Richmond parish:


Richmond, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in St. Mary's Church, Richmond.

The Church of St.Mary's Richmond, was in existance in 1137,
and was given to the Priory of St. Martins Richmond.
The Register Books commence in 1556. The following is a
list of the Rectors from about 1250.

1250Peter Chaplain 1706Thomas Brooke
1280William Clericus 1739Francis Blackburne
1316Nicholas de Kirkeby 1789Thomas Leighton
1317Thomas Sleight 1789Christopher Goodwill
1318John Sleight 1822William Barnes
1322Robert Boughes 1838Robert Meek
1340John de Bek 1843F Scott Surtees
1353Hugo de Frithby 1850Lawrence Ottley
1366Robert de Akesgarth 1861Richard E Roberts
1369John Harwood 1890William Danks
1443Robert Eston 1897Ludovick Stuart Robinson
1449Hugh Walker 1907Neville Egerton Leigh
1462Robert Mason 1927Arnold Moon Sullivan
1465Oliver Bland 1940Sheffield G B Exham
1473Robert Mason 1945William Stuart MacPherson
1554Edward Gretehead 1954Peter Beresford Perrso
1568Thomas Ford 1962David H Sillar
1569Anthony Ford 1974Christopher N H White
1573Nicholas Stonell   
1582Edmund Sitheby   
1585Anthony Johnson   
1620Thomas Rokeby   
1639George Fearnly   
1649Thomas Hill   
1658John Kearton   
1664Richard Godvalve   
1700Robert Booth   
1705William Lupton   

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson