Bishop Blaize, Robert Husband, Market place
  • Black Bull, Thos. Heslop, Market place
  • Black Lion, Thos. Jones, Finkle street
  • Black Swan, Ths. Mason, Green
  • Board, Ralph Foster, Fgt
  • Chopping Knife, Joseph Addison, Market place
  • Crown, Jno. Neesam, Mgt
  • Cross Guns, Ts. Squince, French gate
  • Duke of Wellington, Rt. Foster, Mkt. Place
  • Fleece, Martha Loftus, Friar's Wynd
  • Freemen's Tavern, Math. Morpeth, Bar gate
  • Good Intent, Ann Peacock, Bridge end
  • King's Head Inn, Jacob Hills, Market place
  • Nag's Head, Geo. Ward, Pinfold green
  • Oak Tree, Mary Doughty, Bar gate
  • Punch Bowl, Jane Hall, Market place
  • Queen Catherine, Adam D. Watred, (engraver), Market place
  • Red Lion, John Wilson, Market place
  • Red Lion, Cphr. Stapleton, Finkle street
  • Ship, James Thwaites, The Bar
  • Shoulder of Mutton, Geo. Brown, Market Place
  • Sun, John Orton, Bst.
  • Talbot, Thos. Lambert, Market place
  • Three Tuns, William Parnaby, Bridge street
  • Town Hall, Ann Waller, Market place
  • Turf Coffee House, S. Petch, King street
  • Unicorn, Chp. Westgarth, Newbiggin
  • White Swan, Rt. Pottage, French-gate head

Beer Houses,

  • Crawford Thomas, Tst
  • Groves John, Maisondu.
  • Taylor Joseph, Green
  • Todd William, Castle hill

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Bainbridge John, Pgn
  • Plint James, Bradwell lp


  • Flint James, Potter gate
  • King Ann, Finkle street
  • Spence Rt., Market place


  • Addison Joseph, Mkp
  • Alderson Jph., York ter.
  • Clementson Joseph, Sgl
  • Craggs George, Bar gate
  • Harrison Rd., Newbiggin
  • Jackson John, New road
  • Metcalfe Wm., French gt
  • Newton James, Mill gate
  • Newton John, Potter gt
  • Walker Wm., Potter gate
  • Wharton George, Fgt

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Cooke, Robinson & Co. (& mercers & hatters. whls. & rtl.), Mkp
  • Croft W. & M. , Market pl
  • Dalton C. & I., Mkp
  • Day Thos. F., Market pl
  • Dodsworth Eliz., Mkp
  • Pearson Wm., Market pl
  • Robson & Wood, Fst
  • Wilson Fras., Market pl


  • Collins J. G. & Co., Gn
  • Croft Geo. & Chpr., Rln
  • Young J., Ryder's Wynd


  • Bishoprick Eliz., Fst
  • Bowe Ann, Market place
  • Burton Mary, Grench gate
  • Drake Ann, Market pl
  • Fryer Jane, Castle hill
  • Hasting D. & F., Fst
  • Marshall Sarah, New rd
  • Simpson My., Market pl


  • Andrew Joseph, Green
  • Charlton Appletou, Gn
  • Younghusband Jno., Gn


  • Dobson John, Castle hill
  • Foster John, Castle hill
  • Greathead Wm., Bar gt
  • Jackson Geo., Castle hill
  • Newton Jno., Potter gate
  • Parker Jno., Cornfth.hl
  • Wanlass Thos. & Wm., French gate
  • Westgarth John, Ngn

Paper maker,

  • Cooke Jenry, Reeth rd


  • Bleghborough Henry, Fgt
  • Housman John, Bdg st
  • Hunton William, Fgt


  • Denham George, Bar
  • Taylor Wm., Mill gate

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Fryer Christopher, Bgt.
  • Jackson Geo., Castle hill
  • Metcalfe Dickinson, Bgt
  • Metcalfe John, French gt

Rope & Twine Manufrs.,

  • Fishburn John, Sgl.
  • Langstaff Thomas, Mgt


  • Bell Joseph, Market pl
  • Bishoprick Robert, Mkp
  • Deighton Chpr., Mkp
  • King Christopher, Nrd
  • Layfield John, Market pl
  • Wood Henry, Market pl


  • Collier Mary, French gate
  • Cowling M. & E., Rln
  • Buckle Hannah, Green
  • Harland John, Bridge st
  • Hinde Geo., Newbiggin
  • Norman Douglas, Mkp
  • Peacock Thomas, Green
  • Stabler John, Maison du
  • Thompson Cath., Nrd
  • White John, French gt
  • Whitelock Chpr., Csl
  • Woodward John, Mkp

Stay Makers,

  • Blades Hannah, New rd
  • Crawford Daniel, Mkp
  • Elam William, Bar gate
  • Greyson Margaret, Ngn
  • Norman Douglas, Mkp
  • Petch Thomas, Castle hl

Stone masons,

  • Anderson George, Pgt
  • Barker Thomas, Fgt
  • Bullock Anthony, Tst
  • Bullock Thomas, Fgt
  • Bullock William, Pgt
  • Harland John, Bridge st
  • Jackson Rt., French gt
  • Mattison Wm., Bar gate
  • Thwaites James, Bar

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Bishoprick Tamor., Fst
  • Dalton C. & I. , Market pl
  • Drake Ann, Market pl
  • Harrison Ann, French gt
  • Peacock H. M. & E., Ngn
  • Pearson Margaret, Csl
  • Strangeways Mrs., Tst


  • Atkinson Rd., French gt
  • Bowe John, French gt
  • Bowes Christopher, Mkp
  • Bowes Thos., Newbiggin
  • Clement Ambrose, (coroner) Mill gate
  • Hunton Wm., French gt
  • Housman Jno., Bridge st


  • * are Drapers also.
  • Apedale Wm., Gallow st
  • Blades Wm., Tower st
  • *Brown Chpr., Market pl
  • *Colling John, Market pl
  • *Lesley William, Mkp
  • Lumley Richard, Green
  • *Metcalfe & Son, Fgt
  • *Sanderson Francis, Mkp
  • *Sanderson James, Mkp
  • Sanderson Lawrence, Mkp
  • Sanderson Jno., Bank yd
  • Swainston William, Nrd
  • Todd George, Castle hill
  • Todd Wm., Castle hill
  • Watson John, Ngn
  • Whitelock Chpr., Csl
  • Wilkinson John A., Mkp

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Carter William, Mkp
  • Miller Ralph, Finkle st
  • Todd Mdk., French gate


  • Mason Edward, Castle hill
  • Simpson Stpn., Bridge st

Miscellany of trades

  • Tea Dealers, (* Drapers)
  • Dodsworth Eliz., Mkp
  • Croft William, Mkp
  • *Hope Rt., (tra.) Pingfoldgn
  • *Little Jas., (travg) do.
  • *Little Wm., (travg) do.
  • Marshall John, Mkp
  • Woodward John, Mkp

Timber Merchants,

  • Gill Wm., (& iron) Fgt
  • Harland Wm., Pinfold gn

Turners (Wood.),

  • Vitty John, Newbiggin
  • Vitty Wm., Bar gate


  • Arrowsmith Jas. S., Mkp
  • Heslop Thomas, Mdu.
  • Langstaff Francis, fgt
  • Norman George, Mkp
  • Norman Matthew, Mill gt
  • Norman & Metcalfe, Fgt
  • Parkinson Thomas, Ngn

Veterinary Surgeons,

  • Hedley Francis, Ngn
  • Stoddard John, York pl

Watch Makers,

  • Dempster Mark A., Kst
  • Fawcett John, Finkle st
  • Fawcett James, Bar
  • Terry William, Mkp


  • Alderson Joseph, Ngn
  • Bowman John, Finkle st
  • Clementson Joseph, Sgl
  • Craggs George, Bar gate
  • Harland William, Pgn
  • Harrison Rd., Newbiggin


  • Abdell Ralph, Rln
  • Bainbridge John, Pgn
  • Flint Jas., Bradwell pl
  • Gatonby William, Ngn
  • Haywood William, Ngn

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Croft Geo. & Chpr., Rln
  • Layfield Charles, Mkp
  • Mason William, Mkp
  • Rolling John, Newbiggin
  • Smurthwaite Geo., Ngn
  • Thairlwall I.C. & R., Bgt
  • Young Jn., Ryder's Wynd


  • Ascough John, Ngn
  • Earl Christopher, Green
  • Westgarth Chpr., Ngn


  • The Van from the King's Head, to Catterick to meet the Telegraph Coach, at ¼ past 9 mng., to Leeds, and to Newcastle, 6 evening.
  • The Courier Coach, to Ripon, Mon., Wed. and Fri. at 6 mng., returns next evenings at 9.
  • The Omnibus, to Darlington, ½ past 6 mng., returns evening.


  • Pickersgill & Co.'s Waggon to all parts of the kingdom, from the Turf Coffee House. Thos. Shepherd agent, Market place.
  • Thos. Blackburn, from Pinfold Green, daily to Darlington, Durham, &c., and to Leeds, &c., Mon. & Thurs.
  • Nathan Metcalfe, to Hawes, from the Black Bull, Mon. & Thurs., and Thos. Blackburn, Wed. & Sat.
  • John Hall, from the Talbot, to Northallerton, S.
  • Wm. Gatenby, to York, from the Black Bull, F.
  • Carriers, on Market days, from the Inns to most of the surrounding towns and villages.

Transcribed by Mandy Maxsted.