Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for RICHMOND in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.




  • G. W. Elliot, Esq., Scruton Hall, Bedale; Carlton and St. Stephen's Clubs, S.W.; and Garrick Club, London, W.C.


  • Captain Gerald Walker, J.P., Hill House, Richmond


  • Geo. Roper, Esq., J.P., The Grove, Richmond


  • Mayor - George Roper, Esq., J.P. Recorder - William Norton Lawson, Esq. ALDERMEN. Edward Mason William Hauxwell George Roper Alex. Young


  • (Retire in 1890.)
  • Alfred T. Rogers
  • G. F. Smurthwaite
  • James Robinson
  • Sidney Robinson
  • (Retire in 1891.)
  • Thomas C. Denham
  • George Peacock
  • Robert Spence, junr.
  • W. Ness Walker
  • (Retire in 1892.)
  • Captain Gerald Walker
  • Stephen W. Close
  • John Metcalfe
  • James Cooke


  • The Mayor, ex-officio
  • George Roper
  • Richard Bowes
  • Charles G. Tate
  • John M. Bradley
  • Edward T. Atkinson
  • Edward Mason
  • Henry Christopher Priestman
  • Thomas Carter
  • G. F. Smurthwaite
  • Captain Gerald Walker
  • Clerk to the Magistrates - Wensley Hunton; office, Low Channel
  • Petty Sessions for the Borough are held in the Town Hall every Tuesday


  • For Gilling West Petty Sessional Division.
  • His Excellency the Earl of Zetland G. T. Gilpin-Brown, Esq., Sedbury Park Chris. Cradock, Esq., Hartforth Hall John T. D'Arcy Hutton, Esq., Marske Hall John Michell, Esq., Forcett Park A. R. Michell, Esq., Forcett Park George Roper, Esq., The Grove, Richmond. H. S. C. Smithson, Esq., Morris Grange Charles G. Tate, Esq., Richmond. Captain Gerald Walker, Richmond. John Gerald Wilson, Esq., Cliffe Hall
  • Clerk - W. Hunton, Low Channel, Richmond
  • Petty Sessions are held at the Town Hall every alternate Saturday. The following places are included in the petty sessional division:- Aldborough, Arkengarthdale, Aske, Barforth, Caldwell, Cliffe, Dalton, Easby, Eppleby, Forcett and Carkin, Gayles, Gilling, Hipswell, Hudswell, Kirby Ravensworth, Layton East, Layton West, Marrick, Marske, Melbecks, Melsonby, Muker, New Forest, Ravensworth, Reeth, St. Martin's, Skeeby, Scotton, Stanwick St. John, and Whashton.


  • Clerk - Chris. George Croft, M.A., solicitor
  • Medical Officer - H. Williams
  • Inspector of Nuisances - G. C. Metcalfe


  • Clerk - Wensley Hunton, solicitor
  • Medical Officer - Howell Williams
  • Inspector of Nuisances - J. Wetherell


  • Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, and Clerk to School Attendance Committee - Christopher G. Croft, M.A., solicitor, Market place
  • Treasurer and Chamberlain - G. W. Fawcett, Tower street
  • Surveyor - George W. Fawcett
  • Gas Manager - John Wright
  • Auditors - John Procter and Thomas Wilde
  • Assistant Overseer - Thomas Wilde
  • Sergeants at Mace - Wm. Grieves and J. Vitty
  • Town Crier - Edward McKay
  • Town Hall Keeper - James Allison
  • School Attendance Officer - G. Chris. Metcalfe


  • Judge - His Honour Edmond R. Turner
  • Registrar and High Bailiff - Wensley Hunton, solicitor, Low Channel
  • Assistant Bailiff for Richmond - John Beagarie
  • The Court is held bi-monthly at the Town Hall, The following places are within its jurisdiction:- Aldborough, Angram, Appleton, Arkengarthdale, Arkletown, Aske, Barf End, Birkdale, Blaides, Bolton-upon-Swale, Booze, Brompton-upon-Swale, Brookes, Brough, Caldwell, Calvert's Houses, Carkin, Canton, Casey Green, Catterick, Colbourn, Cowton North, Crackpot, Dale Head, Dalton, Dike Heads, Downholme, Easby, Ellerton Abbey, Ellerton-upon-Swale, Eppleby, Eskeleth, Feetham, Feldom, Forcett, Fremington, Frith, Gayles, Gilling, Grinton, Gunnerside, Hallgarth, Hang Bank, Harkerside,Hartforth, Healaugh, Helwith, Hipswell, Hudswell, Hurst, Ivelet, Kearton, Keld, Kirby Hill, Langthwaite, Layton East, Layton West, Lodge Green, Low Row, Marrick, Marske, Melbecks, Melsonby, Middleton Tyas, Moulton, Muker, New Forest, Newsham, Oxnop, Oxque, Ramsholme, Rash, Raven Seat, Ravensworth, Raw Moor, Reeth, Richmond, Sandbeck, Satron, Scorton, Seal Houses, Sedbury, Skeeby, Skelton, Stainton,Stanwick St. John, St. Giles, St. Martins, Tunstall, Uckerby, Waitwith, Walburn,Whashton, Whaw, Whiteaside, Winterings Garth


