Robinson's Guide to Richmond (1833)

Part 21
Appendix No. I.


A List of the rarer Plants growing in the neighbourhood of Richmond.

Acea CAMPESTRE, Hedges in the foot-road to Easby. 
Actea spicata, Whitfell Gill, near Askrigg, Wensleydale.
Adoxa moschatellina, common under hedges, &c.
AEgopodium Podagraria, Low Back-house-ing.
Alisma ranunculoides, in a Pond on Downholme-moor.
Allium vineale, Castle-bank, -near the Rookery at Easby.
Allium oleraceum, Gallow-gate, upon a wall.
Anagallis tenella, Druggon Hill, near Scotton.
Antirrhinum majus, old walls in Cravengate.
Aquilegia vulgaris, Applegarth abundant - Aysgarth Force, Wensleydale.
Arabis hirsuta, St. Agatha's Abbey, on the ruins.
Arenaria verna, banks of the Swale, west of Richmond.
Artemisia vulgaris, Bolton-on-Swale.
Aspienium viride, Aislabeck. adiantum nigrum, Clink Bank Wood.
Aspidium aculeatum Smith, Downholme Park Gill.
------ angulare Smith, ditto
------ lobatum Smith, Billy Bank.
Aspidium oreopteris, Whashton Bank.
Avena~ pubescens, West Field, Richmond.
BERBERIS VULGARIS, on the ruins of St. Agatha's Abbey.
Bidens cernua var. radiated, Bolton Beck.
------ tripartita, Bolton Beck.
Blechnum boreale, Aislabeck.
Blysmus compressus, St. Trinian's Pond.
Botrychium Lunaria, on the east side of the Round Howe.
Brassica campestris, on the banks of Gilling Beck.
------ Napus, in a Corn field near Clapgate Bank.
CALAMAGROSTIS LANGEOLATA ROTH~ in a marshy wood near Hipswell Lodge.
Calamintha officinalis, Castle Bank.
Callitriche autumnalis, in pools of water on Downholme Moor.
Camelina sativa, in a corn-field near Clapgate.
Campanula glomerata, Gallow Fields.
------ latifolia, Hedges and Thickets.
Cardamine amara, Clink Bank.
------ pratensis flor: plena, in a marshy pasture at Sandbeck, on the
road to Scotton.
Carex ampullacea, near Scotton.-marsh near Skeeby Mill.
------ binervis, Black Plantation, on the road to Kirkby Hill.
------ curta, Downholme Moor.
------ dioica, Downholme Moor. divulsa, in the road to Easby. ------
Oederi, near Clapgate Bank.
Carex flava & fulva, on the north-west of the Beacon in marshy ground.
------ pallescens, moist pastures near Skeeby.
------ paniculata, marshy ground near Sedbury.
------ pendula, Clink Bank. pilulifera, Downholme Moor.
------ pulicaris, near Hipswell Lodge.
------ stellulata, Hipswell Lodge.
------ vesicaria, in a Pond near St. Trinians.
------ vulpina, Broken Briar, in the Lane.
Carlina vulgaris, Whitcliffe Scar.
Catebrosa aquatica, St. Trinians Pond.
Centaurea scabiosa, Gallow Fields.
Cerastium arvense, Castle Bank.
Chelidonium majus, in the lane to Skeeby.
Chrysosplenium alternifolium, and oppositifol: Billy Bank.
Cichorium Intybus, in corn-fields from Skeeby to the High-Street.
Clematis Vitalba, in Mr: Yorke's Grounds.
Circaea lutetiana, in Billy Bank Wood.
Clinopodium vulgare, Clink Bank.
Cnicus heterophyllus, new bridge over the Swale near Downholme.
Cochlearia officinalis, on the banks of the Swale.
Colchicum autumnale, West Field.
Comarum palustre, Downholme Moor.
Convallaria majalis, Round Howe.
------ multifiora, banks of the Swale, opposite Applegarth.
Convolvulus Sepium, Clink Bank.
Cornus sanguinea, Clink Bank.-Round Howe.
Cynoglossum officinale, in the lanes about Richmond.
DAPHNE LAUREOLA, in the woods about Richmond.
------- Mezereum, near St. Trinians. -on the Islands in the Swale, below
the Force.
Digitalis purpurea, Aislabeck.
Dipsacus pilosus, Applegarth
Draba incana, on rocks on Reeth Moor, Swaledale.
Drosera rotundifolia, Black Plantation.
ELEOCHARIS FLUITANS, in Ponds on Downholme Moor. paucifiora, in moist
places on a moor near the Beacon.
Epilobium angustifolium, banks of the Swale at Applegarth.
------ tetragonum, Aislabeck.-on the top of the West Field.
Epipactis latifolia, Aske Wood.
------ palustris, near Skeeby Mill.
Equisetum sylvaticum, Sandbeck, in the road to Scotton
Erigeron acre, on the ruins of St. Agatha's Abbey.
Eriophorum polystachion, marshy ground near Hudswell.
------ pubescens Smith, Aysgarth Force, Wensleydale.
Erysimum Cheiranthoides, in the lane to Reeth, near the Hagg.
Euonymus europaeus, Clink Bank.
Euphorbia exigua, corn-fields near Skeeby.
FESTUCA ELATIOR, banks of the Swale
------- loliacea, moist meadows near Richmond.
Festuca Myurus, near Leyburn, in the road to the Lime Kilns.
GAGEA LUTEA, Bent Hagg, behind the Farm House, in a wood opposite to
Galeopsis Ladanum, in corn-fields at Applegarth.
------- versicolor, in a corn-field at Thorpe, about three - three miles
west of Richmond.
Galium boreale, banks of the Beck between Skeeby and Brompton.
------- Mollugo, near Skeeby Mill.
------- pusillum, Applegarth, on Limestone.
------- cruciatum, Hedge Banks, &c.
Genista anglica, Aislabeck.
------- tinctoria, near the Paper Mill.
Gentiana amarella, Race Course.
------ campestris, Whitcliffe Scar.
Geranium lucidum, old walls about Richmond.
------- columbinum, Applegarth,-Aysgarth Force.
------- pusillum, Applegarth.
------ phoeum, Aske Wood.
------ sylvaticum &var, in Woods common.
Geum urbanum, Clink Bank.
------ intermedium, Billy Bank Wood.
Gnaphalium dioicum, Aislabeck.
------ sylvaticum, Aislabeck.
Gymnadenia conopsea, Round Howe.
viridis, Round Howe.
Helleborus viridis, in a Thicket opposite Brompton.--near Marske.
Hieracium murorum, Clink Bank on the White Dog.
Hieracium sylvaticum, old walls, common.
-------- paludosum, Aske Wood. Hippocrepis comosa, Aysgarth Force
Hippuris vulgaris, Semer Water, Wensleydale.
Hordeum murinum, Castle Bank.
Humulus Lupulus, Kirkby Hill;
Hutchinsia petraea, on rocks near Reeth, in Swaledale Hydrocotyle
vulgaris, near Skeeby Mill.
Hypericum dubium, Applegarth.
------- humifusum, near Hipswell.
------- pulchrum, Whitcliffe Wood.
Juniperus var: nana, Red Scar, near Downholme.
LACTUCA VIROSA, on the ruins of St. Agatha's Abbey.
Lamium incisum, on a Hedge bank near Scotton.
------- amplexicaule, corn-fields at tile White Field
Lathraea Squamaria, Round Howe, and the woods westward.
Ligustrum vulgare, Clink Bank.
Limosella aquatica, Bolton Beck.
Linaria cymbalaria, Castle Wall, and old Walls about Richmond.
------ vulgaris, Gallow Fields.
------ minor in the lane between Harmby and Constable Burton.
Linum perenne, on the Shoal, Leyburn, by the edge of the wood.
Listera cordata, Black Plantation.-Downholme Moor.
------ ovata var: with three and four leaves, Black Plantation.
------ nidus avis, Round Howe
Lithospermum officinale, near St. Trinians.
Littorella lacustris, bogs on Downholme Moor.'
Lotus tenuis, on a Moor near the Beacon.
Luzula congesta Sm: on the Training Ground.
------ sylvatica, Billy-bank.
Lycopus europaeus, Bolton Beck.
Lysimachia nummularia, Bolton Beck.
Lycopsis arvensis, near Brompton.
MALVA MOSCHATA, in the Lane to Skeeby.
Melampyrum pratense var: montanum, Training Ground.
Melica caeulea, Black Plantation.
------ nutans, Aysgarth Force, Wensleydale.
Mentha piperita, Aske Wood, near the Octagon House.
Myosotis caespitosa, St. Trinians Pond.
------ collina, Old Walls, Easby.
------ versicolor, near the Beacon.
Myriophyllum spicatum, Downholme Moor.
Myrrhis odorata, Easby,-near the Round Howe.
NARCISSUS BIFLORUS, in a field adjoining the lane to Gilling.
Narthecium ossifragum, Black Plantation.
Nasturtium terrestre, Bolton Beck.
Nepeta cataria, in the lane to Brompton.
Nymphaea alba, in a Pond at Middleton Lodge.
OENANTHE APIIFOLIA? near the suspension bridge, Middleham.
Ophioglossum vulgatum, Easby.
Ophrys apifera, by the side of the river Ure, near Wensley.
------ muscifera, near Bolton Hall, Wensleydale.
Orchis latifolia, near Skeeby Mill.
----- morio, West Field.
----- pyramidalis, near Wensley.
----- ustulta, West Field, near the Gravel Pit.
Orobanche rubra? Limestone Rock, on the Shoal near Leyburn.
Oxalis acetosella var. flor. varlegat: Black Plantation.
Paris quadrifolia, Round Howe.
Parnassia palustris, marshy ground near Skeeby.
Pastinaca sativa, Marrick Park, amongst stones.
Petasites vulgaris faemina, Sandbeck, the road to Scotton.
Peplis portula, Downholme Moor.
Pinguicula vulgaris, near Skeeby;
Pimpinella magna, Jerveaux Abbey, near Middleham,
Pilularia globulifera, Downholme Moor.
Polygonun Bistorta, West Field.
------ minus, Bolton Beck.
---- viviparum, Aysgarth Force, Wensleydale
Populus nigra, banks of the Swale below Easby.
Polypodium Dryopteris, Whashton Bank.
----- Phegopteris, Bellerby Moor.
Potamogeton crispum, in the Swale at Clink-bank.
----- densum, Gilling Beck.
----- pusillum, St. Trinians Pond.
-----heterophyllum, Dowuholme Moor.
Primula farinosa, Hipswell Lodge.
Prunus Cerasus, Round Howe.
----- domestica, in a hedge near Skeeby.
----- Padus, Clink-bank.
Pulicaria dysenterica, in the lane at St. Tritilans
Pyrola minor, Aske Wood.
Pyrus Aria, Downholme Scar.
------- Lingua, Wisk, near Northallerton.
------- arvensis, corn-fields, near Skeeby.
------- hederaceus, in a rivulet near Skeeby.
Reseda Luteola, on the Castle-bank.
Rhamnus catharticus, hedges near Skeeby.---Aysgarth Force.
Rhinanthus major, in corn-fields near Applegarth.
Ribes alpinum, in the woods about Richmond.
----- Grossularia, hedges and woods.
----- petraeum, banks of the Swale, plentiful.
----- spicatum Robson? not to be found.
Rubus carpinifolius, in the lane to Gilling, near Aske
------- chamaemorus, on Penhill, Wensleydale.
------- idaes, moist woods.
------- Kochleri, Clink-bank. leucostachys, Aske Wood.
------- rhamnifolius, near Whitcliffe Wood.
------- saxatilis, Round Howe.
------- suberectus, moist wood near Hipswell Lodge.
------- nitidus Smith, near the Farm House, Coalsgarth.
SAGINA APETALA, old wall, the top of Frenchgate.
Sagittaria sagittifolia, Wisk, Northallerton.
Salix acuminata, near Colburn Wathe.
------ Andersoniana, In a marshy field at Ravensworth.
------ bicolor, banks of the Swale.
Salix decipiens, Aske Wood.
------ Forbiana, banks of the Swale, on the Batts
------ Lambertiana, ditto.
------ pentandra, near Sedbury.
------ Smithiana, Clink-bank.'
------ triandra, Gilling Beck.
------ oleifolia, banks of the Swale, near Colburn.
------ rubra, near St. Trinians.
------ repens, near Bellerby.
------ prostrata, moors common.
Sambucus Ebulus, near Piersbridge.
Sanguisorba officinalis, West Field.
Saponaria officinalis, Castle-bank.
Saxifraga hypnoides, on Penhill.
------ aizoides, Whitfell Gill, Askrigg, in Wensleydale.
------ granulata, West Field.
------ umbrosa, Aske Wood, introduced.
Schoenus nigricans, in a marsh near Skeeby Mill.
Scirpus sylvaticus, near Sedbnry.
Scolopendrium vulgare, Billy -bank.
Scutellaria galericulata, Bolton Beck.
Sedum album, Old Wall, Cravengate.
------- reflexum, Middleton Tyas.
Senecio tenuifolius, St. Trinians.
------- sylvaticus, Aislabeck.
Sesleria caerulea, Aysgarth Force.
Silene maritima, Red Scar, near Downholme.
Sisymbrium Sophia, Brompton.
Siam augustifolium, marshy places near Sedbury.
------- inundatum, Downholme Moor.
Sium nodiflorum, Skeeby
Solanum Dulcamara, Skeeby Beck.
Solidago virgaurea, banks of the Swale.
-------- var. cambrica, Reeth Moor.
Sparganium simplex, St. Trinians Pond.
-------- natans, near Sedbury.
Spiraea salicifolia, Aske Wood.
Stachys arvensis, near Catterick Bridge.
Stellaria nemorum, Ironbanks Wood.
Taxus baccata, Whitcliffe Wood.
Teucrium scordium, Bolton Beck.
Tilia grandifolia, Clink-bank.
Thiaspi alpestre, near Reeth.
------- arvense, near Leyburn Bleach Yard.
Torilis nodosa Castle bank
Trefolium medium, banks of the Swale.
------- striatum,.
Triodia decumbens, Race Ground.
Trollius europaeus, Round Howe, east side.
Turritis glabra, in the lane at Catterick Bridge.
ULEX NANUS, Gatherley Moor Sand Pit.
Ulmus montana, Clink-bank.
------- suberosa, in the lane to Aske.
Verbena officinalis, Skeeby.
Veronica Anagallis, in the rivulet at Skeeby.
------- montana, Billy-bank.
------- polita, in Gardens, &c.
------- scutellaria, on the road to Scotton, near Sandbeck.
Vicia sylvatica, near the Force.
Vinca minor, Mr. Yorke's Grounds.
Viola hirta, Round Howe.
------ lutea, Aislabeck. palustris, Black Plantation.
------ odorata flore alba, in the foot lane, Gallow Fields.
ZANICHELLIA PALUSTRIS, in a rivulet near Skeeby.

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Data transcribed from:
Robinson's Guide to Richmond (1833)
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