Scarborough Directory of Trades and Professions for 1823


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SCARBOROUGH in Baines's Directory of 1823.

  • Post Mistress, Rachael Woodall, Office, Palace Hill,
  • Letters arrive from York, Malton and London every morning at 7 o'clock, and depart at half past 1 afternoon.
Gentry &c.:
  • Allen Isabella, gentwmn. Newbro' street
  • Barnby Mrs. Castlegate
  • Bates Ann, gentwmn. Queen street
  • Bean William, gent. out of the bar
  • Bell John, Esq. Bell Vue
  • Bias Mrs. Elizabeth, Queen street
  • Blanchard Mrs. Sarah, Newbro' street
  • Bogg David, gent. Cooke's row
  • Boldera William, yeoman, West Sandgate
  • Botterill John, yeoman, Tanner street
  • Bottomley Mrs. Ann, Long Westgate
  • Bottomley Rev. Saml. St. Mary's street
  • Breary Mrs. Harriett Ann, Queen street
  • Briggs John, gent. Batty's street
  • Brown Fenwick, gent. Cooke's row
  • Byron Henry, gent. St. Mary's street
  • Cape Mrs. gentlewoman, King street
  • Chambers John, gent. Queen street
  • Chambers Thomas, gent. Quay street
  • Chambers William, gent. Tollergate
  • Clark Francis, gent. Merchant's row
  • Cockerill Mrs. Catherine, Sand side
  • Collins Mrs. Ann, Batty's street
  • Cooper Mrs. Mary, Newbro' street
  • Coulson John, gent. St. Sepulchre street
  • Cousins Mrs. Dorothy, Aubro' street
  • Davis George, gent. without the bar
  • Doughty Mrs. Jane, Newbro' street
  • Dowker Rev. Edmund, Newbro' street
  • Duff Mrs. Jean, Queen street
  • Elders Mrs. Jane, Queen street
  • Fletcher Mrs Jane St. Sepulchre street
  • Fox Mrs. Hannah, Palace hill
  • Glover Mrs. Catharine, Castlegate
  • Goldsbrough Mrs. Elizabeth, Princess street
  • Goodrick Mrs. Elizabeth, Cliff
  • Gray Mrs. Elizabeth, Queen street
  • Gray Mrs. Hannah, Quay street
  • Haigh Rev. William, Sand side
  • Harding Mrs. Mary, Auborough street
  • Harrison Francis, gent. Batty's street
  • Harrison George, yeoman, Dumple street
  • Harrison George, yeoman, Leaden post street
  • Harrison John, yeoman Tanner at.
  • Hawson Robert, gent. Cooke's row
  • Headley Miss Margaret, Sand side
  • Headley Thomas, gent. Sand side
  • Hebden Edward Hopper, Esq. Cliff
  • Hebden Miss Grace, Queen street
  • Henderson Mrs. Esther, Cliff
  • Henderson Robert, gent. Cliff
  • Herbert Mrs. Jane, Queen street
  • Hesp Mrs. Princess street
  • Hesselwood Rt. gent. Leaden post st
  • Hinderwell Thomas, Esq. Newbro' street
  • Hodgson Mrs. Cross street
  • Hodgson Mrs. Mary Sand side
  • Hornby Mrs. Mary, Long Westgate
  • Hudson Mrs. Sophia, Sand side
  • Husband William, yeoman, Friar's entry
  • Jordan Thomas, gent. Princess street
  • Keld Thomas, Esq. Long room street
  • Kendal Admiral John, Auborough street
  • King Mrs. Jane, Albion place
  • Kirk Rev. John, vicar, Long Westgate
  • Lakeland Thomas, gent. Tanner street
  • Lord Mrs. Peggy, Newbro' street
  • Lund John, Esq. Princess street
  • Maling George, gent. St. Macs street
  • Maynard David, yeoman, Tanner street
  • Megson Mrs. Elizabeth, Auborough street
  • Metcalfe Mrs. Ann, Princess street
  • Mills James, yeoman, Auborough street
  • Morrett Ann, gentwn. Cliff
  • Neal John, yeoman, Long Westgate
  • Nesfield Mrs. Elizabeth, Auborough street
  • Nightingale John, gent. Long Westgate
  • Oldfield Dr. J. High Westgate
  • Owen Charles, sen. yeoman, King street
  • Owen Charles, jun. yeoman, King street
  • Parkin Miss Ann, West Sandgate
  • Parkin Thomas, gent. Sand side
  • Pearson Thomas, gent. Princess street
  • Philliskirk Mrs. Ann, Queen street
  • Revis Mrs. Mary, Tanner street
  • Roberts Charles, Esq. Albion place
  • Roberts Major Charles, Huntriss row
  • Robinson Benjamin, yeoman, Castlegate
  • Robinson Miss Elizabeth, Huntriss row
  • Robinson George, yeoman, Auborough street
  • Ruston Anthony, gent, Batty's street
  • Sargent Rev. George, High Westgate
  • Sedman William, gent. Batty's st,
  • Shaw Miss Hannah, Castlegate
  • Sherwood E. gent. without the bar
  • Shore John, Esq. Long room street
  • Smith Thomas, yeoman, Sand side
  • Snowball Mrs. Jane, Long Westgate
  • Staines Thomas, gent. Tollergate
  • Stephens William, gent. Newbro' street
  • Stopford William, gent. Albion place
  • Sykes Rev. John, Tollergate
  • Taylor Gawan, Esq. Newbro' street
  • Thomas William, gent. Cooke's row
  • Thompson Thomas, M. D. Albion place
  • Thompson Mrs., without the bar
  • Tindall John, Esq. Cliff
  • Tindall Robert, sen. Esq. High Westgate
  • Tindall William, yeoman, Huntriss row
  • Todd Mrs. Jane, without the bar
  • Topham Miss Mary, St. Sepulchre street
  • Towse Richard, yeoman, Long Westgate
  • Travis William, Esq. ordnance store keeper, Newbro' street
  • Turner Mrs. Jane, Batty's street
  • Vardy Michael, yeoman, Sand side
  • Wellburn Mrs. Mary, Batty's street
  • White George, yeoman, Castlegate
  • Whiting Rich. yeoman, Long room street
  • Whittle Joshua, gent. Palace hill
  • Williamson Richard, gent. Albion place
  • Williamson Thomas, gent. Princess st,
  • Willis Mrs. Elizabeth, Princess street
  • Wilson Mrs. Ann, Sand side
  • Wilson Richard, Esq. Cliff
  • Wood William, yeoman, West Sandgate
  • Woolley Mrs. Queen street
  • Young Mrs. Elizabeth, Bolts
  • Addison Robert, Queen street
  • Baines Elizabeth, Dumple street
  • Beard Rev. Jas. Freeman, Queen at.