  • Meetings are held in the Board Room every alternate Saturday, at 2 p.m.
  • Chairman - C. Cradock, Esq., Hartforth hall
  • Vice-Chairman - G. T. Gilpin-Brown, Esq., Sedbury park
  • Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee - Wensley Hunton, solr., Richmond
  • Treasurer - George Roper
  • Relieving Officer and Registrar of Births and Deaths - Matt. Sedgwick, Wellington place
  • Superintendent Registrar - Wensley Hunton
  • Registrars of Marriages - H. C. Priestman and George March
  • Medical Officers - Workhouse and Richmond district, Thos. Carter; Catterick and Scorton districts, J. H. Hutchinson; Newsham district, J. Graham; Aldborough district, G. A. Walker
  • Workhouse - John H. Scholes, master; Mrs. Scholes, matron; Rev. J. E. Torbett, chaplain


  • Borough Police Station, Newbiggin
  • Borough Cemetery, Reeth road - T. Chandler, superintendent
  • County Police Station, Victoria place - George Gregory, supt.; John Nicholson, inspector
  • Stamp Office, Finkle street - Thomas Spencer, distributor


  • Certifying Factory Surgeon - Dr. Thos. Carter, J.P., Frenchgate
  • Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes - W. Hunton, solicitor
  • Collector of Income Tax - A. Wharton
  • Excise Officer - William Judge


  • St. Mary's (Parish Church) - The Rev. Wm. Danks, rector and rural dean; Rev. J. Attridge, curate. Services, Sundays, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Wednesdays, 7-30 p.m. J. Callow, organist and choirmaster; W. Todd, parish clerk and sexton
  • Holy Trinity, Market place - Rev. J. R. Cohn, M.A., incumbent. Services, Sundays, 10-30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Joseph Westwick, verger
  • St. Joseph's and St Francis Xavier's (Catholic) - Revs. Joseph Foxwell and John Meagher. Services, Sundays, 8 a.m., 10-30 a.m., and 6-30 p.m.; week-days, 8 a.m.
  • Congregational, Dundas street - Rev. W. J. Humberstone. Services, Sundays, 10-30 a.m., 2 and 6-30 p.m.
  • Wesleyan, Ryder's Wynd - Rev. J. Etchells, minister. Services, Sundays, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist, Bargate - Rev. M. A. Drummond, minister. Services, Sundays, 2 and 6 p.m.
  • Zetland Free Dispensary: - Barber, medical officer
  • Cottage Hospital - Major Fraser, secretary; Mary Temple, nurse
  • Freemasons, Lennox Lodge, Newbiggin - S. W. Close, secretary
  • Mechanics' Institute, Low Channel - Dr. H. Williams, president; H. Hurworth, sec.; J. Nutt, librarian
  • Newsroom - Major Fraser, secretary
  • Scientific Institution - J. Nutt, librarian
  • Zetland Working Men's Club, Newbiggin - G. Roper, Esq., president; Geo. Charlesworth, vice-president; James Robinson, treasurer; T. C. Shields, secretary; H. Hurworth and Thomas Wilde, trnstees
  • The Princess of Wales' Own Yorkshire Regt., 19th Regimental District, The Barracks, Gallowgate, Richmond - H. E. Davidson, colonel commanding, Newbiggin, Richmond; R. P. Phayre, major; G. H. F. Mathison, captain; E. M. Esson and A. L. Napier, lieutenants; Captain Charles T. Hennah, depôt acting adjutant; H. C. Ryder, officer (adjutant 3rd Battalion); G. Downs, quartermaster
  • 3rd Battalion (P.W.O.) Yorkshire Regiment (formerly 5th West Yorkshire Militia) - R. Gunter, hon. colonel; H. Stratton Bates, colonel; Major J. H. Eden, adjutant; G. Croft, quartermaster-sergeant
  • 4th Battalion (P.W.O.) Yorkshire Regiment (formerly North. York Rifles) - R. G. Hopkinson, colonel; Captain Charles T. Hennah, adjutant; J. G. Downs, quartermaster
  • 1st Volunteer Battalion Yorkshire Regiment - Headquarters, Northallerton - Earl Cathcart, hon. colonel; A. F. Godman, lieut.-colonel; Major A. C. Fryer, adjutant. Headquarters of E Company, 1 Victoria place, Richmond - Geo. Wm. Fawcett, lieutenant commanding; Sergeant-major Alfred Goat, drill instrector
  • 2nd Volunteer Battalion Yorkshire Regiment - Headquarters, Scarborough - Earl of Feversham, hon. colonel; Sir W. C. Worsley, Bart., lieut.-colonel; Captain T. D. Kirkpatrick, adjutant


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, Savings Bank, &c., Millgate; Thomas Walker, postmaster.


Academies & Schools.

  • Barker The Misses Jane and A. B. (boarding), Albert pl
  • Catholic (mixed) - Miss Agnes Foley, mistress; Miss Elizabeth Foley, assistant
  • Clough Mrs. Emma, Millgate
  • Convent, Mill lane - Rev. Mother M. Alphonse White
  • Corporation (Boys) Tower st,. - J. H. Corbett, Int. B.A., mstr.
  • Grammar School - Rev. Jean Rougier Cohu, M.A., head master; F. Sergeant, M.A. (mathematical); Rev. W. P. Evans, M.A. Classical); M. languages, music,& drawing)
  • Infants' School, Dundas street - Miss S. Wyatt, mistress
  • Johnson Mrs. A. E. (boarding and day), Clink Bank house
  • National Schools, Lombard'sWynd - Boys: Edward VaneSchofield, master; Chris. Saltmer, assistant. Girls: Miss Mary J. Hall, mistress; Miss F. Barrick, assistant
  • Wesleyan School, Quaker lane - Richard Dowler, master; Miss S. Cockburn, mistress


  • March James, Newbiggin
  • Procter John, Castle terrace
  • Wilde Thomas, Anchorage hill

Agricultural Implement Agents.

  • Brown William, Maison Dieu
  • Rodber W. Walter, High row
  • Spence Rbt. & Co., Market pl

Ale & Porter Mrchnts.

  • Benson Thomas, The Green
  • Brittain William, Bargate
  • Matthews Richard, Newbiggin
  • Porter & Co., High Row
  • Spence Wm. L., Frenchgate
  • Tennet & Son, Finkle street
  • Tennet Wm. T., Finkle street
  • Watson N. B. D. & Co., York pl

Auctioneers & Valuers.

  • Atkinson John E., Rosemary lane; h Leyburn
  • Barker George, Albert place; h Northallerton
  • Beagarie James (and bailiff to Richmond County Court and bailiff for levying distresses for rent), Market place
  • Metcalfe John, Frenchgate
  • Wetherell John & Son (and house agents), Frenchgate

Bakers. (See Confectioners & Bakers.)


  • Roper & Priestman (Old Bank), High Row, Market place
  • Savings Bank, Low Channel - A. Holiday, actuary (open for business on Saturdays)
  • Swaledale & Wensleydale Banking Co., Ltd., Market place - W. N. Walker, mgr.

Basket Maker and Cooper.

  • Beagarie James, Market place

Berlin Wool and Fancy Repositories.

  • Arnett Miss Eliz., Pottergate
  • Fraquet Mrs. Eliz., Market pl
  • Peacock George, King street


  • McKay Edwd., Trinity Church tower
  • McLean Robert, New road


  • Britton Lancelot, New road
  • Gargett William, West view
  • Hodgson Charles, Pottergate
  • Souter John, Wellington place
  • Wright William, The Green

Booksellers, Stationers Bookbinders, and Printers.

  • Bell John, Market place
  • Cookes Chas. Edwd., High Row
  • Spencer Thomas, Stamp Office, Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers.

  • Ayre G. M. (dealer), New road
  • Blades William, Castle hill
  • Camfield John, Market place
  • Farry John, York square
  • Fraquet Louis, Market place
  • Geldart John, Bargate
  • Hayward Thomas, Market pl
  • Kinchin William, New road
  • Longstaff Robt., Wellington pl
  • Mansfield Robert, Bargate
  • Parnaby G., Reynoldson's yard
  • Paxton Joseph, Frenchgate
  • Peacock George, King street
  • Stevenson Peter, Castle hill
  • Tate James, Bargate
  • Todd John, Bargate
  • Webster Edward, Castle ter
  • Wharton Mrs. Elizabeth Mary (dealer), Market place

Brewer and Maltster.

