RICHMOND: Richmond Congregational Church History up to 1868.



Preaching was begun in Richmond in an inn, and it was soon found that the erection of a chapel for Divine worship was indispensable. The case was taken up by the Durham and Northumberland Association, in connection with the West Riding Home Mission. The Rev. William Willits (Blackburn Acy.), was engaged in 1833, and the chapel opened 1835. The pastors have been-
  • 1835. Rey. WILLIAM WILLITS.
  • 1837. Rev. JOSEPH BOTTOMLEY.
  • 1842. Rev. JOHN HARROP (Rotherham Coll.). He left 1847.
  • 1848. Rev. JOHN YEATES.
  • Rev. T. M. REIKIE (Glasgow). Left for Bowmanville, Canada, 1854.
  • 1855. Rev. WILLIAM ANDERSON. Removed to Chesterfield, 1856.
  • 1857. Rev. HENRY OAKLEY. Removed to Chester-le-street.
  • 1866. Rev. ARCHIBALD MORRISON (Cotton End Acy.), the present minister (in 1868).

* By aid of Rev. A. Morrison.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.