  • Hornsey Robert, St. Sepulchre street
  • Irvin Rev. Thomas, Queen street
  • Kitchingman William & Ann, Newbro' street
  • Kyte Mary, (la. bdg.) St. Sepulchre street
  • Laube M'Roger de, (French) Friar's entry
  • Millburn Richard, St. Sepulchre street
  • Potter William, King street
  • Simpson William, Cooke's row
  • Sleightholm Ellen, (ladies' day) Cooke's row
  • Stickney Jane, (ladies' boarding & day) High Westgate
  • Thompson George, St. Sepulchre street
  • Wainman Nancy, Cooke's row
  • Wellburn George, Merchant's row
  • Hill Francis, (to Edinbro' & London, steam ship, & Lloyds) Quay street
  • Nicholson David, (to Edinbro & London, steam ship) Newbro' street
  • Sedman and Weddill, (lottery) Newbro' street
Anchor Smiths,
  • Cobb William and Co. Sand side
  • Fleming George, Bolts
  • March William and Benjamin, Sand side
  • Chambers William, Long Westgate
Attornies and Solicitors,
  • Benson C. J. F. King street
  • Cornwall John, Queen street
  • Hesp John, Tanner street
  • Hornby Benjamin, Long room street
  • Page William Sagon, (and notary) and Nathaniel Howard Usher, Newbro' street
  • Robson R. S. (& notary) Newbro' street
  • Shore Arthur, Long room street
  • Thornton W D. Newbro' street
  • Travis & Woodall, Long room street
  • Wardell T. M. Newbro' street
Auctioneers and Appraisers,
  • Laybourn Thomas, Leaden post street
  • Mears William, Carr street
  • Nattriss John, (and sheriff's officer), Batty's street
  • Simpson William, Cross street
Bacon, Ham, &c. Factors,
  • Boyes James, King street
  • Boyes William, Queen street
  • Galtrey Matthew, Dumple street
Bakers Dread and Biscuit,
  • Clark Daniel, Princess street
  • Crawford James, Quay street
  • Gibson William, Carr street
  • Hayes John, West Sandgate
  • Hobson Robert, West Sandgate
  • Nedby William, Globe street
  • Newton Charles, Newbro' street
  • Pecket Christopher, Long room street
  • Scott Thomas, Cross street
  • Shaw Benjamin, East Sandgate
  • Sleightholm Story, Carr street
  • Stonehouse Robert, Merchant's row
  • Waine George, Newbro' street
  • Ward George, Dumple street
  • Woodall Tindall, Cooke and Co. (on Sir Peter Pole & Co.) Queen street
  • Harland William, Filey road
  • Thompson and Co. Quay street
  • Travis William, Cliff
Billiard Tables,
  • Donner Edward, Long room street
  • Johnson Henry, Long room street
  • Keld Charles, St. Sepulchre street
  • Watson Peter, King street
  • Nicholson John, Tanner street
  • Reed John, Cross street
Booksellers, Printers, Stationers, and Binders,
  • Ainsworth Jane, (bookslr) Newbro' street
  • Cole John, (& paper hanging dealer) Newbro' street
  • Millson Richard (binder) Cross street
  • Sedman & Weddill, (& paper hanging dealers, and letter press & copper plate printers) Newbro' street
  • Todd Christopher & Joseph, (printers) Long room street
Boot and Shoemakers,
  • Abbey Jonathan, Long room street
  • Andrews John, Merchant's row
  • Binnington Edward, Leaden post street
  • Bradshaw George, Queen street
  • Clark John, Long Westgate
  • Cranswick R. J. Newbro' street
  • Ellis Isaac, Long Westgate
  • Fox William, Merchant's row
  • Gibson James, Carr street
  • Grant William, St. Sepulchre street
  • Hume Walter, Princess street
  • Jackson John, St. Sepulchre street
  • Johnson Thomas, Cooke's row
  • Laybourn William, Long Westgate
  • Leake F. Long room st. & Newbro' street
  • Leighton Thomas, Long Westgate
  • Marshall Thomas, Merchant's row
  • Merry Joseph, King street
  • Nichols John, Bland's cliff
  • Peacock William, King street
  • Percy George, Newbro' street
  • Ross John, Long Westgate
  • Salmond Edward, Tuthill
  • Sellers Thomas, West Sandgate
  • Thompson Christopher, Cross street
  • Tomlinson John, Newbro' street
  • Vickerman William, St. Helen's sqr.
  • Wetherill Peter, Dumple street
  • Wrigley John, Leaden post street
Braziers and Tinplate Workers,
  • Bye D. Newbro' street
  • Dale John Newbro' street
  • Goodbarn Joseph, Leaden post street
  • Killerby Benjamin, King street
  • White Thomas, Carr street
Brewers and Maltsters,
  • Hammond Joseph, (maltster) Paradise
  • Hutchinson William, Tanner street
  • Nesfield George & Son, Auborough street
  • Page and Dale, Tanner street
  • Wellburn John,(brewer) Huntriss row
Bricklayers and Builders,
  • Barry William, (& brick maker) Long Westgate
  • Boyes James, St. Mary's street
  • Fryer Thomas, Long Westgate
  • Garnett Robert, Dumple street
  • Southwell John, (and brick maker), Albion place
  • Thompson and Saunderson, (and brick makers,) Auborough street
  • Allanson William, St. Helen's square
  • Anderson John, St. Helen's square
  • Bailey James, St. Helen's square
  • Bowman Ringrose, St. Sepulchre street
  • Brown William, Dumple street
  • Fenwick David, New Shambles
  • Leake Robert, Sand side
  • Meggison Stephen, Cross street
  • Pearson John, New Shambles
  • Petty Thomas, New Shambles
  • Read George Jun. St. Helen's square
  • Rowbotham Isaac, New Shambles
  • Sedman Thomas, sen. Leaden post street
  • Sedman Thomas, jun. Leaden post street
  • Sedman William, Leaden post street
  • Vazey William Henry, New Shambles
  • Wilson Thomas, Newbro' street
Cabinet Makers,
Those marked thus * are Upholsterers.
