Scalby parish:


Scalby, Benefactions transcription:

The list of Benefactions in St. Laurence's Church, Scalby.

Mr. CHRISTOPHER KELD, by his Will devised a House and garden place, and two closes of Land in Scalby, for the benefit of four of the poorest Widows or Widowers within the Towns of Scalby, Newby, and Throstanby: the said poor people to be chosen, nominated and appointed, by the Vicar of Scalby for the time being.

Mr. ADAM FARSIDE by Will dated 29th January, 1700, bequeathed Three pounds a year, chargeable upon certain lands in Scalby, to be distributed to the poor within the Town and Constabulary of Scalby, by the Vicar and Church Wardens for the time being, on Easter day, Whitsunday, and Christmas day.

The second plaque: (see also Photo)

The Sum of Fourteen Pound Ten Shillings is payable annually by EDWARD SEDGEFIELD DONNER Esquire, his Heirs and Assigns, out of about Seventy Acres of Land situate on the Moors bounded by the Gowland Road East, & Harwooddale West, to be distributed in Coals at Christmas amongst the Poor Inhabitants of Scalby, Newby & Burniston; by the Vicar, Church-wardens and Overseers.

SCALBY, Six Pounds
NEWBY, Three Pounds
BURNISTON, Five Pounds Ten Shillings
April 17th 1848 Ja's Sedgwick, Vicar
T. Hardcastle, Church-Warden

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson