Scarborough-Old Meeting-House Congregational Church History


Scarborough-Old Meeting-House Congregational Church History up to 1868.



Whether the first Dissenting congregation in this fashionable watering-place was Presbyterian or Independent cannot be now determined. The erection of the chapel took place in 1704.
  • 1700. Rev. W. HANNAY was the son of one of the Scottish covenanters, and a sufferer with him in the same noble cause.
  • After a pastorate of twenty-five years he relinquished his charge, or died, in 1725.
  • 1726. Rev. WILLIAM WHITAKER, from Goudhurst, Kent.
  • Old age and infirmities compelled Mr. Whitaker to retire in 1773. He died in 1776, æt. 81, after a ministry of fifty years. A Mr. Skeaf preached here for some time, and died 17 2 3. (Northowram Reg.)
  • 1773. Rev. SAMUEL BOTTOMLEY. At this time the congregation was extremely small, not exceeding thirty persons. But under Mr. B.'s ministry it greatly increased, and a new chapel was built 1774. In 180i its enlargement became necessary, and during some considerable time the congregation, especially in the visitors' season, was prosperous. Mr. B. was a man of commanding presence. After a ministry of fifty-seven years he died, æt 80,
  • 1831. His funeral sermon was preached by Rev. E. Parsons, Leeds. In 1811 there were about eighty communicants.
  • 1831. Rev. GEORGE BALDERSTONE KIDD (Rotherham Coll.). Mr. B. had been since 1812 a member of the church at Scarborough, and for three years Mr. Bottomley's assistant. He died, somewhat suddenly, 1851.
  • 1851. Rev BENJAMIN BACKHOUSE (Spring-hill). Left 1863.
  • 1866. Rev. E. L. ADAMS (Lancashire), from Nantwich, the present minister (in 1868).

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the Appendix to
Congregationalism in Yorkshire
by James C. Miall, 1868.