  • Archer Tristram, St. Sepulchre street *
  • Jameson Daniel, Newbro' street *
  • Lawson Thomas, Huntriss row
  • Lunn Thomas, St. Sepulchre street
  • Thornton Samuel, Globe street
  • White Daniel, Merchant's row
Chemists and Druggists,
  • Champley John, Newbro' street
  • Fox John, Newbro' street
  • Turner and Weddill, Newbro' street
Coach Builders,
  • Potter William, without the Bar
  • Scaley M. L. top of Huntriss walk
Coal Dealers,
  • Brown Ann, St. Mary street
  • Owen Joseph, King street
  • Beswick B. without the bar
  • Grayson Benjamin, Newbro' street
  • Newton Charles, Newbro' street
  • Richardson Ellen, without the bar
  • Waine George, Newbro' street
  • Chapman John, Carr street
  • Morwan Robert, Quay street
  • Watson George, Quay street
Cork Cutters,
  • Lawson Richard, Long Westgate
  • White George, Cross street
Corn Factors,
  • Hudson Jeremiah, Sand side
  • Marflitt Robert, Bland's cliff
Corn and Flour Dealers,
  • Pennock John, Newbro' street
  • Pitts John, Newbro' street
Corn Millers,
  • Gibson William, Carr street
  • Nesfield Guy, without the Bar
  • Newton Charles, Newbro' street
  • Pennock John, Newbro' street
  • Pitts John, Newbro' street
  • Simpson Robert, Plantation mill
Curriers and Leather Cutters,
  • Adamson John, Cross street
  • Campion George, Cross street
  • Milligan P. (leather cutter) Globe street
  • Thompson Samuel, Cross street
  • Whitehead Francis, High Westgate
Cutlery Dealers,
  • Crossby Jane, St. Sepulchre street
  • Howes Henry, Globe street
  • Mears William, Carr street
  • Hick Mary, (silk) Dumple street
  • Thacker John, Cross street
Fire and Life Insurance Agents,
  • Atlas, C. J. F. Benson, King street
  • British, Benjamin, Fowler, Princess street
  • County and Provident, Sedman and Weddill, Newbro' street
  • Eagle, Robert Marflitt, Bland's cliff
  • Globe, Robert Goodwill, Newbro' street
  • Hope, W. S. Page, Newbro' street
  • Imperial, John Heap, Tanner street
  • Newcastle, T. Hart, St. Sepulchre street
  • Phoenix, Robert, Ward, Queen street
  • Royal Exchange, J. Cornwall, Queen street
  • Suffolk, John Rowntree, Queen street
  • Sun, Timothy Hardcastle, Queen street
  • Busfield Thomas, Sand side
  • Cappleman William, Whitehead hill
  • Dewsbury George, Long greece
  • Glenton George & Co. Merchant's row
  • Lancaster Sarah and Co. Sand side
  • Potter Mary, Long greece
Furniture Brokers,
  • Jackson John, St. Sepulchre street
  • Lunn Sarah, St. Sepulchre street
  • Midgley Richard, St. Sepulchre street
  • Milner Ellen, St. Sepulchre street
  • Rawson Elizabeth, Leaden post street
Gardeners, &c.,
  • Chatwin Robert, Dumple street
  • Dooker and Pinder, Weaponness
  • Hick John, without the Bar
  • Nurdass William, Auborough street
  • Walshaw Thomas, King street
  • Williamson John, Huntriss row
Glass, China & Earthenware Dealers,
  • Simpson Mary, Carr street
  • Topham George, St. Helen's square
Grocers, and Tea Dealers,
  • Beeforth George, Newbro' street
  • Boyes James, King street
  • Boyes William, Queen street
  • Cass Eustace, Newbro' Street
  • Dutchman Benjamin, East Sandgate
  • French Robert, Merchant's row
  • Henderson James, St. Mary street
  • Hick Mary, Princess street
  • Knaggs Thompson, Dumple street
  • Lawson John, St. Helen's square
  • Lord Paul, Newbro' street
  • Middleton Samuel, Merchant's row
  • Nedby William, Globe street
  • Nelson Skelton, Carr street
  • Pattison John, Newbro' street
  • Potter Charles, Newbro' street
  • Purnell Thomas, Newbro' street
  • Rowntree John, Carr street
  • Smith Richard, Newbro' street
  • Tinker William, Cross street
  • Ullathorne William, Newbro' street
  • Wellburn Z. T. (and seedsman), Newbro' street
Hat Warehouses,
  • Brown Peter Newbro' street
  • Fowler John, Newbro' street
  • Galbreath James, Newbro' street
  • Stickney Isaac, Newbro' street
  • Bradshaw Joseph, Newbro' street
  • Broadrick & Bowler, Newbro' street
  • Brown Peter, Newbro' street
  • Fowler John, Newbro' street
  • Galbreath James, Newbro' street
  • Hall Samuel, Leaden post street
  • Spurr J. (& stocking mfr.) Newbro' street
  • Stickney Isaac, Newbro' street
  • Walker Elizabeth, Carr street
Hotels, Inns and Taverns,
  • Bay Horse, Mark Dove, Queen street
  • Bee Hive, Elizabeth Bee, Sand side
  • Bell Inn, Richard Hopper, (posting house) Bland's cliff
  • Black Swan, Henry Johnson, Long room street
  • Blacksmith's Arms, John Ruddock, (& posting-house) Queen street
  • Board, Dorothy Stark, East Sandgate
  • Board, Elizabeth Dowsling, St. Sepulchre street
  • Board, Elizabeth Jackson, St. Sepulchre street
  • Board, Jane Ware, Quay street
  • Board, Jeremiah Hudson, Sand side
  • Board, John Crooks, Quay street
  • Board, John Oxley, Quay street
  • Board, Mary Harrison, Long Westgate
  • Board, Robert Woodall, Dumple street
  • Board, Thomas Huggett, Long Westgate
  • Board, William Burton Quay street
  • Boot, James Walker, Dumple street
  • Brittania, S. Pantland, Merchant's row
  • Bull Inn, John Howson, (posting house) without the Gate
  • Carpenter's Arms, Jane Duncanson, Long Westgate
  • Dolphin, Richard Leaf, West Sandgate
  • Elephant & Castle, J. Lawson, Cross street
  • Fish Cart, G. Glenton, Merchant's row
  • Five Men Boat, S. Holiday, Sand side
  • Fountain, Thomas Sedman, Leaden post street
  • George Inn, Ann Broomhead, Newbro' street
  • Golden Ball, Rt. Morwan, Quay street
  • Golden Last, Frances Goodburn, Carr street
  • Grapes, George Simpson, Tanner street
  • Half Moon, John Wellburn, Harding's walk
  • Hope & Anchor, Ann New, Sand side
  • Hotel, Edward Donner, (assembly rooms) Long room street
  • Jolly Sailors, Thomas, Sollitt, Cross street
  • King's Arms, Jane Balder, Sand si(le
  • King's Arms, John Raywood, King street
  • King's Head, Fanny Wilson, Sand side
  • King's Head, William Allison, Dumple street
  • Lamb, William Hudson, Cross street
  • Light Horse Man, Thomas, Clark, Newbro' street
  • London Inn, Jas. Coates, Newbro' street
  • London Packet, Stephen Gray, East Sandgate
  • Lord Nelson, Ann Tindall, Wharton lane
  • Malt Shovel, William Gibson, Leaden post street
  • Manners, Elizabeth Westlake, Long room street
  • Nag's Head, Rt. Miller, Newbro' street
  • Neptune, Jane Martin, Cross street
  • New Inn, David Nicholson, Newbro' street
  • Old Globe, Mary Tissiman, Globe street
  • Old King's Arms, Thomas Mosey, East Sandgate
  • Plough, Stephen Wright, Tanner street
  • Printer's Arms, Thomas Whiting, Newbro' street
  • Queen's Head, Francis Johnson, Palace hill
  • Rose and Crown, Thomas Tomlinson, Merchant's row
  • Sailor's Return, S. Lancaster, Sand side
  • Scarborough Arms, H. Lister, East Sandgate
  • Ship, Ann Birch, Tuthill
  • Ship, Francis Boyce, West Sandgate
  • Shipwrights' Arms, John Shaw, Quay street
  • Smiths' Arms, John Freer, East Sandgate
  • Spaw Inn, F. Shaw, without the Gate
  • Spread Eagle, Elizabeth Tissiman, Sand side
  • Star and Garter, Michael Allum, St. Mary's street
  • Star, Thomas Crossby, King street
  • Swan, Jonathan Read, Dumple street
  • Talbot, Jane Hutchinson, Queen street
  • Three Cannons, Mary Thornton, High Westgate
  • Wheat Sheaf, R. Pennock, Cross street
  • Wheat Sheaf, William Tessiman, Quay street
  • White Bear, G. Read, St. Helen's sq.
  • Dale John, Newbro' street
  • Lord John and James, Newbro' street
Joiners, -House Builders,
  • Baker Stephen, Tanner street
  • Cottom Robert, Princess street
  • Crossby George, West Sandgate
  • Feaster John, Tanner street
  • Jordan Samuel, Dumple street
  • Lilley John, Merchants' row
  • Lunn Thomas, St. Sepulchre street
  • Percy Robert, Tanner street
  • Smailes John, Tanner street
  • Staveley and Taylor, Bland's cliff
  • Stockdale John, Tanner street
  • Vickerman Joseph, King street
  • Woodall Thomas, Merchants' row
  • Brown Charles, Long room street
  • Carter John, Long room street
  • Crawford Alexander, Newbro' street
  • Harrison Rt. (season) Long room street
Libraries, -Subscription & Circulating,
  • Ainsworth Jane, (circulating) Newbro' street
  • Cole John, (circulating) Newbro' street
  • Sedman and Weddill, (circulating) Newbro' street
  • Watson Peter, (subscription) King street
Linen Drapers,
  • Brown Peter, (and silk mercer) Newbro' street
  • Cockerill Jane, St. Sepulchre street
  • Cooke Daniel, Long room street
  • Cullen Gawen, Newbro' street
  • Garbutt Charles, Carr street
  • Jones W. & Co. (season) Long room street
  • Law Thomas, Carr street
  • Lawson John, St. Helen's square
  • Lewis Stephen, (season) Huntriss row
  • Thompson John, Merchants' row
  • Ullathorne William, Newbro' street
  • Walker Elizabeth, (& mercer) Carr street
Linen and Woollen Drapers,
  • Brown Peter, (and dealer in carpets) Newbro' street
  • Fowler John, (and dealer in carpets) Newbro' street
  • Galbreath James, Newbro' street
  • Leadley John, Newbro' street
  • Mennell Isaac, Newbro' street
  • Smith Hodgson, Newbro' street
  • Stickney Isaac, Newbro' street
  • Stubbs Henry, (& silk mercer) Newbro' street
Linen Manufacturers,
  • Law Thomas, Carr street
  • Lownsborough John, Auborough street
Livery Stables,- Poney Barouches, Gigs, Horses, Poneys, &c.,
  • Beecroft Matthew, (saddle horses) Huntriss row
  • Donkin William, (poney barouche) Newbro' street
  • Dove Mark, (barouches, &c.) Queen street
  • Gleaves Thomas, (saddle horses) Tanner street
  • Holmes Joseph, (saddle horses) Merchants' row
  • Major Jonathan, (saddle horses) Newbro' street
  • Marshall William, (saddle horses) Tanner street
  • Peacock William, (barouches, &c.) Queen street
Lodging and Boarding Houses,
Those marked with a * have sea prospects.
  • Banks Ann, Merchants' row *
  • Binnington Edward, Leaden post st. *
  • Broomhead Ann, Newbro' street
  • Coates James, Newbro' street
  • Crossby Thomas, King street
  • Donner Edward, Long room street *
  • Goodnarn Frances, Carr street
  • Hodgens Elizabeth, Huntriss row
  • Hopper Richard, Bland's cliff *
  • Huntriss Ann, Huntriss row
  • Huntriss Hannah, Huntriss row
  • Hutchinson Jane, Queen street
  • Johnson Henry, Long room street
  • Linwood Charles, Leaden post street
  • Miller Robert, Newbro' street
  • Nicholson David, Newbro' street
  • Ruddock John, Queen street
  • Sedman Thomas, Leaden post street
  • Thompson Elizabeth, Sand side *
  • Tissiman John, Globe street
  • Tomlinson Thomas, Merchants' row *
  • Woodall John, Merchant's row *
Lodging Houses,
Those marked with a * have sea prospects.
  • Allen Richard, Merchants' row *
  • Allison John Merchants' row *
  • Andrews John, Merchants' row *
  • Bielby John, Leaden post street
  • Bradshaw Ann, Merchant's row *
  • Bradshaw Joseph, Newbro' street
  • Coates John, Huntriss row
  • Cockerill Joseph, Cliff *
  • Coulton Christiana, Long room street
  • Coward William, Merchants' row *
  • Cowling Matthew, Carr street *
  • Davison Clark, Merchants' row
  • Davison Grace, Palace hill *
  • Dawson William, tong room street *
  • Edmonds Richard, Prospect place *
  • Estill Thomas, Albion place *
  • Featherstonehaugh Dorothy, Cliff *
  • Fox William, Merchant's row *
  • French Robert, Merchants' row *
  • Glass Ann, Cliff *
  • Gowland Elizabeth, Cliff *
  • Hebden Robert, Huntriss row
  • Holiday Ann, Merchants' row *
  • Holmes Joseph, Merchants' row
  • Hutchinson .Jane, Queen street
  • Hutchinson Ralph, Merchants' row
  • Law Thomas, Carr street *
  • Leadley John, Newbro' street
  • Leake Francis, Long room street *
  • Lilley John, Merchants' row *
  • Lilley Richard, Bland's cliff *
  • Ling Christopher, Cliff *
  • Lister Elizabeth, Merchants' row *
  • Marshall Thomas, Merchants' row *
  • Mason James, Merchants' row
  • Moorsom John, New steps *
  • Newham William, King street *
  • Newton Charles Newbro' street *
  • Nichols John, Bland's cliff *
  • Noel John, Long room street *
  • North Jane, Coole's row *
  • Palliser William, Huntriss row
  • Park Ann, Cooke's row
  • Parkinson Barton, St. Sepulchre street
  • Peacock Daniel, Cliff *
  • Rawson Elizabeth, Leaden post street
  • Rennison Charlotte, Bland's cliff *
  • Simpson Samuel, Leaden post street
  • Skelton Isaac, Cliff *
  • Sleightholm Ann, St. Mary's street *
  • Smith Isabella, Merchants' row *
  • Sollitt William, Cliff *
  • Southwell John, Albion place *
  • Stalker William, Merchants' row *
  • Swales Christopher, Queen street
  • Thompson Mary, Albion place *
  • Walker Francis, Albion place *
  • Ward Stephen, Merchant's row *
  • Watson Ann, Long Westgate
  • Westerman Joseph, Bland's cliff *
  • Wharton Samuel, jun. Albion place *
  • White Elizabeth, Merchants' row *
  • White Thomas, Carr street
  • Willis Richard Wingfield, Merchants' row *
  • Wilson Mary, Long room street *
  • Wood William, Cliff *
Mast, Block, and Pump Makers,
  • Henry William, Sand side
  • Terry and Hill, Sand side
Master Mariners,
  • Allen John, Quay street
  • Almond Richard, Castlegate
  • Beswick Matthew, Long Westgate
  • Binney George, Quay street
  • Brown George Fenwick, Cooke's row
  • Brown John, Long Greece
  • Chapman William, St. Mary's street
  • Crozier Francis, Castlegate
  • Edmonds Thomas, Castlegate
  • Edmonds William, West Sandgate
  • Ellington E. W. Long Westgate
  • Feaster Thomas, Sand side
  • Garbutt Richard, St. Mary's street
  • Goodsir Thomas, Long Greece
  • Grant John, Castlegate
  • Haigh John, Sand side
  • Haigh Joseph, Long Westgate
  • Haigh Thomas, Tuthill
  • Harrison John, Queen street
  • Hart Stephen, Long Westgate
  • Heckler Charles, Sand side
  • Helm John, Quay street
  • Heywood William, Tuthill
  • Hick Thomas, Castlegate
  • Hill John, High Westgate
  • Hudson Jeremiah, Quay street
  • Hudson William, Castle road
  • Husband Gregory, Quay street
  • Hutchinson Ralph, Merchant's row
  • Jackson Fenwick, St. Mary's street
  • Jackson Robert, Sand side
  • Lewens Richard, Quay street
  • March Cuthbert, St. Mary's street
  • Moorsom William, Cooke's row
  • Nicholson Atkinson, Quay street
  • Norfor Thomas, Long Greece
  • Outhitt Thomas, Princess street
  • Oxley James, Quay street
  • Park Joshua, Palace hill
  • Park Robert, Castlegate
  • Pennock John, Quay street
  • Peterson Christopher, Quay street
  • Pratt Thomas, St. Sepulchre street
  • Ripley John, Princess street
  • Robinson Musgrave, Princess street
  • Sherrington William, Quay street
  • Souter Alexander, St. Mary's street
  • Spouse Rawling, Princess street
  • Stewart John, High Westgate
  • Stork Thomas, Tuthill
  • Sutton Thomas, St. Sepulchre street
  • Tate Richard, Princess street
  • Walker Thomas, B. Long Westgate
  • Watson John, Quay street
  • Williamson Richard, Tuthill
  • Willis John, Princess street
  • Wilson Gowan, Castlegate
  • Wilson Robert, Sand side
  • Wilson Thomas, Sand side
Milliners and Dress Makers,
  • Beighton Mary, Newbro' street
  • Cooke Frances, Auborough street
  • Harrison Mary, Long room street
  • Hayes Isabella, Long Westgate
  • Keld Mary, St. Sepulchre street
  • Labourn Mrs. Leaden post street
  • Ruddock Jane, Long room street
  • Williamson Elizabeth, Huntriss row
  • Baynes Matthew, jun. (portrait and animal) Newbro' street
  • Baynes Matthew, sen. Newbro' street
  • Gambles George, Princess street
  • Harrison Thomas, Cooke's row
  • Peckett John, Tollergate
  • Potter Charles, Newbro' street
  • Sleightholm Thomas, Cooke's row
  • Todd C. and J. Long room street
  • Woodall John, Merchant's row
Patten Makers,
  • Bradshaw George, Queen street
  • Peacock William, (& clog boots) Queen street
  • Peacock William, jun. (and clog boots) Queen street
Perfumers,-Hair Dressers,
  • Allinson Atkinson, Sand side
  • Atkinson William, Dumple street
  • Austin James, Tanner street
  • Brooks Samuel, (season) Cliff
  • Charlton Lionel, St. Sepulchre street
  • Collin George, Castlegate
  • Griffin S. P. Newbro' street
  • Taylor George, Merchants' row
  • Todd Matthew, Newbro' street
  • Walker D. H. Merchants' row
  • Westerman Joseph, Bland's cliff
Plumbers and Glaziers,
  • Bielby John, Leaden post street
  • Gibson Abraham, Merchants' row
  • Goodbarn William, King street
  • Robinson William, Palace hill
  • Smith Edward, Globe street
Rope and Twine Manufacturers,
  • Bottomley William, East Sandgate
  • Fowler and Dickinson, Sand side
  • Harwood George, Castle road
  • Jones John, (white) Globe street
  • Megginson James, Castlegate
  • Stalker Herbert, Sand side
  • Stalker William, Merchants' row
Sail Makers, and Sail Cloth Mfrs,
  • Fowler George, Sand side
  • Mosey and Dale, Sand side
  • Wharton & Armitage, (mfrs.) Sand side
  • Frankland William, Newbro' street
  • Otterborn Christopher, Newbro' street
  • Price Thomas, Newbro' street
  • Watson William, Queen street
Savings Bank,
  • Open on Thursday every other week, from 12 to 1 o'clock; and in the intervening week from 6 o'clock to 7 on Tuesdays; Thomas Smurwaite, secretary.
Sea Bathers Attendants, (Machine Owners.),
  • Lilley Robert, Newbro' street
  • Southwell John, Albion place
Ship Builders,
  • Porritt G. W. Sand side
  • Riby George, Sand side
  • Skelton John, Sand side
  • Smith Christopher, (boat) Sand side
  • Smith George Dale, East Sandgate
  • Tindall R. W. and J. Sand side
Ship Owners,
  • Appleton John, Paradise
  • Batty William, Cross street
  • Boss Crispin, High Westgate
  • Bottomley William, East Sandgate
  • Cornwall Frederick, Newbro' street
  • Crathorne George, St. Sepulchre street
  • Davison Clark, Merchants' row
  • Edmonds Richard, Prospect place
  • Edmonds Thomas, Long Westgate
  • Fitzwilliam Thomas, Whitehead hill
  • Fowler Benjamin, Princess street
  • Fox Edward, Dumple street
  • Galtrey Matthew, Dumple street
  • Gardiner Thomas, Long Westgate
  • Goodwill Robert, Newbro' street
  • Gray Daniel, Palace hill
  • Hall Christiana, Queen street
  • Hardcastle Timothy, Queen street
  • Harland William, Newbro' street
  • Henry William, Queen street
  • Herbert Thomas, St. Mary's street
  • Hill Christopher, High Westgate
  • Hill Francis, Quay street
  • Hudson Jeremiah, Sand side
  • Keathley William, Cooke's row
  • Kirk William, St. Sepulchre street
  • Knox Robert, Long Westgate
  • Leasley Henry, Long Westgate
  • Lownsborough Thomas, Auborough street
  • March William, sen. Quay street
  • Marflitt Robert, Bland's Cliff
  • Mosey William, High Westgate
  • Newham William, King street
  • Pantling Walter, Cooke's row
  • Parkin Thomas, Quay street
  • Porritt G. W. Sand side
  • Reed William, Queen street
  • Richardson John, Sand side
  • Riley George, Batty's street
  • Robson R. S. Newbro' street
  • Scott John, High Westgate
  • Sherwood Eleazer, Common
  • Smith Matthew, Long Westgate
  • Smith William, Newbro' street
  • Staines Matthew, Westgate
  • Stork Thomas, Sand side
  • Sutherland Rt. sen. Sand side
  • Sutherland Rt. jun. Sand side
  • Taylor John, Palace hill
  • Tindall Robert., Westgate
  • Tindall W. and R. Quay street
  • Walker Thomas, Bollison, High Westgate
  • Wharton Samuel, jun. Albion place
  • Wharton Samuel, sen. Queen street
  • White John, Merchants row
  • Williamson Richard, Quay street
  • Birch Ann, Tuthill
  • Birch Samuel, Tuthill
  • Cockerill William, St. Mary's street
  • Cottam Richard, Bolts
  • Davison Mary, Quay street
  • Donkinson William, Merchants' row
  • Gibson Ann, Tanner street
  • Gillman John, Merchant's row
  • Harrison Mary, Merchants' row
  • Laycock Richard, Quay street
  • Laycock William, Quay street
  • M'Dermot Hugh, Long Westgate
  • March William, (iron merchant) Quay street
  • Otterborn William, Cross street
  • Skelton John, Dumple street
  • Taylor Richard, Leaden post street
  • Thornton Elizabeth, St. Mary's street
  • Tomlinson George, (and fruiterer) Carr street
  • Tranmer Matthew, Cross street
  • Waterhouse George, Castlegate
  • Woodall Thomas, Merchants' row
Silversmiths and Jewellers,
  • Cracknell William Willis, Newbro' street
  • Crawford Alex. jun. Newbro' street
  • Jacobs Israel Long room street
  • Owston Michael, Newbro' street
  • Powell Tabitha, Harding's walk
  • Vassalle Jeremiah, St. Sepulchre street
Spirit and Wine Merchants,
  • Hammond Jonas, (British wine and porter) Queen street
  • Hart Thomas,(British wine) St. Sepulchre street
  • Hugall Henry, Queen street
  • Noel John (and porter) Long room street
  • Thirlwall and Vickerman, Long room street
  • Ullathorne William, Newbro' street
Spirit Dealers-Retail,
  • Allanson Francis, Newbro' street
  • Cowling Matthew, Carr street
  • Wrongham Henry, West Sandgate
Stamp Office,
  • Purnell Thomas, (sub distbr.) Newbro' street
Stay, &c, Makers,
  • Harker Isabella, St. Sepulchre street
  • Mason James, (& draper) Merchants row
Stone Masons,
  • Barry William, (& marble) High Westgate
  • Chambers William, jun. Batty's street
  • Coulson George, Tanner street
  • Crossby Robert, without the Bar
  • Hawkswell Philip, Tanner street
  • Luccock Thomas, St. Sepulchre street
  • Sanderson Thomas, Auborough street
  • Ward William, Long Westgate
Straw Hat Manufacturers,
  • Anderson Mary, Tuthill
  • Bowler Mary, Newbro' street
  • Breckon Joseph, Newbro' street
  • Cockerill Jane, St. Sepulchre street
  • Holden John, Newbro' street
  • Jefferson William, Newbro' street
  • Sedman Margaret, Leaden post street
  • Harland William, (& M.D.) Newbro' street
  • M'Turk William, Leaden post street
  • Travis William & J. Dunn, Newbro' street
  • Weddill Thomas. Newbro' street
  • Williams Caleb, Merchants' row
  • Willis Rd. Wingfield, Merchants' row
Tailors and Drapers,
Those marked * are Drapers.
  • Allen Richard, Merchants' row *
  • Armstrong James, Merchants' row *
  • Beckett George, King street
  • Belt John, Newbro' street
  • Bulmer Joseph, Newbro' street
  • Coulson Francis, Long room street
  • Davey William, Merchants' row
  • Dobson James, Long room street *
  • Flounders William, Tanner street
  • Jefferson Richard, St. Sepulchre st. *
  • Laycock William, Princess street *
  • Parkinson Barton, St. Sepulchre street
  • Parkinson John, Dumple street
  • Powley Jackson, Newbro' street *
  • Ross Andrew, Leaden post street
  • Sedman Joseph, Long Westgate
  • Smith Thomas, Merchants' row
  • Smith William, Merchants' row
  • Stockhill Robert, Cooke's row
  • Taylor John & Son, Dumple st. *
  • Taylor William, Dumple street
  • Tissiman William, Palace hill *
  • Woodall John, Merchants' row *
  • Woodall Robert, Merchants' row
  • York William, Cross street
Tallow Chandlers,
  • Beeforth George, Newbro' street
  • Foster Richard, Cross street
  • Lawson John, St. Helen's square
  • Middleton Samuel, Merchants' row
  • Purnell Thomas, Newbro' street
Tea Dealers,
  • Cooper Eliza, Carr street
  • Harrison William, Newbro' street
  • Murray Peter, Leaden post street
  • Smith Edward, Globe street
  • Smith Isabella, Merchants' row
  • Wrongham Henry, West Sandgate
Timber and Raff Merchants,
  • Beswick Anthony & Son, Sand side
  • Terry & Hill, Sand side
Tobacco Pipe Maker,
  • Hopwood Thomas, West Sandgate
Toy Warehouses,
  • Corbett Elizabeth, Merchants' row
  • Griffin S. P. Newbro' street
  • Gritton P. R. (repository for fancy. wares) Huntriss row
  • Lawson Thomas, Harding's walk
  • Marshall Thomas, Merchants' row
  • Todd Matthew, Newbro' street
Turners in Wood, &c.,
  • Eamon James, Dumple street
  • Noble John, St. Sepulchre street
Watch and Clock Makers,
  • Bancroft William, Newbro' street
  • Bracewell Hartley, Cross street
  • Crawford Alex. sen. Newbro' street
  • Crawford Alex. jun. Newbro' street
  • Owston Michael, Newbro' street
  • Dale John, Newbro' street
  • Dove William, Leaden post street
  • Lawson William, Globe street
  • March William, Quay street
  • Robinson Benjamin, Quay street
  • Whitehead Thomas, (& bell hanger) King street
Woollen Drapers.(See also Linen and Woollen Drapers.),
  • Mennell Isaac, Newbro' street
Miscellany of trades
  • Baxter John, excise officer, L. Westgate
  • Carrington William, broom mkr. King street
  • Coward William, list shoe & fur cap mfr. Merchants' row
  • Cowling Matthew, flax dresser and paper mfr. Merchants' row
  • Davison Henry, dealer in marine stores, Tuthill
  • Dawson John, farmer, Tanner street
  • Donkinley Thomas, weaver, W. Sandgate
  • Duesbury Saml. tide waiter, Sandside
  • Dunwell Thomas, farmer, Newbro' street
  • Eamon Jane, midwife, Dumple street
  • Eccles John, parish clerk, H. Westgate
  • Edmondson Thomas, timber measurer, Tuthill
  • Foster John, exciseman, Aldborough street
  • Fowler John, keeper of the gaol, Newbro' street
  • Gilyard John, translator, Globe street
  • Good Rachel, pastry cook, Leaden post street
  • Hardcastle Timothy, cashier at the bank, Queen street
  • Harrison George, tide surveyor, High Westgate
  • Hartley Jph. organist, Harding's walk
  • Hill George, tide waiter, Merchants' row
  • Holmes John, supervisor, Dumple street
  • Hunter William, hardware dealer, St. Sepulchre street
  • Kitson Thomas,, translator, Globe street
  • Leamon Thomas, Paradise
  • Levington James, farmer, Weaponness
  • Linn George, fire extinguisher, Leaden post street
  • Lyon Harris, clothes broker, Leaden post street
  • Maw Rbt. coast waiter, Castlegate
  • Metcalfe J. trunk mkr. Newbro' street
  • Milligan Peter, leather seller, Globe street
  • Nicholson Thomas, farmer, Tanner street
  • Nightingale Thomas, serjeant at mace, Long room street
  • Osborn Mary, pastry cook, Long room street
  • Otterburn Thomas, farmer, without the bar
  • Parkinson Robert, pawnbroker, Leaden post street
  • Peacock Thomas, traveller, Princess street
  • Redhead Christopher, tide waiter, Long Westgate
  • Riddell James, millwright, Globe street
  • Rous Tames, traveller, Harding's walk
  • Sanderson William, farmer, Weaponness
  • Sandwith William, skinner, Peaseholm
  • Scaling Thomas, poulterer, Cross street
  • Simpson Samuel, number carrier, Leaden post street
  • Stainer John, basket maker, Merchants' row
  • Stephenson John, clerk, Long room street
  • Tessiman William, umbrella manufactr. Newbro' street
  • Thompson William, clerk, Long room street
  • Thornton William, serjeant at mace, Tanner street
  • Turtle Thomas, glove & breeches maker, Newbro' street
  • Walker Dorothy, haberdasher, Carr street
  • Ward William, gunsmith & bellhanger, Leaden post street
  • Wilkinson William & Charles, linen weavers, Newbro' street
  • Wilson William, music & musical instrument dealer, Long room street
  • From Richard Hopper's, Bell Inn, Bland's Cliff.
  • The DILIGENCE, every Sun. & Wed. mg. at 8 o'clock to Whitby.
  • The OLD TRUE BLUE, every mg. at 7, to Malton, York, Tadcaster, and Leeds, (during the season.)
  • The ROYAL MAIL, to York, on Mon. Wed. Fri. & Sat, at half past 1 aft.
  • The WELLINGTON, every mg. at 7 o'clock (Sundays excepted) to Hunmanby, Burlington, Driffield, Beverley and Hull.
Miscellany of trades
  • From John Houson's, Bull Inn, without the Bar.
  • The OLD TRUE BLUE, every morning, at 7 o'clock to Malton, York, Tadcaster & Leeds, (during the season.)
Miscellany of trades
  • From David Nicholson's, New Inn, Newbro' street.
  • The BRITISH QUEEN, to Burlington and Hull, every Mon. Wed. and Fri. and every day during the season, (Sundays excepted.)
Miscellany of trades
  • From Stephen Wright's Plough Inn, Tanner street
  • The PRINCE BLUCHER, every mg. (Sundays excepted) to Malton, York, Tadcaster, Leeds and Sheffield, (during the season.)
  • Burlington & Quay, Robert Owston, Star, King st. d Mon. & Thu. 8 aft. r Tu. and Fri.
  • Hull, James Donkin, Newbro' st. dep. every Mon. & Fri. at 9 mg. ret. Wed. & Sun. 6 mg.
  • Hunmanby & Burlington, John Johnson, King's Arms, King St. arr. Thu. 10 mg. dep. 4 aft.
  • Hunmanby, Driffield, Beverley and Hull, Bell and England, Cross street dep. Mon. & Thu. 9 mg. ret. Wed. & Sat. 6 morning.
  • Malton & York, Sarah Craggs, White Bear, St. Helen's sq. d p. Mon. and Thu. 12 noon, ret. Wed, and Sat. 12 noon.
  • Malton and York, Thomas, Burneston, dep. Mon. and Thu. 12 noon, ret. Wed. and Sat. 10 morning.
  • Malton and York, Thomas, Larkin, Tanner st. dep. Mon. and Thu. 12 noon, ret. Wed, and Sat. 10 mg.
  • Pickering, John Pearson, King's Arms, King st. arr. Wed. 4 aft. ret. Thu. half past 1 afternoon.
  • Pickering, Thomas, Carlisle, George Inn, Newbro' st. arr. Wed. evg. 6 o'clock, dep. Thu. 1 mg. arr. 1 Sat. mg. ret. same day 10 morn.
  • Whitby, George Frank, Cross st. dep. Wed. and Sat. 10 mg. ret. Thu. and Sun. 7 evg.
  • Whitby, John Armin, Long room st. dep. Thu. and Sun. 10 mg. ret. 7 evening.
  • From Bland's Cliff. Robert Marflit agent -To London, the Aid and Moscow, every fortnight.
  • J. Dale, agent -The Ribston to Hull every three weeks summer, and every four weeks winter.
  • James Oxley, agent -The Fallowden, to Newcastle, not regular.
  • John Harrison, agent -The Commerce to Hull, every month.
  • R. Edmonds, agent -To London, Free Briton & Harbinger, every fortnight.
  • Stephen Ward, agent -The Trimmer, to Newcastle, not regular.
Steam Packets.
  • The CITY OF EDINBURGH, The JAMES WARR and the TOURIST call off the port regularly to London on Thursday morning, to Edinburgh on Thursday afternoon.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for FALSGRAVE in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Gentry &c.:
  • Bell John Esq. Bell Vue
  • Hick William, yeoman
  • Pearson Mrs. gentlewoman
  • Jackson John
  • Robinson Hannah
  • Stonehouse Richd.
  • Tindall Richard
  • Coates Enos
  • Coates George
  • Cooper William
  • Goodill William
Miscellany of trades
  • Battye Susannah, victualler: Board
  • Beech George schoolmaster
  • Carlisle Joseph, victualler: New Inn
  • Cooke George, tanner
  • Feaster Christopher, wheelwright
  • Pearson Richard, gardener
  • Robinson John, tailor
  • Wilson Matthew, victualler: White Horse

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for STEPNEY HOUSE in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Gentry &c.:
  • Phillips Rev. Mr. private establishment for a select number of young gentlemen