  • Young Alex., Ryder's wynd

Builders. (See Joiners, also Stonemasons)


  • Cherry Thos., Market place
  • Close Stephen Wilson, Market place
  • Hall John, Frenchgate
  • Harrison Rd. Hunt, Market pl
  • Pratt Robert, Bargate
  • Sanderson Chris. Scott, Great channel
  • Taylor Mrs. Hannah, Finkle st
  • Walton Matt. Hy., Market pl

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers. (See also Joiners.)

  • Barker Chris., Bank ends
  • Dennison Thos., Market place
  • Dobinson Robert, Finkle st
  • Elwood Henry, York place
  • Hayward George, New road
  • Metcalfe John, Frenchgate
  • Parkinson Geo., Market place
  • Smith Wilson, Albert square

Cart Owners and Carters.

  • Alderson Chas., Gallowgate
  • Ascough John, Gallowgate
  • Bolland John, Sleegill
  • Bolland Thomas, Hurgill
  • Calvert George, York square
  • Chapman James, Millgate
  • Chapman John, Wellington pl
  • Horseman Frank, Gallowgate
  • Peart Henry, Castle hill
  • Robinson James, Albert square
  • Robinson James, Bargate
  • Robinson Wm., Regent's cres.
  • Russell William, Bridge street


  • Thompson John Thos., Market place and Finkle street
  • Walton Geo. Robt., Market pl

Chimney Sweepers.

  • Daniel John, The Green
  • Golliker Joseph, Bargate
  • Race Ernest, Bargate
  • Thwaites J., Reynoldson's yd

China, Glass, &c., Dealers.

  • Summerbell Wm., Market pl
  • Tennet John Thomas, King st

Coach Builders.

  • Coates George, Wellington pl
  • Simonson John Craggs, High terrace

Coal Agents & Dealers.

  • Anderson Wm., Victoria place
  • Brown William, Maison Dieu
  • Robinson Wm., Regent's cres.
  • Shaw Thomas B., Newbiggin
  • Thompson Edward, Richmond station

Confectioners and Bakers.

  • Metcalfe George Christopher, High row & Great channel
  • Rayner John, Rosemary lane
  • Rounthwaite Thomas (baker), Anchorage hill
  • Russell Barth., Great channel

Corn Merchants.

  • Elliott John, Finkle street
  • Graham George, Market place
  • Horseman John, Newbiggin
  • Lee Thos., Church Flour mills

Corn Miller.

  • Lee Thos., Church Flour mills

Cowkeepers and Milk Dealers. (See also Farmers.)

  • Alderson Charles, Gallowgate
  • Allen Leonard, Wycliffe
  • Ascough John, Gallowgate
  • Ayre George, New road
  • Beagarie James, Market place
  • Bolland George, The Green
  • Bolland Thomas, Hurgill
  • Bolland William, St. Martin's
  • Brand George, Gallowgate
  • Brown John, Bridge Inn
  • Chapman James, Millgate
  • Chapman John, Wellington pl
  • Earl Richard, Castle bank
  • Elwood Mrs., Back House ing
  • Hall Barnabas, Frenchgate
  • Ireland George, The Beacon; h Skeeby
  • Parmley Thomas, Frenchgate
  • Pratt William, Bargate
  • Rayner John, Rosemary lane
  • Rayner Miss Mary Jane, The Green
  • Russell William, Bridge street
  • Shaw William, Newbiggin

Currier and Leather Merchant.

  • Mason Edward, Castle hill


  • Bradley John Jph., Market pl
  • Tibbits Harry William Orton, Market place

Drapers - Linen and Woollen.

  • Ascough Miss Jane Ann, Market place
  • Bainbridge & Co., Market pl
  • Benson John T., Newbiggin
  • Hodgson Chris., Castle hill
  • Lambert Matt. B., Finkle st
  • Mangles Arthur, Newbiggin
  • Peacock George, King street
  • Robinson, Milner, & Co., High row
  • Robson, Wood, & Co., Finkle st
  • Stockdale & Stroughair,Market place
  • Wallace Thomas, Market pl
  • Walton Joseph Wm., Finkle st

Dressmakers. (See Milliners Dressmakers.)

Dyers' Agents.

  • Fraquet Mrs. Elizabeth (Perth Dye works), Market place
  • Heseltine Miss (R. H. Pomfret), High row
  • Metcalfe Geo. Chris. (Puller's, of Perth), High row
  • Wallace Thos. I. (Balmford & Sons), Market place

Farmers. (See also Cowkeepers.)

  • Ascough John (and contractor to the Barracks), Gallowgate
  • Atkinson Thomas, Aske moor
  • Bolland Thomas, Hurgill
  • Bolland William, St. Martin's
  • Brown John, Bridge Inn
  • Carter Wm. & Son (Joseph), High and Low Applegarth
  • Dixon William, High Leases
  • Dowse Charles, Low Leases; h Finkle street
  • Hall John, Whitefields; h Frenchgate
  • Jefferson John, Applegarth
  • Kilburn Alexander (and cattle dealer), Sylvio house
  • Rayner John, Lownthwaite; h Rosemary lane
  • Watson James, Belle isle
  • Wright Richard, High lodge


  • Earl Joseph, The Green
  • Earl William, The Green
  • Myers Samuel, Millgate

Fire and Life Insurance Offices and Agents.

  • Accident; J. Procter, Castle terrace
  • Accidental (Life); J. Wetherell & Son, Frenchgate; J. T. Thompson, King street
  • Atlas (Fire and Life); W. & R. Sheriff, Ryder's wynd
  • British Empire; J. Beagarie, Market place
  • British Equitable (Life); Thos. Spencer, Market place; A. Wharton, Market place
  • County Fire Office; W. R. Walpole, Market place
  • Eagle (Life); E. Milner, Maison Dieu
  • General (Fire and Life); J. Beagarie, Market place
  • Guarantee Society; C. G. Croft, Market place
  • Imperial; John T. Thompson, King street
  • Lancashire (Fire); S. Coates, Frenchgate
  • Law Union (Fire and Life); W. Sheriff, Ryder's wynd
  • Life Association of Scotland; W. R. Walpole, Market pl
  • London Guarantee Accident; W. Sheriff, Ryder's wynd
  • London, Liverpool, Globe; John Smurthwaite, York pl
  • Manchester (Fire); Wm. Cook, Frenchgate
  • Northern Accident; Simon Coates, Frenchgate
  • Northern (Fire and Life); W. Hunton, Low channel
  • Norwich and London Accident and Plate Glass; John T. Thompson, King street
  • Ocean Accident; Simon Coates, Frenchgate
  • Pelican (Life); C. G. Croft,Market place
  • Phoenix (Fire); Chris. George Croft, Market place
  • Prudential; John McKeag, asst. supt., Regent's cres.: Geo. Beech, Victoria place; M. Metcalfe, Cornforth hill; and W. Blades, Castle hill
  • Railway Passngrs.' Accidental; J. Wetherell & Son, Frenchgate
  • Royal Exchange; C. E. Cookes, High row
  • Scottish Equitable; W. Cook, Frenchgate
  • Scottish National; Thomas Wilde, Anchorage hill
  • Scottish Provincial (Fire and Life); J. Wetherell & Son, Frenchgate
  • Star (Life); Simon Coates,Frenchgate
  • Yorkshire (Fire and Life); Hy. C. Priestman, Old bank; W. Ness Walker, Swaledale and Wensleydale bank; and J. Procter, Castle terrace


  • Bell James, Woodyard
  • Cherry William, Castle terrace
  • McGuiness Bernard, Market pl
  • Walker Francis, Market place
  • Walker John, Market place

Flour Merchants.

  • Benson Geo. Jas., Victoria pl
  • Benson Thomas, The Green
  • Blyth & Son, Market place
  • Carr Joseph, The Green
  • Dobinson John, Market place
  • Eddy Robert, Rosemary lane
  • Elliott John, Finkle street
  • Graham George, Market place
  • Hancock Mrs. Mary, Bridge st
  • Lee Thos., Church Flour mills
  • Nevison J. Walton, High row
  • Rayner John(mail contractor), Rosemary lane
  • Robinson James, Bargate
  • Rounthwaite Thos., Anchorage hill
  • Spence W. Laverick,Frenchgate
  • Stubbs John, Market place
  • Whitell Joseph, Market place

Fruiterers and Greengrocers.

  • Bell James, Woodyard
  • Fryer John, Market place
  • Kearton Prank, Great channel
  • McGuiness Bernard, Market pl
  • McGuiness Edward, Market pl
  • McGuiness Thos., High row
  • Todd Wm., Frenchgate head

Game Dealers and Poulterers.

  • Cherry William, Castle terrace
  • Kearton Frank, Great channel
  • McGuiness Bernard, Market pl
  • Musgrave John W., Finkle st
  • Walker Francis, Market place
  • Walker John, Market place

Grocers, Tea Dlrs., &c.

  • Benson G. J., Victoria place
  • Benson Thomas, The Green
  • Brittain William, Bargate
  • Carr Joseph, The Green
  • Croft Miss J. A. Bradbury (late Reynoldson's), High row
  • Denham Thos. Chapman (and cheesemonger), High row
  • Dobinson John, Market place
  • Eddy Robert, Rosemary lane
  • Hayward George, Castle hill
  • Matthews Richard, Newbiggin
  • Nevison Jas. Walton, High row
  • Nowland Wm., Market place
  • Porter Wm. & Co., High row
  • Robinson James, Bargate
  • Rownthwaite T., Anchorage hill
  • Russell Barth., Great channel
  • Spence Wm. L., Frenchgate
  • Tennet & Son, Finkle street
  • Tennet William Thompson, Finkle street
  • Whitell Joseph, Market place


  • Spencer Charles, Finkle street
  • Wilson James, Market place


  • Blades Prank, Market place
  • Sanderson Wm., senr., Great channel
  • Smith John, High row
  • Todd Charles, Market place

Hatters and Hosiers.

  • Bainbridge & Co., Market pl
  • Lambert M. B., Finkle street
  • Musgrave J. W., Finkle street
  • Robinson, Milner, & Co., High row
  • Robson, Wood, & Co., Finkle st
  • Stockdale & Stroughair, Market place

Hay & Straw Dealers.

  • Bolland George, The Green
  • Firby Henry, Hurgill

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns.

  • Bishop Blaize, Market place; Edward Plews
  • Black Lion, Finkle st.; Mrs. M. K. Musgrave
  • Brewery, The Green; James Hodgson
  • Bridge, Bridge end; J. Brown
  • Buck, Newbiggin; Richard Matthews
  • Fleece, Friars' wynd; Mrs. Sarah Herring
  • Golden Lion, Market place; John Allinson
  • King's Head, Market place; Miss Parsons, manageress
  • Oak Tree, Bridge street; Mrs. Mary Ann Gates
  • Punch Bowl, Market place; William Camfield
  • Red Lion, Finkle street; Chas. Dowse
  • Red Lion, Market pl; Gilbert Mole
  • Ship, Frenchgate; G. Kinohin
  • Ship, The Bar; Wm. Hilton
  • Talbot, High row; R. Turner
  • Town Hall, Market place; Jas. Rowntree
  • Turf, King street; P. Hayward
  • Unicorn (and posting house), Newbiggin; Miss Mary Ann Ryder
  • Wellington, Market place; Mrs. Mary Trotter


  • Husband Wm., Rosemary lane
  • Rodber Wm. Walter, High row
  • Spence R. & Co., Market place

Joiners and Builders. (See also Cabinet Makers.)

  • Alderson E., Temple square
  • Harrison George, Newbiggin
  • Lewis Matthew, Sleegill
  • Metcalf Robert, Queen's road
  • Naylor Wm., Albert cottage
  • Parmley George, Maison Dieu
  • Shaw Lawrence, Bank yard
  • Todd W. R. (and cartwright), Pottergate

Land Agents, &c.

(Marked * are Surveyors.)

  • * Bradley John M., Frenchgate
  • Hammond R. T., Queen's road
  • * March James, Newbiggin
  • Sherriff W. hR., Ryder's wynd

Lodgings & Apartmnts.

  • Artas Miss L., Wellington pl
  • Barker Mrs., Market place
  • Blades Thomas, Market place
  • Bradley Miss, Victoria place
  • Brown Mrs. E. H., Frenchgate
  • Brown Mrs. M. A., 4 Victoria pl
  • Bullock Mrs., Frenchgate
  • Clough Mrs. Emma, Millgate
  • Deighton Mrs., Pottergate
  • Denham Mrs. M,, The Terrace
  • Emmerson Mrs., West terrace
  • Fraquet Mrs., Market place
  • Hall Mrs. Ann, Frenchgate
  • Howell Mrs., Newbiggin
  • Isherwood Mrs. M., Frenchgate
  • Jamson Mrs., Newbiggin
  • Kilburn Mrs., Pottergate
  • Smith Mrs. Eliz., Frenchgate head
  • Smith Miss Jane, Newbiggin
  • Weighell Mrs., Regent's cres
  • Whitelock The Misses Sarah, Ann, and Mary, Frenchgate
  • Williamson Mrs., Quaker lane
  • Wmnn J., Newbiggin

Marine Store Dealer.

  • Doherty Jno. & Jas., The Green

Market Gardeners.

  • Allen Simon, Cravengate
  • Miller James, Millgate
  • Shout George (florist), Clink Bank gardens
  • Todd John, Maison Dieu
  • Todd Wm., Frenchgate head

Milliners & Dressmkrs.

Marked m are Milliners, and d are Dressmakers. Those not marked are both.)

  • Ascough Miss J. A., Market pl
  • d Brittain Mrs., Bargate
  • d Brown Miss E., 4 Victoria pl
  • d Chapman Miss, Pottergate
  • d Cherry Mrs., Millgate
  • d Driver Miss, High terrace
  • d Emmerson Miss, West ter
  • d Hancock Miss Ruth Frances, Bridge street
  • d Hunter Mrs. M., 8 Victoria pl
  • d Husband Miss Jane, York pl
  • Lambert Matt. B., Finkle st
  • d Mason Miss Eliza, The Green
  • d Miller Mrs., Millgate
  • m Moss Miss A. E.,Rosemary ln
  • m Peacock George, King street
  • d Peel Miss Eliza, Gallowgate
  • d Petch Theresa, Newbiggin
  • d Pratt Miss, Bargate
  • Robson, Wood, & Co., Finkle st
  • d Simonson Miss, High terrace
  • d Simpson Miss Ann, New rd
  • d Smith Jane, Bargate
  • Stockdale & Stroughair, Market place
  • Summers Miss M., Market pl
  • Wallace Thos., Market place
  • d Webster Miss, Station ter
  • d Weighell Miss, Regent's cres
  • Westwick Misses, Brand's ter

Mineral Water Mnftrs.

  • Walton Geo. Robt., Market pl
  • Watson N. B.D. & Co., York pl

Music Teachers.

  • Callow James, Frenchgate
  • Hunter John, Castle yard
  • Metcalfe Jas. Hy., 4 West ter

Nail Maker,

  • Grieves William, The Green

Newspaper Offices.

  • Bell John, Northern Echo, Market place
  • Cookes Chas. Edwd., Yorkshire Gasette, High row
  • Spencer Thomas, Richmond and Ripon Chronicle and Darlington and Stockton Times, Market place

Painters & Paperhgrs.

  • Blades Thomas, Market place
  • Franklin & Peart, Frenchgate
  • Lawson William, Frenchgate
  • Selby & Brand, Dundas street
  • Smith John Westgarth, Newbigin
  • Stevenson Johnson (and fancy goods dealer), High row

Paper Manufacturers,

  • Cooke H. & Co., Whitcliffe mills
  • Hewitt F. W. & Co., Castle mills


  • Raine Joseph, High row
  • Riley Ingham (fancy goods dealer and shipping agent), Market place
  • Sanderson Bros. (William & Herbert), Great channel

Picture Frame Maker.

  • Petch Henry, Low channel

Plumbers & Gasfitters.

  • Barker John & Rt., Market pl
  • Croft Hy. L., Great channel
  • Elwood R., New road
  • Fryer Christopher, Castle hill
  • Husband Wm., Rosemary lane
  • Kinchin George, Frenchgate
  • Shout John, Rosemary lane

Printers. (See Booksellers, &c.)

Potato Merchants. (See Fruiterers and Market Gardeners.)

Racehorse Breeders and Trainers.

Marked (b) are Breeders, and (t) are trainers.

  • b Hayward George, Quaker lane; h Castle hill
  • t Lunn Thomas, Temple ter
  • t Watson James, Belleisle
  • b Wright Richard, High lodge
  • b Young Alexr., Ryder's wynd

Refreshments Rooms.

  • Cherry Thomas, Market place
  • Laidler S., Richmond station
  • Lambert Charles, Market pl
  • Metcalfe George C., High row
  • Rayner John, Rosemary lane
  • Zetland Cocoa Rooms, King st; Mrs. M. Owen, manageress

Registry Offices for Servants,

  • Britton Mrs., Millgate
  • Riley Mrs., Market place

Rope & Twine Maker.

  • Langstaff John, Millgate

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • King George & Son, Market pl
  • Rymer Henry, Market place


  • Barker Mrs. Isab., Newbiggin
  • Boddy Ann, Bank yard
  • Calvert Thomas, New road
  • Chapman Jane, Pottergate
  • Coates Miss, Wellington place
  • Cowell Mrs., Albert place
  • Hancock Mrs. M., Bridge st
  • Hodgson James, Bargate
  • Mansfield Robert, Bargate
  • Pollard W., Castle hill
  • Smith Mrs., New road
  • Stevenson W., Castle hill
  • Summerbell Mrs. J., Bridge st
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Market pl


  • Blount, Lynch, & Petre Messrs. (of London), Ryder's wynd; William Sheriff, manager
  • Croft Chris., Geo., M.A., Town clerk, clerk of the Peace, clerk to Urban Sanitary Authority, clerk to School Attendance Com., commissioner to administer oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature, and for taking achnowledgments of married women Market place
  • Greathead Francis Joseph, Rosemary lane; h Reeth
  • Heslop John W. B. (& Barnard Castle), solicitor to the Wardens of Kirkby Ravensworth hospital, Gt. channel
  • Hunton Wensley, commissioner to administer oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature, coroner for the Borough of Richmond, clerk to Gilling West and Borough Justices, clerk to Commissioners of Taxes for Gilling West & Richmond Borough, clerk to Board of Guardians, Richmond Union, Rural Sanitary Authority, School Attendance Committee and Union Assessment Committee, Superintendent registrar for Richmond Union, registrar and high bailiff to Richmond County Court, Burgage pasture master and sec., and principal agent of the Conservative Association for the Richmondshire Parliamentary Division, Low channel
  • Rogers Alf. T., commissioner to administer oaths in the Supreme Court ofJudicature, clerk to Richmond Free Grammar School Trustees, to Richmond District Highway Board, to the Rev. Matt. Hutchinson's Charities, to Proprietors of the Richmond Grand Stand, and Steward of the Swaledale Copyhold manors, Queen's road
  • Thompson L. S., Frenchgate

Stock & Share Brokers,

  • Procter John, Castle terrace
  • Whitell Joseph, Market place

Stonemasons & Bulders.

  • Bullock David, Frenchgate
  • Cherry Thomas, Tower street
  • Mattison G. R., Castle cottage
  • Metcalfe Matt., Cornforth hill
  • Shaw William, Newbiggin
  • Thwaites J., Reynoldson'syard
  • Thwaites Marmaduke, Milgate
  • Wade George R., Castle hill


  • Barber A., Frenchgate
  • Carter Thomas, Frenchgate
  • Williams Howell, Frenchgate

Tailors and Clothiers.

  • Bainbridge & Co., Market place
  • Benson Newis, Frenchgate
  • Charlesworth Geo., Rosemary lane
  • Gibson John, Market place
  • Lightfoot John, Bargate
  • Sanderson F. H., Newbiggin
  • Siddall John L., Station road
  • Swainston Henry, Castle hill
  • Westwick Jph., Rosemary lane
  • Winn J., Newbiggin

Tallow Chandler.

  • Denham Thomas Chapman, High row

Temperance Hotels.

  • Cherry Thomas, Market place
  • Lambert Chas., Market place

Timber Merchant.

  • Metcalfe Robt., Queen's road


  • Jamson Joseph Robt., Market place
  • Newman John Robert, Great channel
  • Smith John, High row
  • Todd Charles, Market place
  • Willis John, Market place

Veterinary Surgeons.

  • Fryer John, York place
  • Nash Geo. Ed., Victoria place

Watchmakers and Jewellers.

  • Kaiser Andrew, Market place
  • Murray Robert, King street

Whitesmiths, Bellhangers, and Hot Water Engineers.

  • Barker R. & T., Newbiggin
  • Hayward John, Dundas street and Frenchgate
  • Spence B. & Co., Market place

Wine & Spirit Mchts.

  • Brittain William, Bargate
  • Croft, Marr, & Co., Back ends
  • Porter Wm. & Co., High row
  • Smurthwaite George & Sons, York place
  • Tennet and Son, Finkle street
  • Thompson John T., Market pl
  • Walton Geo. Robert (agent), Market place
  • Young Alexr. (spirit and hop), Ryder's Wynd

Wool Merchants.

  • Earl Joseph, The Green
  • Earl William, The Green
  • Kilburn Alexr., Sylvio house

Carriers to:

(Marked * leave Richmond on Saturdays.)

  • Aldbrough - Rogers, from the Turf *
  • Arkengarthdale - Hillary, from the Cross; Whitehead, from Unicorn
  • Barnard Castle - W. Deacon, from Bishop Blaize *
  • Barningham - John Thomas Bainbridge *
  • Caldwell - Elstrop, from the Turf *
  • Dalton - Nicholson, from the Golden Lion *
  • Darlington and Stockton - Evans, from the Cross
  • Gilling - Alsop, from Underwood's; from Mr. Whitell's, grocer
  • Gunnerside, Low Row, &c. - Alderson, from Market place; Urwin, from the Unicorn
  • Kiplin - Geo. Metcalfe, from Bishop Blaize
  • Kirkby Hill, Gayles, &c. - Beaumont, from Market pl *
  • Leyburn - Harrison, from W. Porter & Co.'s *
  • Marske - Busby, from the Unicorn
  • Middleham - Walker, from King's Head *
  • Muker, Keld, and Swaledale - J. Alderson, from Market pl
  • Ravensworth - John James Robinson, from Market pl *
  • Redmire - Moore, from front of Reynoldson's *
  • Reeth, Fremington, Grinton, &c. - (daily, except Friday) Henry Blenkiron, from the Cross; Spence, from Newbiggin
  • Scorton- Boddy, from King's Head *
  • Tunstall - Hodgson, from Market place
  • West Witton and Wensleydale - Harrison, from Porter & Co.'s *

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.